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  1. Rest in peace these legendary weapons

    Yeah I totally misread stuff, whoops. Still probably not as good as forged silver sword IF you have it. This one is more of a grey area, but for weapons that used to do the same thing, Sieglinde has been left in the dust (This thread is getting taken more seriously than I thought it would be)
  2. Now that the forge is here, several legendary weapons have been rendered pretty much obsolete. Here's a list so we may honor the dead. Yato- +3 Spd Silver sword is going to be better than darting blow 2 most of the time Binding Blade- The Hp boost and boost to either Def or Res on a Silver Sword probably gives Our Boy more bulk than the Binding Blade Parthia- More Hp and a flat boost to Res is just plain better than Warding Blow 2 Regal Blade- A forged Silver Sword +Spd doesn't hurt you after combat, and gives you bonus Hp. They could've given this weapon the same treatment as the Deft Harpoon but IntSys wants f2p players to suffer for a little bit I guess Sieglinde- If you have a forged Siegmund there is literally no good reason to use Sieglinde instead. The increased buff AND the kind of Brash Assault AND the Hp boost make it worth whatever party swap you may need to do
  3. The fact that tomes/ spells are a part of the weapon triangle now somewhat irks me, especially given that they seem less powerful? It makes magic users a bit more difficult to use. Also ninjas are the worst.