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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to pull for Brave Roy on the Tempest Trials banner. Got a Brave Roy after some Red-sniping. He's +RES/-HP, which seems like a decent spread (27 RES is okayish, and he's not -ATK/-SPD, so I'm happy). And now both of my 5-Star Roys are +RES. Weird coincidence, that (especially since none of the 4-Star Roys I've pulled are +RES). Then I remembered that I had a pity rate on the Halloween banner, so I decided to give it a couple of pulls and see if I could get Cat Sakura or Witch Nowi. I got lucky and got Cat Sakura. +ATK/-HP seems good for her. She should make a pretty solid magekiller. Gonna just save for the 8% banner now, hope I can get some 5-Stars on that one (primarily on Red, since I don't have any of the three Red focuses, but another Genny would be nice too).
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Definitely gonna need it there if you wanna survive the Reinhardt. And that's a good reason to keep Fortify DEF on. Hardy Bearing gives scoring potential? Good luck figuring out what Brave Lyn needs most. I would suggest to go with SPD +3 or the SPD+ Squad Ace Seal for quaddiness, but 2AM suggestions probably aren't that good. Yeah, that's a good point. I'll go Desperation, if only because I don't have a Breaker I'd want to run on Lute. Thank you again.
  3. Stealing this set, except Fortify DEF (partially because I don't have that Seal, partially because I'm gonna run RES +3 and give Olivia 29 RES, which I think will be good for avoiding death by Green mages if she needs to take a hit from them) and Distant Counter (unless I end up pulling a Hector during the 8% banner, but I don't think that'll happen, so I won't be able to grab that). Ruby+ will happen if I draw a 5-Star Seth or someone else with a Ruby+, and G Tomebreaker'll happen when I feel like raising up a Henry for a little bit. Also, if I may suggest a Sacred Seal for your eventual final Olivia build, maybe Distant Defense could get the slot if you're not using it elsewhere? I mean, her primary job on your team looks to be to either Dance for Reinhardt & Brave Lyn or tank Green Mages before killing them on the counter, so Distant Defense might help with the mage-tanking part. There are probably better options, and I'm not sure the kind of mages you intend for Olivia to take on would even do that much damage to her so maybe Distant DEF is completely unnecessary, it's just a thought I had. I understand your Lyn mostly, but why Hardy Bearing? Still, thanks for sharing. I'm stealing this set as well, minus Luna at the moment (gonna keep Draconic Aura, if only because I don't have Luna fodder right now), and Hardy Bearing since I wanna keep SPD +3 on mine for now (partially because I don't have anyone else I want to put it on at the moment, partially because mine can hit 41 SPD with Swift Sparrow and Goad Cavalry, which should let her quad quite frequently, and she'll only get quaddier as her Support with Reinhardt grows). Thanks! And now, an unrelated question: Would Desperation be a good B skill for a +HP/-RES Lute? The way I'm thinking about it, she'll have 34 RES after she gets Fury 3, so she can lower most enemies' ATK, RES and SPD by 5; combine that with Lute's 38 SPD (post-Fury) I think she'll be able to double reasonably often after the SPD debuff (and a Hone SPD from an ally to hit 42 SPD), so it'd possibly be good for her to get her follow-up attack off before her target has a chance to counter her.
