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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull on last year's Bridal Banner gave me... Julia. Huh. Not complaining about that. Now my Julia is +2.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy Wow, I spoke way too soon the other day when I thought the curse was finally over. Still, that's a pretty good haul. Nice that you got all the new units.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Used up 75 orbs on the new banner and got Tanith and... a Lewyn. In the sole green orb I got. Well, Lewyn's getting merged in order to remove bane, but I'm glad I got at least one of the brides.
  4. I feel that sometimes people miss the point of these banners. It's not about "Finding the characters that canonically fit the theme", it's about "Which characters can we dress in this obviously fanservicey outfits". It's like complaining that the Hoshidan Summer banners has non-Hoshidans in them.
  5. I mean one could argue that Micaiah’s single role caused a much larger impact on some people than Elincia’s dual role did. It certainly did for me, and I can vouch for several others who felt the same. Obviously this doesn’t make Elincia unappreciated or anything, but I don’t think it should be a surprise that some may prefer Micaiah over her. Also, don’t forget Micaiah was one of the most hated characters in the series for the longest time until the 3DS came along. Fans of her had to deal with some of the most ridiculous shit, including childish name calling (seriously, “Failcaiah”? Who came up with that? It’s not even clever). If prior to CYL someone would have told me Micaiah would make it to the Top 20 in an FE popularity poll, I would have thought that person was crazy.
  6. The problem with your argument is that with Elincia Vs. Erinys you were saying Elincia should come first because she’s more well known and therefore more popular, but for Elincia Vs. Micaiah you were saying Elincia should be first because of seniority and importance (which is heavily debatable). You’re essentially applying a double standard so your character can “win” on both scenarios.
  7. She was known as Fury before CYL officially localized her name. She’s the only flier you get in FE4 Gen 1 and gets staves on promotion along with lances. Normally I’m one of the last people to complain about alts, but if given the choice on who to pick for a regular pool staff flier, I’d go with Erinys myself.
  8. I’m still kinda hoping they make Erinys the first flying healer in the regular pool since by all means she was the first one. She’s probably the only FE4 character I care about that’s not in FE yet.
  9. Some of you were wondering about @Mangs, well, see for yourselves.
  10. You're probably going to hate FE4 then. Literally every Gen 1 female is pregnant at one point during battle, and the husbands are completely aware.
  11. I completely agree with you there and I happily welcome all the fanart we'll get of these two from now on.
  12. Personally I don't mind if Coolmanio makes all the banner threads from now on. I've always liked the idea of all the threads in a series being started by the same person since it makes it easy to search for them in the future. Quite honestly, the sole fact that there is an argument over "Who makes the thread first" is pretty pathetic.
  13. I'm honestly surprised it took this long for Sigrun and Tanith to show up considering OG Sanaki's unique refinement is a reference to them.
  14. SIGRUN?! AS A BRIDE!!!? Well, that's it. RIP my freaking wallet.
  15. Looking at various artworks of Kagero, I'm pretty sure her bust size has always been about the same, it's just that her Heroes art, specially her Spring seasonal, made it a bit more noticeable... ...aaaaannnd I can't believe we've derailed yet another thread to talk about this.