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  1. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    *eyes roll into the back of my head and die along with my interest in this game* They couldn't have made this character a preview of an archer unit from Three Houses, huh? All about those dank meme characters, huh? 12 Archers (13 if you wanted a RD AND PoR version of Rolf) from actual Fire Emblem games they haven't even used yet- and that doesn't even count all the enemy archer units- and they opt for name recognition, huh? Reply to this post with "aren't we a bit salty?" all you want, defend every bad decision the developers make to your dying breath, but this is just unimaginative. I come to the home site for news about the next mainline series title, or maybe an interview with the developer, and it sucks that the regularity of Heroes updates renders the home page a base for the next whale bait unit, and this latest news wouldn't be so pathetic if the lack of originality wasn't addressed before. I guess this is the new "normal" now, and I guess people get excited for it, and good for them, but honestly? I liked the community better before Heroes came out. Really speaks volumes when it's the fangame makers of this community that generate more original content than the official company.
  2. General US Politics

    So how about that SCOTUS nominee, huh? As a gay man, I can't wait to live the next 20-45 years living in fear that my marriage rights be taken away (by determining my right to marry shouldn't be nationally observed, like anti-segregation laws or equal voting rights, but rather determined by individual states, of which some wouldn't hesitate to refuse to recognize gay marriage) because 3rd party/non-voters thought "the lesser of two evils is still evil".
  3. I speak for myself and myself alone. If they want to be disrespectful towards the fan-translator's time that's their lack of humility, not mine.
  4. It's not that we're entitled or anything, it's just been how many years since literally every other FE got a full-playable translation and after years of needing to put up with the Shaya patch (in America!), NoA's total abandonment, and Project Naga not really giving us much of anything beyond FE4, we just want this one to be THE ONE that seals the deal. Because we love FE5, in all its flaws and fucked-up quirks, and we want everyone to know what it feels like to play it without the bullshit of the Shaya patch's fucked-up menus. We get it: these people have actual jobs that pay actual money that work actual hours to make an actual living to pay for an actual room, actual insurance, and save up for actual retirement. Work's long and hard and at the end of the day, more often than not, I wouldn't feel like doing a translation patch in what little free time I'd have on every single day. To say that doing this stuff isn't taxing is a total lie, and even more so to have a schedule to do it, and the pressure of actually finishing it- let alone with a degree of quality you'd find yourself satisfied with- is fucking overwhelming. We just... hope, you know? That they can rise up and make it, this time. Like rising against the Loptyr Sect, you know? Personally? I'd be one of the first to hop on if the translators made a patreon, or a GoFundMe, or a Ko-Fi page (and if you're worried about legal issues from Nintendo, the translator could just draw pictures of stickmen and we'd be funding stickman drawings, or something). Otherwise, our best wishes are all we can give.
  5. Evayle: My daughter is trying to kill me what the actual fuck *Reidrick liked this tweet*
  6. Emblem Chronicle VII

    The amount of work you've had to put in to understand how maps are inserted, how events are managed, not to mention the dialogue, the fantastic portraits... all I can say is: Elimine bless you, Zane.
  7. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Ronan: Okay, so I'm from a fishing village, but hear me out: I really, really fuckin' love magic.
  8. IF We Got a Sequel....

    If we got a sequel then I'd be seriously considering that the execs at IS/Atlus have a combination of some sort of psychosis and being thoroughly out of touch with their fanbases.
  9. Step 1: Realize there are over 40 recruitable characters from your game to choose from. Because, come on. It's Heroes, where even the most obscure characters have a chance of making it in. Like, Raigh? Where the hell does he rank on the "overall series popularity list"? But he still got in, because Heroes. So remember: don't be afraid to use units that people don't recognize through some fucking moronic in-joke meme. Step 2: See the classes of the characters you're willing to put in. So say, if you're absolutely insistent on making it a mounted mage and a mounted sword user, look at all the classes you can recruit in the game! There are tons to choose from, and you've got at least one unit for each weapon type! No need to get repetitive and use the same characters over and over, because there's at least 2 other mage knights and 6 other mounted sword users. Step 3: Choose which characters fit the classes you wish to put in. So if you had to put in a mounted mage, there is a temptation to lazily rely on overblown memetic recognition of character to do another iteration of them, but you're too professional for that. So instead, look at another choice, like Eyrios! He's got a cool character angle, like being a commoner but hates the lack of class mobility in the feudalist/royal class structure! Or how about Miranda! Her distrusting attitude from the empire hunting Leif creates a unique characterization, with the conflicting feelings between blaming Leif and blaming the Empire for the brutalization of Alster, caught in between impossibly brutal times and circumstances that allow no real satisfying resolution! Intriguing! And if you needed a mounted sword user, maybe you could give that to, I dunno, maybe Fred! He's actually recruitable in the game he's from, and even has a relationship to Olwen, a character you already put in and has absolutely no fucking need to have another version of. Or how about Fergus, or Diarmuid, mounted sword users who not only are actually recruitable, but have a personal weapon that actually existed in their game! Cheers!
  10. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    Idea: Make FE4's two halves as separate games in the vein of FE5, with smaller maps and tighter level design, and use the same engine to basically remake Thracia 776. You save money by using more or less the same engine 3 games in a row and you don't have to waste all that time in chapter 4 moving all your units around that fucking mountain range.
  11. Falchion deserved much more

