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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    According to the schedule on Twitter, this is a regular banner (it's listed as New Heroes, whereas the seasonals are usually listed as Special Heroes, which I think means this is a normal, units-go-into-the-5-star-pool-after-the-banner kind of banner). All of these are gonna be regular units that can pity-break us on future banners. Which means we now have non-Seasonal Vengeful Fighter and Bold Fighter units to use as Inherit Skill fodder. I like this. I mean, Grima and Hardin look like they'll be pretty good units in their own right (I want a Hardin so I can give him Bold Fighter and Quick Riposte and watch him double on both phases and counterattack at range thanks to Distant Counter, and Grima looks like he's gonna be pretty solid as a dragon armor), but I really want a Hardin for my LA Hector (that ATK shouldn't be limited to hitting once, plus if I gave him Bold Fighter I could run Ignis on him and do 32-42 extra damage on every second attack, which should be enough to kill most foes) and a Grima because I'll probably find someone who wants Vengeful Fighter at some point... maybe Eliwood? Still got no clue what to do with him... Celica looks alright too, even though she creeps me out. Not someone I'm especially interested in tho. Wonder what Takumi's map will be. They already did the final map of Conquest for one of the Tempest Trials, didn't they? Maybe they'll do Chapter 10 of Conquest? Or that one where you fight him on a wall? Or some other map where you fight Takumi that I can't recall at the moment? Also curious as to what Skadi's gonna have. Maybe we'll finally get a weapon with Close Counter built-in?
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    You've got a good point there. None of those units particularly care for SPD until after a certain point, so Chill SPD doesn't hurt you that much. Given that my main team is Reinhardt and Brave Bow Brave Lyn with a Dancer (Ninian right now) and a fourth unit, it doesn't hurt me too much either, I suppose. I guess it looked scarier than it was, haha.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oh wow, that new banner was just full of surprises. So I'm gonna start from the top: Grima has entered Heroes. Grima. I think that makes him the first final boss in Heroes (even if it says that's Robin, we know who it really is). And he's an Armor Dragon too! And he summons dragon Grima to fight for him! And he has 16-MT refined Lightning Breath! Awesome! And he has Vengeful Fighter and Ward Dragons! WE DON'T NEED THARJA FOR VENGEFUL FODDER! I want this man! I guess Grima's a Green Breath just so Chrom and Lucina can crush him easily with their newly-refined Falchions (and also so my Marth can do the same thing). This isn't how I expected Hardin to get in. I thought he'd be a Grand Hero Battle. Still, I can't complain about this, since he's got Brazen DEF/RES (which I could see being really annoying with him on a Ward Armor team) and Bold Fighter (so any future Winter Lissas that I may be lucky enough to pull won't need to go home). And he still has Gradivus, so he's another Armor with Distant Counter on his weapon. This dude is pretty neat, and the unit I want most from this banner for fodder purposes (my +ATK LA Hector wants Bold Fighter, and maybe my Eliwood too). Celica creeps me out, but she's probably the least threatening of the units here (and coincidentally, she's also the only non-Armor). Beloved Zofia looks awesome, even if I thought it would be saved for CYLica. Chill SPD is just a fuck-you to fast units, but it scares me more because I fully expect to see Chill DEF and Chill RES at some point, and I don't want to. Nothing else about her is especially great, but those two things alone make her look rather decent, if not as good as Grima!Robin and Hardin. And, just so I know for sure, these are regular units, right? They're not seasonals? We'll be able to summon them in the regular pool after this banner? Also Takumi being a Grand Hero Battle isn't what I would've expected at all. I'm genuinely curious as to what he's gonna have over his original version, besides looking creepier. Also gotta ask, is his map gonna be the final Conquest map? Because I think they used that map for a Tempest Trial already. Maybe it'll be that one map where he's on a wall? Or Conquest Chapter 10? And now I have no clue what the Voting Gauntlet could be. Given that Chill SPD would activate on Celica's turn (I'm assuming it's like Gunnthra's Chilling Seal, since it seems like should work similarly), wouldn't a primarily-Enemy-Phase playstyle just make dealing with teams featuring her more difficult?
