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  1. They got replacements and Xane was said to be in Kaga's planned new game. Noticably a Thief unit has Xane's unique mimic ability.
  2. Create a Class

    Bishop is like that in several games. Low move combined with no defense and max resistance.
  3. Create a Class

    FE9: Wyvern Lord use axes as a secondary. Due to Wyvern rider only using lances, units like Jill will prefer Lances even after promotion. FE10: Axes FE11: Lances with axes as a secondary. Do note just like how Warriors have a base E Axe and a Base E in Bow, Dracoknights have a D rank in Lances and an E in Axes. FE12: Lances with axes as a secondary. FE13: Axes FE14: Axes Thats 4 games where Wyvern Riders prefer axes up against 8 games where they main Lances. There are two boss classes that were Armored spell casters, though they could used all physical weapons. Armored units are only weak to magic in some games. Though it is noticeable that while a unit being in the cavalry category unit is usually an advantage, a unit being an armor category is almost always a disadvantage. Too bad, there is no base armor skill like Canto.
  4. Create a Class

    I like the idea of an armored magic class with staves and anima tomes. Come to think of it, we need more armor category units. Wyverns don't use Axes in most games either.
  5. How do you think Dark Magic works?

    My guess is the spirits devouring the user's soul is mostly superstition, but it can be too much for some people. Hence not everyone can be a spirit charmer. There does seem to be a Light=Order and Dark=Chaos thematic in Tellius. Even Micaiah has a dark affinity. Funnily enough, Izuka's class, Summoner, is statewise, the promoted form of Druid. Veyona is depicted as a levelheaded and noble opponent, so I think theres more to Dark Magic then just selling your soul. After all, Yune is associated with it. I still imagine not just everyone has what it takes to be a spirit charmer though.
  6. War Cleric or Sage For Lissa

    War Cleric is only good for skills and doesn't fit Lissa's stats.
  7. We several characters like Xane and Jake were going to be in the game before being replaced.
  8. Funnily enough, BSFE is one of my favorites as well.

    I still remember your original topic on it.

    1. Kiddo


      Haha, thanks. ^_^
      Though the older translation work was definitely sloppy. XP

      I have the Akanea Chronicle book with the BS FE art, was curious about doing higher-res scans but I didn't wanna ruin my book for it.

      Still on the lookout for any potential music sources.

    2. Emperor Hardin

      Emperor Hardin

      I actually have some ideas for more BSFE missions myself.

      Like a mission where the player plays as Cornelius against Camus, the Sable Order, and Dolhr with Jiol as a temporary ally.

  9. I think a few of those might be posted on the official site? Blue Hair Runan is definitely a sign of the early build! https://www.famitsu.com/game/pr/2001/04/20/ts_index.html
  10. eatrawmeat391's Berwick Saga cheat

    So on topic, have you had the chance to get Gigas Knight caps. I got your save file on my computer, for when I get a chance to play Berwick Saga.
  11. Should guns be added in Fire Emblem Switch?

    They actually existed in FE1.
  12. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Ice and Fire dragons are effective against one another. Ice Dragons also take extra damage from various fire human weapons like bolagnon and Hoistflamme, while Fire Dragons take extra damage from an ice tome. Makes sense. Most of them involve rebalancing classes, characters, weapons and units. Also I have considered adding more mini bosses. I can elaborate if you want?
  13. Exclusive SoV character in Gaiden ingame style

    Cute, this could be a hack.
  14. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    The SNES and Tearring Saga version right. In Tearring Saga, Manaketes Emiyu, have human classes like Priest before they transform with their item. That could be interesting. Funnily in FE3, Ice Dragons weakness to fire was pretty bad when Tiki transformed into one because fire was everywhere, even used by Ballistas. Conversely only Ice Breath and a wind tome dealt Ice Damage! Dragon wings disappear or reappear depending on the artists. Fire Dragons have always had wings, sometimes of flame, though they've only flown on rare occasions yet never are flying units. Several other Dragons also have wings that disappear and reappear. I have some gameplay hack ideas myself.