  4. It's good? Glad to hear it. However, Eldigan really is the weak link on that core. He has 40 DEF, which is nice, and he does great damage usually, but his low SPD (27 with Fury) and abysmal RES (17 with Fury) are pretty damn bad as weaknesses go. I think I'll remove him for Olivia (and transfer Reinhardt's Support from Eldigan to Lyn). I usually use Ninian for my Dancer, so Olivia wasn't trained up until I read this post and decided to give her a go, but my 4-Star Olivia (neutral-nature) might work for this... with what I have, I'm considering Ruby Sword (don't have anyone with Ruby+, so it'll have to suffice), Moonbow (seems like a good idea generally), maybe Fury (the recoil will always concern me, but I can't argue with being basically +Everything), possibly G Tomebreaker (given her primary roles are (A) Dance and (B) Kill Greens for Reinhardt, and the mages would be more likely to kill him in my experience, this seems like a good fit), keep Spur ATK 3 (+4 ATK for adjacent allies seems decent enough, and also I dunno what I could replace it with that would be significantly better... maybe if I get Drive ATK at some point in the future I could slap it on her?), and the RES +3 Sacred Seal (for surviving magical hits, which seems like something worth having for the whole Green Mage Slaying thing... I know SPD +3 is a good choice too, but I want to use that for Lyn to help with her SPD dropping after she gets Brave Bow+). Does that bolded stuff look like it might be alright? Pretty much the only thing left to decide regarding the core is what to do with my neutral Brave Lyn. I'm pretty sure Brave Bow+ is the way to go, since brave-on-a-horse works stupidly well for Reinhardt, but beyond that, is Sacae's Blessing a good B Skill, or should I swap it out for something else? Thanks for the advice!
  5. The only core Arena team I have is Reinhardt/Eldigan/Brave Lyn/Bonus, which... probably not a good core (no Green, Eldigan is my only somewhat tanky unit but can't tank magic hits to save his life). I suppose I could put Alfonse on there, give him Reposition, have him move Reinhardt and Lyn around so they can nuke everything, occasionally have him tank an axe or a sword (Deflect Melee may let him survive those). I'll put Moonbow on Alfonse, since I most likely have Moonbow fodder, and Swordbreaker, since I get the feeling that's gonna be necessary more often than Axebreaker (if only because I keep seeing Sigurd in the Arena). Thanks for your advice!
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yeah, Moonbow/Luna would be better. I guess I didn't think that all the way through. Glimmer, though? I don't see how that would be better than Moonbow/Luna for Mia, unless the +10 damage from Resolute Blade is factored in before Glimmer adds 50% to damage dealt? How did I miss that? Well, there goes that idea. I'm guessing Ayra's Blade wouldn't stack with Heavy Blade either?
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hey, at least your Lute is +RES, so she can pretty reliably use Ploy skills and tank mages, and you could give her an ATK +3 Sacred Seal and/or Fury to fix her ATK bane (Fury also gives Lute 40 RES, so damn near everyone's getting Ployed, but the recoil might not be so desirable on such a low-HP unit). She's still workable, though not optimal. Mia tho... Yeah, that's not great, though her ATK bane should be fixed by Resolute Blade. Maybe she can run Iceberg/Glacies decently? She's probably workable as well, though I wouldn't know how exactly. Still, if you don't want to use your Mia, now you have Flashing Blade fodder! Not sure who would benefit from that besides Mia (Ayra? I know she has it on her personal weapon, but can she also run Flashing Blade with it or would it be redundant?), but maybe someone in the future'll want it.
  8. Well, this banner's gonna separate a lot of people from their money. I'm so gonna be pulling Red on this banner, since I don't have any of those 3 Focus units and I want all of 'em (Ike (good unit & has Heavy Blade, which I'm sure other units might desire at some point) and Celica (DISTANT DEF! DISTANT DEF! Also she looks like a pretty good mage in her own right, but primarily I wanna get multiples so I have a Celica for using and also fodder for DISTANT DEF) are two units I wanted before, but never thought I could pull so didn't try for them (For Ike's banner I went for Titania/Soren, for Celica's I went after Genny)): as for Ayra... I have Mia, so she isn't needed, but I still kinda want). Also probably gonna pull Colorless, since Genny is a focus here and I want more of her (and Bridelia and Brave Lyn would be pretty good consolation prizes... even if Lyn's presence on this banner just screams WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK ROY). As for Blue, I already have Spring Xander (I don't see why everyone's saying he's so bad, he's been decent enough for me, and it probably wouldn't be terrible to have more Carrot Lances, especially since it'll be getting some sort of upgrade via the Weapon Refinery thing... still not someone I need more of, but I don't think he'd be terrible to get here either) and Bride Caeda (I finished training her up recently, but I don't see any reason to get more of her... probably the worst consolation focus character on this banner, at least for me), and will be getting Fjorm for free, so I don't see any reason to go for this unless Fjorm has inheritable skills that I need (she probably won't tho, so most likely not bothering with this unless I get a Blue-Green or 5-Blue session). And finally, there is Green. I don't care for the selection on Green. Hector is okay, but not someone I need. Deirdre and Spring Camilla I already have, and have no desire for more of. So yeah, not gonna bother with Greens unless I somehow get a 5-Green session. So, gonna go Red (I WANT ALL OF THEM, AND ALSO MULTIPLE CELICAS) > Colorless (GIVE ME MANY GENNYS, ELISE WANTS WRATHFUL STAFF AND ALSO I WANT +ATK) >>>>> Blue (Already have or will have all of them, but maybe extra Fjorms would be something I want? She looks good, and it's not like getting Spring Xander would be a bad consolation prize either, and who knows? Maybe I'd get Mae/Tailtiu/Oscar/other-4-Star-Blue-I-don't-have) > Green (No reason to go for this one, Hector's not that compelling) on this one.
