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  1. I thought I would point out that, though I criticized the pose, I otherwise think the art for her looks great. It's certainly not something that ruins the portrait for me, although I can understand it if it does for some people. Sometimes the criticism in these types of threads can drown out appreciation for the good aspects of the art.
  2. Note, I didn't say that simply occupying the pose was damaging to her spine. I've tried some of these poses too, and, while the contortions are uncomfortable, a lot of them can be reached. However, keep in mind that this is an attacking pose, so she's likely to have reached this position from a quick ballistic motion. That's quite different from stretching into the position, and the quick violent motion into such an awkward position is much more likely to tear or pull something. Furthermore, she's using a bow, and the back muscles needed to pull a drawstring are in a terrible position. I tried something similar with a resistance tube instead of a bow, it definitely felt like an easy way to hurt oneself. To exacerbate it, the twist in her body is more heavily exaggerated than other T&A poses the game has incorporated. It's a ridiculous pose, and it seems not unreasonable to think she could easily hurt herself from trying to attack in such a position. She's a kite, she can kite the enemy! Even with Ephraim getting a CYL alt, I think that it would still be okay. Lyn had 4 variants prior to Legendary Lyn, and it was fine. As for Ike, him not having 4 variations doesn't really seem like a sturdy argument for why Ephraim shouldn't get another one. Chrom has 4 variants, and I haven't really seen too many people complain about that. It does mean that they should probably get on with adding an Ike seasonal though. Summer Ike would be pretty cool. Although, yeah, it might be cutting it kind of close for Ephraim's CYL appearance, since that'll likely be at the end of August/start of September again. Of course, that's not an argument for why Eirika can't appear on a seasonal banner; it's not like they need to appear together. In the meantime, can we get a Summer Lyn? I think that would make people very, very happy....!
  3. In my opinion, the art for the characters all look great, apart from the damage Noire is doing to her spine in her attacking poses. If she does that often, it's no wonder she frequently looks sick and miserable! But I'm happy that SS is getting some representation in a seasonal banner here! It's not a full SS banner (I wasn't expecting one, and I prefer mix banners). I'll probably try to pull for Tana, since I have no flying red mage, and I still haven't managed to get her original self either. Also, it seems that Cordelia transferred the depression she had in her original art to the fish at the end of her lance. Of course, being stabbed through with a lance seems like a pretty good reason to feel kinda down, so I definitely can see where the fish is coming from. Yeah, I mostly agree, although I've sorta gotten used to those sorts of complaints around here. In any case, I did a quick count, and I got that the roster had 129 men (I could be off by one or two, it wasn't a meticulous count), which is out of 259 characters currently in the game. So, indeed, that's pretty much a 1:1 ratio. I'd say you're probably right, females on the banner probably bring in more money via the gacha aspect. This is a game that's designed to make money after all, so it's expected that they would make decisions with that in mind. The parity here is certainly much better than in other gacha games. Plus, as you point out, the FEH universe has much more male than female characters overall. One way to keep the parity in the long run is to release more alts of the females than males. I prefer the seasonal banners to come with a mix myself. I think it would be fine to release alts of Eirika or Ephraim now though, so I disagree with you there. One of the main issues with the release of Legendary Lyn was that she already had 4 variations, and that it was coming right at the heels of the LA banner. Too much favoritism on one character in too short a time frame. Meanwhile, Eirika and Ephraim only have a single alt apiece, and it's been awhile since those alts came out. I doubt too many people would complain if they got each got a seasonal variant, especially since there haven't been any for them yet. It is a sail. For her leg. Sail away, Noire's leg, sail away! Make more (e.g., Loki), and make alts of pre-existing ones (e.g., Camilla).
  4. How Would Heroes Handle Three Houses?

    I expect that they'll do something similar to what they did for Echoes. They'll introduce a banner for one of the main characters and a few of their allies at or slightly before the launch of the game, and then introduce banners for each of the other lords respectively for the next couple of banners. Celica's first banner started a few days before Echoes was released internationally, and then Alm's banner followed shortly after. Of course, this is a bigger game for the franchise than Echoes, so I expect that they'll do more, and maybe start having events and such leading up to the release of the game. I don't see them waiting until after the game is released to start introducing banners for it. As for the legendary weapons, is it really a spoiler to include them? I mean, we already know that they'll have ultimate weapons, pretty much all it would give away is what they're called, which strikes me as a pretty trivial detail.
  5. How will you use the new favourite system

    I plan on using the new favorites options to streamline the selection process for Arena Assault runs. I don't have preset teams for the Arena Assault, and, instead, I pick units to counter whatever the enemy has. So I'd like to set up a filter system that will make it quicker for me to find the units I want. However, I'm not completely sure how I want to set it up yet, although I do have a few ideas. First, I know that I'll be using a color to mark my healers & dancers. And, second, I know I'll continue to use a color to mark units that I might want to promote later that have good natures. That covers two colors. Now, I have two ideas about how I want to go about organizing the rest. The first idea is to have a color to mark all of my best & most frequently used units. Then, I'd have a second color to mark characters that occupy a specific role very well, e.g., raven mages or someone with a breaker skill I want, and then third color could demarcate a pool of solid units that didn't make the cut for the best, but could still be useful under some conditions. With the remaining colors, I could respectively mark out characters that usually operate Emblem Teams. That would make it easier for me to piece together Flier Emblem or Horse Emblem teams when I want to run those. My other idea would be to use the colors to mark the most commonly used characters of each color. This also seems like it would be pretty good for me, since it corresponds to how I usually pick the teams. If I go this route, I'd probably use the remaining colors to mark potential Flier or Horse Emblem characters. I don't use Armor Emblem that much, so it doesn't get a color with this scheme. Those are my thoughts, at any rate, maybe it'll give someone else some ideas. I'm leaning towards the latter option.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Nino came to me on my free pull! Fantastic! She's +HP/-Def, so she even has a good bane. This makes 2 banners in a row where I pulled a free 5* unit!
  7. Yeah, I didn't notice that at first, that's pretty disappointing. It's still definitely a powerful weapon, but I might end up sticking with Lightning Breath after all, particularly since I don't run Tiki with the allies needed for the Atk/Def goad.
  8. Update is here! Now Tiki has Falchion breath, that's pretty cool. And, apparently, Dragon Emblem wasn't strong enough before... lol. But I'll probably go with the straight Def+4 to her weapon refine for now, since I don't really run Tiki alongside other dragons or swords.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Leave the singing to your NY Azura then!
  10. Who deserves to be in the game the most?

