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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I was hoping for F!Morgan on the Stance banner, but I got +SPD/-RES Shigure instead. Which is great! I was hoping to pull him at some point, and he has Darting Stance, so I did get a Stance off the Stance banner!
  2. The Worst of the Best

    Gonna limit this to units I actually use/want to use but haven't quite finished building just yet: HP: 27 [-HP Elise, has recently started seeing use again since I fed her a Genny for Wrathful Staff, and she's awesome, and her lowest possible HP is irrelevant since she only ever fights on Player Phase where enemies can't hit back... but still, that number is super low.] ATK: 40 [Brave Bow Brave Lyn, who is partnered with my Reinhardt because brave-weapon my little ranged horses are amazing together, and Swift Sparrow + Goad Cavalry + Ally S Support makes that 40 into 50 in practice.] SPD: 24 [+ATK Male Grima, who has Vengeful Fighter to double anyway and 66 Enemy Phase ATK (from Fierce Stance, thank you second Dorcas) and Aether (I fed him a Chrom) to crush people with] DEF: 6 [Life And Death -DEF Linde, who is very strong, quite fast, and takes physical hits extremely poorly, so hopefully I'll pull another Shanna so I can give my Light Mage Desperation soon] RES: 19 [Life And Death Fallen Takumi, who I run on my Water team because Skadi (+3), Fjorm (+3) and Marth (+5, thanks to Drive SPD and Falchion) give him a total of 50 SPD so he can double lots of things, and his defenses are only relevant once since he'll have Desperation up after taking pretty much any hit with his defenses] BST: 151 [Tie between Brave Lyn, again, and Reinhardt, who is amazing]
  3. Glad we're getting Groom Marth for free. Now I can put him on a team with Bride Caeda... though now I may have to build up Bride Caeda. Also, I really mostly want Sanaki from this banner. Ninian's cute, and Tharja... well, SPD Feint looks interesting, but Sanaki looks like she'll have high ATK, which will be a nice change from my Bunny Camilla, and DEF/RES Link looks nice too. Final thought: If the next Voting Gauntlet is 2018 Brides vs 2017 Brides, who's gonna be the 8th character? Anna? Regular Marth? Someone random like Faye?
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @Tybrosion Wait, your Henry already has QR3. Why do you need to give it to him? Do you want to give him a different Sacred Seal? Because Guard/QR seems like a decent combination. Good luck getting Elise, though. She's really good once you feed her a Genny/Bride Lyn, so hopefully you have a spare one of those you can burn on her (though if you don't, we're pretty likely to get a rerun of last year's Brides banner for the next Voting Gauntlet so you can pull Colorless and hope you get one of them).
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Got a Green Olwen on my free pull on New Power. +DEF/-HP, which doesn't hurt her ATK or SPD, so it's good. Happy to have her.
  6. That's a good point. Just realized that I'm gonna have to wait until they release Gronnserpent+ right now to give Henry the build I most want him to have (so Henry could have a DEF-refined Gronnserpent+ and run Close DEF in the Sacred Seal slot to have Close DEF, Distant DEF, Close Counter and Quick Riposte all at once and always have 38 DEF and 39 RES on Enemy Phase), but Henry has Close Counter now. Thanks.
  7. Are any of these good units to give Close Counter to? M!Robin +DEF/-RES Halloween Henry +DEF/-ATK M!Morgan Julius Because I'm really not sure who to use my spare Takumi on.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So should we expect Werewolf Ishtar on the next Halloween seasonal banner?
  9. @XRay Don't feel like going Brave Bow, so I'll keep the neutral one instead. Thanks.
  10. Which Takumi should I keep: +ATK/-SPD or the free neutral-nature one? I want to give someone Close Counter, and I'm not sure which Takumi is better.
  11. That would be pretty interesting. I'd like to see that, along with Infantry/Armor-effectiveness. Might actually make me build up one of the Camillas I have in my barracks. Clair's refinement interests me as well, though that's primarily because I didn't get very far into Echoes. I'm mostly looking forward to Corrin's refinement though, since I actually have a 5-Star of him who could use it, unlike Camilla & Clair. @Jingle Jangle After seeing Safeguard+, Tana's probably getting a refinement with either that effect or a damage-on-first-strike-reduced-by-30%-when-attacked-by-Sword/Lance/Axe effect in the future. Hopefully also with Guard or Vantage or something else to help her work better on Enemy Phase.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Lyn's banner gave me one last gift: A third Genny. And she's +ATK/-DEF. I already have a +RES/-DEF Genny, but having a super-high-ATK Genny appeals to me (especially if I run her with Legendary Lyn, who gives +2 ATK since my Genny has a Wind Blessing), plus I'm out of healers who want Wrathful Staff (really it's just Genny, who comes with it, and Elise, who I fed my second Genny to so she has it now as well), so now I have a question: Should I merge my current +RES Genny into my new +ATK Genny, or merge my +ATK Genny into my +RES Genny?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to try for Legendary Lyn again. AND I GOT HER IN THE ONLY GREEN ORB OF THE SESSION! She broke my +SPD streak by being -SPD (oh no, she only has 42 SPD with Swift Mulagir and Laws of Sacae's effects, whatever shall I do /sarcasm), but she's +DEF, which is pretty alright (28 DEF after Laws of Sacae, 34 after DEF Tactic, 40 with Distant DEF, which is pretty decent, and combined with 46 RES after LoS+RES Tactic+Distant DEF, Lyn should be a pretty decent tank). She just made my decision on what to do with my Wind Blessings easier (read: Lyn Emblem, I just need to pull LA Lyn whenever she ends up on a Legendary banner). Now that I've gotten what I wanted, it's time to wait for the next Legendary banner. Or just the next non-Legendary banner that interests me. Either one.
  14. I just 5-Starred Kaze, and I want to build him... But I'm not sure how to. I've got a couple of ideas, but I'd like some feedback: 1) Rogue Dagger+ [SPD Refine] | Reposition | Iceberg | Close Counter (so glad we're getting a free Takumi right now) | Windsweep 3 | ATK Smoke 3 | Seal ATK 3 Seal With this build, I'm thinking that Kaze is fast enough to trigger Windsweep fairly often on most foes (I think; 38 SPD, 42 after a Hone SPD, is good for running Windsweep, yeah?), letting him get a chip in before being attacked and safely activate ATK Smoke and Seal ATK to better survive on Enemy Phase, where he'll always counterattack thanks to Close Counter, and having 38 base SPD means that he might get a decent amount of doubles when he counterattacks, so he'll be able to drop Icebergs on people assuming he survives being attacked. Not sure if this is a decent idea, if only because I'm not sure that a 23-DEF Kaze will be able to survive a hit when he gets attacked even after applying the -7 ATK drop. 2) Barb Shuriken+ [RES Refine] | Reposition | Moonbow | Death Blow 3 | Desperation 3 | SPD Ploy 3 | DEF Ploy 3 Seal This is a more Player Phase build, with 37 RES and double-Ploy to make Kaze hit harder and double more. Desperation's there to ensure that Kaze gets Moonbow off when he's hurt, and Moonbow is chosen since it's pretty much always going to go off. Death Blow's just there to make Kaze hit harder. Do either of these seem like decent choices for Kaze?
  15. Official Pull Topic

    I CAUGHT A LEGENDARY EPHRAIM! +SPD/-ATK (I am having the weirdest luck with +SPD this banner... Also this makes him match the Eirika I also pulled off this banner. Odd coincidence, that.) is pretty okay, 30-36 SPD could make Ephraim a bit less double-able, and the ATK bane is just a regular bane and pretty much fixed by his weapon anyway, and he can always get horse buffs, so this is good. Really I'm just happy to have an Ephraim. Not sure I'll keep trying on this banner. Took until 11% to get Ephraim, so maybe, maybe not.