  9. Hi, quick question: I'm training up Alfonse, since he's getting quests soon and he'd be a good occasional Arena bonus unit for when I have shit luck on a banner, so hopefully I'll be able to push him into usability if I raise him up. However, I'm really not sure what to give him skill-wise. Right now I'm thinking: Folkvangr (Default: Defiant ATK 2 is pretty alright, and I get the feeling that this'll be getting upgraded in a few months when Heroes does an anniversary event or something) Pivot (Mostly here so Alfonse can run away when he sees a mage or Reinhardt approaching) Noontime (It's about to go down to 2 cooldown, so Alfonse could pop it fairly often, and it'd be less likely to pull him up out of Defiant ATK range than Sol would) or Bonfire (It'd deal a flat 16 extra damage, which would be nice, though I'm not sure Alfonse needs help hitting harder) Death Blow 3 (Default: I thought about Swift Sparrow, but 29 SPD just isn't enough, so keeping Death Blow 3 seems best to make Alfonse hit once really hard) Swordbreaker/Axebreaker (The only way Alfonse will ever double anything. Just not sure if Swordbreaker or Axebreaker would be better) Spur ATK 3 (Default: I don't see any need to change this, it's hardly a bad skill) or Threaten DEF 3 (However, I might want this more, if only so Alfonse can deal more damage after tanking a physical attack) Deflect Melee (so Alfonse can possibly survive vs melee attackers on Enemy Phase, which would probably be a good thing; besides, I don't see anyone else wanting this) or ATK +3 (to be a tiny bit stronger) But I feel like this might not be the best way I could build Alfonse. I wanna make Alfonse better without adding too much to him, primarily because I wanna use my skill-fodder for other units, so I don't want to get rid of Folkvangr (weapon fodder is valuable, plus I don't have anyone I want to sack for Brave+), but I feel like the Special (would Bonfire or Moonbow/Glimmer be better options? Even with the update, I'm not sure if a healing Special is the best choice on a unit who wants to use his built-in Defiant ATK, and the higher damage could be useful against high-DEF enemies) and Sacred Seal (I don't know what would work well here) in particular aren't the best options for him. So, uh, what's a good way to build a budget Alfonse? Am I on the right track?
  10. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I know it's probably not gonna go quite like this, but I could see something like: Infantry lancer Shiro, with Brave Lance+, Escutcheon, Triangle Adept, and Swordbreaker, to be the most perfect Ryoma (and also other swordies in general) counter. Bow infantry Midori, with a Slaying Bow+, Miracle, Live For Bounty, and... I dunno, Hone SPD or something. Green dragon Kanna, with Dark Breath+, and maybe Dragon Fang, Windsweep and Hone Dragons or something. And for the Nohrian Children banner: Tome cavalry Forrest (dunno which color he'd be), with Blessed Brynhildr (or some other upgraded Brynhildr which can eventually be given to Leo as well), and possibly Growing Light, Warding Stance, and Breath of Life. Or maybe Forrest'd be a staff cavalry, with Fear/Physic/Solid-Earth Balm/Breath of Life or something. Flying lancer Shigure, with Sing, and maybe Flier Formation and Fortify Fliers. And surprise Velouria, using a Claw or some other melee attack, and maybe HP/ATK 2 and Panic Ploy, to allow for possible Panne/Yarne/Keaton/Kaden/Selkie/Laguz-units-for-a-Radiant-Dawn-banner in the future. Or maybe Soleil instead, with a Silver Sword+, Sol, the missing SPD-boosting Stance (like Steady/Warding/Fierce Stance, but for SPD), and Vantage. Probably shouldn't get my hopes up for most of those (especially that Shigure, no way they'll give us a flying refresher). Still, as long as it has something I'm interested in, I'll maybe consider maybe pulling on this banner. Not gonna lie tho, coming right after 8% BANNER may have me too drained of Orbs to pull on this one, unless I get lucky early on on that one.
