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  1. Oh yeah, ask blogs are a huge thing on tumblr. Hell, even I run one. They're pretty fun, all things considered.
  2. So I'm getting Chrono Trigger soon....

    Speaking of the battle system, there's two ways you can have it work. Active has gauges going at all times, while Wait has gauges paused while you're in sub-menus. Each character gauge fills up depending on their individual speed stat, enemies included.
  3. A tad off topic, but have you ever found the blog ask-frederick? They have an amazing understanding of the character and what makes him great. I feel ya there man.
  4. While I understand that Awakening and Fates are flawed, that's not gonna stop me from loving them. Awakening will always be special to me as the game that introduced me to the franchise and my baby children Owain and Morgan but I digress. Having played both "eras" of the series at this point, I'm pretty confident in saying that everyone bashing the newer games are just blowing their flaws out of proportion (a bit less so with fates, as it was kinda butchered in localization). You've just gotta pick your battles, as every fanbase has their own groups that like to over-exaggerate their beef with certain parts of the series they love.
  5. So I'm getting Chrono Trigger soon....

    Much like Magus of Memery said, going in blind is the best way to experience it. New game plus unlocks after your first clear, and lets you carry over character levels, items, and money. There's not a ton of sidequests, but the ones that are there feel meaningful to the characters. The final dungeon unlocks in multiple eras, and much like the treasure chests, you can go through it from the furthest point to the earliest point to dupe loot. Character names can be changed later but iirc it doesn't unlock until you get free reign over travel, so don't name anyone something stupid if you wanna be immersed.
  6. I wrote an Apotheosis Character Guide

    Holy... You really went all out, huh? I don't think I've ever seen a guide go this in-depth.
  7. Okay so, I have some good news. If you have a n3DS, there's actually a way to stream your screens to your computer. It's a tad complicated to set up, but it allows for screenshots to be made again. I'll go ahead and DM you the guides I followed to get it working so you have that as an option.
  8. Honestly, with how much of a trainwreck the story of Fates is, I'm surprised you've made this enjoyable of a story out of it. I'm sure something will come to you, given time. If it helps at all, homebrew is making a lot of headway, so saving screenshots might be a possibility in the near future.
  9. Desperately uses Bifröst on the thread in an attempt to revive it
  10. Yeah, it's kind of a tonal shift, isn't it? I never know what to do with my signatures in forums so I just tend to do whatever sticks.
  11. What was your reaction to Chapter 9? (Spoilers)

    Frankly, I kept a save of chapter 9 up until the endgame to see if there was anything I could do to save her, if only cause Lissa is absolutely distraught after that, and i kinda had a crush on her at that point. Chapter 10 on the other hand, I didn't want to fight anyone. Mustafa is best enemy commander, bar none.
  12. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    OH GOD
  13. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    So you're telling me you think robin got together with chrom's daughter? Das pretty weird man, marrying your best friend's daughter