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  1. @GrimmLow Are you sure? Wouldn't the data for the Grand Hero Reruns already be in the game? Why would there need to be an update?
  2. You can't. I was saying that if the character whose weapon you're considering replacing has a legendary weapon, then you shouldn't replace the weapon, since the replacement will be considerably less powerful than the weapon it's replacing. Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough. Wait, is there another update coming? I thought we already received the update for April.
  3. Well, it's not like you really need the 5-Star-exclusive weapon on mages. It generally only provides 4 extra points of ATK, so you could use the 3-Star version well enough usually. Unless there's a legendary weapon involved, in which case you should do your best to make that work because the drop to a 3-Star weapon is much more significant.
  4. Wow. I had disregarded Life and Death because I figured the defensive losses would outweigh the offensive benefits, but I guess I was wrong. Still, I disagree with Noontime/Sol being better for PvE: Noontime seems like it wouldn't heal enough to help Stahl deal with Fury self-damage, and Sol might heal enough to cover Fury, but it might not happen often enough to matter. I don't see any real problems with the proposed build here... although I would suggest Reposition or Swap for Stahl's Assist Skill, since Swap is something he already has, and both of these let Stahl move allies out of harm's way and allow him to tank against Greens/Swords after your ally has been left vulnerable to them during their attack. Glad I could help, mate! And now, two questions of my own: 1: I have a +DEF/-SPD Marth. Would Falchion/Pivot/Bonfire/Fury/Renewal/Spur SPD/[SPD +1] be a good build for him? I feel like the frequent HP recovery from two Renewals (Renewal 3 and Falchion's Renewal 2) would let Marth outheal Fury's self-damage and then some (especially since he gets 20 HP every third turn), and Bonfire would take advantage of Marth's higher DEF, but I'm not 100% sure if this is the best option for Marth here. Maybe I should run Sacred Cowl instead of Bonfire to help with Marth's low RES making him an easy target for mages? Or Escutcheon to maybe help him deal with dragons? I dunno here, I'm about to echo Ice Dragon's sentiment 2: Is there anyone who really wants Sol/Noontime? Because I dunno any more.
  5. She comes with all the tools to do this tho. She has Gronnwolf to murder horses with wolfheads, decent DEF to tank against cavalry she doesn't kill via Gronnwolf, and then she can kill them in the second turn. She only loses to Leo when she attacks, and she can just wait for him to attack her instead and then kill him on her turn. Yeah, she has trouble with Reds, but she can ORKO any Blue and Frederick without buffs (though she does want an ATK buff to handle +RES Frederick/Peri/Bunny Xander, as well as =RES Elise, Gunter, Jagen and Leo, and -RES Cecilia and Clarine), and she can usually survive against attacks by cavaliers (Cain can kill with +ATK, Eliwood can kill with Hone Cavalry buffs, Eldigan and Stahl kill with Hone Cavalry buffs and the ATK +1 Sacred Seal, Leo needs +ATK and Hone Cavalry buffs to kill, Reinhardt needs =/+ATK, Death Blow 3 and Hone Cavalry buffs to kill, and Olwen needs +ATK, Death Blow 3, Hone Cavalry buffs and the ATK +1 Sacred Seal to kill... so she mostly loses to buffed Reds, and the Dire Thunder siblings can kill too if their ATK is boosted way, way up), so she'll get two shots to kill a cavalier, which she should be able to do with Gronnwolf. She needs someone to deal with non-cavalier swordies, like Elieson said, but F!Robin is a good counter to cavaliers, which will be good to have in the future when Xander and Camus drop. It will be, once Xander and Camus come out. And you'll wish you had F!Robin then @Kaden Wouldn't we get two Morgans, like we got two Robins and two Corrins?
