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  1. Assuming Tailtiu is the only one to drop to 4 star rarity, that puts us at: 5-star exclusive: 43 3/4-star: 50 It'll take a couple more banners but sooner or later both pools will have the similar, if not the same number of units. I hope they rearrange the summoning pool once that happens.
  2. Anyone know how many more units it will take for the 5* exclusive pool to exceed or match the number of units in the 3*/4* summoning pool?
  3. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Hm... Lunatic looks like it can be one turned but Infernal is a different story with my team composition given the extra unit.
  4. I might give her TA to patch up her offenses since she already has TA1 from the Selena. It's not like I'll have her fight greens anyway. I've also considered giving her Desperation but her offense isn't strong enough to make good use of it. I'm not sure which B skill she would like if I don't give her Desperation. I happen to have a +Atk/-HP Robin and I've been thinking of giving her Sapphire Lance. She also has Swordbreaker so she basically only fights reds but that +2 boost to her stats is somewhat hard to give up.
  5. So I pulled a +Speed/-Res F!Corrin yesterday. Looking at her stats, wouldn't she want +Atk more since she's got decent speed already?
  6. You can always train the free units we were given for any future GHB or BHB strategies found on Youtube. That's what I've been doing. I've also been training most of my 3* and some of my 4* units to level 20 for SI down the line. Even then I'm running out of units to train.
  7. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Yeah, I might just keep her default weapon since she's meant to debuff and deal passive damage. I know the current meta is focused more on ORKO's but I like to have some variety. I personally like to use units to bait so I'm biased towards units like Lukas and Felicia.
  8. Chain Challenge: Chapters 11 & 12

    Don't know if this helps but I used: Camus, Reinhardt, Cecilia and Elincia For the map where you have to survive for 6 turns, you might want to take out Palla so she can't warp all over the map. Since you have BH!Lyn, you can take Palla out and just let her tank Mae since she's got decent Res. Might even take Mae out since she has middling speed and low defense. Trying to do this map on Lunatic with a horse heavy team was a nightmare but luckily I had a flier with Reposition so it's possible to get all units to one side of the mountains. I just chose to move my units to the left side. This particular map did take me a good number of tries though. I needed to use my horse team to clear the subsequent SoV maps since a few of the maps have turn limits and I needed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, especially that map with Sonya, Leon, and Saber. For map with SoV characters and Bruno, I like to take out Celica on my first turn and bait Bruno so I can focus my attention on Boey and Mae staring on my second turn. After that I positioned the unit that took out Celica out of the attack range of the mages. Of course, that depends on the movement skills and movement type of your team composition. I used a cavalry heavy team so putting someone in Bruno's range was easier for me. The hard part of this map, at least in my opinion, was getting the mages out of the fortress as quickly as possible. Since all units of the enemy are 2 ranged, they have to break the wall from 2 spaces away so it takes them a little longer to get off the defensive tiles. Honestly speaking, I don't think I can clear this Chain Challenge again unless I gave it multiple tries. I think it took 2 stamina potions for me to clear it.
  9. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    +Atk/-Def Felicia. I gave her Poison Strike when I was training her and that made the process easier so I'm a little biased. I might give her Poison Dagger because she's the only good dagger unit I have and the current Kagero doesn't have good natures.
  10. Just finished all of the Chain Challenges and finished the October quests a few days ago. I need more things to do.
  11. Just curious, have we been getting banners at a consistent pace to expect a new banner in the next few days?
  12. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I see. Has this been the case since the first VG?
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    My bad, that's not what I meant. I was asking if they changed the way the score multiplier increases when a team has the lower score. So I'm on Corrin's team and I've noticed that his score multiplier increases each time I play. Like it was at 5x, then 5.1x, 5.2x and now it's at 5.3x. It's been increasing each match that I play. In previous VGs, the score multiplier would jump around with something like 3.7x to maybe a 5.3x or drop down to a 4.1x but it's been increasing at a consistent rate.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Did they change the score multiplier so that it only increases by a small amount? I don't think I've seen the score multiplier jumping around in this VG.
  15. Roy's map sprite looks like he suffered an injury close to his mouth