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  1. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I thought that I could just use the in-game sprites as placeholders for the closed beta. And yeah, I guess doing at least 3 or 4 chapters done first is better.
  2. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Not really an update, but there will be a closed beta soon, probably somewhere at early 2017. Well, it's just the first chapter, but anyone interested to do a beta test for me? Currently working on the story and stuff, but there are still a few things that need to be hashed out (like gameplay stuff and some other things). Also, I'm not really satisfied with my sprites so far, so they may need to get replaced too (including the one that I used as my avatar, it's obvious from who he's spliced from). Also, is there anyone interested to help me out? There are still a few things that I need to understand with this hacking stuff, and having a few helping hands will be nice.
  3. Eventing: Seeking Help

    I'm not sure where to post this, but I'd like to put up a request in order to seek for some help in eventing (and some other things). I just started learning how to hack. The tutorials have been helping me so far, but to do such a thing alone is quite hard. So, I'd like to seek for some help for eventing (or hacking in general). The hack in question is this. But there are some things that are currently undergoing changes (like changing the sprites and names of some characters), but I hope this will tell you that I really want to do this.
  4. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    Alright, how about this?
  5. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    Apparently, making girls is much harder than making guys. Comment?
  6. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Welp, finally figuring out how text editor works, things going smoothly so far. [spoiler=Screenshot] Well, I'm not so sure about this, but more will come soon. Now back to spriting...
  7. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I tried it again, and it worked. It's probably because of the Text Editor.
  8. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    Well, I used FEditor to load the portraits. Then I wrote things in Text Editor so that they can show up in game. But they didn't, and all I got was that high-pitched noise.
  9. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows

    *keeps getting high-pitched noises* Wow, hacking is definitely harder than I thought. I followed the instructions according to the tutorials, and I keep getting glitches and stuff. These custom portraits won't appear and I get these high-pitched noises instead... Well, scripts have already been prepared, and custom animations are underway, but these custom mugs refuse to show up at all. Well, I probably made a mistake or two somewhere. Anyone willing to help sorting out this portrait problem and eventing?
  10. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    I'm currently working on making this custom battle animation for both playable Lords in this hack of mine (Nero and Allen Allant), expect results a few weeks later. *begins splicing Hector's and Ephraim's battle sprites* *cries alone*
  11. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    I use both Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI to do both splicing and drawing, but mainly Photoshop. I disable the anti-aliasing function for both. Well, generally I avoid anti-aliasing altogether. Is there any drawing apps suitable for splicing and making mugs in general?
  12. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    Ah, I disabled anti-aliasing and did the blending between two colors manually. The portrait looked weird when I had anti-aliasing on.
  13. PrinceArjuna's Spriteries

    AA? Do you mean the shading? Well, her body was directly taken from Eleanora's portrait. I do admit that her neck looks a little long, and I might fix it someday. Played Awakening. Sadly haven't played Fates yet. To answer your question, maybe no, for the time being.
  14. Text Editor in FEditor Adv

    Oh, thanks!
  15. Text Editor in FEditor Adv

    Since I'm new in this hacking business, I wish to learn more about FEditor, especially the Text Editor. I followed several tutorials, and so far, so good. But I seem to have problem with things like how to put all the text control codes in their proper places. When I tried to put things in the text editor, all I got was a high-pitched noise when I played the ROM. Is there any guides on how to place these codes? Also, what's the code that makes the portrait shake (like, jolt in surprise or something along the lines)? It's not specified in the readme.