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  1. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    A bit more play-testing is required but once that is complete, the next release will happen. Should hopefully be sometime this week.
  2. I have an interesting idea regarding the ability sacrifice. Sacrifice comes from being a heron brand and herons have the ability to restore one's biorhythm to max as well as the ability to rejuvenate allies. So instead of sacrifice healing becoming pointless other than status effects, I think granting it other heron abilities makes sense. 

    1. Dunal


      It's mostly for thematics but being able to have an infinite use restore staff is still really useful later into the game, and the healing can situationally be useful especially for Rafiel/Reyson who don't have Blessing.

      Galdr is mostly what they'd be using, but status removal would be the only real reason to use Sacrifice anyway (most of the time) or overlapping its identity wouldn't really do much, since if a status doesn't need removing then it won't be used over Galdr to begin with.

      At the very least, it does just means you won't be automatically screwed over without a Restore staff, which can happen here more often than the original game.

  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    @Realhi87 Speed Caps: Laura gets weighed down by anything that isn't a light tome. And beyond ~38 SPD, any extra speed on top of that is merely +AVO, since you'd be in range to double foes regardless. Nolan: He's pretty awesome lategame where he has huge crit rates (Berserker has +20% CRIT) and is, along with Shinon, the best Crossbow user. Tarvos or Arbelest are his weapons of choice. Before then, he's a good tank and will continue to be. His base damage is low, but low STR is less of an issue in this hack since damage values are baseline much higher (higher weapon MT, lower DEF/RES). So the % damage difference is much more fair. From there however, he has a high chance to either crit or proc his mastery. Much like Ilyana, he's good at soaking hits with inconsistent damage. But the former attribute is highly valued. High SKL makes Killer/Brave Axe viable on him as well. Meg: She was actually the most recent unit to be nerfed. Between high sustain with Imbue, access to Greatsword/Claymore for HIT rates (where she doesn't even care about being doubled at times) and one of the best HP/DEF/RES totals in the game... she's extremely good. She also has locked Beastfoe, which makes her one of the best units in 1-4/1-8/3-6 etc... She also has Heaven affinity, so with a support, can easily get +30 free HIT depending on partner. Or some less hit for +3 DEF/RES through Leo/Fiona. Forges already exists. And enemies in bad/worst bio suffer huge avoid penalties, so her target selection might sometimes just needs to be more decisive. Same goes for someone like Boyd (who is outright one of the best units in the game with a +HIT support and a Polaxe). Claymore: The purpose of this weapon is that you're meant to be doubled with it. What does Brom care? He gets doubled regardless. Meg? She's tanky enough to be sometimes doubled if she needs the HIT (assuming her biorhythm is bad occasionally). Still, it was reduced to 44 WT at some point, which lets Meg, Brom, Ike, Kieran etc... use it lategame without much loss. Which is useful for the HIT, of course. You have to consider that some weapons have niches -- they aren't going to be globally/consistently good. Laguz: All gain faster EXP even at higher levels. BEXP is rigged to give them favourable gains. Laguz Gauges are all improved (Lyre literally never de-transforms so long as she enters combat twice a turn). Laguz Gems also exist far earlier. Strike Rank increases much faster for all of them. Untransformed Laguz retain more stats. Some laguz have extra skills (Cats have canto for instance). I think you'll find that Kyza does have a selling point though: the fact that he has super high sustain and good 2-range with cards. Granted