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  1. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Off the top of your head, what fictional villain do you feel sorry for the most? Actually, I've never played any Persona games. The only character I'm vaguely familiar with from Persona is Yukiko, and that's because I keep seeing her everywhere, specifically in people's avatars. Not that I mind seeing Yukiko constantly, though... In regards to games made by Atlus, the only one I have played is Riviera: The Promised Land.
  2. Shadow dragon (US) save file with all event recaps?

    Uh, to be honest with you, I was never even able to get a working English translation for FE12. I played through FE12 in Japanese (not understanding the language at all) twice. I have no idea what is or isn't unlocked on my FE12 save file, but I guess I can still provide you with my FE12 save file if you want. Alternatively, there's a downloadable FE12 save available on GameFAQs, though it's in .DUC format and I have no idea how to convert save files. Fire Emblem New Mystery.sav
  3. I saw this on GoNintendo and I felt like I had to share it. Greg Silverman’s Stampede has announced that they'll be producing a movie based on Konami's Dance Dance Revolution. In a synopsis that is both horrifying and amazing at the same time, the DDR film will "explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance." Stampede will partner with producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Entertainment, as well as Konami, on the film. So what do you guys think of this? Part of me cringes at the very idea of this, but the other part of me can't wait to see how ridiculous and amusing the movie will be.
  4. Shadow dragon (US) save file with all event recaps?

    I've seen people post save files on SF quite often, so I'm pretty sure it's allowed. Anyways, here you go. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.SAV
  5. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Are there any strange things that youtube got you interested in watching/learning about, due to the recommendations it gave you? For example, I've gotten somewhat interested in ant keeping videos since youtube suggested AntsCanada videos to me. The only one that really comes to mind right now is Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV, who turns against his own country when its king becomes a merciless tyrant, an strives to win the trust of other kingdoms and towns since he's a former soldier of the tyrant country he turned against.
  6. In An Alternate Universe...

    humans are nocturnal as a result, due to sunlight blinding them to the point of knocking them unconscious (yeah, human bodies in that universe are kind of wonky compared to the ones here). They also turn the lights really bright when they want to sleep, since humans in that world consider being knocked unconscious and being asleep the same thing. In an alternate universe, chainsaw races...
  7. I'm hoping one of you will be able to answer this: On the Smash Wiki, it says that Daisy is able to pull out turnips faster than Peach. However, there's been very little footage of playable Daisy in action, and I can't even recall seeing any footage of Daisy pulling out turnips. Is there some sort of Smash footage that I've been missing out on or something?
  8. I somehow stumbled across this video yesterday, and I really felt like I had to share it. Just don't ask me how I found it. So what do you guys think of this? Hilarious? Amusing? Suicidal? Dangerous? And in case you're wondering if using chainsaws like this is common knowledge in cold countries/cities, it's not. At least, not in the city I live in, anyways.
  9. Rate the Above Poster's Ridiculous Invention

    I don't own a cat, but for cat owners, I'd imagine this'd be a 8/10. I'm sure not all cats have a problem with puking in the morning, but if they did, it'd be a 10/10. A miniature Inspector Gadget helper: An Inspector Gadget action figure that you can put in front of anything, and it'll tell you how to operate it. Check out how good a job he does at explaining DVD menus!!!!
  10. So 3 days ago, there were some more leaked details from LaPailleDor, the same guy who correctly guessed Chrom, King K. Rool, Richter, and Simon as playable characters, as well as Dracula as a boss and Stage Morph being a new addition. The new update from him is as follows: What do you guys think? Mostly everything from his Sept. 22 post, as well as the unconfirmed elements from his July 12 post seem to check out. The only glaring exception to that is Reimu being playable. As for the ability to change the design of Battlefield, Big Battlefield, and Final Destination, I'll admit, that does seem kind of out of left field. But at the same time, that's something I can easily imagine Sakurai doing, since he really tries hard to implement tributes to past games and such.
  11. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #197

    First and current impressions of me? How would you describe yourself, personality-wise? How would friends/family describe you, personality-wise? Are there any quirks that most people in real life would know about you that online people wouldn't? (Eg: you polish your glasses a lot, you frequently talk with your hands, etc.) What personality traits do you value most when it comes to potential friends? What are some of your biggest pet peeves? What TV shows and video games did you grow up with as a kid?
  12. Tips for FE3 specifically

    Since no one's mentioned Star Orbs and Star Orb shards yet, I guess I'll do so: The Star Orb in Book 1 & 2 increases all of the holder's growths by 30% and prevents their weapon's durability from decreasing (Dragonstones are an exception to this in FE3, unfortunately). You'll likely want to take full advantage of both of these bonuses once you get the Star Orb. You may even want to trade the Star Orb to whichever character is going to level up next. Star Orb Shards in Book 2 (eg: Taurus, Libra, etc.) boost certain growths of the holder by varying amounts, but may also decrease the growth rates of other stats. The overall growth change that a shard will make will always be positive, though. Here's the chart if you're interested. In order to optimize the stat gains obtained from level ups, you'll likely want to put a bunch of Star Orb Shards on your MVPs while levelling them up. You will need to get all 12 Star Orb Shards if you want to get good ending of FE3 Book 2. Keep in mind, though, FE3 is an easy enough game (especially for an FE veteran like yourself) even without using the Star Orb and the Star Orb Shards in the manner I explained above. But I thought I should at least mention the bonuses it gives, so you'll at least have those bonuses at your disposal.
  13. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    8/10. For a two sentence joke, that's actually really good and clever!! What do you call oatmeal that's prepared using goat's milk?
  14. Move over Kuzco, because Milo's now the newest contender as my favourite Disney princess!!
  15. The Nov. 2018 iteration of the Nintendo Dream Character Poll is now up: 1. Kirby 2. Mario 3. Link 4. Pikachu 5. Luigi 6. Zelda 7. Meta Knight 8. Corrin (Fire Emblem) 9. Wario 10. Rowlet 11. Sonic 12. Waddle Dee 13. Eevee 14. Pearl 15. Inkling 16. Leon (Fire Emblem) 17. Zan Partizanne (Kirby) 18. Marth (Fire Emblem) 19. Roy (Fire Emblem) 20. Yoshi Keep in mind, I don't plan on updating this thread every time the poll results come out or anything like that (well, not unless it's actually allowed by SF rules and enough people want me to do it). I just thought I'd post the poll results for the following month so we could discuss the changes and fluctuations of the character rankings between a "sample" month. It's really interesting to note how much Yoshi dropped and how Corrin went from not on the list to 8th place.