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  1. Wait, Selkie has the same base RES as Jagen? I didn't know that. This might be a better effect for him then I anticipated. And yeah, quad-Ploy would be pretty good on him, especially with the Foxkit Fang effect since he's getting +2-3 in all stats if RES Ploy hits someone on top of the -4/-5/-4/-5 that they're also gonna be experiencing. Well, Cain can run triple-Brazens and Galeforce, two things that Ares cannot do as well since IIRC Special Spiral doesn't activate after Galeforce, so he's not able to run it especially well, and Ares doesn't have a Brazen on his weapon, limiting him to double-Brazens. I tried to make him into physical Celica with a Slaying weapon, though he probably wouldn't be as good as she is. Abel's refinement is a Brave Lance, not cooldown reduction. Glad you like the refine though... And now I'm thinking that I could've given him a Klein-type Brave Lance with 1 less MT and only a -2 SPD penalty since he has alright SPD and it'd be better with the Refine effect, that probably could've been good on him. Gonna edit my last post with that. I don't think IntSys would give Gordin a Klein-type Brave Prf since he's rather slow (25, compared to Klein's 33). Outside of that, yeah insta-Moonbow would probably help Gordin, though he could also run Bonfire/Ignis with Special Spiral and one/two Infantry Pulse allies to make use of his DEF with some investment. Glad you liked Draug's, I went back and forth on it for a while (it was a Safeguard with the DEF-based omnibuff, then a Klein-type Brave weapon with Steady Blow refine, then a Steady Blow weapon with Gordin's refine attached, then the Wo Dao + DEF-based omnibuff I stopped on). Warding Stance 4 was chosen because it boosts the only non-HP stat Wrys has that isn't crap, plus the Guard effect should help him tank mages (because his statline doesn't really help him do anything else). Ovoid Staff's effect was chosen since it isn't a combat effect and Wrys doesn't have the stats to do meaningful damage in combat so a mid- or post-combat effect wouldn't be all that great for him. Also, granting stats on heal is already a series of Specials, so I'm not sure they would put that on a staff (though buffs-on-heal would be good if we ever get Barrier/Barrier+, and now that I think of that I should've called this weapon Wrys's Staff instead of Barrier, not sure why I didn't do that). I'm quite glad you liked these! And yeah, Staff Prfs when? Mainly Lachesis/Nanna with a staff that references their Earth Sword, though IMO the Cavalry Staves introduced before Veronica and all the Infantry Staves who aren't Loki/Mikoto could all use a Prf too. IMO Mist and Genny should be top priority since they're 5-Star-locked and not especially great (Mist I covered last page, TLDR she's Wrys except more balanced and still not good, Genny has solid ATK and RES but lacks the SPD to double and thus is not as good as Loki/Mikoto offensively). I feel like ATK/DEF Ploy 4 might be a bit too good... -5 would probably be sufficient. And does Jagen really need a second effect if he gets Foxkit Fang's effect and ATK/DEF Ploy 3? That effect being always active feels too good, but I see your point. Maybe something like "When unit initiates combat against foe using Sword, Lance, Axe, Dragonstone or Beast damage, grants ATK/DEF +4 during combat, and if foe can counterattack, unit performs a guaranteed follow-up attack" could work? Maybe it's a bit OP, but it might make him a decent archer for taking on DC melee units?
  2. Ah, I see what you mean. Elise is inferior to Maribelle and Brave Veronica offensively and fodder-wise, yeah. I could see her getting a Prf to help her compete with them. And to be honest, I would like to see that.
