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  1. TearRing remake by IS (as a proper FE game)?

    While not likely, it never happening is too strong. I mean many people from Donkey Kong Country returned to work for Donkey Kong Country Returns. If there's enough fan demand, it could happen, especially in the distant future. Regardless though, I think its very unlikely to happen anytime soon. Kaga said intentionally thought about how to improve the armored units for Vestaria Saga and it worked.
  2. Why are simple minded villains looked down upon?

    His motivation as revealed in supports was to unite the continent against Valm, but even there he says he went mad with the power of being King.
  3. Why are simple minded villains looked down upon?

    Gangrel just wanted power by his own admission, his supports never even mention the crusade nor does his short story on the Japanese website, where he says he doesn't care about Plegia. Here's a good summary of his actual motivation.
  4. eatrawmeat391's Berwick Saga cheat

    I wonder if there is unused capture dialogue like there was in Thracia 776. That'll be interesting experiment, I guess I'll try that once I get the game running.
  5. Implementing Equippable Shields

    Have you read about Berwick Saga, that implemented shields in a big way. They came in 3 separate weapon ranks. Small Shields mostly used by light infantry. Medium Shields mostly used by heavier cavalry. and Large Shields nigh exclusively used by armored units with only one pseudo exception. LPers I've talked to say Medium shields are quite useful, but large shields weren't as useful. One thing I remember was a few of the Medium shields had the ability to equip Small shields, but no Large Shield users could equip any other shield.
  6. The writers also tried to do the Laguz vs Beorc plot with the Taguel, except put no actual effort because not one single character in the game displays any prejudice against the Taguel, even the bosses in Yarne's chapter.
  7. I just hope we never get anything like the Taguel again and they stay in the "bad ideas" bucket.
  8. Classes I hope to see. * Good Armor Knights with high resistance and starting with two weapon ranks, similar to Radiant Dawn. * Laguz or old school Manakete style Shapeshifters who actually turn into a different animal/dragon class for a period of turns rather then only transforming during their battle animations. * Soldiers/Halberdiers, Pirates/Berserkers, Archers/Snipers and Myrmidons/Swordmasters * Fighters and Warriors. * Ballistician. Classes I expect to see but don't necessarily want. * Awakening style Great Knight: * Awakening style Dark Knight: * Tactician/Avatar class
  9. A Quick Analysis of the Pacifist Queen

    Gangrel was a pauper who only got to be King due to Validar’s help, whilst Validar was descended from the people who founded the country. Its clear Validar has a higher right to lead the country. Drama CD is non canon and obviously irrelevant. Its irrelevant because no one but Emmeryn ever mentions the crusade effecting their lives, not one single Plegian mentions being affected by it. The only Plegians whose backstories we get, make zero mention of the war with Ylisse and instead continue with the whole “Grima worshippers=Irredeemably Evil” thing we already know. Neither Vasto or Campari reference the crusade at all. They are just your typical evil minor bosses. Gangrel admitting you actively forgot his goal about uniting the continent against Valm and just decided to create a war he knew was pointless out of sheer bloodlust is worse then anything we know of Mr. nameless abandoned plot point. I’ll say if like the backstories of Aversa, Henry, and the like had mentioned the war, you might have merit, but as it is you are just speculating on an abandoned plot line about a character who didn’t even merit a name. Unless something new is provided, I have nothing else to say.
  10. Interestingly Kaga liked it a lot and said he liked it when players came up with their storylines for the cast. There were also quite a bit of deaths, again based on the real play through.
  11. Both the novel and manga choose Sonya over poor Deen. Yes.
  12. A Quick Analysis of the Pacifist Queen

    Grimleal founded Plegia, Gangrel was just a pauper who got into power due to being a pawn of the Grimleal. None of the Generals mention the war, nor do the Plegian villagers we meet, who instead support Ylisse. He's an abandoned plot point that never gets mentioned again. Every Plegian's backstory in the game has no mention of his crusade. Even Validar has nothing to say about it. Here's Gangrel literally laughing about the deaths of his soldiers, yes he is easily worse then an abandoned plot point that is only mentioned a few times by Emmeryn before being forgotten by the script.
  13. A Quick Analysis of the Pacifist Queen

    Gangrel was literally running his nation into the ground into the ground and laughed at the death of his men. Validar had even more claim to ruler then Gangrel as he possessed Holy Blood. That doesn't make him the worst ruler ever in a game filled with bad rulers in a franchise filled with bad rulers. Again he is an abandoned plot point, saying he is the worst ruler is massive hyperbole. Then how come she didn't do it again?