  6. Female Robin is pretty good as either a Horse Emblem counter with Gronnwolf (counters the fuck out of Reinhardt and other Blues, probably counters the Greens, and probably does decently against Reds that aren't Stahl too), and could also run as a M!Robin-alike that targets Blues instead of Reds (which is good if you need a Blue/Grey counter). She could even be a defensively-tanky Gronnblade user (I wouldn't recommend this unless you had Close Counter that you could give her, but if you do, she could run Gronnblade/Close Counter/Vantage/Threaten RES/Bonfire... I dunno how well that would work, but you could try it). How do you salvage Navarre tho? But yeah, another Lancebreaker 3 will be great to have, so I can give that to Reinhardt and make him slightly more amazing than he already is. Although really Lancebreaker 2 would work just as well, maybe even Lancebreaker 1 to be honest
  7. For Gronnblade!Cecilia, I recommend Darting Blow (she'll reach (-/neutral/+) 28/31/34 SPD after Hone Cavalry, so with Darting Blow she reaches 34/37/40 SPD on Player Phase, so she should be able to double quite a few units, which is useful if she can't one-shot them) or Death Blow (for even more attack power... if you have another Klein you're willing to burn), G Tomebreaker (Reinhardt struggles against Greens, so you should let Cecilia handle the green tome holders (get a Sword Cavalier for axes - I recommend Cain, but we'll be seeing Xander next month so you might want him in that role instead... I know this means getting rid of Olivia, but you won't miss her too much, trust me), who she should more easily be able to handle if she can always double them), a Cavalry buff (because Reinhardt and Gunter appreciate buffs too), and Iceberg (for when you need a little extra power, and I don't think Draconic Aura is quite as strong on Cecilia as Iceberg is). @Ice Dragon Okay, here are the calcs for Hone Cavalry on Stahl for the build I recommended for you (In the Spoiler because it's long): Hopefully I got all of that right. I used for the calculations. Hope that helps, Ice Dragon!
  8. Ideally Reinhardt never gets hit ever because he's murdering everything with 1-2 hits of Dire Thunder before anyone can get in a counter on him, so yeah, Lancebreaker 2 should be enough for Reinhardt.
  9. Maybe they want a re-run of making that map actually hard? Unless there's a Lunatic F!Robin, it's gonna be the Julia show all over again when I rerun that map. As for Navarre, unless they redo the enemies I'm gonna have an easy clear since I remember how I did it last time. Although, they're gonna have challenges with these maps, yeah? Maybe they'll have ones that prevent my previous strategies from working? Please don't be 4 Armors vs F!Robin
  10. Yeah, good call. Nowi being -SPD would probably hurt her significantly, so you should wait for a better one. And yeah, Cecilia with Gronnblade and all the +6 buffs, that shit devastates (I ran it on my Horse Emblem team this week, it was beautiful). She'll be even stronger if you can keep her near Reinhardt with his Goad Cavalry aura. Well, Horse Emblem is good right now, it's just gonna get better once Xander gets here. There's no real reason to wai- Wait wait wait Camus is gonna have Goad Cavalry? Where did you find this? Also Astellius, Xander is the next Grand Hero Battle after Zephiel, while Camus... I dunno when Camus is coming, the last ones I know about are Xander and Lloyd in May.
  11. Ah, they're rerunning old Grand Hero Battles? And one of them's F!Robin? Hopefully they'll add a Lunatic version, so I can grab an extra 4-Star (I promoted the 3-Star one). Hopefully Narcian and Ursula will be next, since I can definitely beat Hard Narcian with my team (and I might be able to beat Lunatic Ursula too, and Lunatic Narcian if they add that). And yeah, it'd be nice if we got the Banners back too. And maybe got a new banner for Battling Narcian when they rerun him.
