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  1. The major problem of ryouma in that map is the damage, not the crit. Against him using averange unit, he never get pass 10% crit chance, but he can easily one round your unit. Of whole my army on lunatic only one or two can survive against him.
  2. Do you see the crit chance on camilla? You are going to see it more often.
  3. You can already see that things will going to be nasty at chapter 13.
  4. Veteran intuition to balance -luck seem a good idea, still I wish you "luck" when the game start to throw berseker against you.
  5. Then don't pick up a nearly end game chapter where the game assume you have lv35 skills. Before is way easier to OHKO fragile unit. Mostly because pre-vahalla there is always a mix of prepromoted(not worth any exp) and promoted unit. I believe the early phase of vahalla there are still fragile enemy(I mostly remember Oni chieftain, Berseker and General so not going to help me so much). As much I care about rally bot, just Speed or Strength is all I need. Strength is a no no for you, but Rally speed is on a sky knight which you can also use for heal or anti mage.
  6. I watched the video and the lunge is used only at start of chapter to move faster. Neither lunge or savage blow is used to deal Berserker+General! I also believe that Lunge is good in LTC because you want move faster, not because new position will help other units or pull the enemy out of terrain bonus tile. I said the basic that you fail to understand! The fact I can't use lunge doesn't mean I positioning wrong my units. It mean that my units are already on the best positions I need them to be and I don't see any reason to bother to plan to lunge ahead when I don't need to do it. Why should I plan to lunge a enemy on fort to give the kill to someone else when there is easier targets to feed my underleveled unit and I can already kill him? There is very few times that lunge is actual useful and that why it's a very situational tool. I don't see neither a reason to talk about a map you can easily complete by having effie/benny with a beastkiller. You don't have level 35 units at chapter 27? What are you playing? LTC? Revelation also have the worst difficulty scale which is not actual difficulty but just way better stats that yours. There is a unit that randomily give you food by a skill and there also your castle random events with food that you can farm on arena. If you don't want to do it is up to you. Do you know you can trade material on the forge? You don't want pair up? Now you get attack stance which is way better if you want kill a unpaired unit. Sorry if you don't even want to use a unit as rally bot to make the whole army better. I just have so much tools I can use and so much creativity to deal with any situation.
  7. I don't back it up? You are the one who didn't bother to back it up. Also you give me so easy task to reach 60 atk with "last" chapter? I can free pick the level 15/35 skill, right? 36 strength+7 aggressor+3 heavy blade+12 silver weapon= 58 atk. Wasn't 60 atk so difficult task? Strength tonic, food, pair up, Rally strength, weapon advantage, forge and strengthtaker can easily fill the gap and go over. Clarity restore your stats faster and strengthtaker can fill it if you really need to attack a second time the same turn. Using silver weapon on enemy phase is suicide regardless. By having strenghtaker you can OHKO this fragile units using weaker weapon than silver later and the silver weapon is just an extra tool you can use if you need to make your situation temporary easier, not something you will use for the whole chapter. Why OHKO is useful? You can just spend one unit on one enemy instead of two or more. You make your army more versatile. The first statement apply also to: -Units with limit of moviment range is exactly that tile which apply to all the foot units while horse unit is more rare scenario. -Other tiles is need to other units to kill enemies or filled with enemy that your unit cannot safely kill but you need him here to buff/debuff with his aura skill. The second statement show how limit is your understanding of positioning and Conquest: -Do you prefer get a position on a fort which you will be attacked by multiple enemies/one enemy can kill you or a plain tile where you will just be attacked by one enemy you can deal or you are safe from any attack? Do you prefer block your enemies path from reach you fragile units or stay on terrain bonus tile but have your fragile units totally exposed? -Conquest have very few terrain bonus tile you can take advantage. I believe on my conquest playthrough have less than 10% battle where my units was on an terrain bonus tile. Revelations have much more terrain bonus tile you can take advantage but there is still very limited amount of scenario you want steal from your enemies. There is only two conditions that negate lunge: -One of units have 0 moviment. -One of units is on tile that the other unit cannot go. So you can actually lunge boss and there are moments you cannot lunge normal enemies. I see no point to lunge a ninja and take the debuff than directly kill him and I don't remember any moments I actually need to lunge a enemy to feed to my underleveled units.
