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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Used the free summon and one Ticket, came out with neutral Keaton. I’m quite happy with this, as Keaton is someone I wanted but figured would never come home because Red pool would deny me. Woohoo! Now to hope the remaining tickets bring in Kaden and/or Velouria!
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Keaton must've spent the last two years on a steady diet of sent-home Reinhardts to get those Meisterschwert claws. I wonder how he'll compare to Swordhardt... I really hope Kaden demotes, since I wanna team him up with Eirika, Triple Tactic Seth, and a Blue Infantry unit with RES Tactic 3 so she can get +23 in every stat (+6 from all Tactics on Eirika, +6 from all Tactics on Kaden thanks to Seiglinde's effect, +6 from all Tactics on Kaden thanks to Kitsune Claw's effect, +2 because S Support, +3 from Spur ATK/SPD 2 & Spur DEF/RES 2). I can't see Keaton demoting at all thanks to his Meisterschwert claws, Selkie has too many skills to demote, and Velouria's weapon is just way too good to demote (it gives us the ability to do stuff like Ares/Eldigan with always-on Bonfire, literally anyone with It's Curtains...+/Ouch Pouch+ being able to Turn-1 AOE (and Infantry/Armored units with these weapons being able to Special Spiral back down to 2 CD after combat, running Heavy/Flashing Blade or Desperation-while-in-Desperation-range (both of the above would be necessary for those without Special Spiral) to get the other 2 out of the way during combat so that they can effectively always have AOE), Navarre being able to Turn-1 Aether/Galeforce/Miracle (not sure how useful these would be, but hey, he could do it with Velouria's assistance), Merric/Ishtar/Navarre being able to insta-AOE people in the face with either Quickened Pulse Seal or a higher-HP Infantry Pulse ally (in the case of Ishtar/Navarre, that could probably be Velouria, not so sure about Merric tho), combining with Grandscratcher+ to give Black Knight/Zelgius instant access to Black Luna, combining with Grandscratcher+, Special Spiral, Heavy Blade Seal and an Infantry Pulse ally to give Lilina an always-ready AOE Special, combining with Reinhardt to instantly have Moonbow ready on his first combat without running Quickened Pulse so he could run something else (or keep Quickened Pulse and switch to first-strike Luna, or ditch Quickened Pulse and have second-strike Luna), Saber being able to insta-charge Bonfire before ever seeing combat so he can get Golden Dagger's special effect and then use Special Spiral to perma-charge his Bonfire, Fjorm being able to pre-charge Ice Mirror without Shield Pulse so she could free up her B Slot, Legendary/Valentine's Ike being able to have Radiant Aether available for every counterattack when combined with Warding Breath and Special Spiral, I'm sure there are other things I'm not thinking of at the moment) so I don't expect her to fall and thus expect to see Kaden in the 4-Star pool after this banner ends by process of elimination (though I've been wrong about this before). Panne being a GHB is unexpected, but not unwelcome. Looking forward to her. Congratulations!
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I went back to shoot for Ike/Greil one more time before the new banner comes... And got Lewyn. Neutral Lewyn. This would be mildly annoying due to not being Greil/Mist, but I already have a Lewyn with an acceptable nature (+HP/-DEF), so this means I now have Special Spiral fodder. Only one, so I'm gonna take a while to decide who's gonna get it (Lilina seems like a solid choice to maximize the one hit she's gonna get with an AOE, but Merric might be a good choice too since Excalibur has -1 cooldown so he wouldn't need Heavy/Flashing Blade to constantly Blazing Wind once he gets one off, and I probably have someone else who would like Spiral that I'm not thinking of...), but that's one more than I had before.
  4. I thought that would be a bit too good, but yeah, that would work for Frederick since he'd probably need something like Quick Riposte to double anyway due to his SPD being low, and he winds up with two weaknesses afterward so it's probably okay to give him a better version of Wary Fighter to compensate for this (which makes me wonder what would happen if he got Wing Sworded/Rhomphaia'd/Thani'd/Dawn Suzu'd with this weapon refinement... Would Caeda's/Clair's/Micaiah's ATK be multiplied by 2.25x since her weapon is effective against Cavalry (which Frederick is) and Armored (which Frederick becomes with the refinement) and thus would be twice as effective against Frederick, or would it just be 1.5x like usual effective damage?).
