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  1. Anything salty and chocolate. Bacon and chocolate. Potato chips and chocolate. Plain salt and chocolate. Sweet and sour Fruits in spicy dishes
  2. Teal and hot pink, as in my living room Black and purple Anything rainbow Hot pink and orange Brown and peacock blue Robin's egg blue and cherry
  3. General Parenting Thread

    Aww, what a cutie!!! And an awesome name, too!
  4. Stardew Valley

    I can't comment too extensively on HM since the only one I really played was Friends of Mineral Town, and that was many years ago. I tried one of the DS game and couldn't get into it. Stardew Valley, for me, is everything I expected from a HM game, only better (from what I remember of HM!). I think it's worth a try, at least. The main improvements for me are a) more streamlined farming and more realistic goals (I remember there was some FoMT content I needed either friends or a GameCube for) and b) more mature characters and dialogue. Absolutely - I love that, too. And yes; the characters in general are really likeable. I love that you gradually grow to love some of the characters only as you get to know them better and that they're not all what they appear to be when you first greet them. Maybe I'll name my horse Frederick in my next game...
  5. That depends; what's your budget? Are there future games you're interested in? I currently only have two games for the Switch, one of them being Warriors, which I actually haven't touched yet (oops!). But I don't regret having the system (it was an early holiday present) as I'm anticipating quite a few games next year.
  6. Stardew Valley

    I sympathize! And yes, it's definitely not a game you can really play for five minutes at a time. Hopefully you get to try it soon! Edit: Aah, and there's new content coming!
  7. Stardew Valley

    I appreciate the more mature characters - not just in terms of personality, but also in age. It's implied that most of them have graduated college, or are college-graduate age level, and a couple (Shane, Emily) appear to be in their late 20s/early 30s.
  8. My musings so far

    When you're on the world map, press X and select 'Connect'. You'll then have the option to buy or play DLC. :)
  9. My musings so far

    You'll need the DLC, but the DLC Deliverance maps unlocks supports with Python and Forsyth and gives a lot of insight into Lukas's character.
  10. Stardew Valley

    Shane is my favourite! Although many of the characters are really likable and relatable once you become friends with them. It definitely is rewarding. I name all my animals after Fire Emblem characters. Sumia the sheep, Hector the horse, Tharja the void chicken...
  11. I've lost a ton of friends. Few have been nasty, though, most of them were simply lost to time/distance. It happens.
  12. Stardew Valley

    Who's a fan?! I finally picked up Stardew Valley for the Switch (I've been interested in playing for a while, but don't have a PC I can play comfortably at) and it's already on my favourites list. It has everything I enjoyed from the Harvest Moon series, only with more interesting characters and more realistic objectives. And it's incredibly impressive that it was created by just one person, as all aspects of the game are pleasing - the art, music, writing and gameplay are all very enjoyable, and I've only encountered a couple of minor, non-game-breaking bugs. I've been especially impressed by how well the game deals with more serious issues, too. The characters have some surprising depth for tiny sprites with a limited number of lines, and the issues of suicide and depression are handled in a way that feels appropriately sensitive and realistic. I do wish there was a little more content post-community center completion and the post-marriage content is also lacking, but hey, one man's work, and I still sunk a good 70 hours in my first game before growing bored with the objectives, which is no playtime to sniff at!
  13. Yes; please! This sums up how I feel. Dual Destinies was easily the worst entry in the series and it's telling that I barely remember anything about it, even though I played it more recently than the earlier installments. Still, I enjoyed SoJ enough and I'm excited for future entries. I just hope they don't introduce a new lawyer.
  14. General US Politics

    Until as recently as last month he was still denying the allegations (and rumors have been floating around for years; I had heard enough to avoid his show) and he only wrote the apology once his hand was forced, and his ship was already sinking. His claims of self-reflection ring hollow with that knowledge. It was better written than most, but it was the absolute bare minimum.
  15. General US Politics

    As a note on that article: Clinton was impeached and Louis CK has been rightly dropped by FX and HBO, had his premier canceled and, thankfully, I've seen a lot of outlets reject his so-called 'apology'. So I'm not sure either of them has normalized anything. That being said; sure, there's abuse of power everywhere (and yes, there are a few female celebrities in positions of power who've also been accused), from politics to entertainment to religion; has been for decades, and a lot of it has been wrongly tolerated for too long. I'm not sure why Weinstein was finally a tipping point (this is the first time I've really felt public tide turning), but I'm glad, and I hope it means the end of careers for lots of people.