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  1. The game needs more Jugdral. Now. I want more Red and Green magic cavalry options especially considering the fact that Leo and Cecilia are the only ones.
  2. Slumber beat me to it, but Walhart, like many of the characters in Awakening, was more of a one-trick pony with his character gimmick being "I AM A STRONG CONQUEROR! BOW TO ME." He had potential, but he wasn't used well. I think we'll have to accept the fact that there's a 99.999999% chance that FE Switch will follow the same story as most of the Fire Emblems in the series. As much as I want my gritty, dark GoT-style Fire Emblem I don't think that'll happen. However, I do have a small amount of hope because the final Deliverance DLC map from SoV had a story (when isolated from the rest of the game) that was well done. There's also Chapter 19 from Thracia 776 where Leif screwed up royally and *actually* suffered the consequences of his actions. Hell, Conquest had a moment of brilliance when Corrin and his/her Nohrian siblings overtake the Hoshidian Capital. All the townsfolk openly revile Corrin because they saw him/her as an evil person who sought to decimate Hoshido. IS has it in them to write a good story, they just need to get an experienced writing team that's not afraid to do things differently.
  3. Do we get that reward package (the free 10 orbs and 10,000 feathers) now that this voting gauntlet has concluded? I thought we would have received them by now.
  4. My first pull was a 5 ★ Linde. She had terrible IVs (+DEF/-RES), but getting her early trivialized about 90% of the main campaign.
  5. I think the Duma eyeball thing was there because it was to show how his corrupted/insane soul manifested in his physical form. If you look at Duma's battle model, he does have eyeless sockets where normal eyes would be and his head structure is the same as Mila's (seen on her dragon skeleton model). I'd imagine that he used to look like a normal dragon until he lost his mind.
  6. Does anybody happen to have the sheet of all Thracia 776 overworld sprites? I found the one with all the mounted units, but I recall there being a compilation of non-mounted overworld sprites including unused classes like the Female Lopto Mage and Junior Lord. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this kind of question.
  7. Ughhh... My eyes rolled pretty hard during the trailer. "BY THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!!" just makes me want to puke now. I never expected much from the story from this kind of game, but MAN that was the epitome of cookie-cutter/factory produced script. For once, JUST FOR ONCE, can we have a Fire Emblem game with no dragons? Can we have something new? I fear that Fire Emblem will become stale should this kind of Awakening/Fates style of crummy writing keeps up.
  8. Mage Knights, Mage Knights and more Mage Knights. I really want to have better choices for Green and Red Mage Knights since Leo and Cecilia are less than stellar even with Hone and Fortify Cavalry + Blade Tomes. Olwen and Reinhart are amazing, so I hope we get Azel, (FE4) Arthur, Miranda and Selena as choices in the near future. I really want to make the ultimate Magic Cavalry Team. I would like to see more Jugdral Characters in General since Seliph, Julia, Olwen, Lachesis, Eldigan, and Reinhart are the only representatives.
  9. ^This. I feel like we have the same tastes when it comes to out Fire Emblem games, Slumber. I would like a more "Game of Thrones-esque" Fire Emblem for sure. When I say this, I don't mean that I also want all the gore, guts, sex, and other screwed up stuff. However, I don't want to have the anime levity that was in Fates and Awakening, EVER AGAIN. SoV was so nice because it gave me a taste of a Fire Emblem game that took itself seriously. Even though there were moments in SoV that made me roll my eyes so hard ... ... I really want more Fire Emblem games to be like SoV in terms of presentation and tone. I want more morally grey characters, betrayals, deaths, disasters, more political intrigue and less of evil dragons going mad and taking over the world. I want the narrative to remain on a human scale for as long as possible.
  10. Wow! Welcome to SF! I loved your performance in SOV! If I have time, I'd love to watch part of your stream. I'm curious to see what classes you're going to make Kliff, Gray and Tobin promote to.
  11. I LOVE this. The text is very clean and the map sprites look awesome. I'd like to see more of your work on this project.
  12. I did play FE4. I beat it three times. I understand all your complaints. That's why if you divide the large maps into multiple chapters, you can reduce the amount of empty turns and downtime.
  13. Yeah, I don't like how the director of SoV wants to do Binding Blade next. While I have a soft spot for Elibe, since FE7 was my first Fire Emblem game, I desperately want FE4 and 5 done next. Binding Blade is most definitely the weakest GBA game and one of my least favorite FE's. FE7 is vastly superior to FE6. I think IS is aware of this, as you said. I predict that in a future remake, they will divide the entire map into parts. For instance, when Sigurd and co. attack Genoa in Chapter 1, that whole battle will be a "chapter". Then the team can rest, relax and prepare for the next battle in Genoa castle. Then you go to the next "chapter". That would be the most logical route to take, because I agree that FE4 is exceptionally tedious for having large maps.
  14. I started my first run on Normal/Classic. The massive gameplay issues I have are with Cantors. I hand-waved Cantors in Gaiden because Dear/Expel was ridiculously useful. Now that Dear/Expel has been nerfed, Cantors are a humungous pain in the ass. This is due to the fact that all the monsters they summon surround them on the battlefield, making it difficult for my powerful melee units to take them out. I can remedy this when I promote Est, Palla and Catria, but for now, they are an incredibly annoying enemy to face. I like HP casting mages. I just wish I could assign them a certain spell to counterattack with on enemy phase. Luthier gets doubled often because he defaults to Fire when enemies attack him. I wish he could switch to Excalibur because the spell weighs less and he'd be easier to train. I haven't run into any issues with Witches, yet, but knowing how the final battle goes in Gaiden, I know they'll be horrible units to contend with.
  15. This game has floored me with its presentation. I am beyond happy. These characters ACTUALLY feel like real people! What a world!