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  1. can we leave gheb in the past
  2. 0/10 no mention of Karl the Skunk trash thread would not recommend
  3. 💦💦💦💦💦💦
  4. a spurt of goo from me to you!
  5. i uh sometimes check the weather first and that's about as much effort as i put in barring presentations or w/e
  6. edit: fuck i mixed up my SF members: claire looks a lot like ciarre
  7. Aren't seniors over 65? Get with the program...
  8. I was expecting more a Normal curve but these results are neat (if you dont count the -0 or No Shorts options). The sample size is still fairly small so that may explain why it's kind of Off Normal. I literally posted a scale a page back I wish I lived as dangerously as you tbh
  9. tbh I'd probably wear shorts all the time too if I didn't get shit for wearing them (it was 8 yesterday and the JUDGEMENT passed down to me from my mother was something else when I came downstairs in shorts). I fucking love shorts
  10. Hey everyone, I'm running a short poll out of sheer curiosity (after being told that it's "weird" to wear shorts when it's like 8 degrees outside). I'm kind of interested in seeing what other people consider to be a temperature that they'd wear shorts outside in.
  11. congratulation
  12. Fair enough. I always enjoyed it at school. It's my dad's birthday though, so we never did anything at home that was April Fool's related so school was all I had