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  1. I wonder how they'll implement Altenna, if they ever get around to doing so. She's a wyvern rider yet uses a lance. And it's not just any lance either. But then again, they gave Caeda a sword in spite of her using the Wing Spear.
  2. Thoughts on +Def/-Res Nino with Moonbow, Fury, Desperation, and Threaten Res?
  3. Caeda is the only one with problematic IVs. The rest are fine. Anyway, HOW ARE YOU THAT LUCKY?!? I've never had more than one 5* pull in a single summon. Y u do dis to me RNG?
  4. Finished the lunatic challenge with brutal efficiency and got enough to summon again. 4* Shanna 4* Gaius 3* FCorrin 3* Nino 3* Oboro Shanna and Gaius, PLEASE FUCK OFF
  5. After getting a 5* in my past three sessions, I knew my luck would run out at some point. 4* Sheena X 2 3* Azama 3* Gaius 3* Florina I've had the latter two more than enough times already.
  6. Sigurd, Lewyn, Haar, Ike, Jill, Marcia, Leif, Othin, Joshua, Sephiran, Black Knight, Asvel, Pent, Finn
  7. Same. Now that he's in the common pool I may never get him.
  8. With the new orb maps I gathered enough orbs for a summon. 5* Corrin (+Def/-Res) 4* Chrom 4* Saizo 3* Matthew 3* Setsuna I was hoping for Eldigan or Karel with the red orbs but I'll take a tanky Corn. He's only my second off-focus 5* summon.
  9. Assuming I can wake up early enough, I can use Tiki to deal with Michalis, Merric/Julia to deal with blue units, Effie/Sharena to deal with Red units, and maybe use the 4th spot for MRobin, Priscilla, or Olivia.
  10. What are some good skills for a +Def/-Res Julia?
  11. Just a couple of characters I'm waiting for.
  12. Title: Prince of the Wind Name: Lewyn Orb Affinity: Green Tome 5* Weapon: Forseti- 16 mt, 2 range, grants +5 Spd HP: Average (3) Atk: Excellent (5) Spd: Excellent (5) Def: Poor (2) Res: Average (3) Mov: 2, Infantry Special: Growing Wind Skills: A: Defiant Speed B: Quick Reposte C: -----
  13. At 5* Neutral, Peri has 23 def. With the same parameters Sully has 24 def. It is possible that you have a +Def Peri, -Def Sully, or both, but it is hard to tell until you max them out. The wiki also has stats on 4* units.
  14. My 5* IVs: Lyn: +Spd/-Atk Lucina: +Def/-Atk Merric: +Def/-Spd Julia: +Def/-Res Priscilla: +Res/-HP Maria: Idk Sharena: Neutral, duh Lucius: Idk YTiki: +Spd/-Atk Eirika: +Spd/-Res I've had a lot of +Spd and +Def. The downside is that I've also had my fair share of -Atk.