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  1. Sometimes Kagero Chart can be buggy, although it's usually good. However, I just want to point out, bond skills only buff the unit with the skill, and not the adjacent ally. The refine for Masked Marth's Falchion is a bond skill, and so only she gets the stat boosts from having an adjacent ally. I say this because you mentioned her partner, who shouldn't get any buffs from standing next to Masked Marth, unless Masked Marth is running a spur/drive skill herself. Perhaps that is the source of your confusion on this point?
  2. I would probably opt for Moonbow for her. Glimmer is stronger against enemies with low defenses; Moonbow is better against tankier ones. Glimmer hits more than Moonbow when your attack is greater than 1.6 times the enemy's defensive stat, notwithstanding weapon triangle effects. So, for Minerva with an Atk stat of 52, the point where the two skills approximately break even is when the enemy has 32 Def, and 36 Def with a Hone Flier buff. If the enemy's defense is below that, Glimmer will hit harder than Moonbow, and, above that, Moonbow will hit harder than Glimmer. One advantage Moonbow has over Glimmer is that it lets you cut through high-defense enemies that you otherwise would only scratch, and, oftentimes, one doesn't need a special to hack through low-def enemies. The matchup numbers favor Moonbow slightly as well. I ran a few configurations against the cast with Fury in their A-slot, and Moonbow outperforms Glimmer in pretty much every scenario. I ran it with your +1 Minerva wearing the QP seal, both with and without the Hone Flyer buffs against no merge enemies, +5, and +10, and a no-buff Minerva against enemies with a buff of +3 to every stat. The numbers are in the Win-Loss-Draw format. The first column is against unmerged enemies, the second is against +5, and the third is against +10. No buffs to Minerva: | Merge = 0 / Merge = 5 / Merge = 10 Moonbow | 167-11-36 / 142-25-47 / 113-35-66 Glimmer | 158-11-45 / 135-26-53 / 108-36-70 With Hone Flier buff Moonbow | 196-11-7 / 184-25-5 / 167-35-12 Glimmer | 191-10-13 / 179-25-10 / 163-35-16 Enemy w/+3 buffs, no buffs to Minerva Moonbow | 136-32-46 / 114-38-62 / 89-47-78 Glimmer | 131-33-55 / 106-40-68 / 80-49-85 So, it seems that Moonbow generally produces a few more kills than Glimmer for her.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    It took me over a year before I got my first Cordelia. She sure was an elusive creature for quite some time! But I recently was able to pull one, and then I pulled another not too long after, who was quickly sacrificed to give my Est Galeforce... Haven't seen another one since. I wonder why?
  4. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    Anri never occurred to me, but, now that you mentioned it, I want them to do him! I rather like their OCs, and would like more of them as well. Because god-tier memes?
  5. Lol, no worries! I do enjoy seeing SF people in the Arena (even if this knowledge comes about after the fact, as happened here!)!
  6. Ikr? Ah well, I feel a little better knowing that I'm in good company with you on this point! We both have +10 dragons and didn't notice, haha... Check @XRay's analysis for Raven on the prior page, the Fury/LnD + Moonbow setup looks stronger than the LnD/LnD + Escutcheon one. For Corrin, I think the Guard Bow is viable enough. With it + Def refine, he can tank a vanilla +Atk +10 Brave Lyn with 1 HP to spare, which is why I don't think it's a wasted effect, since it lets him function as a Lyn counter in some scenarios. With CC and the CD seal, he'd have 43 Def at all ranges, so an enemy would need 63 Atk to kill him (assuming they double). If he's running with an ally with the Def Tactic 3 seal, an enemy would need 50 to be able to scratch him, so he can, indeed, be a pretty solid tank with the right team, if that's the route you wanted to go. Maybe not the optimal setup, but it's not an unreasonable one. I find it kinda hilarious that there's so much discussion on this point, despite you not even asking for it at all.
  7. How am I underestimating his bulk? I said stacking LnD would turn his Def stat to paper, but, of course, that's not the totality of his bulk. He has a physical soak of 59 against axes, but it's not all that uncommon to see axemen with an attack stat hitting 59, between buffs, merges, etc., and so encountering one would be rough for him. I like the Fury/LnD setup, it keeps his physical soak against an axe hit outside the realm of what I would normally encounter, while keeping his Atk & Spd at stratospheric levels. That setup is the one Rafiel's Aria's Raven runs, and I quite like it, from what I've gotten to use it in. It's certainly a notable build for him, and the one I would prefer. Where did I say the Guard Bow gives Close Def? I only said that the Guard Bow/CC was a nice pairing for NY Corrin, not that it gave him Close Def.
  8. I think I saw you during my perfunctory daily AA run. I wanted to see someone running Chrom Emblem, and was kinda disappointed when it was just a regular team fronted by Chrom.
  9. Firesweep Bow + Close Counter is the ultimate combo! But I'm just kidding, I think Guard Bow would be a pretty solid option for him, particularly if he's running CC. Anyways, Fayes are friends, not food!
  10. Yeah, she doesn't really want a Spd boon or a Res bane. Furthermore, the Res is a superbane, so she's missing out even more. In my opinion, the best out of that set would be +Res/-HP. It's certainly a strong nature, probably one of her preferred ones. The manaketes are quite flexible in their builds, so there are several good options for their natures. Fae has a good HP pool and wants most of her other stats, so HP seems like a safe stat to dump. The Warding Breath + Res boon would make her a great mage counter. She's a strong unit, so she's worth investing in if you wanted to. The +Def/-Spd or -HP nature would be better for a mixed tank, but +Res/-HP is better for a magic tank. It depends on what you want her specialty to be, since she can occupy various roles. You could always promote the +Res one now to give yourself a more robust green roster now, and then switch to a +Def one later down the road when you pull one (who knows when that would be?), if that's the nature you really want. Firesweep Bow! =D Yeah, I've used Rafiel Aria's +10 Raven, and he's great. And I definitely understand the Fury drought -- a fair number of my units have Fury 2, since I seem to be able to pull infinite numbers of Bartres.