    Welcome to 9 years ago, where the hopes of playing a version of FE1 with all the modernized mechanics and visual/audio aesthetics of the GBA games were mercilessly dashed in favor of crap mechanics and poor polish. I'd say things like "the Falchion being underpowered in lieu of a forged wyrmslayer is a symptom of the broken forging system" or "even if Marth did get a custom animation it would still look awful because the visual design is awful" or "the hitrate calculations are bullshit why would you even use terrain if the enemy hitrate is going to be over 50% regardless" or "the map is way too damned zoomed in for how large the maps are", or "why the fuck do we care about these characters if 95% of the cast gets zero dialogue beyond their recruitment convo and death quotes", or "what the fuck were the designers smoking when they chose what the gaiden chapter requirements are", but it's pointless. Even if you were to fix all of those things, you wouldn't even have Shadow Dragon anymore. It'd be a different engine, and mechanically, a different game. Thracia 776 may have its bullshit reinforcements and guide-dang-it moments, but Shadow Dragon is just shameful. The biggest problem to have with Shadow Dragon is to play it.
  12. FE8 - Rewrite (Prologue-Route Split)

    Is it okay if I post a playthrough on YouTube?
  13. [FE14] Fire Emblem Fates Custom Chapter Trilogy

    I'd totally be up for writing. :D Feel free to PM me.
  14. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    Suggestion for next release: no fucking enemies with Runeswords in the earlygame. This is equal parts frustrating, ridiculous and hilarious.
  15. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Simple: nerf Holsety's speed boost and limit its uses by 20-30 and give Cyas his own personal flame weapon and an A-rank in Fire Magic; wouldn't be outlandish, given he's the true successor to Velthomer. Even then, they're both trivial if you kept all your units alive. We're talking 2-3 chapters maximum; one trivializes the endgame with insane combat potential, the other has staff rank that can undo/outdo enemy staff-fuckery and/or berserk some heavy hitter enemy units and break their formations. They both have their ways to be useful. Paragon mode turns it from "Thracia 776"-hard to "Path of Radiance NA Hard Mode" hard, if that. If we're talking beginning-of-player-phase reinforcements, then I think everyone could get on board with that. Healing staves missing should be nixed, but missing on Berserk/Sleep/Silence staves should be preserved. If you just removed "leaving your units behind", that'd break the level design and make it ripe for exploitation, allowing for cheapout strategies that can leave weaker units to get dragged into a corner and then suddenly get a pass because the player cleared the chapter. It makes it no different than a seize chapter, minus the boss standing on the clear space. And that shouldn't happen, period. Here's a way to preserve the "escape" conditions: give an "escape" radius on the exit point when you highlight it; units within the "escape radius" when Leif exits get to leave the chapter, and units outside are captured. Give a warning box showing any units that will be left behind when the player selects "escape" with Leif there. That way it incentivizes players to not leave their units halfway across the map, but it also removes the tedium of making each and every single unit escape. There's a particular dichotomy in Thracia 776: cavalry dominates outdoors, infantry dominates indoors. Remove the nerfs on cavaliers and all you're left with is Horse Emblem. There are multiple solutions to this problem: 1. Auto-dismount indoors and auto-lower the movement range based on how many outdoor movement points they've used, keep their weapon rank on foot, but lower all stats by 2 (1 if they're promoted), and give mounted users low CON bases in general to significantly limit their capture/doubling capacity for heavier weapons. 2. Remain mounted indoors, lower all stats by 3-4, and maintain cavalier weaknesses. They can capture because mounted, but their speed/strength/skill/def stats take a huge hit, and one hit from a Horseslayer=dead. As for the earlygame "no gold" problem, we've got 2 easy fixes: 1. Give Leif gold at the end of chapter 2x. "Sire, Lifis' pirates have a stash of gold here! 5000 gold, in all!". 2. Have thieves steal gold from enemies whenever they successfully defeat them. Have the amount vary by their level and increase by 5G for each level: Level 1: 55 gold per defeated enemy. Level 10: 100 gold per defeated enemy Level 20: 150 gold per defeated enemy. 2a. Use their skill stat as a % to double their gold earnings. 20 Skill = 20% chance to get 200 gold at level 10, and 300 gold at level 20. Of course, with the exception of the Arena, because you're making money by winning there anyway. Chapter 12x gets a special mention: either totally remove it, or auto-clear the chapter and auto-recruit Pahn/Trewd and get the chest contents if you talk to Pahn. Make Lara's promotion a "base" option if you used Salem/Lifis to talk to Pahn. Chapter 18: Give the Leonster knights non-aggressive AI (they don't move) and auto-recruit Xander if all the citizens/Leonster soldiers are alive when you clear the chapter. Have reinforcements come to kill the citizens once you enter the central area, to incentivize stationing your units to the prison area. Chapter 3: When you highlight the unit carrying the child unit, it also highlights the house they go to. Or just have a radius around the houses you can drop the child off in that has the child automatically run to the house they go to. Give Lara her own 1-2 range personal weapon (I vote for Chakram) and have her refresh all units adjacent to her whenever she dances or attacks. Also give her stat-boost dances a la FE7. Remove a minimum quantity for unit deployment. It was ancient in FE1, it was ancient in FE3, and it's ancient now. I fail to see a justification for it other than to prevent people from cheesing Chapter 19, which is already fixable by changing Leif's deployment space to the middle of the map. As for the stat-caps screwing over your armored units, simple: make Dalshin promote to/Xavier already a Great Knight. 6-7 movement, multiple weapon proficiencies, dismounts to General, add a "DEF + 5" skill to surpass stat cap limit, has incredibly low RES and weak to Armorslayers/Heavy Lances/Hammers. Either make Magic Bows a thing, or make Ronan's magic stat his strength stat as well, so he can be a mage killer like Niles. Add long-range statbooster staves, because Thracia 776 is Staff Emblem. Make Laufey from Super Thracia 776 the secret final boss Make Veld a dragon like they originally planned