    I'd say Kris definitely deserves to be in the game, by virtue of being a main character for one of the games. That's an established and objective criterion. And they need to add both a male and female Kris. Beyond Kris, I also say Selkie, for two reasons. First, we need beast units in the game, that's pretty clear to everyone. Second, she's the highest ranked character in the CYL 2 poll that's not in the game. That ought to be worth something, and, if there's another Farfetched banner sometime soon, she really should be on it. I think there should be Laguz as well, and, were I to pick one, it would probably be Tibarn. Binding Blade needs more new units. Milady would be a good candidate, in my opinion.
  11. For me, it was a bit easier to find the motivation to build a 5*+10, since the first one I made was Tiki, who is one of my favorite characters in the series, and was both a common summon and powerful. I knew I wanted to +10 her eventually, and I also wanted to be more competitive in the Arena. So it made sense to start working on that sooner rather than later, since it would mean more feathers in the long run. My army was sufficiently robust and diverse at that point, so I didn't need the feathers to fill out gaps in my army. There were a lot of units that I wanted to promote, but none I needed to. Plus, I enjoyed sharing Tiki during the Voting Gauntlets, and I thought she was a lot of fun to use, especially in the Arena. The emergence of the Brave Lyn era in the Arena also helped reinforce my decision that making Tiki +10 was the way to go. And I'm really happy with that decision, she's been incredibly useful, and I have a lot of fun using her. After making one 5*+10, it was easier to commit to making another one. Est was my second 5*+10 character. That was an easy decision, since she's another favorite of mine and functions well for my Arena team. My third 5*+10 project is Cherche (I'm just short two copies at the moment). That was a bit of a harder decision, since, while I like Cherche, she's also not of my all-time favorites from the series. However, my Arena core needed a green unit, and Cherche was the most obvious choice for me due to the frequency with which I pull her, her strength as a unit, and the fact that I am fond of her, moreso than other potential units in the 3-4* pool at the time. Since I'm F2P, any potential 5*+10 is going to need to be in at least the 4* pool, but preferably the 3-4* one. So, basically, my fondness for the characters coupled with their utility for the Arena have been motivating factors for me. With my Arena core pretty much done, my next 5*+10 projects are just going to be characters I really like. I want to max out the Whitewings, so I've been saving up my Catrias and Pallas. I want to do Fir as well. These are all realistic projects, and I enjoy making the characters I like stronger. The satisfaction of completing these projects is nice too, and it's rewarding to use the characters after spending so much time on them. I also enjoy sharing the finished products in things like Rival Domains and the VGs. But, without the impetus of the Arena, I also think that I'll slow down on that process some, and give some love to other units that have been waiting on promotions for a very long time.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    Good job everyone! Unfortunately for me, I was on the losing side every round this time. First, I sided with Grima, then Anna, and finally Alfonse. Oh well, so it goes. As for shout outs, @Rafiel's Aria 's Raven was a frequent visitor for Round 1, and @ErrantDShepherd's Effie was, I believe, the only friend ally I had for Round 3. They were great! I forgot to swap out Tiki for a non-red for Round 3, so sorry if that caused anyone on Team Alfonse to be doubled up on reds too much. I wasn't really paying much attention to this VG this time around (the multipliers just make it a bit difficult for me to care about the event that much, apart from the feather harvest). But good game all! They are evil, and so you should immediately hunt them down and destroy them...! And then take your rightful place as the true evil one, bearing the rank of 666.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    Tiki pretty much soloed this map, with the exception of the ninja in the upper right corner. F!Grima disposed of that pretty quickly, however, leaving the rest of the enemies to throw their miserable existences at Tiki for a quick end. It was a two turn clear, thanks to Ryoma's Guidance, since that allowed one of the enemies that spawned in a side corridor to warp to the middle and kill itself on Tiki. Thanks Tiki! If you found the video they posted to go too fast, Youtube has the option to change the playback speed, if you click on the Settings cog in the lower right-hand corner of the video.
  14. Rate the Unit, Day 50: Karel & Ninian

    Julia is hiding. Too bad that pillar is broken, Julia, we can see you!
  15. How about the anecdotal, "This method worked for me!" argument? Aren't those fun too? I understand that feeling. There's also confirmation bias involved with other strategies, and disenchantment when sniping doesn't work. This is all based on probability, so sometimes you'll get lucky & sometimes you'll be unlucky. I wanted to add an objective mathematical demonstration here to prove why sniping is the most cost-effective strategy, since people often do wonder how they should pull, but might not be aware of how to figure out what's the best method. The discount on subsequent pulls and the increasing pity rate can create a sort of subjective psychological illusion, but statistics should be able to dispel that.