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  1. What was your reaction to Chapter 9? (Spoilers)

    Frankly, I kept a save of chapter 9 up until the endgame to see if there was anything I could do to save her, if only cause Lissa is absolutely distraught after that, and i kinda had a crush on her at that point. Chapter 10 on the other hand, I didn't want to fight anyone. Mustafa is best enemy commander, bar none.
  2. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    OH GOD
  3. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    So you're telling me you think robin got together with chrom's daughter? Das pretty weird man, marrying your best friend's daughter
  4. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    Honestly? M!Robin. IMO it's basically the "default" pairing for her, like Sumia is for Chrom in that they interact outside of support conversations and i'm totally not biased in this regard cause she was my first s-support
  5. What happened to Dorcas? (seriously, i just wanna summon Dorcas once. i know he's not part of the upcoming banner, but i can dream)
  6. So Miiverse ended today........

    I remembered to log into miiverse, but I never actually collected the platinum coins.
  7. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    ...I actually didn't mind Faye as a character. She helped add a bit of class variety to Alm's side, and her character is essentially just Cordelia 3.0.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Well I have used like 50 or so grinding with auto battle in the training tower while i'm at work...
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    The main argument behind that I've seen is that people legitimately want to go that in depth with customizing their character. The data is still in the game and is editable via save editing (and oddly enough it's not just limited to Cross, it's there for every character, Lin included. why) so it's not like it's impossible to change.
  10. Novelisations/Rewrites Of Main Series Games?

    That actually sounds really interesting, kinda wanna track that down.
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I dunno man, stamina has never really been an issue for me...
  12. IT LIIIIIIIIIIIIVES! Honestly though, take a break if you need one. You've earned it, and your home button deserves a break.
  13. Novelisations/Rewrites Of Main Series Games?

    @Alastor15243 has pretty much rewritten Fates from the ground up in a way that's not only better than the original, but extremely exciting to read in the form of Dakota's War Journal. Give it a go if you felt like Fates could have had a good story if it didn't trip at the finish/localization line.
  14. Things you don't like about your favorite games.

    Xenoblade X- It ended on a cliffhanger and we still know nothing about Mira. FE: Echoes- A lot of the dungeons started to feel the same after a while. Maybe this could have been avoided if you could walk around towns, I dunno. Full voice acting was pretty great though, probably my favorite part is hearing support conversations being fully voiced. Jak 2- There were far too few gun upgrades, and it's hard to go back to a new file without them. The Peacemaker in particular was obtained a bit too late for it to make much of a difference, and in the manual it mentions it had only 5 shots before getting the ammo upgrade, but you only ever get the thing after the ammo upgrade so even mentioning that is kinda moot. Jak 3- It reused like 50% of Jak 2 for the map, and the Wastelands was pretty barren, despite its massive size. FE: Awakening- Pair up was absurdly broken, to the point where if you're not using it, you're effectively playing on a higher difficulty. FE: Fates- Aside from my gripes with the story, i felt like avatar customization took one step forward and two steps back. You can change your hair anytime, woo hoo! But most of the options look kinda bad, egh. My Castle also feels kinda contrived, as much as I like it. IMO is should have been more of a campsite type thing, cause tents open up a lot more to being moved than buildings. Imagine if you could have set up on any map in the game, how cool would that have been? Kingdom Hearts (just the series in general)- The fact that it took 10 years to get Final Mix outside of Japan. Seriously, the best part about KH3 being on modern systems is that if Final Mix is a thing for it, it's gonna be a DLC pack or update if anything. KHBBS/3D- The combat and movement felt a lot less fluid than KH2, and even KH1 to a degree. Flowmotion kinda helped negate this, so I've got less of a gripe with that, but the fact that it's nearly impossible to beat the secret bosses in BBS as Terra without taking damage says more than I ever could. KH358/2 Days- Ruler of the sky and Leechgrave. Good god I would rather play through CoM blind than fight those things again.