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  1. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    Very nice, as always! It's great to see the Alfonse you just got in action. I'm also partial to Elincia, so it's fun to see her fly around as well!
  2. My newest additions to my 5*+10 roster are: Magic is everything! He's been a key unit for me ever since I got him, so he definitely deserved the 5*+10 treatment. --- Dragons are everything! I've been meaning to build Corrin up for a long time, so I finally decided to go all in for her. The manaketes are just so good. I had enough feathers to send her straight from +0 to +10, so, while I haven't used her much yet, she'll see plenty of action in the future! While I'm at it, I'd like to update the pics for my preexisting 5*+10 units, since now they've had their banes removed and such. I'll put them in the spoiler: And, with that, I'm up to 8 of them!
  3. @Zeo Congrats on finally finishing Matthew! He looks great! It really can be quite a pain waiting for those last few copies of a unit to show up. I remember raising Fir from +0 to +10 while waiting for the last two copies of Cherche. Nino & Lukas are awesome as well. I have plans to eventually +10 my Lukas as well. I really like the Steady Breath build on yours.
  4. Mythic Hero candidates

    As far as I can tell, no one has suggested Tiki as a potential Mythic Hero, so I shall be the first! This would be particularly apropos in reference to the Future Past DLC. Besides, she needs this to maintain the symmetry of alts she has with her younger self! There's a regular adult and young Tiki, there's summer versions of each... and, since there's a Legendary version of the younger one, having an adult Mythic would return balance and order to the world!
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Mothers and Sons! (Jan 30th)

    I'm going with Team Cherche! She's been an integral part of my roster for a long time, and remains a steadfast cornerstone of my Arena team, along with A!Tiki & Est. If anyone wants to add me & avail themselves of my 5*+10 Palla, my ID is 8608857766! Let me know if you do, along with your in-game name!
  6. Choose Your Legends 3

    Oh, good choices. I, too, would like to see Nagi make an eventual appearance, and I think Rutger is overdue to show up. I'm facing the same problem, my friend! The bad gateway is preventing us from casting our Minerva votes!
  7. Choose Your Legends 3

    The further details lists the characters & titles that will have merged tallies. Basically, most characters from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery, along with the Tellius games. The exceptions for this rule are if the characters are the same but go by different names (so, basically, Severa from Awakening & Selena from Fates will be under a different tally), there's a certain period of time where the character has changed (I think it's pretty much young v. adult Tiki), and if the character has changed substantially between games (so someone like Hardin). So, who's everyone voting for?
  8. Thanks! It is nice to have this project finished, complete with new refines and everything! The brave effect on their weapons is quite nice, and I'm generally a fan of the flyer class, so it's easy to activate. I like the bonds as well! They turn her into a great speed tank with good sustain, thanks to Renewal. And I think she has access to Swap, although I pretty much always keep Draw Back on her. Draw Back gives her more mobility than Swap, especially on the first turn, since it also lets her pull an ally forward, giving her an effective movement range of 3. It also keeps an ally next to her when she's using it to advance into the enemy's range. Thanks! Congrats on your sixth merged unit as well! Any ideas on your next project?
  9. Given the pending update, you can essentially just ignore the bane, simplifying the choice to just that between +Atk and +Spd for the boon. For my 5*+10 Fir, I went with +Atk over +Spd. Without the Atk boon, she'll be pretty much totally dependent upon specials to do damage. She really appreciates a bit more attack, moreso, in my opinion, than speed. So the Atk boon is what I recommend.
  10. The sisters are finally complete! I was able to give Palla the refine she was waiting for, and so now I'll post all 3. I had posted Est a long time ago, but I haven't posted the other 2 here yet. I'm posting Est again, though, since she has an updated skill set, as I'd like that to be the pic I have on here (as opposed to the older one). Enjoy the Whitewings! This now means I'm up to 6 5*+10s!
  11. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    I decided to join Camilla this time. If anyone wants to add me, my ID is 8608857766! Let me know if you do -- my Catria is ready to go to work! I finished getting her to +10 pretty recently.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    But the mythic blessings only benefit the whales, and, while there is a cap on how much anyone can benefit from the mythic blessings, the introduction of the blessings did nothing but only further widen the gap. I don't particularly take solace in the fact that there's a cap because this whole situation created a problem where there was none before. It puts whoever doesn't acquire multiple blessings via summoning at an inherent disadvantage, and this problem will be replicated again for when new mythic heroes are released. One will need to pull multiple copies of those in order to remain competitive when they come out. This will be ameliorated over time, as they start to make blessings available through other means, but, until then, this is all to the detriment of F2P players. As for me just potentially quitting the mode, it's not simply because of rank, it's because the problems with the mode hinder my enjoyment of it. I'd like to see them address the problems.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Uh, wtf. This hits the weird spot between being so ridiculous it's obvious trolling and the "I'm so out of it" range. I think the former.
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    The introduction of Mythic Heroes tanked my rank as a F2P player. I'm considering just quitting the mode until they improve it. This is so true.
  15. I was able to rise once more to T21, securing another crown for my Feh's head. At a few hours before close, my score of 3,733 was ~400 or so marks above the cutoff. That's a reasonable lead, but certainly not what it once was. There has been a rather significant score inflation, even for non-Fjorm+Water weeks! It did, indeed, hold! I'm happy to hear that your serious run also managed to get you back into T21 as well (and by a much larger margin than mine!). Honestly, I've found that people have been pretty tight-lipped about what the cutoff mark for Arena Assault is. It could also just be that those around the edge don't regularly visit this thread, or otherwise don't share their AA scores.