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  1. I think you mean Rival Domains, not Squad Assault. In any case, I would like for there to be more ways to share your units with friends &c. than are currently implemented in the game. While I don't want sharing implemented for the current content that doesn't already include it (so no sharing for Story Mode or GHBs), I would like to see a new mode that features this. I would also like to see some reforms to the Voting Gauntlet, one of which would be the ability to choose which friend units you get to have on your team. I tend to just get the same 2-3 units for the entirety of a VG round, which gets lame after awhile. Part of the fun of the Voting Gauntlet was getting to play with a variety of different units with different builds, but now I never see that. I would also like a showcase mode where you would select 5 units you wanted to put in your showcase. So these could be projects you're working on or have completed, and your friends could pick and choose some units from the showcase to take into some battles. I suggested something like this for that survey thing they had awhile back. They could establish an incentive structure which rewards you for playing with units from a variety of people, as opposed to simply just fielding the same +10 units from a single friend.
  2. Since I was in throwing distance of the cutoff with my initial score, I decided to give Aversa a blade tome to possibly eke in a few extra kills. My core Arena team has Est and Cherche with Hone & Fortify Fliers respectively, so Aversa had no difficulty laying waste to her foes with gleeful abandon. I think this is the first time I've managed to actually give all kills to the bonus hero. In any case, that netted a score of 3,712. While nowhere near my highest score, it actually looks to be adequate to herald me into T21 a 3rd time. With under 2 hours to go, I'm over 250 slots above the cutoff.
  3. Summoning Introduction Movies

    I did like those animations! Too bad they didn't make more. While, sure, it was a let-down to have the animation play only to reveal a 3* Robin or a 4* Camilla, I did like the animations. I felt like they should've played only for the first time you summoned a character with an animation.
  4. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Masked Marth and Michalis would be my two top ones. Lucina is one of my favorites in the franchise, and I proudly fly the banner of House Macedon!
  5. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I actually really like the art for this banner, and I don't really have a hangup about alts, so the main downside for me is that I spent all my orbs on the Legendary Banner. Still no S. Tana. Oh well! That's just how it goes sometimes. Still, reading through the salt can be amusing... I think we're in the minority here! But, yeah, the art is really nice, although I do think m!Corrin cosplaying as Azura is a bit strange looking. They do look quite nice! I'll probably do what little pulling I can in hopes of grabbing either of those. I agree! I like it when people are unabashed fans of the characters they like, even when the community around them tends not to be so fond of the character. Of course, there's also the benefit of Camilla being an IS favorite, since now she's up to 5 alts. Meanwhile, Minerva and the Whitewings only have Spring Catria as an alt. But, as is the theme in this banner, one can dream! Peri happens to be one of my favorite characters from Fates. I know how that tends to go!
  6. Looks like 3,730, which was my new highest score, won't be enough to push me up into T21 again. There was serious inflation this week due to L. Tiki (and, to a lesser extent, H. Myrrh). I don't care enough to try yet another run to get a higher score, it was enough of a pain running H. Myrrh with all of the L. Tikis around. Oh well, so it goes. I'm definitely not fond of the last scoring changes. Having to feed kills to the bonus unit is a nuisance I would rather not have to deal with. This week, I ran H. Myrrh, and while H. Myrrh is very strong and can straight eat most people, the prevalence of L. Tiki complicated things. I also didn't like the change to the Arena Assault, where one needs to field units with blessings in order to maximize one's score. I've started to care less about it, so I might just stop concerning myself with the blessings and just field whatever. I agree, the Arena is a worse mode now for the changes. Congrats for that fourth crown though! As for AA, I regularly crack 5,200 without any armors whatsoever. I use Tiki, Est, Cherche, and Fir. Nothing says fun like trying to get Alfonse to kill something that isn't green! Especially with all of the Nowis, Corrins, Effies, &c. that dominate the upper tiers of the Arena! I, too, miss just running what I wanted and having my best units destroy the field.
