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  1. (sorry for the late reply) Thank you so much! and yeah haha I'm not the biggest fan of doing lineart because I'm impatient and I prefer painting anyway :P good to know that other people do the same! I did a quick paint of bride!Neph a few days ago~ Also, I sang a duet with myself (a whole new world). I really like how Jasmine's part turned out, but I struggled with Aladdin's part because of the range lmao
  2. get u a girl that can do both twitter link
  3. very much a wip but look! I did lineart (sort of..) instead of coloring on top of the sketch layer like I always do! it scarlet witch!celica
  4. practicing painting backgrounds with The Rachel. oof ouch owie, my back twitter link:
  5. Thanks so much! I drew Ayra as Wonder Woman! You can see the process/sketch/flat stages here: anyway, I got back from infinity war and died and so I drew a DC character instead hahaha get it because ayra uses DC really well twitter link here
  6. thank you so much!! for the @fecompendium shindan generator challenge! the horizon mercenary vs the anamnesis wielder shindans here: also some Lore I came up with for fun:
  7. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :D
  8. I've started a new art twitter! Please check it out if you're interested! my dnd character salome, a chaotic evil stripper bard
  9. thank you!! if you want I could try to send you a higher quality picture of it ;; I also use an intuos! It definitely does take some getting used to, but I don't ever really look down at my tablet. I think the most important thing is to get used to using the pen to hover over to see where the cursor is before "clicking" or touching the pen to the tablet (kind of like a mouse)!
  10. BETRAYAL Done for the FEcompendium random adjective challenge! I got inferior, and wanted to portray feelings of inferiority that ultimately culminates in his downfall (and to capture the metamorphosis from Fujin Yumi -> Skadi as he is essentially beginning his quick descent into madness) This may be the most ambitious marker drawing I've attempted haha. I only had 24 markers to work with so I had to get a little crafty with the coloring and shading, but I think it turned out pretty well!
  11. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    Chapter 6 - 7/40 turns gay icon only fears magic. did the RESCUE STRAT with rody Chapter 6x - 2/42 turns UWEEHEEHEE Chapter 7 - 5/47 turns Navarre helped me get all the treasure and then died. We honor your sacrifice. Chapter 8 - 3/50 turns gay icon procced def in the middle of the chapter so he gets tinked by all the silver lance generals with cancer equipped lmao. he can also DOUBLE them with scorpio. so THICC so FAST. also promoted Linde and she's actually god. also got the ARMS SCROLL
  12. [FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

    oh yeah i guess i should start logging my run even tho i dont remember like half of it, also i'm playing this basically blind because i've only played lunatic reverse like 3 years ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ PROLOGUE was a thing. Also MU capped def. Chapter 1 - 5/5 turns I probably could've killed Lorenz with Arran but uh, I got a mend staff for Rody? Chapter 2 - 6/11 turns Guess who missed the lady sword! Oops. Also killed Warren. Chapter 3 - 7/18 turns Guess who missed the master seal! OOPS! Chapter 3x - 6/24 turns WRYS Chapter 4 - 3/27 turns I only had to use 1 rescue use for this, Yumina just rescued Marth over and I had Sirius take the kill. Got the DEVIL SWORD, but guess what I missed this chapter? CASTOR LMAO. turns/10 Chapter 5 - 6/33 turns I blew like half my money on drill grounds but was it worth? MAYBE, PIRATE WRYS IS TOP TIER. I gave Ogma an iron axe forge called E X T R A T H I C C with +1 mt so he could one round the armors with the taurus shard. I missed physic, but I got the master seal and the pure water. Also killed Barst for exp and killed Rickard for the VIP card lmao look at this THICC bitch and shoutout to this bald icon
  13. also posted this on reddit but happy april fools <3
  14. thank you! this is probably the most effort i've ever put into an april fools joke (high res here: Featuring the Lissa alt: In Her Sister's Shadow by kaya8, the greatest OWAIN: Sword Hand of Justice by Fujiwara Ryo (i'm so sorry guys pls don't kill me) and the beautiful Ophelia: Midnight Heroine by HAKO!Pull on this banner to reunite this wonderful family!! And of course, both Owain and Ophelia are red because you can't have a bait banner without a shared color focus!