he needs Fortune to not be in risk of crits, but that's a small price to pay. He was actually considered the most overpowered unit by play-testers about 6-9 months ago. All the small changes to Laguz make a huge difference. Consider that all Beorc get nerfed (mostly in part 3) as well. Other "odd" stats on some units: All I can say, is that you need to play it in order to understand why they are balanced the way they are (and further criticism from there would be fine; assuming you've used the unit enough to know the context/objective). The important part is making each unit feel distinctive and different. Mia? She's a player phase unit who's meant to 1RKO almost anything. Her awful durability counterbalances that. But her avoid is high and she'll never be one-shot. She's amazing with Wind Swords as well. In practice, it works well. She's like a good version of Hana with strong ranged options. She often feels like a typical mage, if anything. The units you've 'praised' are the all-around "balanced" but... while it's fine for some of those to exist -- if all units were that way, it would be incredibly homogenising. The idea is to have these extreme stat disparities with the right tuning. Whether some of those are over or underpowered, is a different matter. There have been countless balance tweaks over the past year, those not reflected in the OP. Context is needed for that however; Kyza actually had to be nerfed from the stats shown here; as much as it seems he wouldn't be good. Still, some unit archetypes/designs may not work out in the long run. We'll have to see. Meg was re-iterated about 5 times, until we found the best balance/spread for her in terms of enjoyment factor / power level (seemingly -- general consensus is that she's currently in a good spot). Originally, she was closer to the original Meg, just scaled up or made stronger... but it still didn't feel right in terms of her class/availability/niche. Some other things are just better for design. Supports being incredibly fast? It's for the best considering unit availability in this game. I was almost tempted to just make C supports free (they could be gained immediately upon recruitment) but a minimalist approach is fine. Biorhythm is meant to make low HIT values situationally good as a way to counterbalance strong weapons (Killer/Brave) and to also nerf dodge tanking (the best way to cheese the game when possible). It also adds an emphasis to giving units timeouts to also prevent low-manning and switching unit priority. Granted, some units like Aran aren't affected at all, but that's just a unique trait of theirs. Consider it a personal skill. Again, other things need context to explain. 28 WT dagger? Just means its good on Sothe but not on Heather. Stiletto's 50 HIT? Amazing assassination tool against low Biorhythm targets or those using it with amazing SKL (Sothe/Volke have good hit rates with it later on). Granted, there is bound to be elements that need a bit more re-iterating and/or re-balanced if feedback calls for it. I'm merely explaining the context for certain changes here. "Why do Tigers have higher MT/HIT on their weapons than cats"? Because they usually do not double while cats do. (Unless you're Kyza early/mid game). Although cats gain a lot of crit on ranking up (and are balanced around other things like Laguz Gauges or enemy threat). Any other concerns, feel free to mention and I'll do my best to respond/explain. Not until the final release, most likely. Considering the constant changes they tend to have (more-so than units themselves) would require a lot of updating past the next release. You'll be able to gain a general idea of what they are just by playing though, based on how enemies scale. A lot of class caps are also shown in the unit data.
  4. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Responses in bold. As a heads up, the public release (for part 1 & 2) will be next week, possibly as early as Sunday. After that, they'll be roughly a weekly release for each map individually.
  5. Fire Emblem 7 Redux

    stealing mah brand My suggestions would be: You should balance around base stats more than growths. Keep growths to a minimum in order to prevent stat inflation (including for enemies). ~250% total growths on average is the best balance between player satisfaction and minimising power creep IMO. If you're making mid/late game harder then it means that base stats can carry units further while still being very challenging. Adjust units around niches or strengths/weaknesses as opposed to making them "balanced". Buffing Dorcas's speed technically makes him better, but I think most people would prefer if he was improved in the strengths he already has. Higher STR/SKL will also make him a better unit, but in a way that still feels like Dorcas. Or for someone like Rececca, increasing her base SPD would be better than base STR, since again, that fits her archetype. Same thing with Eliwood but with RES etc etc... Consider how a harder mid/late game affects unit balance. Marcus might not necessarily need much of a nerf if early game becomes easier in relation to later parts of the game (contrary to the original game). In the same way, someone like Nino might become too essential if you over-buff them etc... Don't necessarily remove Fog of War -- most people think it's fine and creates some variance. Maps like CH13x would be less interesting as a result. Just balance around FoW; a well designed map can certainly work with it. Stat boosts/penalties on items could be part of some weapons but not on all/most of them. You risk bogging down the game with forcing the player to constantly calculate enemy strength assuming the game is challenging. It depends how consistent you're willing to make it. If all lances increase DEF by a couple points or swords increase SPD etc... then apply the same boost to all weapons of that type so that it doesn't become convoluted. FE Fates generally has a pretty good balance of this, with buffs/penalties on weapons mostly making sense and easy to calculate at a glance. Again, just be consistent. If a steel lance grants say, +2 DEF, then either make all lances or all steel weapons do the same. Avoid giving inconsistent boosts to things arbitrarily. Avoid change for the sake of change. Lyn's palette just doesn't seem to fit the purpose of the hack. You have to keep in mind that the audience for a hack is going to be specific -- so cater to that audience and don't put them off it. Custom classes are fine if they're meaningful or as an ode to other Fire Emblems. Concepts such as a thief promotion using staves (Trickster) would be fun includes for example. Probably best not to overdo it though. My suggestion is to include this solely for unit identity. If you want to separate Dorcas/Bartre with a new promoted class for either one of them then go for it. But someone like Eliwood or Canas? Would be pretty pointless because they already have a class/unit identity. It would otherwise be change for the sake of change unless you come up with something really interesting for them. Play testing and iteration is more important than anything else. Do not just make a whole lot of changes and then release it. This is by far the most important thing. Test a map 10-20 times with tweaks in-between each test and re-iterate. I can guarantee that the hack will be far better off for it. Make the experience good for a blind player. It's very easy to design something with your own knowledge of how it should play out. So even with testing on your end, it could potentially be a bad experience for a blind player who won't immediately play optimally like you would (as the designer who intends for a map to be played in a particular way).
  6. How to buff skill?

    Buff SKL to 3% HIT per point and then raise LCK to 2% AVO per point. Lower SPD to 1% AVO. Lower the damage of critical hits to 2x damage rather than 3x, but SKL innately increases crit by a higher amount, with LCK negating crit non-linearly (so increases dodge by 0.5% up to 10, then 1% up to 20, then 1.5% up to 30 etc...). Latter sounds odd but it makes bad/excess amounts less punishing / more useful respectfully at different intervals of the game. You can then grants units AVO based on how much excess dodge units have over the enemy's crit rate. This would then be the opposite for hit/crit rates: hit chances over 100% then gets converted to crit, meaning excess SKL becomes stronger. A skill system where it's a longer term version of Heroes. Average skill proc will be every ~15 attacks. And every ~4 SKL a unit has reduces this by 1. You could have other misc factors like every point of SKL increasing WEXP gain by 3-5% per point. Or Bows/Daggers having partial DEF ignoring factors with enough SKL (since they're aiming at weak spots).
  7. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Physical vs. magical damage will be a 50/50 split yes (considering magical weapons now being a thing), some enemies will have S-rank tomes. Earlier than you'd expect as well. Part of the reason why some magic types are 1-range only means that more enemies of those types can exist. It lowers the requirement to rely on 1-2 range weapons to counter with. So it creates a better balance of which enemies can exist together as well. Previously, a group of mages + archers were an annoying combination. Now, much less so. 3+ range tomes also mean that equipping 2-range weapons is less essential as well, since you won't counter them regardless.
  8. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    They do not occur on map animations, no. The three Seraph Knights are already designed as: Marcia: Most well rounded with notably the highest SPD/SKL/DEF. Generally the most powerful combat-wise but requires the most investment. MAG isn't that great though, so has lower utility. But doesn't really have any real weaknesses. No innate skill currently, but Adept is being considered. (SPD / SKL / DEF > HP / STR / RES / LCK > MAG) Tanith: The anti-mage. Ridiculously high RES (highest in the game, even above Rhys and Heather) and decent offensive stats (mostly STR), but poor HP/LCK. Innate Maelstrom (locked). (RES > STR / MAG > DEF / SKL / SPD > HP > LCK) Sigrun: Supportive in nature. Awful STR and SKL for her base level, but decent elsewhere with an emphasis on high MAG (which can still make her good in combat with magical weapons). Also starts as a Seraph Knight with a good staff rank (which the prior two units have to start E rank). Current skill is Miracle, but may become blessing (locked). (MAG / LCK > SPD / RES > HP / DEF > STR / SKL) For skills, Blessing is planned and other stat changes will be done as necessary. But it may just be Sigrun at this point. Individual class skills aren't possible since they all share the same class, of course. Giving bonus crit is indeed possible as a personal skill though.
  9. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    The 'chapter guide' here on SF does show this last I checked. They'll be some bonuses on maps with same affinity as well as units sharing it. Item drops and enemies themselves will differ as well, even on maps without the matching affinity. It adds some variance to the game. As for BEXP through allied staff usage I'm not too certain myself. May need to look into that. These will be different versions of the patch, so not in this case. The eventual no-affinity mode will be the hardcore/lunatic version. Heaven mode is the 'easy/godmode' variant. The other 7 versions are variants of the standard mode. That's the plan so far, but could still change. As for a release update -- still waiting on this to be showcased in FEE3, patch will release after that. Worth mentioning that a play-tester discovered a bug that if a unit dies with no animation (such as Staff!Fiona) the game freezes. This doesn't happen when animations is turned off. However... for this reason I may need to remove any class/weapon combos that do not have an animation. From a presentation standpoint, I was always iffy about keeping them since adding customs have their own issues involved. So this seals the deal -- I don't want a player causing the game to freeze on themselves if they were to miss a disclaimer. The good news is that the alternative seems very promising. Instead of gaining staves on promotion, Fiona has the 'Blessing' skill at base, which is now locked. Combined with Imbue, means that she's healing herself and all allies within 2 spaces equal to her MAG. Granted, her MAG has been nerfed, but it does mean that's a functional AoE healer who can make great use of Canto for positional purposes. Same with Astrid (with adjustments to her combat stats). Both have 'Boon' as their T3 masteries (locked of course; no longer exclusive to Dragons or in scroll form but Ena still has it). The latter may seem like a nerf, but they're meant to be support units without stellar combat, so Sol probably won't be missed too much, and status removal will be more important than before. Seraph Knights will have Blessing as their mastery, with Stun being exclusive to the Wyverns and Elincia. Leanne still has Blessing, but Rafiel and Reyson no longer have access to them, with Reyson having Maelstrom and Rafiel having Sacrifice. Should all work out really well. Potential for stacking may pose an issue, but you'd be using so many weaker combat units for it to work. We'll have to see. May be possible to make it so only the highest healing amount is applied. EDIT: Oh and Kyza may be getting Blessing as well. He currently has Imbue -- really depends if he can be balanced around it. And for the Seraph Knights, I'm still debating whether it should be all of them, or just Sigrun.
  10. So About Micaiah

    Problem with Micaiah is not only the inconsistency with her character at times, but her lack of a backbone or any kind of charisma/authority that would make her feel like a legitimate leader. I was fairly indifferent about her before, but the more I actually read into the dialogue/characterisation (for the purposes of re-writing it) the more disappointed I became with how she was/is written. By far, the worst part is how her overall 'value' as a character is mostly based around her powers/abilities (such as her healing/mind-reading/farsight). It basically becomes the entire basis for her leadership and also her character as a whole. If you were to strip those away from her, what is she is left with? There are rare occasions where she does have some characterisation outside of just being 'passive/polite', or her powers dictating the plot, but those are fairly rare (leaving her otherwise one-dimensional or largely uninteresting). And in terms of actual leadership/decision making... her farsight (or Yune) makes all of those decisions for her. I wouldn't say that Micaiah is polarizing -- there isn't really much about her that would make her overly liked or disliked. She isn't a dramatic character; so it's difficult having strong feelings towards her one way or another. It's more the fact that she's just used as a plot device, so any criticisms towards the plot itself can be redirected at her. And honestly, the reason why Part 3 falls flat for her is because they didn't even push the 'villain role' nearly enough since they clearly wanted her to be 'pure/innocent' (which did not work). If she was a more morally grey character that was confident in her stance/perspective -- maybe to the point where herself/Pelleas could be justified (in a way that makes sense, which the plot itself didn't allow for) then she could have actually been a really interesting character. In the end, she really is just an inoffensive Corrin. That's the best way to describe her IMO. She's not exactly controversial, just forgettable/boring, as much as the story/plot tries to keep reminding you that she's a special snowflake. Part 4 really just seals the deal. It really doesn't help either that there is a large disconnect with her power/potential (story-wise) with gameplay. She's not terrible, but you'd think that she'd be a lot more powerful than she is, especially when surrounded by so many other powerful units in this game. Magical units clearly got the short end of the stick overall... but the fact that her T3 promotion gains are the same as everyone else, despite promoting so late, and she doesn't even get her own legendary weapon? It's like the developers forgot that she's a main character late into development. Felt like she should have been the Gotoh/Athos archetype (due to Yune mirroring Ashera), but no.
  11. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Next release will be around the time of FEE3 since there will be a showing for it. Main changes since last update would be: Mage classes no longer having 'Shove'. Instead, they get innate class skills along the way. This would be Micaiah's 'Inspiration' starting tier 2, Bishop's 'Slayer' (Dragonfoe) or Ilyana's +5% > +15% > +20% crit etc etc... Untransformed Laguz retaining some stats based on type. Cats retain most of their SPD/RES, while Reyson retains STR/SKL etc... Overhauling + preparation for multi-version releases (a version for each affinity). Otherwise, it's mostly just been polishing the map design/content. Mostly on AI changes to make a few maps flow better. Initial release may only be up to 2-2, but should be steady following that (a weekly release schedule). To clarify multiple versions, they'll eventually be 8 versions of the game, one for each affinity. Each version will have different shops, tweaked map design (based on the affinity of the map), and bonuses to playable units with the same affinity. Support bonuses are raised as well as some other factors.
  12. Corrin. For a rare-ish name I was hoping for a better character (since it won't ever be used again). Oh well.
  13. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    But this is a strategy game, and in a lunatic mode (or any extremely difficult mode of a FE) the "strategy" mostly boils down to just relying on units who got blessed; or in other words, units who are stronger than they are meant to be. You mention that "Eiry and other low skl characters just shoot through their balance" but isn't this kind of contradicting in a sense? Unit shoot through their balance all the time, whether under or over. If you wanted 'replayability' then just don't choose it and/or not play that mode. But part of said re-playability comes from RNG in other senses, or just using different units in general (or prioritising EXP differently). Fixed growth (and/or penalties for being overleveled or having a high rating) keep units within their own boundaries. Locking stats from being too blessed or too screwed can add some variance if need be, but fixed works even better for this purpose. Plus, one huge appeal for fixed mode is being able to plan/strategize well in advance (in the same way 0% growths has the same thing). In an environment where the difficulty is at its highest, being able to calculate thresholds of certain units and understanding when/where to utilize units is effectively a huge part of the games sometimes. A fixed mode, or something close to it, really brings out that aspect. And when a game is extremely difficult, then said aspect really does shine. My impression from your argument is that a strategy game needs RNG to have depth, which in a lot of cases (especially in a game with a ranking system), couldn't be further from the truth. In some ways, yes, RNG is purely fun and does add some variance; but less is more (in other terms, a healthy amount) in an environment that has a lot more difficulty. This is why Advanced Wars has its pros over FE. Not that FE needs be become AW, but there's some lessons to be learned from it in regards to having meaningful strategy. I couldn't disagree more. AS often boils down to dealing double damage or receiving double damage; it's a very delicate balance. Enemies dealing 2 or 3 more damage matters far less. Most units 2HKOed before are still being 2HKOed (unless they start to be one-shot which is incredibly unlikely in this game for obvious reasons). The latter still makes things more difficult if need be, but not in a way that disrupts balance to a huge degree. It's clear that units are balanced around doubling certain enemies either at base level or at a certain level on average. Throw that out of the window and you might just end up with balance on the same level as New Mystery or Awakening. Conquest Lunatic is as well done as it is because enemies barely get any stronger, if at all. Unit balance is extremely close to Hard Mode. I don't think it gets enough credit for that. Not that the unit balance is perfect to begin with -- but it doesn't really change much (which is respectable in a game where the balance is good compared to other games in the series). Enemies have different weaponry/positioning but that works well enough. Not that this is the expectation for 7x, but there are other ways to have a similar direction. It will. There's clear that in SD or New Mystery, it benefits the enemy more than the player. The player missing attacks doesn't invoke strategy or difficulty; it mostly just becomes a matter of playing around it, which does have a level of planning to some degree, but not a meaningful one in a lot of cases (and might just result in a restart where in that playthrough, that miss just... doesn't happen). Enemies hitting more consistently means a lot though, especially since RNG tends to be in your favour. Perhaps 1 RNG would work just as well and/or better but in some ways that can increase variance in ways that doesn't add to the game. Perhaps higher base STR/MAG on enemies is best, but the point I was making is how player units are balanced around doubling, or being doubled by the varying enemy classes in the game. This stays the same regardless of WT penalties, so it doesn't change balance in that regard but does make the game harder. This makes certain enemies more difficult than others, so probably not an ideal solution either way. That much I can agree. Of course a lot of the suggestions I made had more meaning than others. Gating EXP through unit rating can make a considerable difference to the game's difficulty, more than you'd probably expect. That combined with just STR/MAG/SKL/LUCK (but only these stats) boosts to enemies could be more than enough to create a Lunatic mode. And a fixed mode (or something close to it) even as a separate option on top of that would be brilliant (it basically the same kind of appeal/strategy to 0% growths, but in a way that keeps every unit viable).
  14. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    Ah, I see, so it's effort vs. reward/audience. I understand that. I do think though that the solution to that is to simply have some system changes that affect Lunatic globally, as opposed to increasing their stats (especially those like AS or durability; STR/SKL/MAG/LCK would probably be fine). Increasing enemy AS would immediately make some units nonviable, and increasing durability may make the game a slog fest. Increasing damage may work though. Some other suggestions however that shouldn't be overly time consuming (as in, outside of individual changes across the whole game ) could be: Massively reduced EXP gain for being over-levelled or having a high 'Rating'. Latter would probably be better since base level in this game don't necessarily correspond to unit power. This also means that if a unit is 'blessed' in stat gains, they'll gain less EXP. Perhaps an outright prevention for a unit to have a stat that's more than 1 than it's average (for their level). Possibly accompanied by a 'lock' symbol next to a unit's stat in this becomes the case (any stat that is light green). This means that you cannot have a really blessed unit to cheese the game with, which would otherwise be a favourable strategy in other FEs. Although having a 'Fixed Growth' mode that's only active in Lunatic would work too. Generally that increases difficulty since players seldom use screwed units anyway and generally snowball their blessed ones (and when a FE is extremely difficult in terms of enemy scaling, then snowballing your own units usually becomes the best thing to do). Perhaps combined with this, each unit can only use one stat booster throughout the entire game (or you just cannot give a stat booster when the stat is 'locked'). Lower effective damage dealt to enemies by 50%. Similar to what you already have going for certain bosses. This means that the base difficulty of an enemy doesn't change (so Isadora whacking them with an Iron Sword doesn't become worse off) but that cheesing enemies with effective weapons becomes less of a win condition. They're still useful, but not overly so. It basically means that 2x bonus becomes 1.5x for all enemies etc... Enemies no longer lose AS from being weighed down (or that their CON just increases to the weapon's WT in order to give players clarity). So that Steel Lance Peg? Still fast. This is much healthier than increasing base AS since class archetypes should be within doubling range in terms of baseline stats that doesn't disrupt balance. So not simply being weighed down is fair. This would affect certain enemies more than others, granted. Perhaps, all weapons gain +10-15% HIT by default (reduce overflow hit by half to accompany that). This makes the game a bit more challenging since missing enemies tends to be more annoying (or otherwise non-impacting for the most part) than game changing. While for enemies, them hitting you a lot more often is actually much more detrimental to the player than it is for enemies being hit more. It also helps negate dodge tanking -- one of the most powerful things to abuse in FE where applicable. This is how you can create a Lunatic mode merely by doing systematic changes as opposed to changing individual maps (that only apply in this mode). I don't think 'Lunatic' necessary needs to be so much more difficult than 'Hard'. But by doing these global changes, can be a really healthy way to introduce extra difficulty. Because you're doing so by limiting the player taking advantage of the strongest things they have access to, but not diminishing the aspects of the game that are not part of those (like viability of weaker units). Understandably, simply increasing enemy stats does technically make the game more difficult with low effort, but not in ways that are too meaningful. It just forces the player to use cheese tactics or over-levelled/blessed units more often, which counteracts the difficulty. Changing individual maps is certainly time consuming, but there are systematic/mechanical changes that can be considered. However, whether changes like this still require too much time investment is a factor you still need to consider. I think that even if it's a post-release thing it'll be worth doing that more than just adding a scaled up hard mode on release, but that's just my perspective. Honestly, Hard Mode by itself with a 'Fixed Growth' mode would actually be more meaningful than a scaled up version in Lunatic. Because a big part of combating difficulty is being lucky with a select few units.
  15. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    While I do understand that concern from a balance perspective; it actually can work well in practice -- and not as inherently powerful as you might expect. A hit penalty is a good valve, and often times 2-3 access are only provided to units who usually cannot double by default, or the tomes themselves have extra weight, but obviously less extreme than a siege tome. Combined with the fact that it cannot retaliate at 1 range, and you have a formula that works pretty well. The actual MT of the tomes themselves can be weak as well (with wind magic, is already the case). There are actually a lot of things working against it. Longbows in the GBA games are again, only situational since they're otherwise fairly weak; the main purpose for 3 range is being flexible in positioning. The non-retaliation against 2-range foes is less of factor that you'd think. While the balancing/gameplay is clearly different in Gaiden/SoV, Thunder is surprisingly situational since it's heavier or weaker than other spells. Same applies here -- but factoring a HIT penalty or lower MT may even make it too weak. Keep in mind that against bosses with only 2 range, you risk damaging your tactics/turn ranking by spamming them based on their inherit stats. Taking retaliation damage is worth doing if you're dealing far more damage on your end. More times than not, 3 range functions as supportive/extra damage from more flexible positions, not a decisive factor in outright killing. It's only for player phase as well. Not that I'm advocating that it should be in the game or anything (it's certainly not a typical addition and anything seemingly not tried/tested is obviously going to have a level of scepticism; I only have my own unreleased project to go off of). That's not what I'm arguing. What I am trying to state however, is that it has the potential to improve variety, strategy and class identity. I think it should at least be explored or experimented with. Adding extra utility in some units/classes is a good opportunity when you counterbalance it with other factors. It's why Madelyn's 1-2 range staff is a cool addition; it's not something that otherwise exists in GBA FE, but it works very well. If siege tomes were never a thing in FE, they would seem absurd on paper as well. And that would be understandable all the same. In any case, this project may be far enough in development where additions such as these aren't worth designing or balancing. Which is fair enough.