  7. Yeah, I figured that 3,720 marked the cutoff score, given how close it was in the final hours. Sorry to hear that you didn't make it! I could've made it in again 2 weeks ago, but I had assumed I didn't have enough. So it goes. There's definitely a large score creep on Fjorm weeks, as, last week, I had 3,722 but was a fair ways away from making it in. I'm hoping that I'll be okay next week, since I managed to pull a Halloween Myrrh. She's got the BST for it, and it's very easy to feed her kills, especially on defensive tiles. She's just so tanky! I wish I had managed to pull a Legendary Tiki, but, alas, she refused to show up. Maybe I'll have better luck on her next rotation.
  8. My score of 3,720 was just enough to slip back into T21. I must've been just at the cutoff mark, because, several hours prior to close, I was only ~100 spots or so above it. Good to get another crown!
  9. Adult Tiki can be an extremely powerful unit, and she easily ranks as one of the best units in the 3*-4* pool to turn into a 5*+10 unit. The manaketes just tend to be extremely powerful units in general. I usually have Tiki set as my helper unit, so, if you're interested, you can try her out for yourself in Rival Domains. Her ability to tank things shouldn't be underestimated, and she's regularly the most crucial unit in my clears of endgame content like the Abyssal maps. For builds, Tiki invariably wants Quick Riposte, since she is a slow enemy phase unit. The premium build is Steady Breath + QR + Aether, which usually allows her to activate Aether on her second attack if the enemy initiates the battle. She has an exceptional defensive stat, so she'll take minimal damage most of the time from physical assaults, and Aether allows her to heal up on almost every engagement. If you're going to +10 her, it would probably be worth it to try to pull some Steady Breath fodder sometime in the future. Brave Ike shows up on banners often enough. Steady or Sturdy Stance would also be good budget options in the meanwhile. QR can be run either in the B-slot, with the seal going to something like Distant Def, or as the seal, freeing up the B-slot for Guard. I also prefer to run Lightning Breath+ over her personal weapon. The built-in DC is very nice.
  10. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    This one actually proved to be rather difficult. Since Ursula is blue and starts with her skill charged, my beloved strategy of "Tiki Tanks Everything" was not particularly effective here. So I had to explore other options. I experimented with having some of my mage tanks, like Micaiah and Deirdre, absorb hits from the Ursula and the green cav mage. Eventually, I managed to work something out with Tiki, PA Azura, Genny and Deirdre. I had to give Deirdre Triangle Adept to help her deal with Ursula, which worked out nicely in the end. With Deirdre tanking the cav mages, they were stopped from breaking the wall and storming us, and thus we bought a bit of time to address the threat of the ninja coming down the corridor. For that, Genny's Gravity came in handy there, as it allowed us to slow its advance for a turn. Deirdre was able to tank a second round from the cav mages to the south, killing Ursula in the process, who was the main threat to Tiki. On the third turn, I had Tiki tank and kill the ninja while the others retreated to safety. At this point, I could pretty much just let Tiki tank the rest of the enemies, with some healing from Genny.
  11. Summer/Winter units you want to see

    The latter part of this is a sentiment I fully endorse! I don't mind seasonal alts, but I definitely am all for the entirety of the Whitewings getting more representation. Surely this has to happen sometime? Please not at the same time though! I only have so many orbs, so my hope there would be that the banner would be generous enough to grant me both...!
  12. Indeed! Here's something of what it would look like:
  13. I would likely vote for some combination of Minerva, Tiki, Est, and possibly Mia. Since we're assuming the split vote issue is fixed, I feel both Tiki and Mia would stand a better chance of at least breaking the top 10. I am very fond of the other Whitewings as well, Est just happens to be my favorite, and she traditionally gets the least amount of votes, so I'm inclined to give her extra support. Yeah, although I feel that eventually they're going to have to give her a personal weapon. I just recently got her to 5*+10, so I'm really hoping they do! Minerva as a pegasus knight would be great! This has been something I've wanted for a long time.
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    I wasn't expecting the Abyssal difficulty to be... quite so easy. I actually ended up just clearing it on the first attempt. A major factor, though, is that there weren't swarms of reinforcements. That results in things being much simpler!
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Let's go Team Lilina, let's take home a win from the entire tourney! If anyone would like my Cherche to mow down their foes, my ID is 8608857766! Just let me know if you send a friend request. I can also put up Est, if people are needing blues. All my other 5*+10s are red.