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  1. Genealogy spoilers, I guess

    lmfao that's golden
  2. Grape-Kun has Passed Away

    He did! I wonder if finding a new mate after another mate passes away is typical penguin behavior. Rest in piece Grape-kun.
  3. Would YOU like to see a Second generation?

    I feel like splitting that second question between FE4, FE13, and FE14 may see different results. FE4 is still my vote regardless but FE13 handled it a lot better than FE14 did. Though some users will claim it backfired, at least it's apparent that thought and consideration went into the child units in FE13 and they're tied in to the story in a convoluted but at least in-universe believable way. In FE14 they were a shoehorn that were just thrown in unnecessarily.
  4. but I loved you.....

    check out the nerd
  5. but I loved you.....

    love machine broke
  6. it is clean

    realization that we don't really see many
  7. Sonic Says...

  8. Is GameFAQs acting up for anyone else today?

    i dont know her
  9. is a frankfurter a sandwich?

    If it's in a bun yes.
  10. Pitch me your absolute worst ideas for the next FE game.

    Remove all the maps. It's only the petting minigame now.
  11. i'd probably look at user reviews rather than buy it unconditionally but unless it looks like it would tank yes