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  1. Thanks for this! The autobattle for this method just worked immediately for me, so I'll definitely be doing some good HM grinding this week. For some other weeks, I couldn't get the autobattle methods to work, so I'm glad this one is good to go. Yeah, I would like to see Kris get in too. They're a holdout lord/main character, and they do deserve to get in.
  2. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I've been around since launch week, and have been consistently on ever since. I didn't have a tablet at the time, so I could only play on emulators. I had pretty terrible luck at the beginning, with no 5* units. Even grabbing a 4* unit was something of a rarity. Really, I should've rerolled, but meh, I didn't. Est was a star unit for me for awhile, since I had no 5* units. Roy was my first 5* unit, and I still have him, although I don't really use him so often. Est, however, has blossomed into a 5*+10. What's even better is that the first one I pulled (+Spd/-Def) serves as the base! I also remember the Emulator Apocalypse with, if I remember correctly, the 1.8 ver. update. Suddenly, none of the emulators worked anymore. Fortunately for me, someone discovered a version of Bluestacks that still could run it! Ah, yes, I remember the 803-3001 days... Glad I don't have to deal with that anymore!
  3. @Zeo I definitely don't mind being tagged, so feel free to do so. I also can sympathize with the plight of having a lot of premium unused fodder, as I tend to sit on mine rather than use them. As a general remark on some of the fodder, I think Warding Breath would best be used on a dragon, and I find Flashing Blade to generally be an inferior option to other A-passives. I just merge my Mias, rather than save any for Flashing Blade fodder that I know I'm not going to use. I'll spoiler this since it was kinda long. Hope that input helps, and maybe gives you some things to consider!
  4. No, I said this isn't the place to discuss that. I adhere to that. I'm fine talking about the Gamepress tier list, but not here, because this isn't the proper place for such a discussion.
  5. What information did I provide that is "wrong"?
  6. Seriously? This isn't the place to air out your complaints with a tier list. This is the QnA thread. Let's just limit it to that, not anything more.
  7. Different tier lists result in different rankings, I suppose. Gamepress puts him in the bottom 4 red mages, and I'd personally consider him to be down somewhere near the bottom as well. But one nice feature about this game is that every character can be built to where they can be useful, should one want to put sufficient investment into them.
  8. Mia is an excellent sword user, so I'd definitely recommend using her. She also doesn't have useful skills for fodder, so that helps with that (Flashing Blade is usually an inferior choice for an A-passive). Check which one has the better nature (+Atk or +Spd are the best boons for her, and, of course, are also the worst banes), and you can use the lesser one for a merge. Soleil is also an excellent sword user with a good kit. She can be handy for promotion, and she also comes with the Firesweep Sword, which can be a very nice player phase weapon. I'd recommend building her. If you need a sword cav, I would opt for Ares over Eliwood, as Ares is superior to Eliwood. Caeda's fine if you like her and want to do a +10 merge project. I would like to point out that a 5*+10 merge project will take a long time and will consume a substantial amount of feathers, so you should make sure you pick a character you really like before you set out to do that. I think you should prioritize building up a robust roster that can tackle Arena Assault and the Squad Assault challenges before you start trying to make 5*+10 characters, but if you're interested in maybe making a 5*+10 of her in the future, it's not too early to start saving up copies of her though. As for Caeda herself, she's a decent flying sword unit. Her Prf weapon is good, and she has access to class buffs, so she's a viable option if you're in need of a red flier. Selena is used as fodder for Reposition, Hinata for Fury (using him for Buckler is a waste, Fury's a much more valuable and handy skill), Lonqu for Vantage, Roy for Triangle Adept, and Athena for Moonbow. The remaining swordies tend not to be so useful for fodder. As for whether or not to train up all the units, I would say, no, not unless you like them all. There's a large cast, so I'd focus on characters that you like first and foremost. With the right investment, all of the characters are at least usable. Now, for Sophia, Henry, and Raigh. Of those, Sophia makes for an excellent RaĆ°urraven mage. Give her Triangle Adept and Bowbreaker, and she'll be a steadfast counter to bow units in the Arena. She's also a pretty common summon, so it's easy enough to make a 4*+10 copy if you wanted to do that. As for Henry or Raigh, I don't think they're worth investing in, unless you like them. They're always going to be towards the bottom of the red mage totem pole.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    Me! I'm a refugee from the lost armies of Ike, and Lucina prior to that. But it seems the time has come for me to finally join Veronica.
  10. I finished the new mode, and, whew, it's really something of a mess at the higher difficulties. The stats on the enemies just got to be too ridiculous, especially with that many reinforcements. With the final map, it's possible for the enemy to get itself stuck if the healer moves into the wrong spot. Then you can just safely watch the hordes of reinforcements fill up the map behind it. I strongly prefer Rival Domains over this nonsense, and might send them some negative feedback for the mode.
  11. I am forever Team Macedon. Although, I must admit, I do have some reservations about Michalis. I'm not totally convinced I can forgive him for what he did. That said, I recently upgraded the Savage Blow SS for Maria, and gave her a Pain+ staff. She's quite incredible with that set. But it's good to see another who is so fondly a member of Team Macedon! #MacedonForever
  12. Let's talk about Combat Manuals

    Nice! I've been meaning to get around to building a Selena, but haven't yet. I do, however, have a Beruka built up, although I'm debating on which premium skill to pass onto her, Steady Stance 3 or Close Def 3. Merging decreases the cost of upgrading by the amount of feathers you would otherwise earn by sending the unit home. In other words, it's almost entirely useless, and it can be safely ignored, unless, for whatever reason, you were merging fodder units.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    I joined Team Lucina, and it's pretty much just been endless multipliers for us. Veronica's Army has the largest base out of everyone this time around, by a rather substantial number. We're slated to give Veronica a multiplier later on, which is projected to bury us for the rest of the match. Still, I'm going to give my favorite princess here all of my flags!
  14. Update is here! That means it's time to go clear out space in my barracks. I've been looking forward to making combat manuals; this should solve all my needs for space! Cherche's Axe is also quite nice, now my +10 Cherche is even more deadly than before. The Panic Ploy upgrade is also a nice effect, since she does have a huge HP pool. The axe itself also looks very cool too. I guess I know where my Dew is going... I got my Celica on her release banner, she's definitely gotten good use out of Renewal. Indeed, she probably will continue to need it, as her refine is lower on my priority list. Plus, I'm out of fodder Shannas, so there's no cheap Desperation available for her. My Cherche got great use out of her Brave Axe+, and Fir did well with her Wo Dao+. Those were both good investments, even though now they've been powercrept by Prf weapons. As you say, resources are meant to be used! Actually, her HP is in an optimal range to use with Fury. She'll take 11 damage in combined recoil from Fury and her tome, which is sufficient to put her into Desperation range. So, after any first engagement, all her passive effects will be ready to go. Of course, that's not counting Summoner Support. If she's +HP or has merges with Summoner Support, then she might have 45 or more HP.
  15. Alternatively, you could do what I do, which is not field any armors at all and just play the map with regular units. So long as you max out your score in every other area, it's actually unnecessary to get any kills with the bonus type. Just get 20 kills with regular units and capture all the enemy strongholds, and your score will be sufficient to surpass the threshold. I find it much more fun to do that than to mess around with armor units on the RD maps. As for the GC, there are stat boosts for armors, sure, but otherwise there's no reason to field them if you don't want to. That's pretty impressive! Although I find it kind of surprising that one of the units with 0 HM is a dancer.