  11. The Farfetched Heroes banner has been weird for me. In a good way tho. I got Lute in a reasonable timespan today, so I decided to go test my luck and go for Dorcas. The game gave me Mia. I don't think that's beating the Desire Sensor, since I still lack a Dorcas, but I was kinda hoping for Mia on that banner if I had to pull Red, so maybe it kinda counts?
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to try for Dorcas after my weird run of luck with getting Lute. It didn't quite go as planned. First summon, got 1 Green Orb. It had a Beruka. She will be used for Glimmer fodder for either my Spring Camilla or my Nino in the future. This was the only Green Orb I got in this entire run. Decided to try again. No Greens, mostly Reds with 1 Blue that I pulled, got 4-Star Catria. Not sure what I'll do with her, I already have a 5-Star, but I'll figure something out. Decided to try again. No Greens, just 3 Reds and 2 Blues, got a 3-Star Odin 150 Feathers. Decided to give it another go. No Greens, just 3 Reds and 2 Greys, so I go for the top Red and prepare for something disappointing, like a 3-Star Fir or something (I kept getting 3-Star Fir when I pulled Red on the Halloween banner for some reason), but when the smoke clears... IT'S MIA! THIS WAS NOT WHAT I WANTED BUT I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT IT Still, I get the feeling that pulling Dorcas isn't gonna happen, so I'm just gonna save up my Orbs for the 8% banner since it has 3 Reds I want and also maybe Genny (I already have one, but I'd like to give Elise Wrathful Staff).
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Pulling went well on the Farfetched Heroes. Only three notables, but they're all units I wanted: 4-Star Soren (I wanted him since he released. +ATK/-SPD doesn't seem bad at all) 5-Star Lute (I GOT THE ONE I WANTED! +HP/-RES seems alright, and she's not -ATK or -SPD so she seems good to me) 4-Star Roderick (Firesweep Lance! +RES/-DEF... eh, at least he'll be balanced defensively) Also got a 4-Star Eirika, who I'm sure will be good for something. Now I'm gonna save up for the 8% Banner.
  14. Ah, you're too late. I already inherited Sturdy Blow onto my Arden, and am grinding up the SP to get SB2 on him. Although, why is Wo Dao so important for Arden? The Brave Sword+ he came with seems like his best option to me, if only because his SPD is always going to be craptacular and Follow-Up Ring guarantees that Arden can quad his enemies with a Brave Sword as long as his HP is high enough (which can be kept there by a newly-buffed healer, unless he's on Armor Emblem... I'll have to come up with something different for Armor Emblem, unless we get a Renewal Sacred Seal at some point)... Unless he has some really good but possibly expensive build I don't know about.
  15. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    Wow. On watching that, I think I'm gonna be pulling Blue this banner so I can get Lute. Which is nice, since I can also kinda hope for Tana/Nephenee/Mae/Tailtiu showing up (primarily Mae/Tailtiu). Dorcas looks neat too, so I'll maybe go for him after I pull Lute. Mia... eh, I don't think I'll bother with her. She looks great, and SPD-based Heavy Blade looks damn awesome and like something a bunch of units could want, I just don't feel a need to go for her (and someone's gotta get shafted so I can save up for that 8% banner... technically two someones, unless I try for Dorcas).