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  1. I failed to get Tana. I also looked back on the 52 orbs I used to get my second Ninian, and wonder if that could have gotten me Tana. I am in pain
  2. Tried for a Ninian with better IVs than the one I already had (because when am I going to get this chance again?), and I did get another Ninian.... ... with the exact same IVs (+HP/-Spd). Now what are the odds of that?
  3. With Valter's GHB coming up later this month, I wonder who would be in an FE8 banner should IntSys decide to release one. My guess is Seth, L'Arachel, Innes, and Tana, although I can see Joshua in the banner as well.
  4. There are better ways to deal with enemy units than putting Ninian in harm's way.
  5. -Spd Ninian useless? Ninian's job is to dance. -Spd doesn't affect that at all.
  6. Now that I've gotten what I wanted from Hero Fest, I'm considering what to do next as we'll be getting a ton of orbs this month. Roll for Delthea, Jaffar, Summer Corrin, or Genny? I have the best odds with Genny, but Summer Corrin is limited edition and could be useful in flier emblem (not to mention the scarcity of flying mages in this game). I also don't have many decent colorless units, so Jaffar could be useful on that end. Delthea is a nuke and could be a good support unit, but she may be redundant because I already have Reinhardt and Linde.
  7. So I got my second Linde, and I'm wondering which one to keep. One of them is +Def/-Res and the other is +Res/-Def.
  8. 100 orbs later, I got: +Res/-Def Linde +Def/-Res 5* Abel +HP/-Spd Ninian 4* Lukas x 2 (+Def/-Res and +HP/-Spd) A whole bunch of fodders Usually any -Spd IV irks me, but Ninian shouldn't be seeing much combat at all so it doesn't really matter. Just happy to get her, especially since I was down to my last 12 orbs when I did.
  9. Finally managed to do an advanced-only deathless run in Arena Assault. It was a very difficult and frustrating journey- there are only so many Reinhardt/Horse Emblem counters, not to mention dancers with WoM making my life miserable.
  10. For infernal, I expect there to be a blue mage right below Cecilia.
  11. 1. I could have waited a couple more weeks and pulled on the next TT banner to have a better shot at getting Delthea. Instead I pulled early and got Mathilda. I mean I like Mathilda, but my goal was to get Delthea. Granted, it is also likely that the next Hero Fest would keep me from pulling on the TT banner. 2. Another summer banner. A great opportunity for me to save up orbs. 3. Valter GHB. Could we be getting a Magvel banner in late August?
  12. Decided to risk rolling for Delthea in spite of not knowing what the next banner will be. 4* Kagero (+Def/-Res) 3* Subaki 3* Robin 3* Oboro 3* Est 3* Niles 4* Priscilla 4* Catria 3* Sully 3* FCorrin x 2 3* Clarine 5* Mathilda (+Def/-Res) Didn't get Delthea but I'm perfectly fine with Mathilda. At least it doesn't leave me with a pity percentage. I now have 4 orbs left. Watch the next banner include Micaiah or Joshua lol.
  13. I'm really tempted to roll for Alm again, but I have so many red fodders by now, and after having my pity percentage ruined so many times, I can't bring myself to do so anymore. I think I'm going to roll for Delthea instead.
  14. Currently on Tier 18 and have 4772 points. My rank is 1,550 while the lowest rank to move up to Tier 19 as of right now is 11,035. You guys think I'll make it?