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  1. Official Pull Topic

    So I decided to try my luck once again in the new Bunny Banner, and...
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Looks like my luck is finally back.
  3. Holy crap. Marisa is extremely tempting.
  4. Some people say that it's unlikely to be Micaiah because we just got a Tellius banner, but don't forget both Spring banners have been mixed so far. First one was Two Ylisse, Two Fates. Second one was Two Askr, One Akaneia, and One Fates. Micaiah could very well be the only Tellius character on the banner.
  5. 70. Micaiah is my favorite character so I'd whale for any version of her. I'd love Brave and Legendary/Mythic Micaiah as well, although Brave Miccy at least is a safe get since she'll be my free pick when the banner is out.
  6. Left one could be several, but Micaiah was definitely my first impression. If that's her, RIP my wallet. No idea on the dude on the right. Plenty of possibilities there.
  7. Girl on the left looks like Micaiah to me. And if that's the case, RIP wallet.
  8. Collapse of the Grand Hero Battle: Rutger

    Some really great clears here, people! Haven't watched all of them, but @Thor Odinson's 1-turn Ryoma and @kirauza343's girl team were my favorites. Nice I'm not the only one who let Yune and Feh nest in Micaiah's head, as seen in my clear here. BTW, there's a a low battery warning at around the 5:30 which causes the audio for the rest of the video to go out of sync. No idea why it happened, and I apologize for that. @daisy jane @Landmaster @mampfoid
  9. Count me in as another one who doesn't want any characters not added to the game. Same logic from the "Which FE game would you erase from existence" thread. Every character is someone's favorite and every playable character with a unique name deserves its spot in FEH. Although I agree generic enemies and allies should be kept as such. I have no idea why "Brigand Boss" was a legit pick in CYL.
  10. Is it more effective if you are already running the game when the reset happens, or better to start it from zero?
  11. All the echoes have differences that slightly separate them from the original. i.e. ZeRo considers Roy slightly better than Chrom, Ryu slightly better than Ken, etc. (Lucina is an exception since she's a whole tier above Marth). Daisy isn't listed because there's absolutely nothing that separates her from Peach, therefore neither is slightly better than the other. For gameplay intents and purposes, Peach and Daisy are the exact same character.
  12. How hard is FE4?

    Once you get the hang of it, it's super easy. It does have a couple of pretty bad beginner's traps, though, which can put you in an unwinnable situation if you're not prepared.
  13. ZeRo made a series of videos with his own Tier List for Smash Ultimate 2.0 Here's the Playlist. And the Tier List: (I suggest to watch the videos before commenting on the actual list. He does a very good job explaining why every character is where it is, and there are definitely lots of surprises.)
  14. I don't think the boxart is terrible on concept, but Claude's misaligned bow is bothering me way more than it should.