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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Didn't get anything worthwhile from the daily banners. Got a +SPD/-HP Katarina from the Draconic Aura banner though. Not what I was looking for, but a nice surprise nonetheless (plus now I have Swift Sparrow fodder in the form of my first Katarina).
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Tried the Festival in Hoshido banner. In two sessions, I got Elincia (No IVs, but I like her regardless) and Xander (+HP/-DEF, which looks good to me). Not sure I'm gonna keep trying on this banner now that I'm pretty sure CYL2 is coming next month and I have the unit I wanted most (and Elincia), but maybe.
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for sharing! I completely forgot about Hardy Bearing being on all of these weapons. I suppose you'd be going with a SPD-refinement on Elincia's dagger to avoid having Jakob get doubled?
  4. I really hope so. My Halloween Sakura wants to be used, but I don't want to give her a different dagger and Kitty+ kinda sucks whenever I need her to do anything to a non-mage, so she just sorta sits awkwardly in my barracks waiting to be given a good weapon (dunno which one, either... maybe Barb Shuriken+?) or a refinement for Kitty Paddle+. How does Elincia's weapon do this (that is what you're referring to, yeah?)? I'm honestly curious on this one.
  5. ...Damn, I didn't see that coming. Props to literally everyone calling Ryoma and Xander, but Elincia and Micaiah were a nice surprise and given my luck pulling their originals, I fully expect to get a combined 0 of them here too. Now, I only have one question left: Will we be getting a rerun of the original Performing Arts banner during this one?
  6. Official Pull Topic

    So I tried for Minerva on the Life And Death banner free pull, got Beruka. Tried for Hardin twice on the Fighter Skills banner, came up empty. Tried one more time and got two Green Orbs with no Blue, so decided to try for a second Grima. Got +ATK/-RES Minerva. On the wrong banner, but I'm still happy.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    ...You just made me picture Seth saying "I admire your sportsmanship." before he kills people with a tennis ball. Seriously though, logical issue of how they have baseball/soccer/football/volleyball/tennis/insert-sport-here in FE-landia aside, I'd like to see this... though I'm not sure which games they might use, or what effects the seasonal weapons could have. But no matter which games get alts this time around, Baseball Walhart needs to be in there somewhere. He already has the outfit. Although, if we get a sports seasonal banner in the summer... does that mean we could get a winter sports seasonal banner in December? Because I'd like that. Better than a second not-Christmas banner, IMO.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Today's pulls contained no Lucinas, but instead had 3 really good focus units: Legendary Ryoma [+SPD/-RES, yay! This dude is getting his old, -ATK self merged into his newer, better, faster self, and now I have to think about the build I want to give him since now he's gonna be nyoom fast and have better ATK than he was before] LA Lilina [+ATK/-RES, which gives her super ATK and guarantees that she'll at least be really strong, which is pretty nice] Azura [+SPD/-RES, because today was +SomethingGood/-RES day apparently. My previous Azura was the opposite, so this one will be getting a merge too, and now I really hope I was right about Azura being on the banner meaning that she's getting a personal weapon in the near future because this game gave me two of her now] Damn fine pulls today.
  9. Honestly I want the Devil Axe to be someone's personal weapon, with built-in Death Blow 3 and +10 damage on Special activations in exchange for taking 10 damage after combat if your Special activates based on your attack (to avoid it activsting when Escutcheon triggers or something like that) and activated before or during combat (so it still hurts you if you run an APE Special). EDIT: Forgot to say: I want Binding Blade to get some new Heroes. They feel pretty overdue, since the last time we got one that wasn't an alt of Roy or Lilina was Klein, over a year ago now.
