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  1. Siegfried, Reposition, Glowing Ember, Armored Blow 3, QR2, and either Hone Cavalry or Hone Atk. I set him up with a worse skill set in order to not kill the Legion on the first try.
  2. Holy shit, after burning through a stamina potion and 3 orbs, I finally beat Infernal. I used this guy's strategy, except I used Xander rather than Ryoma:
  3. Infernal has been impossible for me. I just can't handle the excessive reinforcements, especially the blue units. And fuck that lance cavalier with 36 res.
  4. Maybe troubadours vs clerics?
  5. Decided to roll for Katarina. 104 orbs later...
  6. Gonna be rolling for Katarina, but three red units??? Seriously IntSys?!
  7. Finally reached 50k points. Gonna finish up the Xenologue before resuming the grind.
  8. My last round was a bloodbath- had to resort to my third team before beating it. Still got around 560 points out of it, but it's frustrating to lose a team because the enemy units have been buffed just enough to avoid getting ORKO'd. At the very least it was fun seeing Veronica get utterly wrecked by Celica.
  9. Where did you spot this? There's no indication of it in the datamine thread.
  10. Decided to roll on the Fighting Camus banner to get Olwen. Got a blue orb in the session, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if my very first pull turned out to be Olwen?"
  11. Me: I want Olwen Also me: What if I like the next banner? Also me: I don't think 34 orbs will be enough
  12. I spent my last 14 orbs trying to get Ninian. All I got were Oboro, Gwendy, and Jagen- all 3*s. I wonder if I should have rolled for Celica again to see if I could get a Celica with better natures than the one I already have. But then again, it's likely that I would have gotten some fodders instead. But what if...
  13. Reinhardt, Xander, Julia, and Ike+1 got it done. For the colorless quests, I just replaced Julia with Priscilla.
  14. Even with red units I'm wary of baiting her. Ike and Xander don't exactly have stellar res.
  15. Also, my least favorite enemy units in the arena: 1. Dancers 2. An uber-buffed Spring Camilla with Gronnblade+ 3. Horse Emblem