  3. Caeda, Merric and Linde have had refines for a while now, with Ogma and Navarre also getting refines recently. I agree with what you're saying though. Cain, Abel, Jagen, Gordin and Draug could all use refines to stand out, and hell, throw Wrys in there too. Maybe stuff like... Jagen - Veteran Knight Veteran's Lance | MT 16 | At start of turn, inflicts ATK/DEF -4 on foes in cardinal directions with lower RES than unit through their next actions. Refine: When unit's RES > foe's RES during combat, grants bonus ATK/SPD/DEF/RES equal to 50% of the difference. (Maximum bonus of +8). Cain - The Bull Bull Blade | MT 16 | Accelerates Special Trigger (cooldown count -1). Refine: When unit's HP < 80% at start of combat, grants ATK/SPD +7 during combat. Abel - The Panther Panther Spear | MT 11 | Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat. Refine: Grants ATK/SPD +5 during combat when a Cavalry or Flying ally is within 2 spaces. Gordin - Altean Archer Altean Bow | MT 9 | Effective against Flying. Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat. Refine: When initiating combat, if unit's DEF > foe's DEF +3 at start of combat, grants ATK +4 and Special Charge +1 per unit's attack during combat. Draug - Gentle Giant Giant's Sword | MT 16 | Deals +10 damage when Special triggers. Refine: When unit's DEF > foe's DEF +3 at start of combat, grants ATK/SPD/DEF/RES +3 during combat. Wrys - Kindly Priest Barrier | MT 14 | At start of turn, unit and allies within 2 spaces recover 7 HP. Refine: Grants RES +8 to unit and inflicts Special Charge -1 on foe during combat when foe initiates combat. So, something like "Grants "When foe initiates combat and uses Bow, Dagger, Magic, or Staff, grants DEF/RES +6 during combat" to Infantry Magic and Infantry Staff allies within 2 spaces"? Basically Distant Guard 3 except better and exclusive to Infantry mages (so, Micaiah) and healers (because Micaiah could use staves in Radiant Dawn, also just in case Micaiah ever gets a Staff alt Sothe can protect that Micaiah as well). I'm not so sure Elise needs a "patch job," as she has Cavalry movement and access to Cavalry buffs, decent ATK and SPD, enough RES to run Ploys, and Dazzling Staff so she doesn't have to worry especially much about her flaws of being fragile and getting murdered by anything physical. If there's any 5-Star-exclusive healer who needs a Prf ASAP, I would say it's Mist, who's basically a more balanced Wrys (which isn't a good thing, as she still doesn't have enough ATK/SPD/DEF to be able to do all that much with them... maybe if she got a staff with Foxkit Fang's effect she could make use of those stats, but otherwise she's just balanced to a fault) but 5-Star-locked and could use a personal staff to elevate herself above other infantry healers. I agree on Luke and Azura 1.0 though, it'd be nice to see those two get refines.
  4. So, uh... Did not expect the Embla siblings to get seasonals. Or Loki. Palla joining her sister in the having-a-seasonal club is welcome, and Marisa is surprising but I'm alright with her getting one. Loki's gonna be a free Colorless Flying Bow, which is nice. Would probably appreciate her a bit more if I didn't have Summer Takumi, but she'll probably be alright. On the banner characters, Bruno's the only one I find noteworthy since he brings another Push skill. Kinda thought they'd forgotten about those. I'll be pulling Blue for my free pull though, since I'm looking for either another Shanna for Desperation fodder, a Mae because I only need one more to +10 her in the future, or the flying Marisa because hey, she's alright. Still, glad I have an easy skip banner, I need to use those orbs to break my pityrate on the Binding Blade banner and then maybe save them for CYL3 or whatever interests me. Hopefully I see Blue and get either Marisa or the last Mae merge I'll need down the line, but if not, meh.
  5. New Event Calendar (March-April 2019)

    This, along with at least two of Erk, Sain, Kent, and Rath, is what I'm hoping for. Indeed, the Spring banner's Tempest Trials+ would be a great time to include Yarne as the TT+ reward. Not even Spring-banner-themed Yarne, just regular Yarne. We've got a New Heroes banner starting 4/10. It's all the way on the right side below the Grand Hero Battle Revival for Garon, and it's tiny on this calendar, but it's there.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I'm out of Tickets and pulled the entire session on every ticket, and in addition to the Sue I pulled when the banner dropped, I have a second Sue now. The new one's +DEF/-RES, so she's either getting merged into my +ATK Sue or used for Hone SPD 4 fodder.
  7. Well, it took me two years and not pulling Legendary Roy for me to focus enough to finish this, but I finally managed to +10 my Roy! Image in spoiler:
  8. Official Pull Topic

    One free pull, two Tickets, and 45 Total Orbs gave me a bunch of feathers/fodder... And +ATK/-RES Sue! She’s one of the two characters I was hoping for on this banner, and good IVs make this perfect! Now, just gotta hope Idunn comes home before the banner ends, but even if she remains out of my reach I’ll still be happy.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Legendary Roy’s banner barely gave me any Reds to pull, which sucks, but I got another Summer Micaiah today. So Micaiah’s RES bane is gone, which is great since that had been mildly bugging me and now she can run double-Ploys. Gonna save my Orbs now since L!Roy doesn’t want to come home, and wait and see what the next banner brings before I decide whether or not to shoot for Velouria/Kaden one more time.
