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  1. Exalted Legacy: REQUEST TOPIC

    Thanks! I actually had Julian up next to her as I sprited to make sure they would look good together. <3
  2. Exalted Legacy: REQUEST TOPIC

    Lena has been finished!
  3. Fateborn Who Can't Sprite

    I know it was addressed earlier in the thread, but she is still way too big if you plan to insert her into a hack or display her alongside other characters. Here she is posed next to Miledy (her FE6 expy): They don't look like they belong in the same game - so I agree with earlier crits and hope you will consider them. Her trim looks very jagged as well and needs more smoothing. Good luck with the rest though, you have some great stuff to work with.
  4. Astelaine's Sprite Thread

    *airs out thread* Hi! After a long hiatus from anything FE-related, I've been spriting a little bit between real-lifing and gaming and various project-ings. My goal is to update some of my old mugs, because now that I look back at them, they irk me terribly. First up, Maris. The angle on her face has been bothering me for YEARS. Please tell me if this is a little closer to correct! -> It's still a WIP, but crits are very welcome.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! <33

  6. Samias's Art Stuff

    Nooo, beanstalk guy! You are my favorite! The real question is which of those two he is crushing on That smooching picture is beyond adorable, too. The varying line widths for the characters' facial features, hair, and necks draws your eyes right in. Lovely as always!
  7. Astelaine's Sprite Thread

    Re: Crits: I agree the forehead is short on the last one - thanks Amelia and Mew! As for the blue-haired OC, her hair isn't done yet, so those bangs will be fixed for sure. :) Thank you to everyone who complimented the hair as well. I found hair very difficult for a long time and it was looking really "toothpasty." I think I'm beginning to figure out how to make it look like actual strands now. Also, Palla is done! (Yes, her minimug is slightly different, but I don't really care.) Lena will happen once I figure out that bonnet. D: Wyvern rider fixes: -> -> Is the third face any better? AK and I tried moving the eyes in closer but it just wasn't looking right. I tried this as a solution instead. Feedback very much appreciated. Btw, any resemblance to Frimelda is a coincidence - I didn't know that character existed, haha.
  8. Astelaine's Sprite Thread

    Still working on wyvern rider lady, but since I managed to get my files back, here's a works-in-progress dump! Lena and Palla are for Legend of Marth. The latter two are OCs for my own project - one is new and the other is an update of the one in my sig.
  9. Spriting Social Discussion

    Hi Ghast, I don't know what everyone else's experience is, but I find GIMP to be an unwieldy pain for spriting. I use Graphics Gale for pixel work and animation. It has layers! (omg) Recoloring tools! A window/bar just for your animation frames! etc. The only problem is that you cannot save as an animated gif with the free version, but it seems you were handling that part elsewhere anyways. Hope this helps!
  10. Round 86 SF Splice Competition VOTING

    I like #4 the most as well. It is cleanly spliced with good proportions/anatomy and a sensible design. The shading feels pillowy in places, but it is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  11. Astelaine's Sprite Thread

    Thank you for the compliments, everyone. I'm glad people like it. :) Some replies before I show a new WIP... Thank you, I think those are good suggestions. That dark line on her top is bothering me too! I will try to add some shadows and see what happens. Yep, it was the WIP dump I sent you, plus a couple more (Lena and Palla for Legend of Marth.) Thanks Boney! And AK was right - shared colors. Also I just felt like a blue-ish palette for shits & giggles. Here's what I'm working on at the moment: Wyvern rider. Something about the face is bothering me but I can't put my finger on it. Preliminary crits welcome.
  12. At first I was like...

    Ooh, fun thread. And Astra, that Orson cracks me up every time. You have come so far! First splice: First full custom: And for added badness, an SNES sprite...
  13. Astelaine's Sprite Thread

    So, it's been awhile. Unfortunately, my laptop died, so I lost about four new sprites I was working on. Hopefully I'll be able to rip the hard drive out and salvage my files. In the meantime, I finished the mage girl from upthread: And here she is as an etabase:
  14. Etabase

    Too much fun! Must do more...
  15. Come back to life now... Please?