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  1. kct

    Hello! big kpop fan here I wub SNSD, Sistar, Mamamoo, Exid, 2NE1, Hyuna and The Girls aka 4Minute, F(X), T-ara *(they are NOT bullies, no sir!), Spica. Hellovenus, after school, Miss A, Brown eyed girls, Kara, BESTie, Wonder gurls, 9muses and specially my favorite gg AOA I don't like the new gen groups too much, imo Blackpink, Red Velvet and Gfriend are decent, but Twice is an eyesore
  2. Hello!

    my IP is banned and i dont know why!


    Error 1008 Ray ID: 38cff854b850115f • 2017-08-12 02:22:59 UTC
    Access denied
    What happened?

    The owner of this website (serenesforest.net) has banned your IP address (1**.***.**.**).

    I had to log in with a proxy to post this

    I've done nothing wrong, as you can see my account ain't even banned!

    can u help me?

  3. I am IP banned for no reason, so yeah I am having tons of "connection problems"
  4. I want my favorite villains in this!! - Petrine - Julius - Alvis - Black Knight and the most badass of all - MAD KING ASHNARD!! It'd be great if they included his terrifying theme song somehow
  5. Metalhead here when I''m not listening to kpop I enjoy heavy, viking, power, thrash, speed metal mostly I only like a few bands of Death and sub-variants I don't like black metal, aside from early Cradle of Filth albums My favorite metal band ever is Pantera
  6. I wouldn't marry any of my cousins but I would shag them for sure if they were really attractive thankfully (or sadly?) they aren't imo
  7. Better maps I love Awakening but the maps were painfully uncreative for the most part
  8. I wanna dance like a boy band member
  9. Hello!

    my IP is banned and idk why!

    I had to log in with a proxy to post this

    I've done nothing wrong, as you can see my account ain't even banned!

    can u help me?

    I can't make a thread due to proxy limitations

  10. The person above me isn't being ignored by the admins as I currently am! also, sorry for double posting. can't even delete that. proxy problems, limited options and all that
  11. The person above me isn't IP banned for no reason like I am! he ain't posting with a limited proxy either, unable to make threads and even quote!
  12. We need another Hector or Ike lords that aren't bland, generic Mary sues
  13. Why am I IP banned??
  14. I can play rythm guitar but I'm not great by any means I can still impress people who knows even less than me lol
  15. BAD!!! I'm still IP banned from this site and nobody tells me why