  5. Wow, Lyn actually won. I thought the leak was fake because of that, but here we are. As it stands, I have nothing to complain about. Depending on my luck, Spooky Myrrh gets to fix her HP bane, Legendary Lyn gets to fix her SPD bane, or I get a Legendary Azura or a Duma, all of which are great outcomes for me. Looking forward to the free pull!
  6. @Baldrick Yeah, Seth at least has potential as a guy who's great for ripping Surtrs apart. Arguably Palla can be better at this if you can keep Flying allies near her since she gets Omni Blow 1.5 & Brave Triangle Adept Weapon in those circumstances and thus is guaranteed to hit at least twice, but yeah Seth's is not terrible... even if it isn't gonna make me use him. Regarding Frederick, what if he got Sturdy Stance 2 + optional Armor-Weakness & Wary Fighter 3 for his weapon? I doubt Wary Fighter would make Frederick broken, but he'd certainly be better at tanking physical hits if he could avoid getting doubled as often. Although, I would bet that the only unit gaining Armor-Weakness + Armor-Only-Skill would be Lukas, if anyone, since he promoted directly to the Knight classes in Gaiden/Echoes.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    We're gonna be playing as Professor Ike. As for the... Lords? I dunno what Edelgard/Claude/third-guy are for Three Houses... I guess they're Heroes-worthy, yeah (or at least they're main enough characters to probably get spots in Heroes on the Three Houses promotional banner when that happens). Looking forward to them hopefully coming with skills referencing them having their own squads/armies when they drop into Heroes (maybe inheritable skills and/or Prf weapons (I'm guessing they're gonna get personal weapons in Three Houses) that work like Owltomes, Nifl Frostflowers, and/or Goodie Boot+), and hopefully at least one gender of Professor Ike or whatever their default name is can be a free unit, if not both of 'em.
  8. @XRay I’m not sure if IntSys always considers Special Cooldown -1 as an effect though, if only because they also gave it to Odin’s Grimoire/Iris’s Tome/Tharja’s Hex (in the form of no Cooldown penalty) and Dauntless Lance (where it comes alongside anti-Armored effective damage). And regarding Peri, if she got something like a 16-MT Slaying Lance that could be refined to have SPD/DEF Smoke 2, would that be a good enough weapon for her while still referencing her personal skill from Fates, or would it end up being a useless effect?
  9. Official Pull Topic

    @Nimue That probably is a coincidence (though I wouldn't mind if Brave Veronica won FAVH, even if I expect the Colorless slot to go to Duma 'cause he's the newest Mythic Hero), but congrats on your Veronica! Thanks to the Bound Hero Battle and Tap Battle, I've pulled a second Valentine's Soren! +SPD/-HP, so now I need to figure out whether he wants +ATK or +SPD more before +1ing him to get his HP bane fixed, but this is pretty nice.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    So, after waiting for Arena Orbs so I could pull a full session, I pulled Valentine’s Soren! He’s +ATK/-HP, which is good, though I’m just happy to have pulled him right after Dorcas broke my pity rate yesterday. Gonna wait for the next banner to be revealed before I decide whether to keep shooting for Ike/Greil/Mist or not.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I got pitybroken by Dorcas. Damnit. He's decent fodder, at least, or maybe he can fix my current Dorcas's SPD bane.
  12. Got two Red and three Colorless on my 2018 Banner, went Red because every option there is either a bane-erasing merge (Tiki & Tharja drop their SPD banes, Tana loses her ATK bane, Myrrh loses her HP bane) or someone I want but never pulled (Gunnthrá looks neat, Hríd is Hone ATK 4 fodder, Micaiah’s a strong Dancer with dual-effectiveness). I got +ATK/-RES Summer Micaiah, which is great ‘cause that extra ATK combined with Dawn Suzu’s +3 ATK makes her effectively a dancing Lilina with effective damage and the ability to ignore Vantage and Desperation instead of Chill RES 3 and Death Blow 3. Now I just gotta figure out how I’m gonna build her... and whether or not I should keep RES Ploy on her...
  13. Official Pull Topic

    So, got lucky enough to have Red on the Free 2018 Seasonal, and pulled Summer Micaiah! And she’s +ATK/-RES, which seems quite acceptable. And then I pulled Ike off the daily BHB Banner rerun. +DEF/-SPD doesn’t seem too bad, honestly I’m just happy to have finally pulled him.