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  1. I'm scared of heights but I'm ok with plane rides. Once I get over the initial speed up for take off and then I'm good.
  2. I thought about doing that so I might do it eventually. I'll stop by tomorrow for Shigure. Didn't get him for some reason. Updated list:
  3. Watch them name her Teresa just for the irony. I don't know how to say her name in English since there I don't know any names that I can reference so my brain just goes nope and default to her name's Japanese pronunciation.
  4. Hello from the other side
  5. Regarding Katarina as a blue unit, If they ever revisit New Mystery, I would like them to round off the assassin group with Eremiya's GHB. She'll likely come be a staff user but hopefully she comes with Wrathful Staff so people can try offensive healer builds.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I've been raising a +Speed/-HP Eliwood and +Speed/-Defense Raigh so I've been thinking about which offensive skills to give them. I'll just take a look at their stats and decide once they have enough SP.
  7. Is there like a general guideline as to which offensive skill is the best to inherit onto a unit when it comes to Dragonic Aura/Luna vs. Bonfire/Iceberg? Like is there a magic number where it's recommended to run Bonfire/Iceberg over skills like Dragonic Aura/Luna or should I just play it by ear for each character?
  8. Sure thing. Just passing the knowledge along. I've only learned about the logbook trick from this thread. I've been using Museum Melee to grind supports and it's a decent way to earn gold for weapons that I plan on keeping. That Hana is probably a few skills from having all of the skills judging from what you're paying for skills. Too bad Hana isn't that popular based on what I've seen. Thanks for looking out for me. Decided to just aim for Hoshidan Unity & Nohrian Trust on all of the kids since most of them have Hoshidan Unity anyway. Updated list below:
  9. 5* units? No, but I've been getting some nice skills for SI. Although I have been spending a lot of shards and crystals to clean out my box. Really not trying to spend orbs on expanding the barracks. It's currently at 197 but it's going to be 199 after I do my 2 free pulls.
  10. This. If you can, study what you want to study. I only had a solid idea of what I do in life after college(graduated a few months ago) despite heavy contemplation all junior and senior year. TBH, I consider myself lucky.
  11. They might raise the cap again so it might not be the last time this is gonna happen
  12. Thanks. I'll drop by tomorrow to pick them up. Hopefully Certain Blow will serve you well. Actually, I get the skills from your castle. I just use the save trick. I save at the castle battle and once I get the skill I want, I save it to another slot. The logbook is global so any skills you get are accessible across all of your save files. Then I soft reset and it brings me back to the castle battle again and repeat this process until I have all of the skills that I want. This method does require a lot of gold though since I have to pay full price for each skill except for the last skill. Once I do my first clear, I review the prices and buy the most expensive skill last so I get the best discount.
  13. Just nabbed them. I was careful to not raid that field of cabbages
  14. I have obtained all of these skills. Checked skills on the children characters and quite a few have Hoshidan Unity so might as well get Nohrian Trust. Newly updated list is as follows:
  15. Bride Lyn is the first character to reach max HM after the cap increase. Gonna switch her out for Sakura once I give her Hone Speed 3