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  1. My Art Gallery

    And this is the final one. What do you think so far?
  2. My Art Gallery

  3. My Art Gallery

    And here's another. Will post more soon.
  4. My Art Gallery

    Aye, they are OCs.
  5. My Art Gallery

    Another one.
  6. My Art Gallery

    Here's another.
  7. My Art Gallery

    Well, it's been a while since the last time I drew stuff, but here are my old artworks. Will post more of them soon. What do you think? Note: Please ignore the deviantart watermark. It's been ages since I last used DA.
  8. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I thought that I could just use the in-game sprites as placeholders for the closed beta. And yeah, I guess doing at least 3 or 4 chapters done first is better.
  9. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Not really an update, but there will be a closed beta soon, probably somewhere at early 2017. Well, it's just the first chapter, but anyone interested to do a beta test for me? Currently working on the story and stuff, but there are still a few things that need to be hashed out (like gameplay stuff and some other things). Also, I'm not really satisfied with my sprites so far, so they may need to get replaced too (including the one that I used as my avatar, it's obvious from who he's spliced from). Also, is there anyone interested to help me out? There are still a few things that I need to understand with this hacking stuff, and having a few helping hands will be nice.
  10. Eventing: Seeking Help

    I'm not sure where to post this, but I'd like to put up a request in order to seek for some help in eventing (and some other things). I just started learning how to hack. The tutorials have been helping me so far, but to do such a thing alone is quite hard. So, I'd like to seek for some help for eventing (or hacking in general). The hack in question is this. But there are some things that are currently undergoing changes (like changing the sprites and names of some characters), but I hope this will tell you that I really want to do this.
  11. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    Alright, how about this?
  12. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    Apparently, making girls is much harder than making guys. Comment?
  13. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Welp, finally figuring out how text editor works, things going smoothly so far. [spoiler=Screenshot] Well, I'm not so sure about this, but more will come soon. Now back to spriting...
  14. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I tried it again, and it worked. It's probably because of the Text Editor.
  15. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I used FEditor to load the portraits. Then I wrote things in Text Editor so that they can show up in game. But they didn't, and all I got was that high-pitched noise.