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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to roll again with 10 orbs on the PA banner Was trying to pull for PA Olivia but there weren’t any colorless orbs, so I went for green in the hope of getting PA Azura and... 3* Cecilia (+Spd/-Def) 5* Julia (+Spd/-Res) Well, there goes my pity rate again- this time by a dupe Julia. At least this Julia has better IVs than my first, which had +Def/-Res. There was also a blue orb there. Considering how all I’ve gotten from the PA banner were off-banner 5*s, maybe that blue orb could have held Tana. I guess I’ll never know at this point.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull was a +Atk/-Res Jaffar. I've wanted Jaffar for a while so this is fantastic!
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Accumulated 31 orbs, and had a 3.75% on the PA banner. 3* Donnel 4* Beruka 4* Felicia 3* Azama 4* Sheena 3* Donnel 5* Faye (+Spd/-Def) I have finally experienced Colorless Hell as Faye broke my pity rate. Spent the rest of my orbs to build my pity rate back up to 3.25%. Mulched Azama, Beruka, and Sheena for feathers. I might just use Faye anyway because her Spd is somewhat salvageable with LnD or Fury, so she could turn out to be a decent archer.
  4. So I have two Ninians right now, a merged +HP/-Spd one, as well as a +Def/-Spd one. Which one should I keep? I'm planning on merging one into the other.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    BHB Banner: Just used my free summon for this one yesterday. Some time ago I jokingly told my friends, "maybe I'll get a third Ninian." Well, it happened. Got my third Ninian from the free summon. She's +Def/-Spd, which also means that this is the third time I pulled a -Spd Ninian. Just gotta figure out which one to keep and which one to merge. Tellius banner: With the orbs from the Warriors Maps, I decided to roll again. This time I got... ELINCIA! Finally! She's +Spd/-Res, and while I have DB3 on her for the time being, maybe I'll give her LnD2 someday to quad more units. After getting Elincia on the first pull of the session, I decided to pull the other orbs on the session and got: 3* Virion 4* Sheena 3* Fredward 4* Barst
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Wow, what is with everyone and their mothers getting lucky and getting Elincia (and most of them having great IVs to boot!)? Meanwhile I spent 100+ orbs and only have a 4% pity rate to show for it :(
  7. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Arena Assault is infuriating. On top of enduring shitty maps (like the one with two vertical walls), I only have so many counters to Reinhardt and Bow Lyn. Not to mention WoM dancers.
  8. What's a good build for a +HP/-Spd Brave Ike? I'm using him primarily as an enemy-phase unit and built him with Swap, Aether, Steady Breath, QR2, Threaten Def, and the Distant Def seal, but is there are more optimal build than that?
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I managed to get Brave Ike on Friday. +HP/-Spd, which actually works pretty well with Steady Breath. I'm now only missing Brave Roy from the banner. What does concern me is that four out of my past five 5* pulls have been -Spd- both my Ninians, Brave Lucina, and Brave Ike. I'm concerned that I'm becoming the Rezzy of -Spd. On the bright side, Ninian is a dancer and Brave Ike doesn't mind being slow, so it hasn't hurt that much.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    After having utter garbage luck in the Magvel, my luck turned around for CYL and the voting gauntlet. After picking Lyn for my free pull, I used my free summon on the main banner and got CYL Lucina (+Atk/-Spd). So essentially two CYL units for free. Today I decided to pull on the Voting Gauntlet banner, and got Hector after using only 19 orbs. He's +HP/-Def, so not quite as tanky as he normally would have been, but doesn't really matter. 34 def and 55 HP is enough to survive some hits. Just happy to have him and not get hit by the Rezzy curse again.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I failed to get Tana. I also looked back on the 52 orbs I used to get my second Ninian, and wonder if that could have gotten me Tana. I am in pain
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Tried for a Ninian with better IVs than the one I already had (because when am I going to get this chance again?), and I did get another Ninian.... ... with the exact same IVs (+HP/-Spd). Now what are the odds of that?
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    With Valter's GHB coming up later this month, I wonder who would be in an FE8 banner should IntSys decide to release one. My guess is Seth, L'Arachel, Innes, and Tana, although I can see Joshua in the banner as well.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    There are better ways to deal with enemy units than putting Ninian in harm's way.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    -Spd Ninian useless? Ninian's job is to dance. -Spd doesn't affect that at all.