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  1. i agree everyone who has a waifu should be banned
  2. Teach me how to game

    aint nothing wrong with fragmenting into a couple of hours a day or taking a day off and just playing for a couple of five hour sessions its about finding a groove and something that works for you. there's no universal answer here
  3. how to make girls like you??

    I mean at it's core this is just ink used in a different place and context.
  4. New Smash Bros Characters.

    Clickbaity title. I thought this was an announcement. FE has enough characters as it is though.
  5. C is cool like i know its more or less archaic but it works for basically every application id ever need so i dig it oh except for that one time i had to invert an n*n matrix that was hell but OTHER than that
  6. uh youre supposed to cheat at games not on people yikes
  7. Cash Money

    ha ha that was so random sporks xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  8. im boring because i have to work within my parents house so its like whole wheat bread and plastic cheese. i use the real cheese when i can but i like to use meat when i get the chance. its really good with real ham or with sliced roast beef. ive also made grilled cheese on raisin bread which is amazing. highly recommend. it cooks fast though
  9. Well that's more to do with the time scale of the game. And continents don't have to be big by definition. Europe and Australia are a lot smaller than Asia and North America.
  10. SF can't be a dating site because of all the 12 year olds or might-as-well-be-12 year olds wow does this mean our entire relationship was #fake (like you if that's the case)
  11. In FE2, absolutely. The limitations of the console made immersion fairly easy in that game and it was more believable to think things were spaced like that. I see what you mean in FE15 though. The thing though is I think this is supposed to be a young continent. No cities absolutely everywhere, only two countries, etc. That and it's not like your parties are traveling across long patches of nothing in between. It's just stuff you don't see.
  12. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    Unironically I toured an underground salt mine once and it was sick as hell.
  13. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    nevermind i cant make it past one minute in. this is disgusting.
  14. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    did he literally open with "remember those ... that repressed women?" these sure are the type of guys we ought to model eh? ha ha imagine letting women live their own lives and do their own things!!!!! wow!!!!! ive decided immediately that i dont like this guy, 5 seconds in. ill keep a log of the sheer bullshit of this video, because I feel it's coming. also, what the hell is wrong with divorcing??? "staying married" is like... such a ridiculous ideal. if you're miserable in your relationship, if you fight all the time, maybe don't stay in it. not everything can be fixed. otherwise you end up in a cold, loveless, meaningless relationship. i know there is stuff between staying together for children but this is something else. i think im in for a ride.