  10. Create-A-Hero Thread

    I approve of that Heath, though I kinda wish he had anything but a Silver Lance+. Just a personal thing, I don't like Silver+. Otherwise, dude's fine. Brom's neat too, though I don't see them ever releasing regular weapons with built-in Distant Counter any time soon... Probably wouldn't be especially amazing on Brom anyway, since mages would probably fry him before he got to counter them. I could see it working if he got Wary Fighter though. And since I've been pondering this, here are guesses at how all of the CYL2 units might work: Hector - Brave Marquess | Blue Lance | Armored HP: 45/48/51 | ATK: 35/38/41 | SPD: 19/22/25 | DEF: 33/36/39 | RES: 29/32/35 | Total=175 Weapon: Rex Hasta [MT 16 | Grants ATK/DEF +2. When number of allies within 2 spaces (excluding unit) > foes within 2 spaces (excluding target), grants ATK/DEF +5 to this unit and allies within 2 spaces during combat.] EXCLUSIVE (What were you expecting? Lance Armads? Hector gets a new weapon for a change, and it comes with a minor boost to his most important stats as well as a positioning-relative-to-team-dependent ATK/DEF Bond 3 during combat, because Hector knows which stats he wants to boost. And he even buffs his allies if the conditions for his weapon's effects are met, so he can support the allies that are giving him this buff.) Special: Bonfire [3 Cooldown: Adds 50% of DEF to damage dealt.] (Hector has high DEF, and he can activate this on any double if the foe gets to attack in there somewhere with his default skillset.) A Skill: Distant Counter [This unit can counterattack regardless of distance.] (Wouldn't be Hector without it!) B Skill: Bold Fighter 3 [If unit initiates combat, grants an automatic follow-up attack. Grants Special Cooldown Charge +1 when this unit initiates combat.] (Seems like something that Hector would have to me.) C Skill: Ostian Guard [Grants "If number of allies within 2 spaces of unit (excluding unit) > foes within 2 spaces (excluding target), grants DEF/RES +4 when foe initiates combat." to allies within 2 spaces.] EXCLUSIVE (Hector's exclusive skill gives him the ability to support his allies by giving them a conditional Close DEF 2 and Distant DEF 2 if they have more allies than enemies nearby... which they probably will, since one of the requirements for them to get the defensive boost is that Hector, an ally, be near them. So he can give +5 ATK, +9 DEF, and +4 RES to his allies.) - Celica - Brave Priestess | Colorless Dagger | Infantry HP: 33/36/40 | ATK: 33/36/39 | SPD: 32/35/38 | DEF: 19/22/25 | RES: 19/22/25 | Total=151~152 Weapon: Golden Dagger [MT 14 | Grants Special Cooldown -1. After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts DEF/RES -6 on target and foes within two spaces of target and grants DEF/RES +6 to unit and allies within 2 spaces of unit through their next actions. After any combat this unit initiates, unit recovers 10 HP.] (References Plenitude to a degree with the post-combat-initiated-by-Celica Renewal (was initially a built-in Sol, but then Mila's Turnwheel became her Special, so that didn't work any more), and Earth's Boon's Avoid +5 and Crit +5 by being a Rogue Dagger+ [so she gets more DEF/RES after combat, since Avoid isn't a thing in Heroes] and having Special Cooldown -1 (since crits aren't a thing in Heroes).) Special: Mila's Turnwheel [5 Cooldown: If unit's HP > 1, survive a lethal attack with 1 HP, then recover 20 HP after combat if unit survives.] EXCLUSIVE (Yes, it's a more powerful Miracle since it also heals Celica after combat if she survives (so Celica will recover 30 HP if the combat that should've killed her was also initiated by her, potentially letting her go from near-death to near-full-HP), but with that Cooldown she may never see it activate... fortunately, the Golden Dagger makes it only have 4 Cooldown, but it still might not come into play at all if Celica's foes reach her before she can get it charged.) A Skill: Swift Sparrow 2 [Grants ATK/SPD +4 during combat this unit initiates.] (Plays to Celica's strengths, those being strength and speed, by making her stronger and faster when she attacks.) B Skill: Seal ATK/SPD 2 [After combat, inflicts ATK/SPD -5 on target through their next action.] (So it's a little harder for Celica's target to kill her if they survive, and also to nerf every stat on her target.) C Skill: ATK Smoke 3 [After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts ATK -7 on foes within 2 spaces of target through their next action.] (To make Celica last a bit longer and possibly get to activate Mila's Turnwheel if she