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  1. Will we get a Black Knight GHB sometime in the future? That's what I want to know.
  2. In the process of summoning Ike last night, I also ended up pulling 6 Pallas, for a total of 8 Pallas on my roster. I now have Moonbow fodders for days.
  3. Thoughts on +Def/-Spd Ike with Quick Reposte?
  4. I was thinking of giving him Quick Reposte so he can double a variety of units on defense, especially because he would have the bulk to take hits.
  5. After close to ten Pallas, a bunch of Laslows, Eliwoods, Raighs, and Draugs.... I finally got Ike. +Def/-Spd. It's a bummer he's -Spd, but it doesn't seem like he had an excellent spd to begin with, and some extra bulk from +Def is nice.
  6. Lend me your luck dude! I cannot miss out on Ike!
  7. Tfw you spent 220 orbs on the Valentia banner only to see the Ike banner coming up. To add salt to the wound I didn't get Alm out of it for my troubles.
  8. I'm going to get at least $35 tomorrow. I was going to spend in on an attempt to get Alm, but I guess I'll be spending it trying to get Ike.
  9. The money I've spent on this banner was from just participating in studies at my university, so it's basically free money. I'm not at the point where I'm throwing away my entire bank for this.
  10. Just did a YOLO pull as I continue my quest to get Alm. And I failed once again. This puts me at 220 orbs without getting Alm. This game seems hell-bent on keeping Alm away from me, all the while bombarding me with Eliwoods, Adult Tikis, and Hinatas.
  11. I eventually did manage to do it, albeit it require burning a Laslow for Axebreaker.
  12. It looks like I'll have to skip out on 2 of the orbs. Not gonna be able to beat a Lv.35 Robin with the Robin I have, and I'm certainly not gonna be able to beat a Lv.40 Navarre with my current one. I guess I could painstakingly grind them up, but that's too much effort for units that I may never use again.
  13. It's been a weird banner for me. Spent 210 orbs on this banner in an attempt to get Alm. I failed to get Alm but I got a 5* Eirika, 5* Merric, and a 5* Roy, and the first two I already had to begin with. This may be the first time I fail to get a banner character during the banner. Although, I will have some money to burn on Tuesday, and a friend of mine made an Alm pentagram for luck. Here's to hoping!
  14. Navarre functions as a discount Karel. Give him Luna and Death Blow/Life and Death and he'll make a serviceable sword user. Not fantastic, but still pretty decent if you don't have a top-tier sword user at hand.
  15. Decided to summon again in my quest to get Alm: 5* Roy (+Spd/-HP) 4* Caeda (+Spd/-Def) 4* Hinata 3* Henry 3* Adult Tiki 3* MRobin I'm totally ok with this. It still hurts to see my 5* percentage reset without getting Alm, but I like Roy and he's not -Spd as was the case with my previous Roys. I also wanted to get Caeda at some point as well. As soon as I pulled my umpteenth Adult Tiki I inched closer to getting an aneurysm. Seriously, I lost count of how many times I've gotten her.