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  1. Retooled Units

    @DefyingFates Here's a bunch of observations on the subject, though it's hardly a comprehensive list: On Cherche: I thought the axe in her art was Helswath from Awakening, though now that she's gotten a refinery buff and didn't get Helswath I'm thinking that it's gonna go to Lex if he ever gets into Heroes. For something I found kinda noticeable, there's Saber, who looks like he's got the Audhulma in his art for some reason (instead of the Slaying Edge he actually comes with), and Joshua, who doesn't look like he's using Audhulma in his art (instead he's using what looks like a Slaying Edge, or maybe a Shamshir?). I wouldn't call it especially notable (Joshua at least has Slaying Edge as his pre-Audhulma weapon so I can kinda see him having that in his art, though generally units with prfs have weapons that look like their prfs in their art so that is a bit odd, but I have no explanation for Saber), except that they look like they borrowed each other's weapons for a bit. Another thing is that nobody who's using a Gem weapon (Ruby Sword/Sapphire Lance/Emerald Axe) is actually using a Gem weapon in their art. Most of them look like they're either possibly using Silver weapons, future prf weapons (Titania, who literally got a weapon that looks like the one she actually uses in her art, and Azura, who hasn't gotten a prf yet but she's got a Blessed Lance from Fates in her art and I'm fairly certain she's gonna get a Blessed Lance via refinery update in the future, unless they Raven her and give her a completely different weapon altogether for some reason), there's Arthur who's using a Steel Axe in his art, Narcian appears to have a poleaxe in his art, and finally there's Hinata, who's using a regular katana that might be a Killing Edge and makes me kinda suspect that he was going to have Killing Edge in his base kit at one point before getting the Ruby Sword instead... though Hana also has a katana in her art and she's got an Armorslayer, so that might be nothing. Same thing goes with units using Brave weapons, for some reason. Barst in particular looks like he's got some kind of hatchet instead of a Brave weapon (I mean, he is The Hatchet, so it makes sense, but still), while Raven... looks like he's not using a Brave Axe or Basilikos, more like he's got a Poleaxe, which I find weird (Camilla at least got a prf that looks kinda like the one in her art). Gordin at least looks like he might be using a Brave Bow, but Klein's art bow looks more like a bigger Silver Bow (which I guess fits with him being a Silver Nobleman, but it doesn't really reflect the weapon he actually comes with). Also, Donnel is using an Iron Lance. Ogma's weapon at least resembles a Brave Sword though. Also, Roderick and Soleil look more like they're using Silver weapons in their art instead of their Firesweep weapons, and Faye is using what I think is an Iron Bow instead of Firesweep Bow. Among units with prf weapons, Lyn looks like she's using a shorter, not-yellow katana (Mani Katti?), Seigbert looks like he's using a redder Silver Sword with a yellow hilt instead of the Dark Greatsword, I'm not sure what Tana's supposed to be using but it isn't Vidofnir, Kinshi Hinoka's art bow is less detailed than the Warrior Princess (doesn't have the wings), and again, Raven has a weapon in his art that doesn't look like either of the weapons he now comes with, and I'm certain there are others. So, to sum up: A decent number of units without prf weapons don't look like they're using the weapon they come with in their art, and even when units do get prfs that's not a guarantee that their art will match up with the weapon (see: Raven, and also Felicia who uses a dagger in her art but now has a prf that's a plate). One final point: Kaze doesn't look like he has a weapon at all in his art. Which I just find weird. Am I supposed to believe that he's somehow throwing those blades on his forearms at enemies?
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Sigurd just pity-broke me on Land’s Bounty. Not that I mind, since he’s +SPD/-DEF. Not sure if I should merge my +SPD/-HP copy into this one or merge this one into my -HP copy tho.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yeah, I'm quite happy with the new calendar too. Plenty of Orbs, only two banners that I would maybe pull beyond the freebie on (those being the New Heroes, but only if it's Binding Blade or beast units, and Legendary Hero, but only if it has Flying Nino), and a new GHB which will hopefully either be a good unit or have good fodder. Haven't been able to just stockpile Orbs in a while. It'll be nice to get a decent amount for the next time I want to spend them... even if that's as early as 12 days from now, between the TT, the BHB and the next Tap Battle I'm sure I'll have a decent Orb pile by then.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I got Myrrh on my second circle! So happy! +RES/-HP is perfectly okay for me, especially since now her RES is high enough to consider running a Ploy Sacred Seal, though honestly I’m mostly just glad her ATK and DEF are untouched. I also got a 5-Star M!Morgan, which I completely forgot could happen since I only ever see him at 4-Star... like I did in the other red orb of that session. I’ll check stats on him later, need to train up Myrrh now. Probably gonna dive back into this Banner when my Orbs are replenished (thank you, upcoming Tempest Trial+), since I want Mia, and getting Niles or another Myrrh would be alright by me as well.
  5. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I would say that Brazens probably aren’t as useful as Distant Counter or maybe Sturdy Blow/Stance (the DEF boost, along with making Myrrh slightly sturdier, also helps her double more), but they’re still good choices for Myrrh as long as you give her one that boosts DEF so she can double more with her personal breath that checks DEF to double. IMO DEF/RES would be better for you if you want her to be an Enemy Phase mixed tank, while ATK/DEF would be better if you just want Myrrh to do as much damage as possible. I’ve been wondering about this ever since Awakening. Where do dragons’ clothes go when they’re being dragons? Ephraim protects Myrrh from Legendary Tiki, Falchions, Nagas and Cloud Maiougis. Myrrh protects Ephraim from everything else. And yeah, Morva GHB is unlikely but not unwelcome, at least for me.
  6. Hey all, update is out, and the refines are here too. Here they are: To sum up, Tana got Close DEF 3.5 with optional ATK/SPD Infantry/Armor Bond, Innes kept his base effect, stole Deathly Dagger's skill-refine, decided it wasn't good enough and added dragonsweep to the magesweep effect, and Lon'qu got Basilikos: Sword Edition. In my personal opinion, Innes got the most useful refinement, since he can now attack dragons without fear (and this is gonna make him my primary answer to Halloween Myrrh for the next paralogue as soon as I figure out how to build him) on top of being able to tank mages pretty well, Tana got a pretty great refinement (with Close DEF 9.5 and three stacks of Ward Fliers, neutral Tana can reach 56 DEF and 56 RES on Enemy Phase, which should hopefully make her a pretty good mixed anti-melee tank and make her Bonfire/Iceberg/Ignis/Glacies pretty strong) and a skill-refine that's really only useful on mixed teams (I would say go SPD-refine for Flier Emblem!Tana so she gets doubled less, though I dunno much about Flier teams so maybe that's not the best idea), and Lon'qu's refinement wasn't ATK/SPD Solo like I'd hoped, but it still seems pretty good, and I fully expect to see at least one Lon'qu with Life And Death 6 in the future.
  7. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    You're not. I like Lani Minella as Mia too. The Wah makes me think she should've dressed up as Waluigi (and now I want Wario!Anna for some reason), but it's not bad. Beast units. Calling it now. Also Cavalry Dragons.
  8. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    ...I completely missed that while being far too happy about Myrrh alt. Thank you for pointing that out. With that in mind, pulling order for me is now Red > Colorless >>> Blue = Green, because Myrrh is the one that I want (ooh ooh ooh), Mia would also be neat (plus Veronica could pity-break me... though it'd probably be Mist again, that hasn't happened in a while), and Niles and Kagero both hold roughly the same interest for me. Also, that Mia clip is just... WAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    So, thoughts after having watched the trailer: Mia: Not who I expected to be our first Flying Staff, but she looks neat. Glad to see she's continuing the trend of smaller fonts for weapons after Hoarfrost Knife, and that staff looks pretty neato too. I want. Kagero: ...How is this an Armored unit? I mean, she looks like she'll be good, and we have our first Armored Dagger unit at long last, but still, she looks like she raided Felicia's closet. Niles: Looks more plausibly Armored than Kagero, so there's that. And he's a Bow unit, so he can probably be reasonably great with Bold Fighter/Brave Bow like Jakob. Also, ATK/SPD Link. Was thinking we might see that. Not sure why he's got Smite of all things, but eh. He'd be alright to get, but I'm not aiming for him. Myrrh: YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES SO HAPPY Her weapon is basically Great Flame in reverse, she has Vengeful Fighter (which I would probably replace with Special Fighter, since Myrrh comes with a way to get a follow-up without worrying about SPD), she comes with Armor March which is neat, she has DEF/RES 2 for some reason, and she just looks adorable. I desire. Gonna be pulling Blue (Myrrh is the gold prize because of course she is, but Niles wouldn't be a bad consolation prize) > Colorless (I wouldn't mind Fly Healer Mia) > Green (Kagero would be nice, that's a neat dagger) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Red (no focus unit, pitybreaker would probably be someone I already have). Also, there's gonna be a TT with Halloween Dorcas and a bunch of Orbs as a reward. So there's that to look forward to. ...Even Myrrh? Or do you just mean the Fates characters? Wouldn't that be true regardless of who was on the banner tho? Or which gender Corrin you use?
  10. Halloween silhouettes for the 10/10 banner

    You just reminded me of the alt I wanna see most: Nowi With A Spare Summoner Robe Loaned To Her So She Could Put Some Damn Clothes On But The Robe Is Too Big So It Mostly Just Drags On The Floor. Also, Faerie Queen Fae with butterfly wings as a flying staff user. I want this too. As for the silhouette itself... I saw a post on Reddit saying Oboro was the one on the right side, which I agree with, and I have no idea what the left side could be (looks like either special-proc or damaged art to me... I have no idea outside of that, maybe Sonya?). I'm mostly hoping for ATK/SPD Link to show up on one of the seasonals, just because we don't have it outside of Odin's Grimoire just yet, so if we get that, I'll be happy no matter what happens. Also kinda hoping we see Risen King Chrom, since he's kind of a zombie (I think. Does anyone know what Risen are, exactly?) and thus would probably work on a Halloween banner, but I'm not betting on it.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Tried to get Tiki to come home one more time before I give up and wait for next year. Got +HP/-DEF Spring Sharena instead. And I’m very okay with this. Gonna save up for the next Legendary Banner now, since I see nothing on the horizon that interests me unless we get a Binding Blade banner after Muspell banner’s done.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Given the name, I wouldn't be surprised if it were just a 16-MT Slaying Edge with ATK/SPD Solo 3 or something like that. Just going off of the name there, but still. Dunno if that's better than Wo Dao tho, since I don't use Lon'qu at all. And yeah, I was kinda thinking we might see 3.0, but I guess that'll be November/December. On the plus side, I have Tana and Innes, so I'm looking forward to what they'll be getting.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    ...And now I want this to be a thing, just for the troll. And for her PRF sword to have something like “Grants Special Cooldown -1. At the start of each turn, grants a bonus to ATK/SPD equal to [number of Sword allies x2] for 1 turn. (Maximum bonus +6)” because that might actually be a half-decent joke weapon. Damnit, now I have to split my votes between Velouria and Loki for CYL3 if it happens.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Got a 5-Star off Tiki’s Banner. +HP/-SPD Bridal Tharja is quite alright, since her weapon makes her SPD bane not matter and Muspell Fireposy and ATK/SPD Bond mean she’ll still have blazing-fast SPD, and she’ll also have good HP for when I need her to take a hit too. This is quite alright with me.