  8. Shelter is one of most broken basic class skill. Compare it to lunge is nonsense. Just protect your overextended fragile unit is already better than lunge. Attack a second time with unit by sacrificing a shelter unit and a weak unit without using a songtress. Using multiple times a songtress to spread more her buff. There so many thing you can do with shelter. How many times you enter on less than 5 hp to make HP+5 revelant? Damage boost and damage reduction will be always more revelant because they always raise or reduce damage. As tank you expected to fight multiple enemy on enemy turn. Just Def+2 against 3 enemies is already more revelant than HP+5 (without talking you have multiple chance to proc Sol). Def+2 will stacking value during all the chapter. HP+5 will be revelant only when there is so much damage to enter 5 less HP. It's HP+5 a good skill? Yes, it's extreme sweet skill on early-mid phase. It's so good to take Sol slot? Absolute nope. Sol give you much more flexibility and it's far more revelant on end game. It's Levant opinion on that skill revelant? Nope, he bench both Arthur and Charlotte. Corrin is OP regardless. All the fighter route is crap for him. He gonna mostlikely take the skill on other's castle than spend 2000 gold on reclass. On fates, def and res is always better than hp unless you have very crappy hp growth(Rinka and Nix). It's also one of reason you bench Effie late game. On all my first conquest playthrought, only 2 lunge was actual revelant. Most of times, the position of unit killed by the lunge unit is used by your next unit to kill another one. Most of times, the position of unit you can lunge is worst than the position you attack from or the position you can bait him. Most of times, lunge doesn't make any difference. All the times, the enemies that you really want to lunge, you can't lunge them. I also thought it was a very good skill the first time but Camilla kill anything and Beruka don't want enter on mage/archer/ninja range. Should I also say you don't like use them either? The difference between bronze and silver is 8 might and 10 hit. Chapter 10 conquest lunatic: - If I remember correctly, Effie need only 2 extra strength to OHKO a sky knight with an iron lance so a normal knight need around 5 extra might to OHKO a sky knight. - My diviner!corrin with life and death(nobility and dragon fang disable) need 2 extra mag to OHKO a ninja with fire. You need 12 extra might to kill a ninja with a normal diviner. So assuming you need that might to kill a unit you have weapon disadvantage and the unit have good res, how much might you need to OHKO a enemy with weapon disadvantage and bad res? I don't think it's unlikely scenario to OHKO with vanguard with a silver weapon unless you are only fighting tank unit.
  9. As vanguard most of time you can have other take the last hit. You are not going to waste the huge amount of damage in low hp enemy unless they are the only enemy on range of vanguard. I'm sure at least 75% vanguard is going to fight full hp enemies. Most of time you are using you vanguard as tank. When sol trigger, your healer(which I assume is a promoted one) don't need heal him anymore so he can help somewhere else or attack the weaked units. Knowing how you dislike crit, I will not comment Veteran intuition(still very good skill). Strong Riposte and Elbow Room are also very useful skill but HP+5 and Lunge are much more situational and less impactful than Sol. The enemy just need to have 10hp to sol get the value of HP+5. I don't remember any situation that lunge is actual usefull. With clarity you can do that more often and with huge vanguard damage+silver weapon, you can OHKO an enemy. It's situational but it's still an extra option you can use to make the situation eeasier.
  10. This is something I learn recently but... Enemy phase on fates is less important than other fire emblem and there only 3/4 units there actualy good on enemy phase most of scenario same way as previous fire emblem. So I currently don't give a crap about opinion about being good on enemy phase aside from the 3/4 units. Fates' units that can take 2 or more hit are "good" enough for me to use them on enemy phase.
  11. We already talked about Sol but if you really want to talk again, feel free to say again why isn't good and what skill you prefer instead. Unless you don't check if your enemy actually can crit you or you keep the silver weapon on enemy turn(which is already itself a very bad decision), you never gonna bother about this -5 crit evade. They are end game scenario. Corrin is so good and Mercenary/DreadFighter are solid class that I don't think he even will have problem early/mid game.
  12. ->mercenary->hero lv5-> dreadfighter lv35 -> vanguard. Skill end setup: sol, even keen, iron will, aggressor, strengthtaker. -> dreadfighter lv21/31 -> hero lv15 -> vanguard. Skill end setup: sol, even keen, iron will, axebreaker, strengthtaker. I feel remember that the revelation throw against you more bersekers(well, I still didn't finished it, just my grinding they show up so many times) than master ninja. The skills you can feel free to change aren't sol and strengthtaker. Both are very valueable. You can use silver weapon with clarity without fireback too much and be more resistant against debuff. Aggressore and Heavy blade can help you trigger strenghttaker without too much help. Strong reposte is very good if you plan to use him as tank against melee. Having access to pratice katana, I don't feel worry about speed. You don't need to relying on proc skill to kill at end game. You don't want waste the dreadfighter class? Feel whatever marry Charlotte or Selena and pick the class you don't gonna have. ->Mercenary/Fighter->Herolv15->Vanguard. skill end setup: sol, strong reposte/hp+5, gamble/veteran intuition, dragonfang/aether, strength taker. I'm currently too tired to write more...
  13. Keep everyone who can't face Duma outside of his range and don't bother healing them if you already killed the witch summoners. After you kill all the annoying enemies. Send you tankest units and one strong unit(better if it's alm) to surround him and stop him from moving. Attack just with one. Use physic to heal who being attacked. After earthquate prioritize heal who have more chance to be killed while Alm can just eat food. You don't need Tatiana if you have quite amount of healer. Just priotize who need most. I didn't use tatiana and half almy have atleast recovery.
  14. But this what my korokoro said to me :V I played more fangame than official one. I played mostly touhou 6 ESD normal(mostly Marisa cause Reimu make my mind extreme lazy so I die more often) and touhou 13 TD normal (mostly Youmu cause is so much fun). Fangame I enjoy play rpg type like Touhou labyrinth.
  15. *rolls* Hi, nice to meet you! I'm ByakurenHater \o/