  11. Ah, yes, you're right, I was reading it wrong, my apologies. Edit: The exact language is, "If foe's Range = 2, damage calculated using the lower of foe's Def or Res." I was reading this as the character needed to be 2 spaces, but you're correct, and I fixed the original. I probably never noticed, since Tiki is an enemy phase character, so I don't really have her initiate the attack most of the time.
  12. I'm biased towards Tiki. She's definitely worth making a +10 out of. For Raven, I wouldn't give him LnD3, since his refinement also gives him LnD3. Stacking those seems like it would turn his Def stat into that of a piece of paper, which could be a little rough sometimes. Upgrading to LnD3 is always pretty low priority for me, since it's not like it's that much better than LnD2. I've used Ally Supports on some of my characters, and, while useful in some situations, most of the time it's not really a consideration for me. The buffs are nice, but most of the time I don't need it. It has been helpful in the Arena, though, when Reinhardt and Cecilia were part of my core team. I do recommend making a core team of 3 for the Arena and having a pair support each other. But, for the most part, it's just an interesting feature that occasionally factors into my strategy. I've been intending to pair up more of my characters, but just haven't gotten around to it. Escape Route 3 sounds fun on Lyn. I personally went with Vantage, but, yeah, there are a lot of things Lyn can run for her B-passive, since she has the important ones stacked into her weapon. Yes, she can facetank the Tikis and Nowi. LA Lyn is a better unit than NY Corrin, so I'd give her the CC. Plus, as Humanoid pointed out, if you have a spare Takumi, this means you already have a CC archer. As for Lyn, even with the Def bane, she should be a solid CC unit, since Armor teams can stack Ward Armors and/or use Fortify Armor. Her physical bulk is still in a reasonable position. Edit: Corrections.
  13. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    Sure, sounds like fun. Matthew sounds interesting. Looking at other people's comments, I guess I'm not clear on Odin's effect. I assumed that it was just a Desperation effect, but others seem to be saying Brave? Brave seems like a bit much. Desperation seems fine. Roy definitely needs that DC! But I think that DC is a strong enough effect in itself that I'm not sure he really needs more than that. His current Binding Blade has +2 to Def/Res when attacked, and that would carry over with the refinement. I use Fir, and the effects for her sound pretty underwhelming without DC. Her Res is high enough that +3 isn't all that important (esp. if she's not running DC), and she's fast enough to get doubles most of the time naturally. She really wants more Atk, probably more Spd too. Maybe give her some sort of Swift Sparrow + Wo Dao effect instead? That seems more reasonable than breaker effects. For Rebecca, she really can't make good use of Close Counter, and +10 Atk is way too much. At most, it could be a Death Blow effect. Florina. Not a slim lance, or, if she does get a slim lance, it would be weak but really boost her speed. Maybe Rex Hasta? The effect sounds fine for her. Lilina. She really deserves a Forblaze upgrade! But I find the AoE skills to be quite underwhelming, so that effect sounds pretty limiting to me. And, canonically, if it's going to be effective against something, it should be effective against dragons. Fliers can be included, so that wyvern riders would be covered. And infantry struggles enough in the current meta as it is, so there's no need for an effectiveness there. Bartre. He can just get too much Atk from that, it's unbalanced, and it seems too complicated. I feel like some sort of Fury effect, or Sturdy Blow effect would be better, so that he can make better use of his native Brash Assault. Or perhaps the recoil from the Devil Axe could be lethal? That would be interesting, and a good way to import the actual effects of the Devil Axe from the games. But it's an interesting idea! Lon'qu. The Vantage included is too much. If he had DC, he'd be pretty much untouchable but for Hardy Bearing and Firesweep weapons. Arthur. Sounds good, looks like a reasonable set of effects. I like it. Lloyd. The Swordbreaker effect is too much, in my opinion. I think the Spectrum+4 if foe is 100% is already quite a strong effect. At most, maybe give him a stat+3.
  14. It's funny, the first people who came to mind for me were Amelia, NY Camilla, & Catria, since they're pretty flexible on their B-slots, and they're all on your list. I personally gave those three Renewal, which has been great for all three of them. In my opinion, though, it probably would be the best on Klein, seeing as he runs a brave build w/out the need to run Hit & Run or Drag Back, he gets an immediate 12 point benefit from it, and he can't up his damage with the triangle advantage. It would also probably help his matchups against Raven tome wielders (not as much as Cancel Affinity, but it would always be useful, versus the situational usefulness of CA, and you don't have CA fodder, so it's not like that's an option right now anyway). Titania would also probably appreciate it, since her Atk stat is pretty low. They all do have serviceable alternatives, and I would keep the Chrom if I were you (at least for the Tempest). But, if not, I'd say go either Klein, for efficacy, or Camilla, for waifu bias. I never regret throwing the best skills on my favorite characters, so I think that's a good choice as well.
  15. That score should be safe. I straddled the line but kept in T20 with 5,050 last week, and 5,046 the week prior. The difference between 5,050 & 5,070 is pretty significant, and there's no reason to suspect an exponential jump this week. This week also isn't Earth or Water season, which means that not everyone is guaranteed to be able to utilize blessings. My score is certain to be lower this week since I can't use blessings to bump up my score a bit. But you should be fine.