gets an attack off, as well as to support her allies via mass-nerfing 3 stats instead of just two.) - Ephraim - Brave Lord | Green Axe | Cavalry HP: 36/40/43 | ATK: 33/36/39 | SPD: 27/30/33 | DEF: 29/32/35 | RES: 17/20/23 | Total=158~159~160 Weapon: Garm [MT 16 | Grants SPD +3. When this unit initiates combat, if unit's SPD - foe's SPD > 1, this unit performs a follow-up attack.] EXCLUSIVE (References Garm's SPD +5 via SPD +3, and also gives Ephraim a lower follow-up attack threshold when initiating combat, which if nothing else makes him unique... Granted, 30/33/36 SPD might still not be enough to double, but if you give him buffs, he probably won't have that much trouble finding foes he can outspeed.) Special: Moonbow [2 Cooldown: Resolve combat as though foe suffered DEF/RES -30%.] (So that, when he doubles a foe who can counter him, Ephraim deals more damage with the second hit.) A Skill: Steady Blow 2 [Grants SPD/DEF +4 during combat initiated by this unit.] (To help Ephraim double, and survive long enough to reach the second hit.) C Skill: DEF Smoke 3 [After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts DEF -7 on foes within 2 spaces of target.] (To make Ephraim's foes take more damage from his attacks.) - Veronica - Brave Princess | Red Tome | Flying HP: 43/46/50 | ATK: 35/38/41 | SPD: 16/19/22 | DEF: 29/32/35 | RES: 12/15/18 | Total=150~151 Weapon: Hvergelmir [MT 14 | This unit can counterattack regardless of distance.] (Veronica gets Close Counter built into her weapon, so no one is safe from her counterattack, as well as making her quite unique relative to other Red Tomes, and ranged units in general.) Special: Bonfire [3 Cooldown: Adds 50% of DEF to damage dealt.] (Takes advantage of Veronica's higher DEF to add further pain every few hits.) A Skill: Sturdy Stance 2 [Grants ATK/DEF +4 during combat initiated by foe.] (Makes Veronica sturdier and stronger on Enemy Phase, synergizes nicely with her Close Counter weapon since she can't run a Breath skill so instead she just gets better stats.) B Skill: Guard 3 [When HP > 80%, inflicts Special Charge -1 on foe during combat.] (Needed to prevent foes from blasting through Veronica's DEF and HP with Special activations. Would be Quick Riposte, but she can have that as a Sacred Seal, so she gets this instead.)
  11. Official Pull Topic

    So today, I pulled +DEF/-ATK Winter Lissa off the Lucina banner (I wanted her last year, so I'm super happy! I think I'll end up giving her Ignis to make the most of her high DEF, but outside of that I'll have to figure out what I want to do with her later), and then I went to see if I'd get something off Heroes with Distant DEF and pulled +RES/-HP Celica (can't complain, maybe I'll give her ATK/SPD Push from my Summer Tana). Got a good feeling about this Legendary banner, even if it keeps throwing Gwendolyns and Sheenas at me for some reason.
  12. Cool, so I'll keep that one! Thanks! Any idea as to what I should do with the other one? I haven't given her anything besides her base kit, so I'd be fine with using her for Inherit Skill (generally, who would want RES Smoke?), or I could merge her into my normal one if there isn't much that Grima is good for inheritance-wise. Also, I have a bit of a long question too: I have a Faye that I've been meaning to finish building, and I want to go this way: +2 Merged, +RES/-SPD, Summoner-S, Water Blessing Guard Bow+ [DEF] Reposition Iceberg Close Counter Quick Riposte 3 Panic Ploy 3 [may become SPD Tactic 3 if I get a second Legendary Lyn, since it's the one Tactic that she most likely won't care about receiving and thus should go on her so her teammates can benefit from it, but for now it's Panic Ploy because 50-53 HP seems like a good amount for running Panic Ploy] Close DEF 3 Seal Player Phase Stats: 50 HP | 45 ATK | 23 SPD | 32 DEF | 37 RES Player Phase Stats During Water Season: 53 HP | 45 ATK | 23 SPD | 36 DEF | 37 RES Enemy Phase Stats: 50 HP | 45 ATK | 23 SPD | 38 DEF | 43 RES Enemy Phase Stats During Water Season: 53 HP | 45 ATK | 23 SPD | 42 DEF | 43 RES Enemy Phase w/ All Tactics Stats: 50 HP | 51 ATK | 29 SPD | 44 DEF | 49 RES Enemy Phase w/ All Tactics During Water Season Stats: 53 HP | 51 ATK | 29 SPD | 48 DEF | 49 RES [I hope I calculated all of those correctly] I think that, with 50 HP, 38 DEF and 43 RES (44 DEF and 49 RES with DEF & RES Tactic), Faye should be able to tank decently on Enemy Phase, and with 45 ATK (51 with ATK Tactic, which I can finally put on someone since I just pulled a Legault), she should be able to stack her defenses to the point where she can survive