  12. Okay, for +ATK Stahl... (my apologies in advance for any mistakes) Brave Sword+ with Death Blow and Swordbreaker vs Cain (already has Brave Sword+) with Same Build (making them both -RES for these calcs) 5-Star Stahl has 45 HP | 42 ATK | 21 SPD | 30 DEF | 19 RES 5-Star Cain has 42 HP | 43 ATK | 22 SPD | 27 DEF | 18 RES Cain is slightly stronger and faster than Stahl (he can quad -SPD Reinhardt, Stahl cannot... I think that's about the only place where the SPD difference matters), but he won't live as long since his HP and DEF are significantly lower. Vs 5-Star Swordies, Stahl kills all except Draug, =/+DEF Eldigan, Hinata, and Zephiel. If the enemy has Swordbreaker, Stahl kills -DEF Alm, Caeda, -/=DEF Cain, -DEF M!Corrin, -/=DEF Eirika, Eliwood, -/=DEF Fir, Hana, Lon'qu, -/=DEF Lucina, -/=DEF Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -DEF Ogma, Olivia, -DEF Palla, -DEF Roy, -/=DEF Ryoma, and -DEF Selena, and loses to =/+DEF Alm and =/+DEF Karel. For comparison, vs 5-Star Swordies, Cain kills all except Draug, +DEF Eldigan and Hinata. If the enemy has Swordbreaker, Cain kills -DEF Alm, Caeda, -/=DEF Cain, -DEF M!Corrin, -/=DEF Eirika, Eliwood, Fir, Hana, -/=DEF Karel, -DEF Laslow, Lon'qu, -/=DEF Lucina, Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -DEF Ogma, Olivia, -/=DEF Palla, -/=DEF Roy, -/=DEF Ryoma, -DEF Selena, and Zephiel, and loses to +DEF Karel. So, to compare: With no Swordbreaker enemies: Cain kills =DEF Eldigan and Zephiel over Stahl. With Swordbreaker enemies: Cain kills -/=DEF Fir, =DEF Karel, -DEF Laslow, +DEF Lyn, =DEF Palla and =DEF Roy over Stahl, and does not die to =/+DEF Alm or =DEF Karel on the attack while Stahl does. Alternatively, you mentioned Life and Death 3 as an option over Death Blow, so let's compare Stahl and Cain with that as well: With LaD3, Stahl has 45 HP | 47 ATK | 26 SPD | 25 DEF | 14 RES With LaD3, Cain has 42 HP | 48 ATK | 27 SPD | 22 DEF | 13 RES Vs 5-Star Swordies, Stahl kills all except Draug, =/+DEF Eldigan, Hinata and +DEF Stahl. With Swordbreaker on enemies, Stahl kills -DEF Alm, Caeda, -DEF Cain, -/=DEF Eirika, Eliwood, -/=DEF Fir, Hana, -DEF Karel, -/=DEF Lon'qu, -/=DEF Lucina, -/=DEF Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -/=DEF Olivia, -DEF Palla, -DEF Roy, -DEF Ryoma, and Zephiel, and loses to M!Corrin, +DEF Fir, =/+DEF Karel, +DEF Lucina, and =/+DEF Ryoma. For comparison, vs 5-Star Swordies, Cain kills all except Draug, +DEF Eldigan and Hinata. With Swordbreaker on enemies, Cain kills -DEF Alm, Caeda, -/=DEF Cain, -DEF M!Corrin, -/=DEF Eirika, Eliwood, Fir, Hana, -/=DEF Karel, -DEF Laslow, Lon'qu, -/=DEF Lucina, Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -DEF Ogma, Olivia, -/=DEF Palla, -/=DEF Roy, -/=DEF Ryoma, -DEF Selena, and Zephiel, and loses to +DEF Karel. So, to compare: With no Swordbreaker enemies: Cain kills =DEF Eldigan and +DEF Stahl over Stahl. With Swordbreaker enemies: Cain kills =DEF Cain, +DEF Fir, =DEF Karel, -DEF Laslow, +DEF Lon'qu, +DEF Lyn, =DEF Ogma, +DEF Olivia, =DEF Palla, =DEF Roy, =DEF Royma, and -DEF Selena over Stahl, and does not die to M!Corrin, +DEF Fir, =DEF Karel, +DEF Lucina, or =/+DEF Ryoma on the attack while Stahl does. Overall, Cain is just better than Stahl in both builds, so if you have a Cain you should just give these skills to him. Still, if you never pull a Cain, Stahl can do a serviceable job as Cain-lite with these builds. For the Ruby Sword+ build you mentioned, for +ATK Stahl vs 5-Star Swordies: With +ATK, Stahl kills -DEF Alm, Caeda, -DEF Cain, -DEF M!Corrin, -/=DEF Eirika, Eliwood, Fir, Hana, -/=DEF Karel, -DEF Laslow, Lon'qu, -/=DEF Lucina, Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -DEF Ogma, Olivia, -/=DEF Palla, -/=DEF Roy, -/=DEF Ryoma, and -DEF Selena. With +SPD, Stahl kills Caeda, -DEF Eirika, Eliwood, -/=DEF Fir, Hana, -DEF Karel, -/=DEF Lon'qu, -DEF Lucina, -/=DEF Lyn, -DEF Marth, Navarre, -/=DEF Olivia, -DEF