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  1. I've been stuck in Hyrule for the last week or so, but now I'm back!.. for a bit. @BANRYUGlad Meta Knight and Kirby (and Bandana Dee, at a glance) are better now! Dedede... I dunno, I don't really feel that his Jet Hammer is still too good, since it's just the Hammer effect with a second effect (which I don't feel is super-game-breaking since there are, what, 8 Armors, including Dedede?), and that just makes it kinda like Falchion (except exchange the dragon-slaying for armor-slaying, and Renewal for Spur DEF), which isn't all that OP in my opinion (I mean, it's certainly good, but I wouldn't call it OP unless you face nothing but dragons). Still, I'm not sure what else I could give him anyway, besides a Hammer+ (which, yeah I don't want to, but that's just down to my always wanting to give a unique weapon to everyone). @Nightmayre Ah, thanks for the critique! Andy: I give everyone legendary weapons, or at least unique ones. I don't know why. As for Hyper Upgrade... I was worried about making it too powerful (and it felt that way when it was +6 to everything), but yeah that's not all that great in its current state. Maybe I should go back to +6-to-everything-but-only-after-a-Special-activates-and-even-then-only-until-your-next-turn like I originally planned (so it'd be about twice as strong, which may be too strong, I dunno). I don't think making it work like Wo Dao would work for Hyper Upgrade, since Andy's Hyper Upgrade made your units stronger and more durable, which is what I'm trying to recreate here. Your Lethal Strike sounds like a cool Skill though. Eagle: Yeah, Eagle is designed a bit too much around snowballing (which isn't how Eagle should be, that's more Olaf's thing yeah?). Wasn't really sure how to give Eagle a unique skill tho... maybe a weaker Goad Fliers with a larger radius (like the CO Unit zone thingy from Days of Ruin... even if I didn't love that game, it'd kinda make sense since Eagle's a CO and a unit here). Not sure what I'll give him for another skill tho... Olaf: Glad you think so! I really struggled with Olaf, so this is great to hear! Well, read, I can't hear things written on the internet, but whatever Sonja: I feel like that 3-range-attack thing would work better for Grit (who I was considering doing instead of Olaf for a bit), but it's a good idea. Vantage 2 is just there because I didn't want to give her Vantage, but needed to give her Vantage in some way because she had exactly that on her Super CO Power in Dual Strike. Although, yeah, Draw Back (Sonja can't have Drag Back since she's a ranged unit, though you meant Draw Back, right?) would probably be better than Reposition on Sonja. Hawkeye: I've never seen Renewal decide a fight either, I just couldn't come up with something better to put on Black Storm (still can't, actually). The +1 Special Charge was because Hawke has a really long meter for his CO Powers to balance him since he's pretty much Andy-but-better otherwise, so I wanted to implement that here too. Not sure what to do here... And now, because I feel obligated to make new heroes every time I come into this thread... And because I came up with these while I was writing this and needed to write 'em down: Hope these are good!
  2. @Noble Of Pherae I second what salinea said, Dancing Blade is pretty neat. I'll be surprised if it doesn't make it into Heroes (they already have Heavy Blade, so it'd make sense). @Nightmayre Yeah, Kirby characters in Fire Emblem is weird (Kirby does not fit the aesthetic of Fire Emblem... any Fire Emblem...), but it was a fun challenge to write all of those up... even if they didn't quite end up all that great balance-wise. Although, I wrote up revised versions of those four a few posts down from the initial post that I think improved on several of the problems you (and BANRYU before you) mentioned: And speaking of characters that wouldn't be expected in Fire Emblem (or maybe they would, I dunno): Hopefully these aren't too bad.
  3. @BANRYU That's quite a lot, haha! Thanks, mate! Now, to respond: So, without further ado, I present to you the (hopefully) improved Kirby crew, starting with Meta Knight: King Dedede: Bandana Dee: And finally, have Kirby, completely reworked into a Staff user because I liked your idea more than mine: I really hope I didn't make Kirby too good. Because it kinda feels like I might have. Just a little, haha. Thanks for your help, mate!