  10. Hey, Sophia's finally getting a refinement! That +ATK/-SPD copy I have has been waiting for this... but she'll have to wait a little longer since my next 66,000 feathers or so are being reserved for Roy to +10 him, and also I don't think I have the Dew ready for any of these. Also nice to see the Dark tomes get refines, since they could use extra effects these days. Makes me hopeful that Armads will get a refinement eventually. So, guesses as to what the current batch'll wind up as: Sonya - Dark Excalibur [Refine] | MT 14 Deals +10 damage when Special triggers. Skill-Refine: At start of Turn 1, grants Special Cooldown count -2. Starting with the 5-Star I've managed to pull, Sonya gets a refineable Wo Dao tome with optional Quickened Pulse 2. It's fairly good for both herself and Merric, though Sonya probably appreciates it more since she gets instant Moonbow on her first combat with her default skillset while Merric needs SI to do the same. Delthea - Dark Aura [Refine] | MT 14 At start of turn, grants ATK +6 to Sword, Lance, Axe, Dragonstone, and Beast damage allies for 1 turn. Skill-Refine: When HP > 50% at start of combat, if foe's attack would defeat unit, unit survives with 1 HP. Moving on to the other Dark tome, Delthea's Dark Aura gains the Prayer Ring she comes with in Echoes, which allows the tome to have Tyrfing-style Miracle on it, allowing Delthea (or Linde, who can also use this weapon) to take a physical hit and live, which probably makes them better. Sophia - Eternal Tome | MT 14 During combat, grants bonus DEF/RES equal to number of allies within 2 spaces x2. (Maximum bonus of +6.) Skill-Refine: When Special is charged, grants ATK/SPD/DEF/RES +3 during combat, and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's distance. Moving from Dark tomes to Dark mage, Sophia gets a Glittering Breath tome (presumably Fae taught her the secret of getting tankier when you're near your friends after she got back from Christmas Winter Seasonal Banner with the Renais twins) with the option to gain Golden Dagger's refinement effect except with Close Counter, allowing Sophia to use Close Counter without sacrificing her A Skill as long as she can keep her Special charged (which, well, Special Spiral, Infantry Pulse, Quickened Pulse and Velouria exist, so it shouldn't be too difficult to keep one stocked at all times). This one's pretty unlikely, I'll admit, but I think it would be good for her. Klein - Argent Bow | MT 9 Effective against Flying foes. Inflicts SPD -5. Unit attacks twice when initiating combat. Skill-Refine: Unit attacks twice when foe initiates combat. Moving from an unlikely refine to the refine that took the longest to nail down, Klein gets a stronger Brave Bow with the option to have a dual-phase Brave Bow. I'm not sure if they'd go with Enemy Phase Brave as a refinement for any weapon that didn't start with it, but it'd make his weapon work well with both of his passives (gets an ATK buff from Death Blow on Player Phase, gets a guaranteed quad via Quick Riposte on Enemy Phase), so I'd be alright with it happening. So, are any of these even somewhat likely to happen? Or be good, if they did?
  11. Official Pull Topic

    So the sounds for all stones on Find And Vote Heroes are the same on the free pull, at least I think so. So that won’t help you choose who you get. I got +ATK/-DEF Legendary Azura off my free pull, so I’m really happy. Good luck everyone!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    So the sounds for all stones on Find And Vote Heroes are the same on the free pull, at least I think so. So that won’t help you choose who you get. I got +ATK/-DEF Legendary Azura off my free pull, so I’m really happy. Good luck everyone!