Palla, -DEF Roy, and -DEF Ryoma. And vs 5-Star Greens: No Green can kill Stahl with this build. IMO This is Stahl's best build right here. +ATK kills more swords, but +SPD kills more Greens, so I say +SPD should be your Stahl of choice (I'm willing to bet you have a Reinhardt/Sully/Abel to kill Swords, so +SPD Stahl would be best for you since that one kills more Greens and neither +ATK nor +SPD loses to any Swords). I'd be willing to bet Cain could run this set more effectively too, since he's slightly stronger and faster than Stahl, but Stahl can run this more easily since he already has a Ruby Sword when you get him. As for your final question, I say you should avoid -ATK/-SPD/-DEF Stahls, and shoot for +HP/+ATK/+SPD Stahls, so the ideal one would possibly be something like: +SPD/-RES (Gives Stahl 30 SPD, which can't be replicated with Fury since that only gives 3 SPD (so neutral-SPD Stahl ends up with 29 after Fury) while being +SPD gives Stahl a 4-point advantage over =SPD: Stahl's RES is already crap anyway, and lowering it won't make him die to any Greens besides buffed Gronnblade-users who he probably already dies to, while the extra SPD most likely lets Stahl survive who could otherwise double him) And use the Ruby Sword+/Fury/Swordbreaker build, since that's a pretty good build. I dunno if I'm actually right about any of this, I just felt I should try to respond... Getting off of Stahl for a bit, here's a question regarding Cain (since I'm training mine up right now): My 4-Star Cain is +SPD/-HP. Should I give him a Silver Sword, or let him keep his Brave Sword? He has pretty balanced stats overall, and 32 SPD without the Brave Sword could be nice... but at the same time, he could get 30 SPD with the Brave if I threw Fury at him, so maybe I should let him keep the Brave and throw him Fury... but if I give him the Silver and Darting Blow he'd reach 38 SPD when attacking and double quite a few enemies anyway... But I might be able to get quad-hits if I gave Cain Hone Cavalry, Darting Blow and Desperation with his Brave Sword since he'd reach 39 SPD... but Silver Sword Cain can reach 38 SPD with just Hone Cavalry, which is only slightly lower and still protects him from getting doubled most of the time, and I'd be running Cain on my cavalry team so he'd be getting this buff anway... but Brave Sword Cain wouldn't get doubled that often with Hone Cavalry, and I'm running Reinhardt so Brave Cain would have 37 SPD if he was near Rein... but Silver Cain would have 42 SPD in the same situation... damn it, I can't decide... I agree with this sentiment. I agree so much right now.
  13. Give Reinhardt something other than Vantage. He really doesn't get much out of Vantage since he's supposed to kill everything on his turn, so give him something else. I remember Lancebreaker being recommended to me once. I haven't had a chance to try it, but it sounds like a good call, since Reinhardt already crushes Reds and can probably handle Colorless pretty well without a B Skill, so you should help him deal with Blues.... And I wouldn't burn a F!Robin for Blue Tomebreaker, so give Reinhardt Lancebreaker from an Arthur if you have/pull one.
  14. What do you mean by Duessel comes close to being a green horse Camus? Also, I thought you meant a team made up of four Camuses. Did you mean something else by all-Camus team?
  15. Then either give Reinhardt Luna, or wait until you have feathers to spare, promote F!Corrin and immediately burn her to make Reinhardt even more awesome than he already is... Though honestly, Rising/Blazing Thunder isn't terrible on Reinhardt either. He doesn't really need his Special all that often, Dire Thunder + Death Blow can handle most enemies pretty well by itself. All in all, if you can't give him Draconic Aura now, then you don't need to change Rein's Special, since he doesn't require it often (at least, he doesn't when I use him and he has +6 ATK from Hone Cavs...).