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  1. General Opinion of Knights

    Yeah, thats what I mean. The capes show status.
  2. General Opinion of Knights

    I didn't get this until now, so I'll respond this moment. I think the flaps on the kilt are metal? The third one is Marcel, a character with the guardian class which only a few characters even use. Guardian is really weird, but basically its technically not an armored unit, though this really only effects terrain. Outside of that Guardian looks and acts like an Armor Knight. As for the WoW Armor, Nay. Out of the real armor I prefer the bottom left. If the capes are for Generals or Barons, yes! Always gotta look important for the troops and capes give that regal look of authority.
  3. Cheat codes for FE4 on Snes9X?

    Go to configure on the top menu bar and choose configure cheats.
  4. Cheat codes for FE4 on Snes9X?

    Yes, there is one. 84ACEA A9
  5. Is it worth it to play Mystery of the Emblem?

    To a degree, but they are easier to block.
  6. Thought I'd post this here. The Japanese wiki has been created and has some new information. https://kamikouryaku.com/vestaria_gaiden
  7. Is it worth it to play Mystery of the Emblem?

    * Dismounting is a major gameplay mechanic. * Manakete transformations are handled entirely differently, allow tactic like Wyvern Tiki flying over moats indoors. * Unique enemy boss palettes and several characters like Julian having unique battle sprites. * All characters are extremely easy to use unlike FE12. * Bizarre bits like Lady sword dealing damage to thief units and * Crisp and delightful animations including battle animations and map animations. * Beautiful CGs and a timeline not included in the DS remake. * Various cut bits of dialogue like Archanea's founder and Michalis anger at Matthis. * Bosses that got nerfed in the remake like Rumel who uses a riders bane in FE3. * Bizarre stuff like the lone Berserker/Evil Fighter. And other stuff I don't remember right now.
  8. Is it worth it to play Mystery of the Emblem?

    I say yes, there are many interesting things in it that are not included in the remake.
  9. Johan and Johalvier, Who do you prefer

    I chose Johalva because he is the only fighter you can get at all in the game and Johan felt like an inferior Lex. Neither are that good from my experience, though.
  10. Knight in General.

    Good Resistance General was a great idea as it lets them actually tank. The only problem with RD Armored units is that RD Wyverns are a little overpowered, they needed the bow weakness back with the magic weakness. Until Vestaria Saga Gaiden, FE1's two weapon armor knights were the only ones in the entire franchise despite even Pegasus Knights getting dual weapons again in FE4.
  11. FE 11's Take on Storytelling/Less is More

    Matthis mentions in his recruitment in the FE3 translation. Machis:After you fled from Prince Misheil, Macedonia became more and more ruthless.The prince despised me, so he forced me to join the army and fight here.I detest fighting, but if I don’t cooperate, they’ll execute me.I don’t really have a choice. I thought there was a mention it in Shadow Dragon, but I can't find it on the script here.
  12. Interesting, so perhaps the idea is they eventually surpass their prior weaknesses. Do weapons effective against Knights and Heavy Knights, effect Light Knights as well? If you can try to find class changes, like by using new available characters like the Sailors. Is this the gaiden with the minor named playable characters or is that the other one?
  13. Do the Rapier and Levin Axe work on Generals?
  14. By guardian, do you mean “Sentinels”, the three movement armored lance only class? I thought VS General had infantry move(meaning they could move on mountains) but took damage from anti armor? Do Generals in this and VS not take extra damage from stuff like rapiers? Their sprites and animations depict them as trudging forward like armored classes?
  15. FE10: Radiant Dawn Hacking Notes

    Its possible they intended the player to get more tier 1 classes? Personally I think thief makes sense. Bandit is the weird one I think, because there is no Berserker?