  4. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Welp, my final vote for Winter Tharja has been cast. Now to wait until they announce the winner... which I'm guessing will be around Wednesday/Thursday, since they said they were releasing the Xenologue for this in "late February."
  5. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Presumably it would resemble the look on their faces when Veronica won CYL2, yeah? I voted for Tharja again today, because I still want her the most as a unit. Hoping she wins, and only partially to see the look on IntSys's faces if she takes it over Ike.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I most likely wouldn't spend Orbs on a Binding Blade banner, but I would be interested in seeing who got in on it. I honestly thought it might be Veronica at first. But yeah, knowing who the next GHB's gonna be probably would make it too easy to guess the next banner. So who do you think it'll be?
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Binding Blade banner in the near future. Not sure who the upcoming GHB could be in that case though... Maybe Idunn? But yeah, Thracia's a fairly safe bet, that or Genealogy Gen 2. If it is one of those, maybe Ishtar'll be the GHB?
  8. You can't inherit the refined weapon onto another unit (you can still inherit the non-refined version tho), but if you use Merge Allies to merge that Mae into another Mae, the post-merge Mae will have the refined Blarowl.
  9. Okay, I have Distant Counter fodder, but I'm not sure who I should give it to. I've narrowed it down to the following units: Marth [+SPD/-HP] (Mostly a support unit, but I know I'm gonna use him a lot since his omni-Drive is so useful for me, so might he be able to get some use out of this?) Love Abounds Eliwood (I don't know what to do with him, but I want to use him, and this seems like a decent option) Myrrh [+ATK/-HP, Summoner Support] (I like Fury on Myrrh, but I could see her being great with DC too) Which of these would be the best option for Distant Counter? Or should I just hold on to my spare Hector for now? Also, completely unrelated question, is +ATK/-RES Matthew a good Matthew if I'm going to use Rogue Dagger+?
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I just pulled a second LA Hector! And this one's +ATK! (and also -SPD, but Wary Fighter'll negate that so really I only care about the ATK boon here) YES! It took me to 4.75% pity rate though, and after that I am done with this banner! Now to save up for that all-Falchion banner (and also possibly the banner starting on the 21st, depending on who's on that one). Now I just need to figure out what I'm gonna do with my +SPD/-ATK LA Hector...
  11. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I voted for the Normal Girl, because I don't have her (unlike Hector), I want her (unlike Azura, and to a lesser extent Ike), and I don't think I'll manage to pull her ever (unlike Ike, who's gonna be on multiple 8% banners so I have some confidence that he'll be mine eventually, though even if he isn't I only really want him to teach Warding Breath to other units). Plus I want another Armor mage, and I don't like my odds of pulling LA Lyn. I hope Tharja wins, but really as long as it isn't Azura (I just don't care for her) I'll be happy with any of the top 4. Tharja is someone I want, Hector I could use another one of for Distant Counter fodder, and Ike would be leveled to 40 and then used as Warding Breath fodder because I don't really want him. I thought you just needed to have units who've been given Blessings for that new mode?
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    I managed the Armor and Cavalry GHB Elite quests today. Armor was pretty simple once I trained up Eliwood a bit. I just had my Love Abounds Hector with Noontime tank and Noontime-counterkill the entire map with Hone & Goad Armor, Fortify RES 1 and the Distant DEF 3 Seal (34 SPD means that I don't think anyone could double him, but he still had Wary Fighter because I didn't think to give him Renewal for maximum healing until after this challenge). Halloween Henry was also important though. Being my one Armor March unit, he gave Hector and Eliwood (who has Goad Armor, guaranteeing that Hector won't ever get doubled on this map and also making Noontime slightly stronger) the mobility needed to retreat once Hector tanked almost everyone (I think the lance and one of the axes couldn't reach him, but he took hits from all of the mages and +10Noontime'd his health back up). Cavalry was a bit trickier, but Sigurd being a great tank made it doable. He went up at the chokepoint and (with 1 Ward Cavalry for support, which I'm not 100% sure he needed but I wanted to be on the safe side) survived the first turn, after which he retreated so he, Reinhardt, Brave Lyn and Gunnthr√° could kill everyone from within the left-side hallways. Not sure how I'll deal with Flier quest, or Infantry, but I have a whole year to do those.
