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  1. The role of an avatar is an entire discussion unto itself. When you're playing Fire Emblem, you're playing an abstraction of the role of the commander of an army, with your representation being the "lord" you represent. The whole "character creation" thing is a construct of deception that your agency in Awakening or Fates is your own original experience, when really every bit of Corrin or Robin or Chris' dialogue affects absolutely nothing about the story and how it unfolds, and the player has zero control over their personalities. You cannot change the physical appearance of Flynn in SMT IV except for his clothes, and he has little to no dialogue other than the dialogue options that you choose. The player projects their personality and philosophy onto Flynn, and the character creation lasts through the duration of a playthrough in which you define who Flynn really is right up to the ending you earn, a choice among many others that causes you to become a person totally different from another Flynn that made a different choice. Contrast to Fates, in which Corrin and Robin's character remains static no matter which option you choose, in which Fates becomes a matter of which mapppack and roster you select, and in Awakening, literally nothing changes at all. When you play non-avatar Fire Emblem games, there is no illusion of which character the player becomes: you enter the mentality of Marth or Leif, youths that had their kingdoms destroyed and brutalized. Sacred Stones, you're either an heiress with conflicted feelings about the catalyst behind the unfolding conflict, or you're a badass heir to a demolished kingdom looking to find out why the conflict has unfolded, and you won't let anyone get in your way. The player BECOMES the lords they play as, because if they die, the player-agency is lost and the game ends.
  2. Calling it now. Awakening and Fates have proven beyond a doubt Intelligent Systems have no idea how to write a story that takes any kind of risk whatsoever. Writing that takes no risks at all is just white noise. Obviously I'll buy, and play it for the gameplay, but I cannot imagine IS not taking a plot that had potential like Fates and utterly squandering it. Who are these nations? What do they believe in? What are their natural resources? Do they have different religions, different languages, different philosophies of life, different works of literature that define their philosophies to the point where the masses of each decide that the other is incompatible? What are the "crests" and what effect do they have on the nations? Are we going to explore the reason why the crests are "bad", are we going to have a multifaceted discussion on each nation in general? Or, are we going to get yet another dumpster fire heap of anime tropetastic characters with zero depth to the appeal of otaku shut-ins who will deem them "waifus" and "husbandos", along with yet another disposable, forgettable villain who's so cartoonishly evil you cannot help wondering why the populace would ever accept them as their head of state. Feel free to lock/delete this thread if you like, but my point stands. Fire Emblem has the capacity to raise the bar when it comes to its storytellng and character writing. I'm sick to death, hell, and back again of game localizations that are bereft of flavor, subtlety, or style, sick of localization teams in this industry that think their job is only to convey a surface-level understanding of the dialogue without considering all context of the game's plot as well as the manner-of-speaking that characters have (fun fact: different people have different patterns of speech, believe it or not). I will concede that, in the past 10 years of Fire Emblem games, Echoes remains the single exception to most of my complaints here. If we can get characters with designs that actually stand out, are voice-acted and written with nuance as much as Echoes had, then I will eat these words and admit I was wrong in my prediction. But I sure as shit won't bet the bank on it.
  3. Is there a patreon or Ko-Fi I can donate to, Cirosan? I've been waiting for almost a decade-and-a-half for this to come out in English and you've been giving the most steady and tangible results so far.
  4. No, I want Fire Emblem to have good writing. Which with the exception of FE7x, the series has never had.
  5. FE Shadow Dragon Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch

    Kudos to the hacker. That said, if you removed everything wrong with SD (lack of support conversations, lack of WTA dodge advantage, the poor map/battle sprite art design, the utter lack of characterization for its cast, that pretty much every chapter is a Seize chapter, the broken forging and reclass mechanics), you'd be left with a completely different game that'd probably be best suited to either a romhack, FEXNA game, or even an SRPG Maker project.
  6. Agreed. The "inescapable room" in chapter 24x is like a metaphor for 4/5ths of the 776 Translation Project attempts I've seen on this site: suddenly disappearing without a trace.
  7. okay but can we get a version where the only option is waiting
  8. I would be more than willing to help in this department. I'd totally be down to help with this project!
  9. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    *eyes roll into the back of my head and die along with my interest in this game* They couldn't have made this character a preview of an archer unit from Three Houses, huh? All about those dank meme characters, huh? 12 Archers (13 if you wanted a RD AND PoR version of Rolf) from actual Fire Emblem games they haven't even used yet- and that doesn't even count all the enemy archer units- and they opt for name recognition, huh? Reply to this post with "aren't we a bit salty?" all you want, defend every bad decision the developers make to your dying breath, but this is just unimaginative. I come to the home site for news about the next mainline series title, or maybe an interview with the developer, and it sucks that the regularity of Heroes updates renders the home page a base for the next whale bait unit, and this latest news wouldn't be so pathetic if the lack of originality wasn't addressed before. I guess this is the new "normal" now, and I guess people get excited for it, and good for them, but honestly? I liked the community better before Heroes came out. Really speaks volumes when it's the fangame makers of this community that generate more original content than the official company.
  10. General US Politics

    So how about that SCOTUS nominee, huh? As a gay man, I can't wait to live the next 20-45 years living in fear that my marriage rights be taken away (by determining my right to marry shouldn't be nationally observed, like anti-segregation laws or equal voting rights, but rather determined by individual states, of which some wouldn't hesitate to refuse to recognize gay marriage) because 3rd party/non-voters thought "the lesser of two evils is still evil".
  11. I speak for myself and myself alone. If they want to be disrespectful towards the fan-translator's time that's their lack of humility, not mine.
  12. It's not that we're entitled or anything, it's just been how many years since literally every other FE got a full-playable translation and after years of needing to put up with the Shaya patch (in America!), NoA's total abandonment, and Project Naga not really giving us much of anything beyond FE4, we just want this one to be THE ONE that seals the deal. Because we love FE5, in all its flaws and fucked-up quirks, and we want everyone to know what it feels like to play it without the bullshit of the Shaya patch's fucked-up menus. We get it: these people have actual jobs that pay actual money that work actual hours to make an actual living to pay for an actual room, actual insurance, and save up for actual retirement. Work's long and hard and at the end of the day, more often than not, I wouldn't feel like doing a translation patch in what little free time I'd have on every single day. To say that doing this stuff isn't taxing is a total lie, and even more so to have a schedule to do it, and the pressure of actually finishing it- let alone with a degree of quality you'd find yourself satisfied with- is fucking overwhelming. We just... hope, you know? That they can rise up and make it, this time. Like rising against the Loptyr Sect, you know? Personally? I'd be one of the first to hop on if the translators made a patreon, or a GoFundMe, or a Ko-Fi page (and if you're worried about legal issues from Nintendo, the translator could just draw pictures of stickmen and we'd be funding stickman drawings, or something). Otherwise, our best wishes are all we can give.
  13. Evayle: My daughter is trying to kill me what the actual fuck *Reidrick liked this tweet*
  14. Emblem Chronicle VII

    The amount of work you've had to put in to understand how maps are inserted, how events are managed, not to mention the dialogue, the fantastic portraits... all I can say is: Elimine bless you, Zane.
  15. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Ronan: Okay, so I'm from a fishing village, but hear me out: I really, really fuckin' love magic.