  4. Glad you like the concepts. I'm very open to suggestions/critique, so please, if you have any, fire away!
  5. Here are Kirby characters, because I really should've done these sooner. To start, here's Meta Knight: And King Dedede: And, of course, Kirby: And finally, Bandana Dee: Hopefully these are alright. I think Meta Knight might be a bit too good, and Bandana Dee might not be all that great, but I've been writing this for too long already.
  6. Ah, I see. I just thought Mae because of her hairstyle. And yeah, I kinda hope it's Genny staying 5-Star with Celica. I wanna be a bit more likely to pull Mae and Boey after this banner.
  7. Celica? My mind went straight to Mae when I read that. On a different note, who do you all think will be dropped to 4-Star after this banner? I know Celica won't, but do you think Mae, Boey or Genny will stay 5-Star-exclusive with her? Also, congrats on the Boey, Smog! Wish I could've pulled one.
  8. That's great! Gonna put it on my Robin now. +6 DEF should help no matter who I get in the Voting Gauntlet. Thanks again, mate.
  9. So I'd only get the +4 from Fortify RES 3 then? Alright. That's a little disappointing, but I'll find a use for it anyway. Thanks, mate. Although, would the Spur DEF 1 Sacred Seal would stack with Spur DEF 3 to give +6 DEF to adjacent allies? Because that would be pretty useful.
  10. Does Fortify RES stack with the Fortify RES 1 Sacred Seal? I mean, if I use Fortify RES 3 with the Seal, will my units get a +6 RES buff, or just the +4 from Fortify 3? Also, is +SPD/-HP a good boon/bane for Barst? Or Cain? Because I have those two as +SPD/-HP.
  11. @pianime94 Okay, so Celica will, when attacked at a distance, have 28 DEF and 31 RES, which is pretty good. 29 SPD'll hurt, but if you can keep her at full HP then she'll have 34 SPD which is a lot better. So, I say you should run Ragnarok (Celica's unique weapon, no reason not to run it) / Reciprocal Aid (since she has Renewal, Celica can heal injured allies while still being able to regain her own HP : alternatively, she can steal an ally's HP to remain at full for Ragnarok boosts / Draconic Aura or Iceberg (at full HP, Celica has 51 ATK, so DracAura should deal 15 damage, and still does 13 damage when Celica's not at full HP) / Distant DEF / Renewal (heals 10 HP every other turn, which should overcome Ragnarok's 5 HP self-damage-when-she-attacks-at-full-HP fairly easily, thus letting her have 34 SPD as often as possible) / Threaten SPD (so that, after someone attacks Celica, they lose 5 SPD, which should help keep enemies from dpubling her when she's reduced to 29 SPD) / SPD +1 Sacred Seal (so you have 30 SPD, 35 at full HP). Hope that helps!
  12. @MrSmokestack Ah, alright. I'll stick with Assault then. I don't have anyone who wants HP +3 at the moment tho, so Genny'll keep that for now. Thanks for your advice, mate. On another note, would Fury be good for +ATK/-SPD Lucina? Because I pulled a +ATK/-SPD Lucina today, and I want to use her since she's +ATK and will therefore be really strong, but I'm not sure what the best method of fixing her SPD would be (I know about Life and Death, but I don't have anyone who can pass that on at the moment), and since she already has Renewal on the Falchion I don't think Fury's self-damage would be too bad on her. Am I wrong?
