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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    @mampfoid Nice use of Guard on Roy. I didn't think of that. I more or less brute forced my way through Hector with Roy. Below is my Infernal clear of this map.
  2. least favorite character in the series personality wise

    Even though I've never played the Tellius games, I'm not a fan of Ike. Most of it comes down to me not understanding why people like him so much when he doesn't come across as an interesting character, at least to me. I'm watching a PoR playthrough right now and he hasn't done anything to renew my opinion of him. My dislike of him mostly stems from his outspoken fans that push him too much for my liking.
  3. Skill Request Thread!

    Felicia is up with Shurikenfaire.
  4. @Ice Dragon Do you like Xander? Looking at the number of units that you have, do you ever build units because you have too many 5* copies of them? I never pulled a BH!Ike before but if I ever pull one, even with bad natures, I can't bring myself to use him for SI because he's a 5* exclusive.
  5. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Cleaned up the list a little bit. List legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold. Units that gained a merge since the last update are underlined. Non 5★ exclusive merged units where one of their merges were pulled as a 5★ are in italics.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Anyone on team Arvis? Current lead is SA!Tana for some super Guidance shenanigans. I can also put up a blue unit with Swordbreaker if that's more preferable.
  7. I personally have never been a fan of 4* merge projects. After they started adding weapon refinements, it gave me more reason to not merge my 4* units. I don't pull enough to get copies as it is so I've never seen the appeal of 4* units despite the amount of praise I see for it. I'm glad Katarina is getting a weapon refinement. I was just thinking of giving her a -blade tome given the low might of the -owl tomes. For some reason I thought Katarina's Jolt from Awakening had Tombreaker effect built in and thought that they were going to give her either RTB or GTB. Looking up the tome again, its main draw is a high crit chance so it might have a chance of getting CD - 1 effect but given that there are only 2 tomes with this effect, it might be "too good" for her. I get the feeling that the new refinement will be more of a supportive role but who knows. I'm just glad that she's getting a slightly stronger tome to play with.
  8. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Thanks! I usually have Camus bait things but this is one of the few times that Vantage came in handy at the right moment. If you're low on space, you might want to give streamable a try again. They don't require you to register to upload a video but you might want to do it anyway to so there's an account attached to your videos. That Lance Pegasus also posed a slight problem. Reinhardt was just able to tank her down in 4 hits. I need more merges for him. Cordelia too. Thanks! BH!Roy is fun to have around. Too bad he's only been rerun once. If you can always try his play style out if you have a Siegbert and give him the HB seal.
  9. Dangit. My summoning itch was nagging me and I used up the orbs we got. Went into the NS banner with 10 orbs and out came 4 blue orbs so I couldn't summon on all of them. It's going to bother me that one of them could have been NS!Corrin. Granted it was only 3.25% but still. Oh well, lesson learned. On the plus side, I got a 4* +Atk/-Res M!Robin which means my units will have to wait a little longer to get Bonfire.
  10. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    This LHB wasn't as bad I thought it was going to be. I find it funny how Roy is the one dealing the finishing blow to Hector. Here is my Infernal clear of this map.
  11. -Atk as an ideal bane on a unit that isn't Azama? As for arena scoring, at which range does one consistently stop seeing ranged horses? I'm in the 708~716 score range and horses still show up a decent amount.
  12. Ok, I'd like some advice on orb spending given the current banners. As of right now, I'm debating if I should continue pulling for NS!Corrin but something is telling me that it might not be worth the effort. I have a F!Morgan that I barely use due to bad natures and NS!Corrin will likely end up the same way if she also comes with unfortunate natures. The main reason I want to pull for NS!Corrin is to build my second flier team but that isn't a priority right now. However, I am in need of pulling blue for SI and merges for arena scoring. Looking at the current banners, there hasn't been any blue units that I've wanted to pull for and this has been the case for almost all banners since February. Should I still pull for Corrin or just wait for the next enticing blue unit?
  13. Does he have an ideal bane? While BH!Lyn and Reinhardt are still commonplace in arena, back during his release, he was hailed as one of the best units to counter both of them with TA and Gronnraven. Because of that, I would think he likes to keep both of his defensive stats in tact. I can't remember when I last aimed for colorless but of the 7 Nanna's that I've got, 6 of them have been -Atk or +Def. As for the new legendary banner, as tempting as it looks, I will have to take a pass due to low orb stash. I haven't been this low with orbs since the February legendary banner.
  14. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Been meaning to try out Merric so I'm glad I finally pulled the plug. I lost my red check on an earlier map and Merric took care of Zelgius(with the help of his special) for me. I personally don't like running refresher units on my main TT team except when they're bonus units until I get the TT character. The only exception was when PA!Azura was a TT bonus character and she pulled her weight both as a fighter and a support unit. Other than that, I use them enough in regular gameplay that they gain plenty of HM. Healers, on the other hand, I can never have too much of for TT. I always run one for this game mode.
  15. RNG sure is something. Of the 10 regular Cordelia's that I've pulled, 6 of them have been -Spd.