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  1. It went well! iirc steady breath ignis Olivia tanked the Azura and Anna lol
  2. I have no impulse control, wanted Hector, and used 51 orbs on the new banner and got 2 Lilinas and an off banner Myrrh lmao @DarkLordIvy I feel like you'd appreciate this :P
  3. I'd like to request an update for Soren lol for the memes
  4. yep, just wanted to clarify because some people post stats in battle with buffs and all
  5. here's my soren (no water boost in pic)
  6. ciarre's art thread [latest: CELICA 4 CYL]

    ok I really like this painting method (the one I also did with Celica) so I did another one really quickly with an OC. it's so fast compared to what I've been doing before! Basically I'm using only 1 layer and I'm starting with the absolute darkest shade and then adding on top instead of the other way around, and I really dig it. Not using layers seems daunting but it's liberating, and very similar to traditional painting almost. also a full body sketch of her
  7. ciarre's art thread [latest: CELICA 4 CYL]

    Thank you so much!
  8. ciarre's art thread [latest: CELICA 4 CYL]

    this is the original speedpaint version this is the finalish version based on a few suggestions. I kinda like both in a way, but I guess the latter is more accurate to Celica. maybe I went all in on Celica for CYL if you couldn't tell
  9. maybe because they already have Camilla and Tharja assets like Lucina in the last CYL I'm throwing all my votes at Celica tho
  10. This TT runs like butter with a flying blade user. I've been using Airzura/Scorn/Swordmilla with Sakura and I've willingly been playing lunatic 7 A/A without wanting to die
  11. Official Pull Topic

    My Micaiah was -HP/+Atk which I'm incredibly happy about. Then I used the rest of my orbs to try for more of her and got nothing lol But I'll keep trying because I love her and I kind of want her in my arena team
  12. For me it's less age and more depression forcing you to exert effort into actually playing a game. My motivation is already pretty low and I have to use those spoons to handle all of my college responsibilities. Some games I can play for hours if it's something I've been looking forward to for a while, but usually only on a first playthrough. But games that I pick up on Steam, for example, during sales, I get fatigued just starting the game. I wish I could go back to my childhood and play games endlessly lol