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  1. What your beverage choice says about you

    I have negative taste! Eggnog.
  2. Rate the Video Game Character Above

    0/10, Corrin is a boring, uninteresting character who's description reads like a first Mary Sue, and actively drags the plot down. Ranzal from Dragalia Lost.
  3. Dragalia Lost!

    So, we got the latest story chapter. -Elly development! -A new free unit! -Leonidas is batshit crazy!
  4. Explain your avatar

    This picture of chibi Kaden and Keaton came from Keaton's 'Meet some of the Heroes' section on the Heroes website. Honestly? I chose it because I thought it was cute.
  5. Well, somebody hasn't done his examination quotes. When Alm examines stuff in first-person modes, he makes a lot of snarky comments, as well as some dumb puns ("I bet if you sold this pot, you could urn a lot of money. Get it? Urn?"). And maybe he's 'generic'. I, honestly, think he's fun. And he certainly doesn't reach the Gary Stu/Mary Sue-level implosion of Corrin (Hi, I'm the princess of one kingdom raised in another but actually I'm from a third, secret kingdom nobody knows about, I'm half-dragon and I have a super magic sword and everyone loves me (except for those evil guys) and I'm always right). Compared to that, "I'm a prince raised as a commoner to disguise my identity and I can use a cool magic dragon-slaying sword" is practically nothing.
  6. I don't think most Light Novel protags have Alm's level of sarcasm and snark, at least early on in the game. Most LN protags are boring level-headed types or over-the-top hot-head types, and Alm's a balance between being rational and emotional.
  7. Alm already had a framework. Corrin was completely original. Alm had to follow the same basic steps of the original Gaiden, while Corrin was put in a completely original story.
  8. The leading theory is that this isn't a Fates situation where the whole cast depends on your choice of route, but more of a Sacred Stones situation (While there are major changes of character acquisition order, and plot points, etc., you do get MOSTLY the same people on all routes, barring a few exceptions like the route splits in Thracia, Binding, and Blazing).
  9. Create an FE Character

    Eric, Panther-Legged Thief (Male)
  10. What your beverage choice says about you

    For the hipster on the go who needs a pick-me-up! Cider.
  11. Create an FE Character

    Mateo's growths are focused on being a well-rounded physical unit: His HP, Strength, Speed and Defense, individually, won't blow anyone's minds, but all together, they end up being pretty good. He doesn't get much Magic, Luck, or Resistance, and his Skill can be a bit shaky, but if you want someone who's fast, strong, and tanky all at once, he's a good choice for that. Mateo lives on the Horned Dragon Peak, and is the guardian of it's treasure, the Dragon Crest (The first third of the Fire Emblem). He is a loner, raised only by the previous guardian, his father. He understand he will live a lonely life, find someone to take his place, and then die in obscurity... until the Lord asks him to join the group.
  12. Name the Hero/Villain!

    A man who uses his 'Charismagnet' power to attract people and money to him by acting pitable and sad. He's secretly a CEO and supervillain. ---- Mr. Shade
  13. Dragalia Lost!

    I just want a new daily Event like Avenue to Fortune that can give us Eldwater.
  14. Create an FE Character

  15. What your beverage choice says about you

    Ugh... I am... so hungover... Whiskey.