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  1. Marty to represent Brigands. Xavier as an Armor Bow. For those who are unfamiliar, Xavier has a perfect A rank in Bows. Other characters, I'd like are: Orsin, Halvan, Dagdar, Shiva. For Villains and NPCS, August and Gomes.
  2. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    In the battle animations, possessed Robin waves his hands and an image of Grima above appears above to attack. Grima never manifested his full body when possessing Robin, the most he did was summon a spectral image of his head to attack. Watching it again, Grima summoning his true form's head is very different from the Manakete transformation. Julia is a human possessed by Naga who can bring out little bit of their dragon power to attack. Robin is a human possessed by Grima who can bring out little bit of their dragon power to attack. Lorewise, Grima has no dragonstone as he isn't assuming a humanoid form of his own.
  3. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Looking at the video, Grima possessed Robin is unarmed. No more then Julia is a Manakete.
  4. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Basically the dragon is staying in the possessed vessel and summons a bit of their real forms power to attack.
  5. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I think in the DLC, they were going for a similar effect as the Naga and Loptyr tomes of FE4. The DLC one, yes, is just an apparition, similar to the Naga/Loptyr apparitions that appear when their tomes are used.
  6. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    The new content is looking great. The version in the DLC was Future Grima possessed Robin on his own. That version summoned a ghostly head.
  7. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    In Awakening's campaign, it was the Grima of a different timeline helping the Grima possessed Robin. In Awakening DLC, the Grima head summoned was transparent and ghostly. Neither does Grima possessed Robin though.
  8. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    FE3 Emperor resembles an armor unit, but doesn't take effective damage from the Armor Slayer. It has the same terrain movement as an armor as can be seen with hacking. FE12 Emperor resembles an Armor, but again doesn't take effective damage. Through hacking, it can be seen it has infantry movement.
  9. Why do people hate the dragon bosses so much?

    Marth /W Falchion and Tiki/Nagi are able to damage him more then other units. Others units either get their damage halved(SNES version) or have to go through his incredible defense. Chances are you'll finish Medeus with Gradivus or Mercurius, combined with some uses of the Earthsphere to weaken him. Shadow Dragon Medeus is the same. You either deal with halved damage without the Falchion on SNES. or Having to go through his incredible stats on the DS Version. You'll need luck to beat Lunatic Medeus without Falchion as he is already one of the series hardest final bosses. The only boss I know to be completely impervious to attacks but the main character is Ashnard, who only can receive damage from Ragnell or the Laguz Kings. Not even the other S-Rank weapons can scratch Ashnard.
  10. Leveling up Mist?

    Personally I prefer Rhys as Bishop has better caps and isn't stuck with swords for offense.
  11. Leif is far better several units, most prominently Shanam, an intentional joke by the developers. Similar Micaiah is easily much better then units like Fiona or Lyre.
  12. Individual item AR Codes

    So to recruit a boss in a rout chapter, you do the enemy control code, suspend, resume and then have the enemy wait. Doing this will end the chapter. However, it doesn't seem to work in "Defeat Boss" chapters.
  13. Yeah, I get that a bit, but you'd think there'd be tier 2 enemies with full combos to make things more interesting. That way you could have multiple Wyvern Lords with full movesets on map without cloning Camilla. It'd also make it easier to have boss generics.
  14. This sounds similar to how Hyrule Warriors enemies worked. I wonder why the promoted generics are missing a combo, it'd be easy to give them one? Perhaps that is why there are so few generic bosses?
  15. Lucina will still out falchion in cutscenes even if she's a sniper for example.