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  1. Then what the point of nerf damage then? Be more common but as well very annoying? I didn't mean the change is pointless or doesn't make any difference, but the reasons about it seems too stupid to me. The unit that I choose to use as tank should survive the damage regardless x2, x3 or x4. Other unit will survive most of case against normal enemy in 1vs1 scenario. But against boss? Do you expected they do less than half of averange unit's hp? I find extreme more annoying about gambit against boss than gambit one or two enemy on the maps because it didn't force me to retry the entire maps all time. And when they gangbang you? Should I fear any time that when 2 or more unit happen to have chance to attack one of my not tank unit and crit? Or my unit happen to crit and kill as counterattack and get one extra attack which may or not crit. Right now that kind of situation is rare and I prefer it be rare.
  2. I feel this will more favor the enemies far more than the player, specially to higher difficulty, where just x2 is enought to kill your characters. Give to the crit based class or crit weapon the normal crit is against of purpose of nerf it. You mostly receive crit from them. Unless they purpose made a fire emblem for critfest I see no point to nerf the damage multiple.
  3. This are the magic classes. They learn skill by level. Horse unit and armor unit also are into skill box but mostly they will counted as weakness as fly unit. Not generic bow give automatically anti-fly. Sniper seems automatically learn +2 bow range but make me curious about +1 bow range cause seems like archer need to learn it some how but weapon seems awkward after class up to sniper and level seems too short the time to before get to sniper
  4. I'm pretty surprise me that nobody made thread about skill yet. Lucky Crit made a quite good analysis of materials we get this days(search yourself because I don't want talk about video itself) and he point the fact that now equip have a gauge. The question marks together with other skills, I thought it was skills that the unit learn with level up like magic but seems like they are skill that the unit learn from equip. What do you think about this new mechanic? What kind of skill do you expected to learn? Do you think that the skills are equip restricted or kind of equip restricted or are permanetly?
  5. The healer have a magic that steal hp from the enemy which doesn't cost hp. It is a basic magic.
  6. As far I know the game is not made for the 'elitists', but for the old school fan which aren't all 'elitists' and for the newbies to appreciate the old formula. May you missunderstand me but I was pointing that using echoes as "rekt noob, you don't any more your dear game" is just cancerous and not any constructive for the serie. If the serie go to totally casual, I gonna blame such 'eletists'.
  7. Hater gonna hate. Lol. This is really something stupid for the "elitists" starting insulty so hardly the newbies of the fire emblem, special considering seems like they would prefer the series stop as awakening as marketing failure and be the special ones who wait years for a new fire emblem like sonic fan and never have FE gaiden remake based of how shadow dragon fail.
  8. If something like dragon quest 8 which party member team have different dialogue based of where and when you are I will very like it. Even if limited a few characters rotation which give more details about their personality than awful generic dialogue of MyCastle.
  9. Hype! Considering the dungeons, I will not feel bad about not free roaming village. I feel it more pratical than moving with your character from house and house which most of times is just annoying. Still waiting for the rewind gear and revival shrine info.
  10. Just quoting myself.
  11. Lol, have same feeling. I feel the majority of black people already don't care anymore about racism things as long is not violence or deprive their human rights as normal as every person. But as far is concern, the topic is not this I guess. I don't think there will be any racial change without a good reason. I think it add more details and personality to them which the original gaiden cannot do. I hardly see a good reason to say ruin the character or totally different character just for the character design. I hardly believe the original creator was so rigid about they being white but more like a practical reason make them all white. As long they have same personally(if they had a clear personality before), the appearances doesn't bother me as long it fit. It will bother me more seeing three generic dude with just peculiar hair style and color different them. About the support, it will upset me if they put the racial question be within the village+alm group because it supposed to be normal for them after live so long together. It will no bother me with no question or not to deep answer. Even "I don't know" is fine. If happen outside of support is fine as well but I think is better as support but only one cause I tired of repetitive fates support.
  12. Ops, didn't notice.
  13. *coffcoff* They basically dread fighter *coffcoff*
  14. Subaki's pike *shive* I casually have it +3 with my birthright run which mean 20 might if you have higher skill(all the hoshidan spear user have high skill) plus it's just a D rank. Silver naginata +3 have just 19 B rank with a malus. No logic, just balance purpose. Though it is still unbalanced. I like the idea of weight as chant time. Aside there still nothing sure about weapon will have weight.
  15. I don't dislike fates's weapon system. I dislike the enorme variety of weapon be pointless or overpower by the forge. Bronze aside, using the same material weapon to forge a better weapon is less 1 damage but 5 more hit and less malus and less rank weapon and same cost(plus a gem but easy farmable) than the better material weapon. Most of "strong" weapon without forge are basically usable only as finish hit. From far I can see. The weight system is reveal only for the magic. The weapon side may have same as hoshidan weapon. I speculate only skill have "weight".