getting doubled and strike back with a fairly-high-power Iceberg to finish off her foes. Panic Ploy's just there because she should be able to get something out of it with 50 HP. Also if it's Water Season then Ryoma puts her up to 36 base DEF, which can max out at 48, so she'll be even better at tanking physical hits during Water seasons. Which I think is nice. At the moment, her teammates are going to be: Legendary Lyn [+DEF/-SPD] Swift Mulagir Reposition Iceberg Laws of Sacae Chill DEF 3 SPD Tactic 3 [may become ATK Smoke 3 if Faye gets SPD Tactic, since it'll be redundant if it's on both of them] Distant DEF 3 Seal Another Enemy Phase archer, in case I need a second one (plus she gives Olivia extra HP, and also a little more ATK, but mostly the HP is what I'm interested in here). Lyn forgoes Close Counter in exchange for having pretty alright Enemy Phase stats when she's surrounded by friends and being able to double people sometimes [54 ATK | 42 SPD | 34 DEF | 40 RES, which becomes 60 ATK | 42 SPD | 40 DEF | 46 RES with all non-SPD Tactics applied, assuming I've calculated everything correctly]. Falicorn Olivia [Neutral] Wind Blessing Slaying Edge+ [DEF] Dance Moonbow Bracing Stance 2 Chill SPD 3 ATK Tactic 3 DEF Tactic 3 Seal General support, can possibly take a hit and retaliate with Moonbow if I need her to with fairly balanced defenses, as long as she doesn't have to face arrows (but Faye and Lyn can do that on Enemy Phase, if Ryoma doesn't nuke them on his turn). Legendary Ryoma [+HP/-ATK] Wo Dao+ [SPD] Reposition Moonbow Darting Blow 3 Bushido RES Tactic 3 SPD +3 Seal Player Phase ally for emergencies. With this setup, Ryoma hits 57 SPD on Player Phase, so he should be able to double, and when he does he'll drop a +20-damage Moonbow on whoever I need dead. ATK/SPD/DEF Tactic are there to allow him to take a hit if he needs to, to reach that 57 SPD (it's 51 without SPD Tactic, which is still pretty good, but it's not 57 good), and that he'll still be reasonably strong despite being -ATK (I mean, +20-damage Moonbow is there to mitigate this already, but still). Can this team work? Is there something else I should consider?
  13. Welcome to the Forest! Also, yeah, this is the thread for what you're looking for. And I say you could go either way. +ATK is nice, and although -SPD sucks it can be mitigated to an extent by her default skillset (she'll reach 39 SPD on Player Phase, 43 against melee weapons thanks to Thogn, and you can stack SPDbuffs on her if you want to go even further), so you could make that work. +HP/-DEF leaves Lucina's offensive stats untouched, so you'll have more SPD (42 on Player Phase, 46 against melee weapons thanks to Thogn), but slightly less ATK (not all that much, just a little), and DEF probably won't be super important for Lucina, so you could go with this, and it's probably easier. I would say that if you only want one, go for +HP/-DEF, but you could go with +ATK/-SPD if the extra power is more important to you (and you don't mind losing that 3 SPD). And if you want to keep both, maybe toss a Brave Bow+ to the +ATK/-SPD Lucina and let the +HP/-DEF one keep Thogn. And now, I have a question too: Is +DEF/-RES or +SPD/-DEF the better nature for Female!Grima?
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Heroes didn't want to give me Blue Orbs today, but that's okay. I got 4 5-Stars from a whole lot of Orbs, but I think it was worth it since I got: Female Grima: +SPD/-DEF. Not sure if this is better than the +DEF/-RES I already have, but she's neat. Brave Lyn: I was disappointed at first, but she's +ATK/-HP so I'm no longer disappointed. In fact, I'm quite happy. Ryoma: I was so happy when he showed up! He's +HP/-ATK but his ATK is still okay and I can just toss him a Slaying Edge+ And Bushido so he can be Karel with better hair and SPD and I'm so damn happy right now~ Azura: Not Lucina, but the Lady of the Lake swimming into my barracks isn't bad either. +RES/-SPD means she'll be able to run Ploys and still have not-terrible SPD. Now I'm hoping that I'm right about her appearance on this banner means she's getting a personal weapon with the update after the next one. Definitely gonna keep trying, but I'm happy with what I've pulled so far.
  15. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    Post-combat healing was supposed to be a reference to Blessed Lance's HP recovery each turn, though after looking at how it actually worked in Fates, that could've been Renewal 3 or Recover Ring instead. Also, I'm happy that you like the optional effect, though what do you mean by Renewal nuke?