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  1. Concerning the DLC:

    Fair? I strongly disagree. The season pass costs $5 more than the actual game, and over half the content it gives you is more ways to break the game in a game that doesn't need breaking (even on hard). The remaining content is 4 maps, the bundle of which costs $5 more than ALL 6 Heirs of Fate maps, and the Cipher DLC which, despite the production value of the voice acting/supports, don't even have their own levels. The individual levels exceed even Awakening's DLC levels by >$1.50 each. And the overclasses are just shameless. When would you even use them, other than the latter half of the game? $15 for classes that curbstomp every enemy in the late/endgame isn't what I call $15 well spent. I don't care how many hours were spent in designing and animating them. They're great. They're kickass and look fantastic. I don't care; not worth $15. The only possible way they could be truly useful is making the latter half of the Tower of Thabes less insanely difficult, which puts the validity of Thabes' design into serious question- as if the difficulty was deliberately skewed to incentivize players to get these classes. The whole damn video below shows basically all of their animations, to which the only reasons you would ever part with your money to get them is "okay, but how would PYTHON look as an Oliphantier", or "I wonder if Alm can solo the final chapter", questions which aren't exactly keeping me up at night. Or to put it another way: $5 less than Echoes' season pass gets me Birthright and Revelation, which gives me the other route's characters/classes/supports and over 35 maps. Fuck this game's DLC.
  2. Concerning the DLC:

    Answer: Don't get any of them and by extension don't encourage IS from doing this fucking awful business practice of overpriced day-1 DLC that should've came with the game to begin with.
  3. [RELEASE] Fates: Conquest Story Overhaul Patch

    Seriously digging the rewrites. Between Nohr being rewritten to be like Jugdral's Thracia, Garon being a harsh ruler that unified a chaotic region (a la Qin Shi Huang), and the backstabbery of Garon's children in Camilla's backstory you've woven a more mature and complex tale that makes Garon out to be less of a cartoonish villain of wasted potential and turned him into a tragic antivillain. I'm seriously digging this along with the work you've done on the YouTube uploads; keep this project going, I'll be following it!
  4. If you need help with adding style to the writing feel free to PM me! Taking on the challenge of writing different dialogue styles for different characters is something I've really wanted to do these past few years, and Thracia 776 could use the characterized dialogue for lack of support conversations. A suggestion is to release the patch on a chapter-by-chapter basis, for a multitude of reasons: -Unique "episodic" format of the project, instead of a "one and done" patch that encourages consistent releases -Being able to rely on fans for suggestions/bugs that occur on a chapter-by-chapter basis would allow feedback and bug fixes in bite-size chunks instead of one big, intimidating laundry list Also, I prefer the "weird" font; it adds style and looks less generic; Thracia 776's main conceit is being an unconventional Fire Emblem: its mechanics (escape chapters, fatigue, total fog-of-war, capturing), its plot (constantly losing battles against the empire instead of a winning streak). Making its font different enough would be conducive to this aesthetic, one I would support.
  5. Blazing Sword Promoted Power Madness project

  6. FE3 over FE11?

    If you want the experience to be more streamlined, albeit with some questionable aesthetics, choose FE11. If you want better aesthetics and don't mind the engine being slower (slower=more time playing, mind you), choose FE3. Unless you don't mind using the fast-forward key on the emu.
  7. [FE5]Thracia 776 Menu Translation [WIP][5-17]

    I wouldn't mind rewriting the dialogue, to give the script some spice and vitality. Message me/reply if you're interested, and I can send a sample.
  8. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Keep in mind that the enemy statcaps at 20 in vanilla, too. Unless the enemies have stats past 30 as well, having player caps of 30 breaks the game easier than Shadow Dragon Normal by the endgame.
  9. *1 minute in* ...SO NO CHI NO SADAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Okay, I guess I'll pick the guy on the leftmost... ...more JoJo songs, huh? The battle window design graphics look superb. ...that 71st track... ...that 72nd track...
  10. Starting Trachia 776

    Golden Rule: Use the Paragon mode code. -Use Leif enough in the first chapters to get his sword level to a B rank so he can use the Fire Sword -Have Leif use the speed ring. -Have Lifis use the Angelic Robe/HP ring before chapter 4. -Use Lifis and raise his level as much as possible before chapter 4 starts, and make sure he keeps the Hezul scroll all the while. -KO the guards in Chapter 4 with Karin while she has multiple scrolls equipped -Save the children in chapter 4. I'm not kidding. -Empty Evayle's inventory before chapter 4. -If you capture Shiva in chapter 2x, don't release him. -The stat caps are 20 across the board (except HP, obviously); It's not a stats game anymore, and as a result, it's okay to promote a little earlier so that units can start building proficiency in another weapon, in some cases. -Don't talk to Pahn/Pirn unless it's Lara. -Give Leif/Lifis the Brave axe right before chapter 4 so Dalsin can use it in chapter 4.
  11. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Thanks. :P Not sure if I should add commentary for my other 776 vids... Apparently binkers87 has expressed interest in merging the two patches together. Won't hold my breath until there are more developments, though.
  12. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Did some more playthrough vids:
  13. my new fe for android & ios

    1. Learn to make a clean user interface with fonts that are either the same, or have a similar aesthetic. 2. You can either make maps by writing about kingdoms and their terrain, and how they use it to their advantage and THEN make maps based off of those written concepts, OR you can use the "procedurally generate" feature on the map maker here, and then consider how you want your levels to go. 3. It's unlikely Nintendo is going to allow any SRPGs on the Google/iOS app stores that use their art assets; you'd be better off making your own assets. 4. Keep your first game simple- if this is your first game, keep it short, yet sweet before setting off on any larger projects. 5. Make yourself a working engine and focus on gameplay before you make an involved story. That said, the best of luck to you- Parthia aside, the iOS store is starved for FE-like games.
  14. Thracia 776 Complete Menu Translation, VWF, Double RNG

    Not sure whether to continue this or not, but why not? Edit: Did a no commentary version: