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  1. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    The game seems really awesome! I will patiently wait for the full translation, as I am sure the amount of work put into this is outstanding! Thank you!
  2. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    Thank you for your opinion Ayra! I understand that I can't please everyone's taste but it suits mine (and I think that the most important). Some people also have problems with the progression of my game namely the class change, the fact you get unbreakable powerful weapons early on, etc. I acknowledge that most units are already promoted and it can kill the progression but I am fine with that. My reference is FE4 for holy weapons power. In FE4, they are expensive to repair plus you get them very late. In my game, you get them early on and they have unlimited uses, to balance this, enemies often have holy weapons too. I recognize the flaws in the progression but (despite these) I like the way it is. To "fix" these issues I need to reconsider the entire game balance! Right now, I am happy and satisfied with my game. Last note, there is no reinforcement appearance in my game, I know that's a choice that can be divisive... Anyway, thank you for buying it!
  3. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    Thank you very much Ayra! You don't like the gameplay even with the rebalance? By the way, you have expressed interest in SRPG Studio way before me, I didn't play Guardian of Valeira, maybe I should try it someday^^. Yes, it was so time-consuming but I had a lot of fun!
  4. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    Game (nearly-completed). I have started a Kickstarter here: I hope for success but if I fail that’s not a big deal really (and I will finally move on!)
  5. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    v0.98F available! I will take a break to play 428 Shibuya Scramble^^
  6. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    v0.96F available! To be honest I'm starting to get a little tired of this project. I need a long break and I will take my time to finish it. I'm going to play some TRPGs to find a new motivation! ^^
  7. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    v2.1 available! https://steamcommunity.com/games/709670/announcements/detail/1683670956757359065
  8. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    v2.00 available! https://steamcommunity.com/games/709670/announcements/detail/1681415986306931573
  9. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    Thank you for your feedback! The staves have the same icons, I will recolor them! I know there is no description for the mute skill; I will make a small update. I know overall the game is hard, but that's a deliberate choice. Player can now freely swap difficulties (I think that was really a wise idea to add it). What did you think of the game? A steam review would be neat! I am currently pretty burned out of this project, so I will take a long break to add the remaining maps, route and characters!
  10. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    I have updated the game! The details here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/709670/announcements/detail/1645381480649285386 Enjoy!
  11. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    Thank you very much for your feedback! I have beaten the map on hard+ without loss but I must admit it was quite tedious. I will change the AI on normal/hard for this map. The west squad will charge. Once they are defeated the eastern squad will charge. Note that in hard the dragon squad only attack enemy within their range! Defeat all the gryphon knight first then the dragon squad. I will retest the game in normal mode! Stay tuned for next update!
  12. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    >LRA Thank you for the screen! I renamed Abrala to Paul so there can still be mistake, I need to retest because I will give a small update! Stay tuned! >Levant You can try: go to properties (right click) then "Local Files" tab. Then click "Browse Local Files". Open the game.ini with a text editor and change HardwareFullScreen=1 to HardwareFullScreen=0. You can also try to change HardwareAcceleration=0 to HardwareAcceleration=1. Yes, it is a limitation of the software but at least it has 720p which is decent.
  13. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    The game is now completed! See the update here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/709670/announcements/detail/1645380212867268795 Enjoy!
  14. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    I have still some spare keys if somebody want to play the game! People seem to enjoy it and that's what really matter for me. Enjoy!
  15. [SRPG Studio][Steam]Clarent Saga: Tactics

    I have some spare Steam keys as well. I can give 10 free keys to people interested here in exchange of writing a steam review. Just reply in this topic if you are interested!