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  1. Sadly NTR CFW doesn't support O3ds which is what i am using as i had yet to upgrade into N3ds. Edit1:I take my word back it does with above ver 3.0 That GBAtemp thread is outdated i think..
  2. Not so sure about this as i never ran into this. Did you use brahma Decrypt9 for ncchpadgen? Try shadowtrance Decrypt instead for ncchpadgen.
  3. Oh you ran into the same problem i got. Anyway what your ncchinfo.bin files size? is it 1kb? if so it means you used the simple cia converter to grab the xorpad files out which for some odd reason only generate a 1kb .bin file. Go download decrypt9(can either be shadowtrance or dok3 both has that script folder). inside this folder called script there contains a file called ncchinfo_gen. drag your .3ds files onto it. It will generate a .bin files that is gonna be 2kb. and the end result should be 7 xorpad files with 1 that has a ridiculous amount of size up to 1.7GB. Also you will need python 2.7(32bit) installed.
  4. Also here a warning for afew people incase they ever run into this problem which i ran into. For some odd reason having python 2.7 64 bit version would not allow the ncchinfo_gen to create the .bin file. I ended using CIA Converter and it lead me to only 2 files lacking the x7 files.(It only created a 1kb .bin files while the one from ncchinfo_gen created a 2kb .bin file.) So in anyways never ever use python 2.7 64 bits Just go for the 32 bits version(86 without 64) I hope this can save other ppl times while i wasted my entire 5hours searching for answers.
  5. Good work. also hope the names files are indeed coming soon. I got too used to some of the names from Jap version especially Marx and Lazward.
  6. Totally appreciate what you guys are doing. Infact if it wasn't for this i will still be a regular guy without an account on serenes stalking at the back. Also just recent, downgrading from 10.6 to 9.2 is now possible. Edit:Mysticluminary ninja ed me lol.