  13. Create-A-Hero Thread

    No, I didn't miss that. I just figured that that wouldn't be too effective on a shorter Special unless you were able to keep Rafiel out of combat entirely since otherwise he'd probably end up using his Special in combat and then you'd have to charge it up again... though I might've underestimated how good it is. Gonna try another minorish rework, and also give Rafiel his on-weapon Miracle back since now he's frail enough to actually need it: Rafiel - Earthbound Chorister | Colorless Beast | Infantry
  14. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Thinking on it more, Death Blow wouldn't be a bad choice for Volke either. It doesn't drop his defenses, so he isn't as vulnerable when Lethality isn't quite enough to kill or hasn't charged yet and he has to eat a hit. Making Rafiel in general is a bit weird, since he needs to be a Heron like Reyson and Leanne but can't share their weapon since he's Infantry, and I'm not sure how IntSys will handle that. I wish I'd come up with something like Vigor though, that's a wonderful idea. I hadn't considered the possibility of removing Galdr (I never do that with Prf Weapons/Skills/Specials), but yeah, Rafiel's Wing/Dance/Aether/Fortress DEF/RES 3/Renewal 3/ATK Ploy 3/Fortress DEF 3 Seal could make for a much sturdier Heron than I had intended. Although, Rafiel's Miracle isn't constant, only active when he starts combat above half HP, like Seliph's refined Tyrfing, and even then it's only active if he's transformed. Still, I can remove it and give him Miracle as his Special, it'll work better for what I have in mind for a rework. So, how's this Rafiel? Rafiel - Earthbound Chorister | Colorless Beast | Infantry
  15. Create-A-Hero Thread

    @Jotari Volke... I'm gonna assume his missing BST would've gone to his ATK, as it fixes the problem I would've had with him (namely, he looked a slight bit weak for someone who's meant to be one-shotting people without having to actually fight them). I kinda wish he had Life And Death instead of Death Blow, since the former would be factored into Lethality and the latter is not, but DB is fine too. Heather is okay, should be able to do decent damage to Beasts with that Beast Killer. Bane is a neat skill (especially since it doesn't activate if it would get in the way of killing someone, that's a nice touch), Charming Lady is alright too (Windsweep + Watersweep is situational, but I could see it working pretty well), but together I don't love it. If I got her, I would either end up replacing Charming Lady with something that lets her double so she can kill people after she Banes them (probably Desperation) or replacing Bane with an AOE so she wouldn't need to double to kill. Still, Heather is alright. Probably wants a Brave Dagger though, if we ever get one of those. So, since we're currently missing a Heron... Would this be a good way to implement Rafiel's multi-refresh? Rafiel - Earthbound Chorister | Colorless Beast | Infantry
  16. Official Pull Topic

    Turned in two more Tickets, and somehow pulled +DEF/-RES Nephenee. Genuinely surprised by this one, but I've kinda hoped she'd turn up for a while, so I'll take her. Now I just gotta get that last ticket, train up Keaton, and hope for Velouria before the banner ends (or Kaden, but he's demoting after the banner ends so he isn't as important to pull now).
  17. Official Pull Topic

    Used the free summon and one Ticket, came out with neutral Keaton. I’m quite happy with this, as Keaton is someone I wanted but figured would never come home because Red pool would deny me. Woohoo! Now to hope the remaining tickets bring in Kaden and/or Velouria!
  18. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Keaton must've spent the last two years on a steady diet of sent-home Reinhardts to get those Meisterschwert claws. I wonder how he'll compare to Swordhardt... I really hope Kaden demotes, since I wanna team him up with Eirika, Triple Tactic Seth, and a Blue Infantry unit with RES Tactic 3 so she can get +23 in every stat (+6 from all Tactics on Eirika, +6 from all Tactics on Kaden thanks to Seiglinde's effect, +6 from all Tactics on Kaden thanks to Kitsune Claw's effect, +2 because S Support, +3 from Spur ATK/SPD 2 & Spur DEF/RES 2). I can't see Keaton demoting at all thanks to his Meisterschwert claws, Selkie has too many skills to demote, and Velouria's weapon is just way too good to demote (it gives us the ability to do stuff like Ares/Eldigan with always-on Bonfire, literally anyone with It's Curtains...+/Ouch Pouch+ being able to Turn-1 AOE (and Infantry/Armored units with these weapons being able to Special Spiral back down to 2 CD after combat, running Heavy/Flashing Blade or Desperation-while-in-Desperation-range (both of the above would be necessary for those without Special Spiral) to get the other 2 out of the way during combat so that they can effectively always have AOE), Navarre being able to Turn-1 Aether/Galeforce/Miracle (not sure how useful these would be, but hey, he could do it with Velouria's assistance), Merric/Ishtar/Navarre being able to insta-AOE people in the face with either Quickened Pulse Seal or a higher-HP Infantry Pulse ally (in the case of Ishtar/Navarre, that could probably be Velouria, not so sure about Merric tho), combining with Grandscratcher+ to give Black Knight/Zelgius instant access to Black Luna, combining with Grandscratcher+, Special Spiral, Heavy Blade Seal and an Infantry Pulse ally to give Lilina an always-ready AOE Special, combining with Reinhardt to instantly have Moonbow ready on his first combat without running Quickened Pulse so he could run something else (or keep Quickened Pulse and switch to first-strike Luna, or ditch Quickened Pulse and have second-strike Luna), Saber being able to insta-charge Bonfire before ever seeing combat so he can get Golden Dagger's special effect and then use Special Spiral to perma-charge his Bonfire, Fjorm being able to pre-charge Ice Mirror without Shield Pulse so she could free up her B Slot, Legendary/Valentine's Ike being able to have Radiant Aether available for every counterattack when combined with Warding Breath and Special Spiral, I'm sure there are other things I'm not thinking of at the moment) so I don't expect her to fall and thus expect to see Kaden in the 4-Star pool after this banner ends by process of elimination (though I've been wrong about this before). Panne being a GHB is unexpected, but not unwelcome. Looking forward to her. Congratulations!
