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  1. Kliff will always be a mage since that was his best class. Gray and Tobin will be a mercenary and archer respectively. Atlas will be a Cavalier since Celica gets none in her route. Faye will be a Pegasus Knight because I get the feeling that she'll outshine Clair.
  2. I think that was a promoted Clive.
  3. I still can't get over this. Why did you bone the sage design so hard IS? Am I the only one who is angry about this? most likely Look at the original sage design. It didn't have a bloody dress.
  4. A. Smaller cast. B. No reclassing aside from 5 villagers. I just get tired of seeing units' battle models not match their portraits. Some units look better unprompted.
  5. NOOOOO. Sages look like absolute CRAP. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS WEAR DRESSES?!?! Don't get me wrong, this game still looks amazing, I think my only gripes with it will be some aesthetic choices (no portrait changes upon promotion, bad sage designs, etc.). Looks like I'll be relying on female casters this game then...
  6. I've been pondering this as well, and it really makes sense. In Gaiden, you only really needed to rely on good units like Palla or Catria to sweep through most of the maps. Other units like Luthier or Atlas could get left by the wayside and you wouldn't suffer the consequences. In this game, fatigue handicaps overpowered units so you can use other units to fill their place in battle. This mechanic only works in Gaiden because the cast is so small. The new kind of fatigue mechanic would not work on other fire emblems, like FE7 or Fates since the cast is much larger. I like the idea on paper, but let's see how well executed it is. If Archer!Tobin gets tired, Python can fill his place in another fight. Or if Clive gets fatigued, Matilda can take over. It could very well be that fatigue can be easily cured so maybe it won't be much of an issue at all. I hope we get more news soon.
  7. I agree, but she might also have cleric as a promotion option as well. However, that might be a bit broken, especially if she should learn warp. You'd end up having two warpers on Alm's side. I hope she gets Mercenary as well but I will, most likely, make her a Pegasus knight so Alm has more on his team.
  8. Well, it was confirmed that Mae promoted into a Priestess like Celica in the Famitsu article, so if we are going to be getting third-tier classes for casters, then they would have to make different third tier class for Sage and Priestess. Archsage for Sage and ... I don't know... Mage Fighter for Priestesses (since they wield swords). I don't think Dread Fighters will promote back to villagers since that would only make the characters belonging to the Mercenary and Villager classes broken. They most likely removed that exploit.
  9. Like Thracia 776, fatigue is a thing in this game. You can't rely on one unit too much or else they'll get tired and their stats will reduce. Interesting, but I wonder if there will be other ways to cure fatigue without having to make a trip all the way down to a Mila Shrine.... Perhaps they did this to prevent grinding with one particular unit? I need a more detailed explanation.
  10. No you're right, only Alm and Celica will be the only units to get portrait changes in this game. Leon probably does have that left shoulder pauldron in his base Archer class. What a shame! This would have been the perfect game to add portrait changes since the cast is so small and reclassing isn't a thing. I just don't get why the art team can't take a unit's base portrait and modify it to match the unit's new outfit. Ugh.
  11. Was that Silque with a bucket on her head in one of the screenshots, or is that part of her headdress? It's hard to see. Also, Leon portrait doesn't match his artwork. Promotion changes confirmed?! Has my dream finally come true?! Also, were any new mechanics introduced in any of the screenshots, or is it just old news?
  12. Most likely about as long as Awakening I'd wager. Might be a tad longer considering dungeon exploration exists.
  13. Well, if you look at the bottom screen, there's a visible map with Alm's overworld sprite. My guess is that the navigation will operate similar to a fusion between Danganronpa's and 3DS Shin Megmai Tensei's exploration method. In the villages, you'll navigate the 3D environment in first-person mode while running into 2D characters. It's unique to say the least, but village exploration isn't why I am buying this game. I'm not that upset over it. We've already established that dungeon-crawling will be very much like the 3DS Shin Megami Tensei games, which I am fine with.
  14. I think they'll make Deen more desirable in this incarnation. Perhaps they'll give him a personal weapon or make him very powerful. I chose Sonya in the original Gaiden because she was clearly the better unit, but I'll wait and see what the two units are like in this version.
  15. Fatigue?! Fatigue only worked in Thracia because you had a crap ton of units at your disposal. I am a little wary about this feature. Please may it not be a "needy" mechanic, PLEASE. The phantoms are quite horrifying to be honest.