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  1. What do you mean 'we'? 'We' aren't the developers of Bomberman games, all 'we' can do is play a new release with an open mind and hope it gets a good reputation and sells enough. Personally I'm interested in Bombergirl and hope it gets a release state side.
  2. I know you say you won't use Weavile, but your reasoning is just plain stupid. Weavile straight up outspeeds and one shots Cynthia's Garchomp with Ice Punch. I mean come on now You might as well get a Luxray with intimidate and switch it out with Staraptor to bait out an Earthquake and repeat that a few times. Then send in Milotic and use Ice Beam.
  3. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! or a random shmup whatever it may be. Also Bombergirl.
  4. fate

    RIght now I'm farming dumplings for those Fou cards and lanterns for Ushiwakamaru(and Nero) because apparently the next area has a boss that dunks the knight classes. And berserkers but they're dunked by everyone who who isn't Mash. But I'm more concerned about what the next event will be, anyone who plays the Japanese version know or remember what came after the Moon Festival?
  5. But MIsty freaked out when Ash showed her Caterpie, a cute bug type so uh, maybe not.
  6. Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragon, Awkening, Conquest, Shadows of Valentia and TMS#FE all physical. I had Path pf Radiance but I foolishly let someone borrow it, never saw it again.
  7. hhh

    You know I had to do it to 'em
  8. hhh

    Done like dinner
  9. hhh

    Camilla should have been Sheena or Summer Elise, but whatever.
  10. hhh

  11. hhh

    Yes, my avy is perfect.
  12. hhh

  13. fate

    If any of you care(or who has me added) I have the event CEs on Tamamo Cat and Elisabeth.
  14. Ground beef, ground turkey, mozzarella cheese, colby-jack cheese, tomatoes, olives, ground bison, and ranch dressing.
  15. Arcana Heart hype