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  1. Bayonetta 3, 1 & 2 coming to Switch

    I'm pretty sure it's a matter of intellectual property now. Same reason why Bayonetta 2 isn't on the switch. With that out of the way holy hell I'm so excited for these games on the Switch! I'm absolutely going to buy Bayonetta 1 again and probably sink like an entire week into both of them. And now Bayonetta 3 is a thing too!! This is going to be fantastic.
  2. QOTD ♚♛ 1428 - Favorite kind of cake?

    ye. was like 3/4 coffees a day but its been making me sick lately. so ive been drinking like one tea a day and being tired all the time.
  3. QOTD ♚♛ 1428 - Favorite kind of cake?

    My grandmother makes a mashed potato which is half regular potato and half sweet potato. That with turkey gravy is to die for.
  4. Why do people like collectathons?

    Easy. It's a sense of accomplishment. And it's about the gameplay and mechanics too. This "shit on collectathons" trend picking up as of late is kind of entirely terrible. Just because you don't enjoy something doesn't mean it's bad and that other people are somehow lesser for enjoying that thing. Let people enjoy things.
  5. Ike and Lyn popularity?

    I thought Ike was considered more of a has-been these days. Surely characters like Robin, Tharja, and Corrin are more popular among general fans.
  6. 3x3 of the week! #7 Favorite game osts

    i literally died at parrhesia's post
  7. me when i learn he likes kpop

    this thread got even better but i have nothing to contribute
  8. Oujay Emblem 69

    I think you're probably going to have to at the very minimum propose specifically what you want so people can help you through this.
  9. me when i learn he likes kpop

    gee gee gee gee be be be be be be
  10. So, why didn't anyone buy this game?

    i didnt buy far from the forest because its too high quality
  11. Should we be worried about about micro transactions and loot boxes?

    I don't think that's a universal factor as much of one that applies more to certain videogame genres and publishers. I wouldn't worry about it as a general game thing - plus it's cleraly working and making these companies money. There are still plenty of games where these factors you speak of don't come into play.
  12. QOTD ♚♛ 1428 - Favorite kind of cake?

    fire emblem
  13. QOTD ♚♛ 1428 - Favorite kind of cake?

    i have two laughs tbh one is like kind of a hearty laugh and i dont know how to describe it beyond that the other is kind of a smokers laugh even though i dont smoke and thats weird
  14. QOTD ♚♛ 1428 - Favorite kind of cake?

    fwih cosplays are extremely stressful and trying to coordinate something with a s/o could be damaging to the relationship. starting from square one on actually agreeing on who to cosplay as. what might be cutesy to one couple (or observer) may be not feasible to another or just neutral to even more still
  15. PSA: Hipsters are not anti-mainstream

    i think there's like mainstream trendy though which is fairly different from hipster circles hipsterism has become fairly mainstream in its own right though its kind of messy and labels like those are dumb anyway