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  1. General Parenting Thread

    How did the ultrasound go, @Shoblongoo?
  2. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. :)
  3. General US Politics

    This 'advice' is literally an abusive tactic. It switches the blame from the people who actually vote for those policies to the people who speak up against them. It's equivalent to Trump blaming Democrats for the imprisoned children because they're not funding the wall. Or an abusive parent blaming their having to beat the kids on the other parent not cooperating. It's like telling people that they can't call out racism or sexism because then you're calling the person racist or sexist (which has been an argument in this thread before!). And it moves the goalposts and obfuscates; things at which the Republican party excels. The Democratic party has been so weak and ineffectual in part because of how subservient and compromising it's been acting.
  4. General Parenting Thread

    YAAAYYYYYYY!!! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
  5. A Topic of Cute

    Aw, Est is so cute - and when did she grow so big?!
  6. How do you all stay organized?

    The best tip I have for physical organization is to assign everything a place and keep it there. Stay on top of it all by picking up every day. Labels and lists can also really help. It can be cheap - bankers boxes and a thick sharpie are my go-tos a lot of the time. I haven’t had time for filing papers in years but at least I know which box to look in if I need to find something - which narrows it down a lot! As for maintaining a calendar, choose something you’ll use. A lot of people love planners but my planners always went unused; however, setting up alerts on my phone works for me as I’m always checking my phone.
  7. General US Politics

    Michelle Wolf did not criticize Sanders' appearance, really. Cosmopolitan, of all places, had one of the most measured and reasonable responses to Wolf's comments. The defense of Sanders by much of the media was bizarre and disappointing.
  8. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    Okay. I did complete a no-grind Hard Classic playthrough of Conquest, but with a lot of tears/swearing.
  9. I actually really strongly dislike Akira Toriyama's art but it's somehow okay in the actual games. The monsters are even cute!
  10. Countries that use m/d/y = magenta Countries that use d/m/y = cyan (Yellow = y/m/d, the other colours are a combination of two)
  11. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I’m 3 years older than my husband, we’ve been together since he was 19 and I was 22 (albeit nearly 20 and nearly 23).
  12. 1. What’s your opinion on RonxHermione? 2. Favourite HP movie and book? 3. Into what houses would you place your kids, and why? 4. Have you ever ridden on a steam train? 5. What magical discipline would you excel at?
  13. It really is! One of my fave series, and the only games to really produce an emotional response in me. The only time I ever cried over a game was over a DQ game.
  14. Women of Serenes Forest!

    There are plenty of people who aren’t clingy in that matter! Good communication is a lot rarer, in my experience (and hearing from others). It’s definitely key, though. Sitting down to talk is tough for people even when they acknowledge it’s the best thing to do. It’s even harder if you come from any background with constant conflicts. I actually still talk to my husband via text a lot, because my mouth often literally won’t form the right words face-to-face. However, bringing up matters via text then chatting about it once we’ve both had a chance to digest the texts has been working well, so I don’t really think there’s an issue with it.
  15. Just... wow. That’s pretty incredible, my hat is off to you.