  13. I have a Genny (+RES/-DEF), and I want to make her great, but I'm not quite sure about the right direction to go with her. I'm thinking of going with Martyr (since I want Genny to be fighting, she'll probably take damage at some point, so she'll be able to heal larger amounts of HP without Imbue if she runs Martyr, and it'll heal her up too if she's been hurt), ATK +3 (I had considered running Defiant ATK, but ATK +3 with a Rally/Hone ATK buff can reach +7 too, so it seemed unnecessary), the HP +3 Sacred Seal (SPD +1 doesn't look like it'd make too much of a difference, and I'm not sure ATK +1 would matter all that much, but HP +3 means Genny might be able to tank against mages a little better, which would be nice since she has 37 RES to work with), and Wrathful Staff (have to run this on Genny, it'd be a shame to waste her high ATK stat), but I'm not sure whether I should go with Assault or Absorb for her weapon. On the one hand, Assault is significantly stronger, giving Genny 48 ATK (52 after Hone/Rally ATK), relative to Absorb giving Genny 42 ATK (46 after Hone/Rally ATK), so it would seem like the obvious choice for a high-ATK healer with Wrathful Staff to maximize damage dealt, but on the other hand Absorb's built-in self-heals could be more useful for having Genny tank against mages (which she might be able to do fairly well, since +RES means she has 37 RES so she could manage it I think, though that 35 HP makes me question this)... So I'm kinda torn here. Anyone got any advice? @MrSmokestack Nice summary, mate! Makes me want to 5-Star my Xander (I didn't last time because I had to 5-Star Nino, but now I don't really have anyone else I want to 5-Star, so it's good to know that 5-Star Xander is really good for what I need him to do). Thanks.
  14. Wrys has a maximum of (with Assault, +ATK, ATK +3 and a Rally ATK/Hone ATK 3 buff) 45 ATK. Compare to Genny, who reaches 45 ATK with Assault and =ATK, and can be pushed into the 50s except at -ATK (where she only hits 49) through the setup that lets Wrys touch Genny's neutral base ATK with Assault. Meanwhile, Wrys has 19/22/25 DEF, which is only slightly higher than Genny's 18/21/24 DEF. Also, he's even slower than Genny at 20/23/26 SPD to Genny's 22/25/29. Wrys's primary advantages over Genny are his higher RES, at 33/36/39 to Genny's 31/34/37, and much higher HP, at 39/42/45 to Genny's 29/32/35, and his Slow staff, which drops enemy SPD by 6. These... aren't exactly traits that scream GIVE THIS OLD MAN WRATHFUL STAFF to me. I wouldn't even bother with Close Counter, since, well, what is he gonna tank anyway, besides dragons (though I guess if you're really desperate for an anti-Dragon tank, I guess it could work)? Any physical attacker will ORKO him, and if they have Desperation he won't even get a chance to hit back before he dies. Honestly, if you want him to be used for combat, Wrys is probably better off with RES +3 / Tomebreaker of your choice / Hone/Fortify of your choice so he can tank mages and slow them so his teammates who can deal actual damage can kill them. Really, Lissa's probably a better candidate for Close Counter/Wrathful Staff since she has decent defenses (unlike Wrys, whose DEF is awful) and comparable HP to Wrys while still being able to reach 40/43/47 ATK with Assault, -/=/+ATK, ATK +3 and Rally ATK, which still isn't quite Genny-level ATK but is still pretty alright (it's a little less than Wrys, but Lissa can actually maybe tank sometimes so it's not as bad). She's even faster than Wrys, though she's still slow (exact same SPD as Genny tho). And everyone gets her since she's free like Wrys. Lissa might even be the best Close Counter healer, thanks to her good defenses and HP combined with passable ATK... Although Azama might be slightly better, since he has higher DEF and HP while having slightly higher SPD and still having decent RES and can drop nearby enemies' ATK with Threaten ATK and can run Pain without Skill Inheritance... Though his nonexistent ATK may not be so desirable. So to get back to your question, Close Counter/Wrathful Staff meme Wrys is chilling with Azama in the Healers Who Probably Don't Really Need Nor Particularly Want Wrathful Staff Club.
  15. Er, I meant the raven tomes (the ones that give WTA over Colorless). Completely forgot about Raven the axe user, haha. Sorry about any confusion there. Genny probably should still watch out for Raven though, since I think he can ORKO her... Though between her crap DEF and low HP I'd be more surprised if a physical unit couldn't ORKO her.