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  1. General US Politics

    I’ve had at least two people very close to me who suspected they were drugged; one of those incidents I witnessed and I agree that she was drugged. Luckily in both situations they had actual decent men (a boyfriend in one situation and a Good Samaritan in the other) take care of them. I wanted to add that rape/sexual assault is exceedingly common and if you don’t think it is then you’re probably just not told about it. Women tend to tell other women (and male victims often tell nobody). Women often tell in women-only groups and nearly every one prefaces their story with ‘my husband/partner/parents don’t know.’ I’m literally the only woman I know who hasn’t experienced rape or (bad) sexual assault myself and either my sisters, friends and acquaintances are all liars or it is actually that common and women just don’t feel safe telling most men.
  2. General US Politics

    Others have already said it but it’s really worth reiterating that false accusations aren’t always actually false. Victims of rape and sexual assault are often treated horribly by police/medical staff. Like, the mental fortitude one has to have to bring a rape accusation to court is immense. While I have heard dozens of stories of rape from friends, not a single friend has gone so far as to prosecute their rapist. Those that did go so far as to have a rape kit taken at a hospital were so upset by the experience (even if the nurse was sympathetic, it’s quite a cold and cruel kind of examination, and you have to go soon after being raped, when most victims want to shower/hide from the world/be comforted) that they didn’t go any further.
  3. So I'm Technically Homeless Now

    Good luck! I moved state earlier this year and in some ways it was tougher than when I moved countries! Trying to get my car’s new license plate was a real headache. I learned very quickly that the various state governments do not communicate whatsoever.
  4. Names you like

    I have a fondness for Greek/Russian and mythological names. Alexander (always my favorite), Nikolai (my son’s name), Mikhail, Artemis, Persephone (surprisingly popular these days! I know more than one, usually use Sephie as a nickname, which is cute), Calliope, Guinevere (what my son would’ve been had he been a girl), Dmitri, etc.
  5. General US Politics

    It also gives voters little reason to vote in states where they feel their vote is wasted. I wonder if doing away with the EC would be encourage more people to vote?
  6. General JRPG Topic

    Thank you! I can definitely see your points. I have to admit that no. 1 doesn’t bother me quite so much as I have limited time in which to really sit back and explore, but if I was playing on the Switch (which I get more time with) I’d definitely be disappointed. And I hadn’t realize that the moving in combat ruins the cinematic camera angles, so I’ll have it turn it off and see! You’re also very right about jumping - it’s frustrating how limited it is.
  7. General JRPG Topic

    I’m 25 hrs into DQ11 and I’m loving it. Actually the first time I’ve bothered to play anything on the PS4 (couldn’t wait for the Switch version!). I’d be curious to know of your complaints, @Slumber The only real complaint I have so far is how awfully repetitive the music is. There’s so few tracks! Sylvando is the standout character by far. Not only are the puns still great (and did you notice the Cobblestone inhabitants all have geology related names?) but the Hotto residents’ haikus and the mermaids’ rhyming couplets are really well done!
  8. General Parenting Thread

    How did the ultrasound go, @Shoblongoo?
  9. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. :)
  10. General US Politics

    This 'advice' is literally an abusive tactic. It switches the blame from the people who actually vote for those policies to the people who speak up against them. It's equivalent to Trump blaming Democrats for the imprisoned children because they're not funding the wall. Or an abusive parent blaming their having to beat the kids on the other parent not cooperating. It's like telling people that they can't call out racism or sexism because then you're calling the person racist or sexist (which has been an argument in this thread before!). And it moves the goalposts and obfuscates; things at which the Republican party excels. The Democratic party has been so weak and ineffectual in part because of how subservient and compromising it's been acting.
  11. General Parenting Thread

    YAAAYYYYYYY!!! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
  12. A Topic of Cute

    Aw, Est is so cute - and when did she grow so big?!
  13. How do you all stay organized?

    The best tip I have for physical organization is to assign everything a place and keep it there. Stay on top of it all by picking up every day. Labels and lists can also really help. It can be cheap - bankers boxes and a thick sharpie are my go-tos a lot of the time. I haven’t had time for filing papers in years but at least I know which box to look in if I need to find something - which narrows it down a lot! As for maintaining a calendar, choose something you’ll use. A lot of people love planners but my planners always went unused; however, setting up alerts on my phone works for me as I’m always checking my phone.
  14. General US Politics

    Michelle Wolf did not criticize Sanders' appearance, really. Cosmopolitan, of all places, had one of the most measured and reasonable responses to Wolf's comments. The defense of Sanders by much of the media was bizarre and disappointing.
  15. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    Okay. I did complete a no-grind Hard Classic playthrough of Conquest, but with a lot of tears/swearing.