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  1. is this why youre bad daniel
  2. I streetpass with my sister sometimes. Like when we do streetpass it's like 283904820394 times in a row, but then if neither of us have any DS/3DS games on our backlog we just kind of set them aside and don't use them and don't keep them powered on so we'll go months with no streetpasses. In public I used to bring my 3DS out and get tons of streetpasses but these days I get like one if I'm lucky
  3. im kind of a language ignoramus so im just going to cheap out and say korean because of k-pop that i listen to like other than french there are very few languages i could probably overhear a conversation in and be like "oh yeah that's definitely x language" and i only exclude french because core french education is mandatory in grades 4 through 9 where i live
  4. both is good
  5. how can everyone know how ~popular~ i am if i dont have a friendslist to show
  6. i miss friends lists tbh
  7. I passed 5000 posts yesterday, I wonder how much fftf would actually increase that. They're on the user profiles actually!!!
  8. Chapter 4 has mandatory Mila Shrines on both route IIRC - maybe near the end on Alm but I think that'll definitely prove to be a huge asset.
  9. Hey there, sorry for making a thread about math if you're one of those people that hates it - but I just wanted to run a quick poll about notation because it's been brought to my attention by a friend that the fact that I use arcsin, arccos, and arctan is weird. I know the inverse notation is clear [cos⁻¹(x) obviously isn't the same as sec(x)] but I've always just preferred using arc notation for my trig. So here's a small poll, which one do you use when you encounter trig?
  10. Celice and friends were like 75% Grandbellian anyway. It was more of a reclamation type of thing. Though with respect to Alvis' Empire I agree - they held quite a clutch on pretty much the entire continent for such a long time. I'd say the only empire/country even comparable is Valm - but Grandbell wins out for me.
  11. I mean that can still fall in the realm of sexism though. If a woman can prove she's "as strong as a man" (eugh.) she's likely to be taken seriously. So that makes sense with respect to Nuibaba because she's incredibly powerful. Come to think of it, there aren't even any female generic enemies outside of witches. This isn't really uncommon in Fire Emblem games for classes that share gender, but there are usually at least Pegasus Knights.
  12. I'm mostly surprised that people don't know Death Grips. Even I'm being educated I guess. In reality: They're okay! I don't really seek out their stuff, but a lot of my friends like them. I've never heard anything from them that I've disliked, but nothing I've heard by them has vibed super well with me either.
  13. In two of the three games mage knight has appeared in it hasn't been very great compared to other magical options (not including if you put Holsety on Arthur - that's not the same!) which is a damn shame because it's such a cool class.
  14. its an add on in firefox or chrome .....i have had this conversation multiple times today through completely different platforms to completely different people how strange