  19. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I went back to shoot for Ike/Greil one more time before the new banner comes... And got Lewyn. Neutral Lewyn. This would be mildly annoying due to not being Greil/Mist, but I already have a Lewyn with an acceptable nature (+HP/-DEF), so this means I now have Special Spiral fodder. Only one, so I'm gonna take a while to decide who's gonna get it (Lilina seems like a solid choice to maximize the one hit she's gonna get with an AOE, but Merric might be a good choice too since Excalibur has -1 cooldown so he wouldn't need Heavy/Flashing Blade to constantly Blazing Wind once he gets one off, and I probably have someone else who would like Spiral that I'm not thinking of...), but that's one more than I had before.
  20. I thought that would be a bit too good, but yeah, that would work for Frederick since he'd probably need something like Quick Riposte to double anyway due to his SPD being low, and he winds up with two weaknesses afterward so it's probably okay to give him a better version of Wary Fighter to compensate for this (which makes me wonder what would happen if he got Wing Sworded/Rhomphaia'd/Thani'd/Dawn Suzu'd with this weapon refinement... Would Caeda's/Clair's/Micaiah's ATK be multiplied by 2.25x since her weapon is effective against Cavalry (which Frederick is) and Armored (which Frederick becomes with the refinement) and thus would be twice as effective against Frederick, or would it just be 1.5x like usual effective damage?).
  21. Wow, Lyn actually won. I thought the leak was fake because of that, but here we are. As it stands, I have nothing to complain about. Depending on my luck, Spooky Myrrh gets to fix her HP bane, Legendary Lyn gets to fix her SPD bane, or I get a Legendary Azura or a Duma, all of which are great outcomes for me. Looking forward to the free pull!
  22. @Baldrick Yeah, Seth at least has potential as a guy who's great for ripping Surtrs apart. Arguably Palla can be better at this if you can keep Flying allies near her since she gets Omni Blow 1.5 & Brave Triangle Adept Weapon in those circumstances and thus is guaranteed to hit at least twice, but yeah Seth's is not terrible... even if it isn't gonna make me use him. Regarding Frederick, what if he got Sturdy Stance 2 + optional Armor-Weakness & Wary Fighter 3 for his weapon? I doubt Wary Fighter would make Frederick broken, but he'd certainly be better at tanking physical hits if he could avoid getting doubled as often. Although, I would bet that the only unit gaining Armor-Weakness + Armor-Only-Skill would be Lukas, if anyone, since he promoted directly to the Knight classes in Gaiden/Echoes.
  23. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    We're gonna be playing as Professor Ike. As for the... Lords? I dunno what Edelgard/Claude/third-guy are for Three Houses... I guess they're Heroes-worthy, yeah (or at least they're main enough characters to probably get spots in Heroes on the Three Houses promotional banner when that happens). Looking forward to them hopefully coming with skills referencing them having their own squads/armies when they drop into Heroes (maybe inheritable skills and/or Prf weapons (I'm guessing they're gonna get personal weapons in Three Houses) that work like Owltomes, Nifl Frostflowers, and/or Goodie Boot+), and hopefully at least one gender of Professor Ike or whatever their default name is can be a free unit, if not both of 'em.
  24. @XRay I’m not sure if IntSys always considers Special Cooldown -1 as an effect though, if only because they also gave it to Odin’s Grimoire/Iris’s Tome/Tharja’s Hex (in the form of no Cooldown penalty) and Dauntless Lance (where it comes alongside anti-Armored effective damage). And regarding Peri, if she got something like a 16-MT Slaying Lance that could be refined to have SPD/DEF Smoke 2, would that be a good enough weapon for her while still referencing her personal skill from Fates, or would it end up being a useless effect?