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  1. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Fae sounds a little older, or maybe it's just me. Still super cute, and I wouldn't mind pulling her (partially for the not-a-prf weapon, which looks super good and could be fun on Ninian). DEF/RES Bond is something I never expected to see, but that's okay. Ephraim... Well he would get Omni Solo 2 and ATK/DEF Solo for maximum running-off-on-his-own buffs, wouldn't he? Now he just needs X/Y Solo as a Sacred Seal... And we have a TT+ coming up, so maybe? Not seriously getting my hopes up to be honest... Still, maybe we'll get Festive Seigmund on regular Ephraim? They did it with Flame Seigmund and Berserk Armads, so why not? @Zeo It's just if Ephraim doesn't have adjacent allies, so moving him at all away from his Armor buddies would get him +10 ATK/DEF & +4 SPD/RES. It's not that bad for him, really, since he only needs to move 1 space to get far enough out for the buffs to activate. Eirika looks good. I wouldn't mind getting her, partially so I can run her on an Aether Raids team with 4 allies who have the same ATK stat and thus all get the +6/+0/+5/+5. It's not gonna happen, but I can dream. @silveraura25 I dunno, if she has the ATK and HP for it then I could see Eirika possibly running something like Wrathful Absorb+ | Recover+ | Miracle | Close Counter | Wary Fighter 3 [or Special Fighter 3 if she's fast enough to not get doubled naturally] | ATK Opening 3 [or ATK Ploy 3, if Eirika has the RES for Ploys] | ATK/DEF Bond 3 Seal [or Close DEF 3 Seal, if you don't think you'll be able to keep her close to your allies] to work as a tank. Probably not super effective, but it could possibly work. I have no idea what Cecilia's gonna have... to be honest I wasn't expecting Cecilia at all, much less as a Dagger Armor. Looks like she's the freebie for the TT+ though, so I'll definitely get to try her out. Kinda hoping she'll get Glittering Breath's Nifl Frostflowers/Muspell Fireposy-but-for-DEF/RES thing. Probably not gonna pull beyond the freebie on this one though. Much as I would like Fae and Eirika (primarily Eirika), I don't like them enough to endanger the Beast stockpile. Hopefully Cecilia's got a decent kit. @XRay Well, we do have a Tempest Trials+ coming up, it could happen! And I have a Genny who would really like it if it did!
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If we're getting a reveal tonight, I believe it would be either 20 minutes from now or 80 minutes from now.
  3. Henry I could see getting something like: Crow's Tome | MT 14 | Grants WTA vs. Colorless units. Skill-Refine: When unit's ATK + 5 < foe's ATK, grants DEF/RES +5 and inflicts Special Charge -1 on foe during combat. It's a Raven tome with Sagittae-style Bracing Stance 2.5 (with Steady Stance 4's Guard effect) to make him a better tank. Yeah, it doesn't make him stronger, but keeping WTA over Colorless lets him get a little more power against Colorless units, and having Guard and Bracing Stance 3 on his weapon allows Henry to run Close Counter | Mystic Boost 3 | X DEF Wave 3 | Quick Riposte 3 Seal to counter all foes, negate adaptive damage (mostly useful against Sorcery Blade and Felicia, but that's not what Mystic Boost is here for) and Wrathful Staff (Henry would probably like not having to take full damage from healers), and recover HP after every combat (it's just 6 HP, but still, it might let him stay inside the Quick Riposte threshold, maybe), give himself +6 DEF on top of the Saggitae-type effect (a total of 40/43/46 DEF when DEF Wave is up, and he'll have 27/30/34 RES too which is nice). Alternatively, you could run Distant DEF 3 | Mystic Boost 3 | X RES Wave 3 | Quick Riposte 3 Seal to get great defenses against ranged foes (40/43/46 DEF & 33/36/40 [39/42/46 with RES Wave up] RES) and the benefits of Mystic Boost (mostly Wrathful Staff negation here, though the passive recovery could also be nice to have). I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be too powerful on Henry, since he still has minimal ATK and SPD and isn't getting any way around those flaws from this weapon so he still relies on his Special for damage and Quick Riposte to double, he just gets to be a bit better at tanking while retaining his WTA over Colorless foes.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Burned through my Orb stash (wasn't really that big, but still), but I got a second Eir (+DEF/-RES, not sure if that's better than neutral or not), so I'm gonna count the fact that I now have Mystic Boost fodder as a win. Now I just need to get an Alm some day...
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I had guessed we were gonna get Book III soon when we got 7 prf weapons with this month's update. Well, the Book II-revealing (IIRC that was the 11/14/2017 one, correct me if I'm wrong please) Feh Channel was longer, but it also revealed the Weapon Refinery and everything associated with it and Farfetched Heroes and debuted Legendary Banners, as well as Book II. Presumably this one's shorter 'cause it's not gonna reveal anything quite as big as the Weapon Refinery, and probably won't have a Legendary Banner associated with it, probably just the next regular banner and Book III, maybe one other thing.
  6. @Ice Dragon With Life And Death 3, would you consider running Hardy Bearing 3 with it to avoid getting Vantage’d to death after the AOE hit since your defenses with LAD3 are probably low enough that you would get one-shotted if your foe got the first hit? Or is Vantage not common enough to worry about? Having said that, thank you for this info. The next Sothe I pull will be immediately donated to my Lewyn for maximum AOE pain. @Silverly You probably won’t see triple-effectiveness on the Robins’ weapons, I can’t see IntSys going beyond dual-effectiveness (though I couldn’t see Distant Counter being given to a Prf weapon via Weapon Refinery, and then Saber happened, so I could be wrong). Might get anti-Cavalry or anti-Cavalry&Armored on F!Robin since anti-Cav’s on her default weapon though. Maybe even anti-Dragon because the Robins can kill Grima in Awakening, though perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch. @silveraura25 Yeah, all three of those effects are unlikely, though I’d like it if that was what Tactical Gale wound up being. I don’t see Cavalry-effectiveness being on a Brave Tome (or any effectiveness on a Brave weapon, to be honest), so it’d probably have to lose the anti-Cav, but it’d still be really good as a Brave Tome with Omni Bond.
  7. I never knew that. Mostly because I don't really have anyone I use AOE skills on. I'm guessing that's also true with stuff like Swift Sparrow and Steady Stance since those are also combat buffs? I guess Life And Death 3 would work better for that scenario then, since it's not a combat buff? If the Robins got something like that, it'd probably be Drive Spectrum, since neither Robin has a Rally in their base kit. Although, if the Robins do end up with a buffing skill-refine, it'd be nice if they got Spur Spectrum instead to be different from Marth (moreso for M!Robin since he could give DEF +7 with his default kit, which could be pretty neat). You're probably right, I guess that was just wishful thinking. Omni Bond 2 would be +4 to all stats, but I could see them doing that (I wouldn't be against it either, +4 to everything is pretty good). Plus IntSys doesn't do Close Counter on weapons yet. You're right here as well. It'd probably just better as just Sorcery Blade, since that + Brave tome would probably be pretty powerful without the extra stat boosts.
  8. I hadn't considered this possibility, though it does seem like it would be pretty good for Navarre since he could either run Double Wrath for massive damage on Special activations and Cooldown -2 at turn start or run Single Wrath + Special Spiral to spam Blazing Wind every time he attacks to kill people (with double-Brazen ATK/X for maximum ATK). I feel like the next Berserk Armads would go to Tailtiu if anyone not named Hector is gonna get it tho, since she's the first unit to ever have Wrath in FE (IIRC) and it probably wouldn't be extremely OP on her.
  9. @Sunsurge Blarserpent+. I used to wish I had F!Morgan so I could feed my M!Robin his daughter for that tome, but now that he has his Prf coming I don't care as much (and thus will probably get pitybroken by her now that I don't really desire her any more). I'm hoping that M! and F!Robin get different weapons, since they have different names (unlike Fir and Karel, who both got Nameless Blade). Hoping for something like M!Robin Tactical Bolt | MT 14 | Grants Advantage vs. Colorless Units. | Skill-Refine: When adjacent to an ally using Sword, Lance, Axe or Dragonstone, grants ATK/SPD/DEF/RES +3 during combat and unit can counterattack regardless of distance. Male Robin gets a boosted Blarraven by default, and gets a Saber-style Our-Bonds-Give-Me-Strength that gives him Close Counter and All Stats +3 as long as he's next to a melee ally. F!Robin Tactical Gale | MT 9 | Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat. | Skill-Refine: When adjacent to an ally using Sword, Lance, Axe or Dragonstone, grants ATK/SPD/DEF/RES +3 during combat and damage is calculated using lower of foe's DEF or RES. Female Robin is more pie-in-the-sky compared to M!Robin, but here she employs Leif's tactic of stealing from her foes after beating them to procure a copy of Dire Thunder from one of the many Reinhardts that have been eaten by her Wolftome. The skill-refine is another Saber-style Our-Bonds-Give-Me-Strength, but instead of Close Counter, F!Robin's All Stats +3 comes with Sorcery Blade when she's next to a melee ally, letting her circumvent her questionable ATK (38 with this Tactical Gale, 41 when next to a melee ally) with adaptive damage. It won't make her the next Reinhardt (he has greater movement, higher ATK, can get Hone Cavalry for an easy +6 ATK whereas F!Robin needs either Rally ATK/SPD+ or ATK Tactic 3, Reinhardt doesn't have anything that requires him to have specific allies while F!Robin needs at least one melee ally to get her best results), but I think it would improve F!Robin considerably. On another note, the Whitewing weapons are something I've been expecting for some time now, and since they're pretty much guaranteed to get that Triangle Attack thing that was in the last datamine (IIRC it required a certain amount of nearby Flying allies and granted a stat boost and a guaranteed follow-up attack), how I feel about them really comes down to the base weapons. I know I speculated on what they could get earlier in the thread, but I want Palla to get a 16-MT Wo Dao to help with her not-so-great ATK stat, Catria to keep her Slaying effect because it's pretty good on her, and Est to either keep Armorslaying since the Triangle Attack lets her double so I'd be okay with her keeping Armormurder or pick up an 11-MT Brave Lance so she can get near-guaranteed quads with proper positioning (preferably with Moonbow/Death Blow 3/Heavy Blade 3 to drop a Moonbow every other hit during that quad). I have no idea what Ogma could get since I don't use him (got pitybroken by him once, fed his Brave Sword+ to my Hana), though his statline is pretty alright. Maybe he could get an 11-MT Brave Sword with optional Chill DEF 3? Would that work well for him? I hope Navarre's Scarlet Sword is a Wo Dao at base since as far as I know that's his thing (or at least, it's exclusive to him in Fire Emblem Warriors) and it would help him deal better damage despite his lower ATK. To speculate on the Skill-Refine, I'd like to see Special Spiral 3, to make Scarlet Sword into something of an off-brand Dark Mystletainn that can run Wrath for +20 damage on Special activations and could run double-Brazen ATK/X and Blazing Wind to deal massive damage once per turn (since he'd be at 1 CD after killing someone unless you had an ally with Infantry Flash nearby and Navarre outsped his foe, which is possible but hardly guaranteed). I could see him ending up with reskinned Dark Mystletainn though, and I wouldn't complain about that.
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Reading that back, I misspoke a bit. Shouldn't have said not allowing its user to double, should've said not guaranteeing a double for its user. Sorry about that. I was supposed to be referring to the Triangle Attack not giving its user an automatic double in most games (as far as I remember it's just a critical hit, though I could be wrong about this) while the skill that is apparently going to be Triangle Attack in Heroes does give its user an automatic double if its conditions are met.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @Vaximillian That would certainly be a good implementation of Triangle Attack (even if I could grumble about Triangle Attack not actually allowing its user to double, a guaranteed follow-up attack with a combat stat boost is probably a better interpretation for Heroes than what I wrote in my last post or most other things they could be given, especially if one of the stats being granted is ATK), and I would not mind if we got that on all of the Whitewings (or at least Palla, she probably needs a refinement the most out of these three). If we didn't get a Triangle Attack-type refinement for the Whitewings (or at least Palla) I would be disappointed.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Catria can get a 16-MT Slaying Lance, while Est could either keep the Armorslaying weapon or get a personal Brave Lance (Florina and Cherche show that either path is possible for Est, though personally I would prefer the latter). Palla could get a personal Wo Dao or maybe a Chill SPD 3 sword or Ward Fliers sword or something. As for what the Triangle Attack could look like in Heroes, maybe something like "When unit initiates combat and number of Flying allies within 2 spaces > 2, grants Special Cooldown -2 before combat" to guarantee that they get their Specials off (Palla would get Moonbow guaranteed since it has 2 Cooldown, while Catria would get Luna on the first attack since the Slaying effect gives her 2-CD Lunas, Est would need to be given a Special to take advantage of this but that shouldn't be too difficult) since IIRC the Triangle Attack is usually just a critical hit.
  13. After further consideration (mainly that I don't wanna get rid of either of my current CC-having units, though your point about Ylgr's lacking bulk was also a valid one), I'm probably gonna do that, though I'm gonna run her with Legendary Ryoma (just got him a second merge, so why not?), probably Airzura because Green, and my Xander, who I have a question about: I gave Xander Steady Stance 4 because between the extra DEF and built-in Guard it seems like a really good skill for him (I would've preferred Warding Stance 4, but a Surtr free-summoned himself into my barracks when I was trying to get Ylgr so I burned him to make Xander better), so which of these is better for him: 1) Seigfried | Swap | Bonfire | Steady Stance 4 | Quick Riposte 3 | Drive SPD 2 | Distant DEF 3 Seal 2) Seigfried | Swap | Bonfire | Steady Stance 4 | Chill DEF 3 | Drive SPD 2 | Quick Riposte 3 Seal
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    @Vaximillian Why would they give Cecilia Blade+Raven? It's more likely that she'll get a 14-MT Raven-tome that also comes with either ATK Tactic 3 or RES Tactic 3 so she can run Triple Tactic like Titania or an ATK/RES +5 buff when within 2 spaces of a Sword or Tome ally (referencing her students Roy and Lilina, who with the exception of Love Abounds Roy (who has a bow for some reason) fall into one of those two categories). Still, that's a nice Cecilia you've got there. Although, why did you give her SPD Tactic? That seems like it'd be better for one of her teammates to give her, if only for the +6 damage, unless you have someone with Hone Cavalry on the team with her?
  15. If I'm not running Sorcery Blade on Ylgr (my Arena team for next season doesn't have a tome user so Sorcery Blade is worthless on her), could this work on her? +DEF/-ATK Sylgr Draw Back Glimmer Close Counter Null Follow-Up 3 SPD Tactic 3 Hardy Bearing 3 Seal