  13. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Well, Fortress RES is a surprise. Wonder if that means they aren't going to put it on a 4-Star any time soon... Armored Boots I want. 1 MOV is annoying, and more ways around that are always welcome. I'm going to run LAHector/Brave Lyn/Reinhardt/Ninian for the 3x bonus runs because Lynhardt+Dancer rarely fails me, then train up (and maybe promote) 4-Star Eliwood since I need a good Lance Armor.
  14. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Okay, I gave my last 4 votes to Winter's Envoy Tharja, because I would legitimately like to get her, but don't think I'll ever manage to pull her. Here's hoping she wins! Ike's probably gonna win, or maybe Hector, but I can hope! And throw all my votes to Tharja in the finals! Though really, out of the current non-Tharja top 10, getting a free Ike (either), Hector or Performing Arts Azura would be fine by me too (Vanguard Ike and PAAzura because I'd like to have them as units, Hector and Brave Ike for A Skill fodder). Still hoping for Tharja, but really I'm certain I'll be happy with whoever wins.
  15. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    I DID IT! I ACTUALLY DID IT! I BEAT INFERNAL XANDER! WOOHOO! I mean, I have Reinhardt and Brave Lyn, but I ended up needing Sigurd (+SPD/-HP, with Close DEF Seal) and Gunnthra (+DEF/-SPD, with ATK +3/Ward Cavalry/ATK +1 Seal) to deal with everything without someone getting killed by Green Mage. Took several Stamina Potions, but hey, I won. And it was really damn satisfying when everything fell into place. And then I beat the Infantry quest too, with Ninian (+ATK/-HP, with SPD-refined Light Breath+, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Fortify Dragons, and DEF Ploy 1 Sacred Seal, though I don't think that mattered all too much), Fjorm (Neutral with base skills & Distant DEF 3 Seal, because she's already good as is), Marth (+HP/-DEF, with Refined Falchion, Noontime, Fury 3, Drive SPD 3 and Drive DEF 1 Sacred Seal) and Genny (+RES/-DEF, with Dazzling-refined Slow+, Recover+, Miracle, RES +3, Wrathful Staff 3, Spur DEF/RES 2, and ATK Ploy 3 Sacred Seal). Pretty much had Fjorm do a Sigurd and tank Xander, then had her and Marth form a defensive wall at the chokepoint with Genny and Ninian behind them, with Genny healing Ninian (who for some reason kept attracting Green Mage attacks that barely missed killing her) and Fjorm (Genny couldn't reach Marth, but between his built-in Renewal 3 and Noontime he didn't really need heals) and also giving them Spur DEF/RES support as Fjorm and Marth attrition'd the map out, with Ninian eventually scoring the killing blow on Xander to finish (Marth could've done it, but Ninian needed the SP more). Took a few tries while I tried to figure out how to avoid anyone getting overwhelmed (and had an odd death when I switched Marth to Close DEF once, and that somehow resulted in the healer Wings of Mercying on in to finish him off... and then that never happened outside of that one time), but I ended up not needing a Stamina Potion for this one! Now I'm gonna wait until I get Eliwood from the Tempest Trial before I consider any Armor quests, and I'm not gonna bother with Flier quests for the moment. Not sure what I'm gonna do with this spare Xander I have, or this Fire Blessing, but hey, I did it!