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  1. I love crossover stuff so I'd like to see a collab of some sort, but I'm not sure if it should be actual characters from other games. I'm not against it, but considering how many people call for IntSys' head every time they do something out of their comfort zone, it might be wise to walk carefully into this territory. I think if they do a collab, they should start with FE characters dressed as other Nintendo characters, which would be no different than other seasonal banners. I think it would be a pretty fun banner and I'm not just saying that because I want Zelda!Micaiah. To name a concrete example, Puyo Puyo Quest has done this several times and it's pretty cool to look at:
  2. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    If it makes you feel better I agree with you. I feel Sigrun’s role in RD is quite underrated and much more influential than what people give it credit for, always being the moral support and protector for Sanaki. She’s to Sanaki what Sothe is to Micaiah, what Soren is to Ike, and what Geoffrey and Lucia are to Elincia. Sure she may not have much PRESENCE as the others mentioned, but I say her role is just as important. Heck, she can’t even die until Endgame. I say that’s a big deal.
  3. Xander: “Why is there smoke coming out of your stove, Ryoma?”
  4. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    I'm legit baffled neither version of Marcus is in the game yet. He's important and close to the lord in both FE6 and FE7. We have almost every other of his archetype (Jagen, Frederick, Seth, Gunter, Finn, Titania) already in. I wonder if he's finally showing up in the March FE6 banner. From Jugdral I think we have everyone important from FE4, but FE5 is missing some distinct faces. Mareeta is the most obvious one, and I think a safe bet for whenever the next Thracia banner is. But mark my words: Mareeta is going to bring powercreep to a whole new level. Dunno how exactly, but probably a ridiculous Prf weapon along with Swift Sparrow 3 or some shit. I'll also add Sara and Linoan, probably along a Veld GHB. Geoffrey and Lucia from Tellius are quite overdue and the only ones from that continent I really want to see. Bonus points if we get short hair Lucia. And Cynthia. CYNTHIA! Where is she?! And finally regular Charlotte and my bro Benny. And he better be drawn by Ippei.
  5. I agree. While I can understand not being a fan of certain things, it's pretty frustrating how some people aren't even willing to give said things a chance. I seriously HOPE they do a collab this year. Not only because I'm a sucker for that stuff, but also because it'll be a nice way to shake things up a bit.
  6. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    Very impressive clears, everyone. Those of you who do one-turn or solo clears never cease to impress me. Here's my clear. Nothing too impressive since they're all Premium units. Just the lovey ladies of Nohr and Hoshido get to show off (even if Corrin didn't get to do much).
  7. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    It's seeing this kind of Forging Bonds that makes me wish there was some form of support conversations between characters. Leanne interacted with Narcian? Come on! I need to know the details!
  8. I like the fact that the majority of people at least seem to agree there are no horrible characters in this game. As someone who barely played Bayo in Smash 4 and also on SSBU, what did they do to her that she got nerfed so badly?
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Spent 75 orbs for Nailah, my most wanted. Then I got two tickets so I used the first one to get Leon... but the red orb right next to him gave me Tibarn. Woah. Second ticket, I got Gaius, another Leon... and Loki. Wow. Crazy luck. Nailah is + Atk -HP, but both Tibarn and Loki are +Res -Atk. Guess that’s how you cancel out good luck. Not gonna complain though.
  10. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    75 orbs in I got Nailah. She’s the one I wanted the most so taking a break from the banner for the moment. Need to save orbs for the new Special and Mythic banners. Oh, and Nailah is +Atk -HP. Hell yeah!
  11. I'm kinda hoping the first Special Banner is some kind of collab. It's been two years and I'm surprised they haven't done one yet. Maybe the time has come.
  12. Btw went ahead and refined Julia’s Naga. Can confirm Close Counter only works on dragons.
  13. Does Julia’s Close Counter only work against Dragons?
  14. My theory (and this is just a theory so don’t post it on Wikipedia) is that Porky was originally intended to return as a boss but for whatever reason it didn’t make it to the finished game and his spirit was cut along with the boss fight.
  15. I think saying Nintendo doesn’t care about Mother is a bit off the mark since I feel it’s the opposite. Nintendo cares a lot about the series which is why they haven’t done anything with it since Mother 3; they’re respecting the creator’s wishes to end the series with the third game. Sure, Itoi did state he wouldn’t mind someone else making Mother 4 (“I’d love to play it” he said), but the series was so unique in its writing that probably no one at Nintendo would be able to do it justice, and Nintendo likely knows this.