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  1. Wow! Welcome to SF! I loved your performance in SOV! If I have time, I'd love to watch part of your stream. I'm curious to see what classes you're going to make Kliff, Gray and Tobin promote to.
  2. I LOVE this. The text is very clean and the map sprites look awesome. I'd like to see more of your work on this project.
  3. I did play FE4. I beat it three times. I understand all your complaints. That's why if you divide the large maps into multiple chapters, you can reduce the amount of empty turns and downtime.
  4. Yeah, I don't like how the director of SoV wants to do Binding Blade next. While I have a soft spot for Elibe, since FE7 was my first Fire Emblem game, I desperately want FE4 and 5 done next. Binding Blade is most definitely the weakest GBA game and one of my least favorite FE's. FE7 is vastly superior to FE6. I think IS is aware of this, as you said. I predict that in a future remake, they will divide the entire map into parts. For instance, when Sigurd and co. attack Genoa in Chapter 1, that whole battle will be a "chapter". Then the team can rest, relax and prepare for the next battle in Genoa castle. Then you go to the next "chapter". That would be the most logical route to take, because I agree that FE4 is exceptionally tedious for having large maps.
  5. I started my first run on Normal/Classic. The massive gameplay issues I have are with Cantors. I hand-waved Cantors in Gaiden because Dear/Expel was ridiculously useful. Now that Dear/Expel has been nerfed, Cantors are a humungous pain in the ass. This is due to the fact that all the monsters they summon surround them on the battlefield, making it difficult for my powerful melee units to take them out. I can remedy this when I promote Est, Palla and Catria, but for now, they are an incredibly annoying enemy to face. I like HP casting mages. I just wish I could assign them a certain spell to counterattack with on enemy phase. Luthier gets doubled often because he defaults to Fire when enemies attack him. I wish he could switch to Excalibur because the spell weighs less and he'd be easier to train. I haven't run into any issues with Witches, yet, but knowing how the final battle goes in Gaiden, I know they'll be horrible units to contend with.
  6. This game has floored me with its presentation. I am beyond happy. These characters ACTUALLY feel like real people! What a world!
  7. Welp, you won me over. I'll give Mage!Tobin a chance then and go with Archer!Kliff. I guess I'll miss the extended range of spells like Arrow and Thunder, but Excalibur is the best spell and I believe there's a ring that can extend Excalibur's range with the "sorcery" passive. So... Mercenary!Gray Cleric!Faye Mage!Tobin Archer!Kliff ...is the way to go?
  8. Woah, woah, woah. I apologize if I came across as elitist, but that wasn't my intention at all. I just didn't like IGN's review because it wasn't very informed. I rambled in that post a bit, I'll grant you, but I was being very neutral. At least I think I was. I am most certainly not downplaying new fans. I'd like to have newcomers experience games like FE4 and 5 because they are pretty good games with pretty good characters. For instance, I'd like a remake of FE4 because Arvis has the potential to be Fire Emblem's best and greatest villain if he were given a proper expansion. That would be an excellent treat for both old and new fans. I wasn't trying to be mean, man.
  9. I agree with this analysis, but I still think I'll go with Cavalier! or Archer!Tobin for HM. I get that Mage!Tobin in Ch.1 is a godsend, but he'll fall behind once you run into the later chapters. I want a mage that'll be a worthwhile investment in the long run so I can easily wipeout the enemy barons that appear in Ch.4. So, I'll go with Mage!Kliff and give him 2 speed boosts at the Thieve's Shrine and Alm or Silque the other one. Hopefully the RNG is on my side. I'll let you know how that turns out. :P
  10. I knew IGN wouldn't give this game a particularly great score. I would understand why, had they attributed it to Cantor summon abuse, lack of unique battle objectives and bad map designs, but to make the issue of marriage and matchmaking that big of a big deal only reveals their naivety regarding FE's history. Matchmaking and children were never a "series staple," because the mechanic only appeared in three games: Genealogy, Awakening, and Fates (as we all know). When it comes to Fire Emblem, I always make my own judgements. Critics mostly praised Fates when it first came out, where I ended up abhorring the game for its horrific plot and cookie- cutter characters. The only thing I enjoyed about Fates was Conquest Chapter 10 and 21. I am glad that there are other journalistic sites that are giving the game good press. I want this game to succeed because newcomers need to experience more of the Kaga-era Fire Emblems. I am 90% sure that Genealogy will inevitably be remade because it'll have marriage and children (you know, when it was done well and with purpose) as well as familiar game mechanics like the weapon wheel.
  11. Does it take a relatively long time to master weapon skills? I don't like how skills are greyed out in the UI when you don't have a particular weapon equipped, because I think it looks rather ugly. I want to give a particular character a set weapon, like Mathilda with a forged Ridersbane, and have them rely on it for the majority of the game.
  12. Are you going to do an article about weapon skills? I am really curious about what weapons I should give units. Should physical units hold on to only one kind of weapon for the entire game considering that skills are tied to weapons only.
  13. I think Rescue would make Healers extremely useful. The rescue staff would have limited range, but it would help remove units from dangerous situations.
  14. Yeah, but they technically are the same character. Selena (FE8) and Selena (FE14) are two completely different characters. I wish Treehouse named Selena and Arthur differently, like Lune and Harold (why didn't they keep Arthur's name Harold?! FFS) to avoid confusion.
  15. All I want is more Mage Knights. All the potential Mage Cavalier Heroes are as follows: Azelle (potential red) and Arthur (potential green) (FE4) Miranda (potential red) and Ilios (potential blue) (FE5) Selena (potential green) (FE8) Arthur and Selena are probably not going to be in the game since Arthur and Selena from Fates already exist, so that leaves only Azelle, Ilios and Miranda.