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  1. Is there really a "divide" within the FE Fandom?

    I've seen cases like someone responding to posts like "I'd like to see a reference to the older games in this crossover" with "The older games had shit stories and sucked" recently on this board. So its definitely both ways.
  2. How are risen not generic? By comparison, how often do you see detailed spiders in turn based strategy? Look at how unnaturally the Gorgon shimmy itself as it casts a spell. Risen use the same skeleton as human units, they don't move in any unique way. Just a generic zombie voice, compared to the strange cry of SS entombed, bone crackling of Wights, and screech of a Gargoyle. Very few risen speak and outside of the Deadlords in the DLC, they're never played for pity. The Grimleal themselves, despite being fully human, are also depicted as 100% detestable, thus eliminating the need for monsters anyhow. Contrast this with Grado which is depicted sympathetically.
  3. Again I don't see that as intimidating, they're just the same entombed we've been killing only bigger with weapons in them.
  4. Death's embrace risen is fairly cool The roster rescue ones are just entombed with spears and arrows stuck in them, so nay on them.
  5. They're still all generic fighter class units in that cutscene, thats not impressive. Look at this though. I'd say those are all more terrifying then the risen chief. Awakening doesn't even have dracozombies.
  6. Generic enemy fighter class units with spooky masks as opposed to all the weird and crazy monsters? I know its personal taste, but why?
  7. Note though the monster's caps, most of which are unused. Hard hacks of Sacred Stones which do nothing but buff the enemy stats, really make the monsters terrifying opponents, minus entombed of course. No matter how much Lunatic buffs Awakening's entombed, they're always a joke. Penultimate is also Grimleal, the last one you fight them on is the Deadlord map. The Grimleal are constantly emphasized as fully evil as well, thus leaving no need for Risen. So are the monsters in Sacred Stones, the story says they are powerful despite there poor record in story. Its pretty much the case for all FE monsters.
  8. Yeah, I think Awakening should've gone all with monsters. It was pointless to just have Revenants and Entombed in my personal opinion.
  9. While not used to their full potential, Sacred Stones monsters were actually threatening as opposed to being simple regular human classes or walking bags of EXP. That the final battles of Awakening were all humans shows how the game didn't need monsters to begin with, I think.
  10. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Why would generics have support conversations? The playable generics in both regular Fire Emblem and regular Dynasty Warriors+crossover spinoffs have less features then the regular units. Again they're playable as an extra.
  11. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Gordin could always be an archer clone. Honestly they should've made all the clones playable, there was nothing stop them, even include the generic classes for fun like the Empires and Gundam games. After all whats the point of having all those clones if so many are unplayable?
  12. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Koei has done weird and minor characters many times in the past, just look at this example and this example. How are Arthur and Kellam better joke characters, Kellam in particular is just discount Arden? Whats funnier then a chubby, bumbling soldier looking for love on the worst places possibly?
  13. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Not true. Plenty of Mystery of the Emblem content was included with Shadow Dragon in Warriors, nothing was stopping them from adding Sheena. Horace is a dramatic character in the remake and is fairly popular. Koei was done weird and unexpected joke characters such as a generic punk in Hokuto musou. Nothing was stopping from adding someone like Roger, the comic relief of Shadow Dragon.
  14. Are any of the unit quotes revealed?