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  1. so this is what you were doing instead of tossing salads re: natasha, honestly who cares if she's dicey with her stats. as a bishop she gets slayer and like when youre late in the game youre fighting 80% monsters already. don't need skill if you can just use lightning all the time and ORKO
  2. We might as well drop the topic with you saying this given it seems to be your opinions versus everyone else in the thread's reasoning. And you're the only one here who hasn't played the game.
  3. You were literally just comparing it to the impracticality of Bifrost. You can't only bring in other games when it's convenient to you and discredit them otherwise, especially when by the sounds of it you literally haven't even played FE4.
  4. No offense but this sounds like a you problem and like whining for the sake of it. If it could be used wherever on the map it would be pretty overpowered. Not everything is supposed to be easy to use. You're missing the point and it sounds like it's on purpose. Your pairing argument also holds no weight. There are only three pairings that give you Holsety in Gen II, and one of them is Corple who can't even use it until you drag his ass to level 20. Does that make it a worse item?
  5. You're assuming everyone is gunning to finish the game as fast as possible. It isn't that much of a pain in the ass to warp or return your Valkyrie user (or give them a return ring) to the main castle and let them revive someone. You're supposed to go out of your way to use it if you want someone revived and don't want to reboot an old save. That's the entire point.
  6. Re: Terraria, while I like just hanging around in a world and exploring, and playing it (all the way through the game) solo is doable, I've had the most fun and the fewest amount of cheap stupid deaths while playing with friends.
  7. I am Setsuna was an extremely disappointing game to me. Hyped up to be a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, the only thing it really did right in my opinion was the combat, and even then it had that Flux mechanic which was explained absolutely nowhere in game and there was a lot you could miss due to their just being no instructions anywhere. The story was also super not good - the characters were okay in their own right (other than Kir who was annoying as hell) but their own arcs were very short. The story felt very artificially segmented and it was a bunch of forced interactions in a row with no real big bad motivator - the final boss just kind of popped out of nowhere. The last kicker is that my favorite character, Julienne, has potent magic which is useless for most of the game - water/ice magic doesn't do much to water/ice enemies on a land where everything is snow and ice. Extremely frustrating disappointment of a game which I stuck out out of commitment. Overall it felt super bland and I didn't enjoy it at all. Will give a shoutout to it's score though. The compositions for that game are incredible and listening to them on Youtube or something is highly worth your time imo.
  8. Campus has hand sanitizers everywhere - I've gotten into the habit of using them fairly liberally.
  9. The answer to OP's question is pickles. When I order something at like a classic pub/grill place and see a slice of pickle on the plate there I pray its juices haven't leaked into anything else. I hate the damn things. Also mushrooms are delicious.
  10. Who is the BEST unit, gameplay wise?

    There's no way that hacked stats won't influence the choices. You've moved from the definition of "gameplay wise" (meaning in the game) to something completely different which isn't ordinary realizable.
  11. Pokedraw

    i am no artiste
  12. I literally just need to beat FE5 (and I keep replaying FE4)