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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Very late, but these are my pulls from the Dancer banner.
  2. Happened with Breath of the Wild, so who knows?
  3. http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1446149 Second week sales: - 3DS: 4.952 / 23.309 - Switch: 8.024 / 49.514 Yeah, that’s... not particularly good.
  4. I come to you for help, Serenes, as a person humbled...

    Wow, that was incredible. Kudos to everyone who donated, gave their supports, and the mysterious $2K donor.
  5. For the males I gave Geoffrey and Stefan a vote. As a straight male it's as much as I'll admit finding a male attractive. For the females I voted Micaiah, Nephenee, Mia, Lucia, Sigrun and Laura.
  6. I come to you for help, Serenes, as a person humbled...

    Just donated. Hope everything works out for you and Belinda.
  7. I think you're being ridiculously pessimistic. It's not lighting any charts on fire but it'll sell more than 150k in Japan alone.
  8. Switch is at around 1,78 million. N-3DS at around 6 million. GAF's weekly sales thread has all the details: http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1442792&page=1
  9. Bear in mind that HW (a Wii U game) sold more than FEW (a Switch and 3DS game). I wouldn't call FEW a flop, but it's definitely below what was likely expected.
  10. I did see that. Just not here on SF.
  11. FE Warriors - All ENG Localized Supports

    Thanks a lot to everyone who worked on these. These are pretty fun to read, but I'll be saving some to read them in-game. I hope they add a few more with later updates. Some characters really got shafted (most notably Leo).
  12. Not with Splatoon 2, it won't.
  13. Not all of them. Splatoon 2 is language-restricted by region. I.e. The Japanese version is ONLY in Japanese. This is due to the game having regional events.
  14. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Long Time No Update: Cain +Res/-Atk Lyn +Def/-HP Abel +Res/-HP Effie +HP/-Spd Sanaki +Spd/-Res Eldigan +Spd/-Atk Nino (Promoted) +Spd/-Def Sheena +Atk/-Res Priscilla +Res/-Def Nowi (Promoted) +Spd/-Res Sanaki +Spd/-HP, was given to first Sanaki for an extra Level. Lachesis +Spd/-HP Spring Lucina +Atk/-HP Spring Lucina +Spd/-Def, was given to first Spring Lucina for an extra Level. Faye +Spd/-Atk Tharja (Promoted) +Atk/-Res Soren +Def/-HP, was given to my second Soren for an extra Level. Ogma +HP/-Res, was given to my second Ogma for an extra Level. Ryoma /Neutral, was given to my second Ryoma for an extra Level. Azura +Res/-Atk Kagero (Promoted) +Spd/-HP Linde +Res/-Def Xander (Promoted) Neutral Ryoma +Atk/-HP Catria +HP/-Spd Titania (Promoted) +Spd/-HP Ogma +Atk/-Res Bride Charlotte +Spd/-HP Athena +Spd/-Atk Masked Marth (Reward) Neutral Camus (Promoted) Neutral Anna (Promoted) Neutral Reinhardt /Neutral Summer Tiki +Atk/-Def Summer Frederick +Spd/-HP Mae (Promoted) +Spd/-Res Abel +Res/-Spd, was given to my first Abel for an extra level. Gray +Atk/-Spd Mathilda +Spd/-Def Hector +Atk/-Def Leon +Res/-Atk Sonya +Atk/-Spd Tobin (Reward) Neutral Sharena (Promoted) Neutral Soren +Atk/-Res Summer Elise +HP/-Spd Fae (Promoted) +Atk/-Def Ursula (Promoted) Neutral Genny +HP/-Def Sanaki +HP/-Def, was given to my first Sanaki for an extra level. Effie +Spd/-Atk, was given to my first Effie for an extra level. Roy +Def/-Spd Clive (Reward) Neutral Tharja /Neutral, was given to my first Tharja for an extra level. Ninian +Def/-HP Alfonse (Promoted) Neutral Lucina +Res/-Spd Cecilia (Promoted) +Atk/-HP Brave Lyn (Gift) Neutral Brave Lucina +Def/-Atk Klein (Promoted) +Atk/-Spd Masked Marth (Reward), merged to the original Masked Marth Nephenee +Spd/-HP Seliph +Atk/-HP Caeda +Def/-Spd, decided to promote a better Caeda and merge this one to that one. Caeda (Promoted) +Spd/-Def Elincia +Def/-Spd Cherche (Promoted) +Atk/-Res
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Went for Elincia so only pulled reds. Ended up spending nearly 100 Orbs, but I won't post every image, so have the highlights: