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  1. If you use the folk on Paula or Catria or Est, will they lose the triangle attack?
  2. Don't mind LMC. He hate everything that rise enemies crit chance and Conquest low hit rate. I slightly disagree with this tier list, but I don't feel bother by it.
  3. spoilers

    This how shipping is supposed to be. Regardless canon or not. Regardless gay/lesbian or not. Regardless they already married or not. Regardless there are vague hints or not. Just ship them because we like it. Not like Waifu/Husbando emblem.
  4. That also why I said that Cleric is the best.
  5. I feel it already broken. When I don't have enough fire power to kill all the enemy, surprise she can back up as "generic" mage with high crit chance. It basically a healer that can actually kill and also selfhealing.
  6. I'm at act 4 and I feel some support bonus are very strong. The first example you can actually notice is Faye. Thanks to Alm, 80 hit chance nosferatu plus 15 crit chance is insane. I feel that as extra motive to pick her as Cleric to kill a certain boss *coffcoff* Go to the main point. This is just a analyze of the best class for villages based of support bonus and for late-game(theory). Let's start with Tobin because he is fun case. He give 15 hit chance to Kliff and Gray that make them actually a better archer than him. I don't believe his skill growth rate can fight back 15 hit chance plus their skill growth rate. He basically a more support dread fighter. Returning to the best class for Tobin based of support bonus, Tobin obtain 12 crit from A rank with Gray and 15 dodge from A rank with Kliff. Archer doesn't really benifit from this because they actually need to hit and their damage is not very high. The classes that benifit from this are mercenary and mage. The problem with Mage!Tobin is the low damage. Preact 4 is very good because the insane crit rate bonus and a better base speed than Mage!Kliff but after get outclassed by every other mages. Mercenary get big benefit because first skill of steel sword sunder(+4 might and +30 crit chance). 42 free crit chance(47 with Alm). Plus his good skill and average luck, you easily pass over 50%. You can actually use him to OHKO mage and archer while give bonus hit chance to Gray and Kliff. The class that most benifit from this bonus are mage and archer. Gray as mage suck because of magic pool but both shine after get the speed ring and I don't believe someone can use better the speed ring than a mage with 85 hit chance sagittae (90 with alm). Kliff is better choice of course. You will not suck before get ring and you also learn aurora. For the archer, as I said previously, both are better than Tobin. Atlas get dodge so you can pick whatever you feel better. #clearlydidntforgotanything
  7. 1 Only witches have this behavior and thank got they have this behavior because the witches spawn map will be impossible. How you can handle 7 witches that gangbang one of your unit thank to teleport? 2 The general A.I. work different from other fire emblen. You sure notice some time they do not target the "weakest" enemy, but doesn't mean it's dumb. Just different from usual. 3 At end of act 3 from Celica route and at start of act 4, you sure notice how merciless arcanists and dreadfighter are. i personally don't have issue against cantors. I use them as cheap way to farm skill I urgently need.
  8. Witches have different A.I. That stop them from teleport gangbang unit. Mind you that this doesn't stop other enemies from gangbang the enemy weaked by witches or witches target your unit weaked by other enemies. I notice this from the witches spawn map. The first spawn was something like 7 witches... Arcanists are the real asshole here.
  9. They hit harder than knight and sniper which at least you can use terrain. the only way to really counter them is dreadfighter. Normal high res unit just be gangbang and die. You can invoke magic to bait their attack but they are still so bulky to counterattack and they can use terrain advantage. Your mages don't deal enough damage, specially considering thier strong spells are cheap.
  10. Arcanists are way too bulky and hit hard as truck. They really want force you to rush(mean focus exp on him) promote a good res unit to the last class to deal against them
  11. I try the first swamp map and I don't feel so bad about it because of mass summonered creatures. Regardless how you feel about use expel or not, I think use it to clean them faster is good idea unless you have someone that can kill them within a turn without a crit. Otherwise they slow you down more thant the swamp. The most threatening things are the arcanists and dread fighter. They force me to reset the maps because I overextended with one weak unit and with swamp you have no chance to escape. I feel arcanists are way too bulky and hit hard as truck. I feel dreadfighter are way too powerful class because of that.
  12. I just use expel and rush to kill the summoner.
  13. Atm I feel maps are mostly fine. I feel people have some biased against Deen's map. I glad it's desert because merce and Deen will screw me pretty hard if they have the normal mov. If you stay on glass to fight them, you pretty lose the only advantage you have over them. The only map I feel bad is the desert fort of archers. It's not hard, it's just annoying the ridicule amount of archers.
  14. Personal: Not having a map that show the entire area. Not many use this fuction but against high mobility unity is very useful, specially when it also show their range. Is way better that toggle on off every single enemy range attack to see the most optimal position. The enemies range go out of your screen...
  15. Love! I don't feel the game force you to grind. So if you are grinding because you can't beat a map, it mean just no so good at fire emblem. I'm playing in hard/classic. The only grinding so far I'm doing is from moving through the map for subquest because of spawn unit and a shield skill grind for the pegasus sisters against arcanist's zombies.