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  1. D-die forever???? youre not allowed to stop chen sorry its the law
  2. I think the thing about Jesse (and Atlas but NOT Catria or Palla) is that if you defeat Grieth before speaking to him he won't join you because he has no reason to. Either that or he doesn't appear at all. Catria and Palla still join you because Est will be in your party and they'll join because of that.
  3. screenshot

    Even if that wasn't the reason why - it's still official content that's in the game. You can't just skip it and pretend it never happened.
  4. Character dialogue is great but I decided I wanted to play the game after like ten minutes of just talking so I skipped some of the stuff. Oops. I'm on the second map now and I'll probably play all night long after work.
  5. liberally but conditionally if that makes any sense i really think swearing is just words (slurring is different - i do not say those words at all) but if the situation doesnt call for it (ie speaking to my parents ever) i dont swear
  6. Eh, wouldn't mind them but I really don't think they're necessary.
  7. I mean - I literally never make my villagers into lancer users but lances make the most sense to me. Maybe that's just because that's what I'm used to though.
  8. Better tbqh. Seth is incredible - he has great bases and good growths. He's actually capable of soloing the game while carrying Eirika.
  9. I'm sure for some. But it can also be pretty frustrating when you raise a team of characters that end up being shitty just because you didn't know that there were better ones out there. Also even though True Hit is a thing in most of the series it doesn't really affect gameplay that much - maybe on the subliminal level (after all high hits hit more often and lower hits miss more often - surely players get used to that) but I mean you're being shown some form of hit rates directly by the game.
  10. tbh im entirely the opposite with very few exceptions guys who are clean shaven are simply just not attractive to me thankfully being attractive isn't like a prerequisite for existing or anything so really it doesnt matter if someone grows facial hair or not because they get to dictate their own appearance for themselves and not for others. live and let live
  11. can we leave gheb in the past
  12. hi sev