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  1. Woohoo!!! Thank you so much for doing these again! I have the anthology and have been longing to know what it says
  2. Lukas: - closest I've seen to an aro/possibly ace character without explicitly labelling themselves. His support with Python is so great. - intelligent and a bookworm without either of those things being defining/dominant characteristics. He's not even a magic user! - is the mom/babysitter of the group, a position I've always held myself. Takumi's my second fave for all the reasons mentioned by others in this thread. He's an exceptionally well-written depiction of a person with anxiety and inferiority issues.
  3. Logged hours: Fire Emblem: Fates (600 hrs) Longest game played through: Skyrim (200 hrs in one game, next to no repeated quests. There's a LOT to explore!).
  4. Threw in my first vote for Lukas, whom I wouldn’t have even considered last year. I’ll be curious to see how SoV’s characters fare this time round.
  5. Favourites: Takumi - the ending of Conquest. He shouldn't have forgiven Corrin. Lukas - not enough supports! Um, drops off in usefulness in late game; that movement is too much of a hindrance. Canas - off travelling while leaving your 2 year old son at home? For shame! Least favourites: Faye - I really like her design (cute, practical and pretty unique) and she's a pretty solid unit, I actually use her. Clive - Um. He's loyal to Matilda? He tries? Peri - her hair is great, and she feeds my army well.
  6. I love character analyses and this was a great one! I must admit that I'm not a huge Frederick fan but you've managed to endear me to him a little more. I've also learned some new things about his past (perhaps time to replay Awakening?). He definitely would be a good father, can you imagine the type of dresses he might make for his kids?!
  7. I'm 34, and nope, I find the opposite. However, this is largely because I'm almost solely a mobile gamer. Since having kids I've had NO time for TV consoles. Around the age of 27-28 I could easily spend 7-8 straight hours on the 360 or PS3. Mobile gaming (DS, Switch) make it really easy to play games, though. I managed 500+ hrs in Fates with many long sessions because that's when my youngest was a baby and was feeding frequently, so I was often tied to a chair or the bed. These days I can play 7.30 pm (bedtime for the kids) - midnight easily (although I usually pause to do chores). I think it'll also depend on the type of game and your personality, though. My husband gets bored easily with games; half the time he can't decide what to play, and when he does, he doesn't play for long. I have an obsessive personality so I get really, really into a couple of games a year. I rarely have under 50 hours in a game; if it's a short game, I play it multiple times. I bought Skyrim for the Switch last month and completed it last week with just shy of 200 hrs into it - that's an average of 6.5 hours a day, oops!
  8. Do you collect things?

    I can see my daughter growing up to have collections like yours, Pandog! I'm afraid I've had to throw away quite a few random rocks and feathers as we're moving soon, but I've kept her nicest rocks and crystals. My biggest collection is probably actually Fire Emblem stuff for my favourite characters; lots of fan-made merchandise as official merchandise is thin on the ground.
  9. Moving to the U.S.; it's had arguably a greater effect than having kids has had.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Well, well... in trying my hardest to pull NY!Takumi I finally got Lukas (got a summoning screen with no colorless, so picked blue for my sole pull).
  11. Is D&D evil?

    This is important to remember; the definition of ‘evil’ varies hugely. For example, Catholics in other countries are fine with D&D. My mother is about as devoutly Catholic as you can get and she thought our D&D sessions were great fun. Other people will say anything make-believe isn’t evil. You have people, too, who will refuse to read Harry Potter but are fine with dropping an actual bomb on an enemy city. Anyway, D&D sessions depend wholly upon the players and DM. I will say that nothing I’ve ever experienced in a D&D game has come as close to being as dark as a game like Skyrim, if you want a point of reference. Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood and Daedric quests are definitely amongst the most morally questionable make-believe scenes I’ve encountered (another example would be the torture scene in GTA V).
  12. General US Politics

    To quote people who are better at words than me: ”Diluting the language to be more vague also dilutes the concepts, so it will make the attempts to advocate and study these groups less focused and less direct. Getting to these words in the first place probably took a lot of discussion to choose just the right word that was appropriate and expressed correctly. So it will be a barrier and delay to even settle on synonym-type words that people will recognize as “code words.” Then who is to say those will not be on the banned list in a month or a year from now? It is an attempt at a slow erasure of all of these concepts through language.” If the CDC can no longer simply say that the efficacy of vaccinations is ‘evidence-based’ that’s a victory for anti-vaccinators. If writers have to find work-arounds and longer, more complicated way to explain certain concepts, then it confuses and muddies things for the lay-reader. What will they substitute ‘fetus’ with? Something like ‘unborn baby’ isn’t accurate and is agenda-laden. John Pavlovitch isn’t mincing words: “As a Christian and twenty-year pastor, one who’s served for much of that time in the American Bible Belt—the list is eerily familiar. It’s the extreme Evangelical Christian Right’s signature mix tape, the careful curated playlist they’ve had on heavy rotation in their indie gatherings for the past 60 years—only now it’s getting wide release, thanks to the monster they’ve aligned with; one who’s perfectly happy to disseminate it to keep their union intact.”