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  1. I beat Corrin and Azura with...Corrin and Azura (Flier Emblem). Corrin the sea goddess blasted her inferior male self before he could even use his special. To bad TT is going on, I kinda want to do it with the other divine weapon users: Ryoma, Xander, Takumi and Leo.
  2. I would love to see some scroll users like Basara Oboro with Horse Spirit. I also still need Robin with his/her Levin Sword.
  3. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Well given that I already have all four of the finalists, and with good IVs at that, I’m hoping that Hector or Tharja win because they each bring great fodder along with them. I can find a use for Warding Breath, but I could use 20+ Distant Counters and still want more.
  4. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    I wished I had put Harsh Command on the BK; Lissa took almost no damage but those darn axe fighters were a pain with their debuffs.
  5. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    That’s correct, but Sheena or W!Lissa with the Distant Defense seal can survive the red mage and the rest to trigger. Los Angeles Hector could probably do it as well if he was +Res. In any event having an armor buffer behind them is very helpful. If they have Distant Counter all the better.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    This one was sad, did all but infantry on the first try and infantry on the second. I wonder if IS anticipated people clearing all of these on the first day.
  7. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    I had to send Brave Lyn on a bare knuckle run to kill the Wolf tome cavalier before he could attack. Had to buff her up good to survive the reprisal from his comrades, but I made it work.
  8. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Flier was the issue for me, having a unit that could take down the green mages in enemy phase made the other quests range from easy to a decent challenge. This was really fun though, burned a couple of stamina potions, burned some fodder (moment of silence for Henry please), and had to think about this for a bit. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  9. The new mode exclusive to Legendary Units

    I kinda felt the same when Myrrh came out. I gave my last distant counter to Fae so I could abuse her Light Breath buffs, even though she had Lightning Breath. Myrrh obviously wants to use her personal weapon so DC is more important for her. But, you know, the regret didn’t last long. Another Hector may come along and there will always be new units you wish you had saved your fodder for.
  10. The new mode exclusive to Legendary Units

    The blessings are fine IMO, but I can see how they rub some people the wrong way. Many players, from reading this thread and others, worry about maximizing the potential of these items. Thus their permanence becomes a source of anxiety. Personally, I don’t bother to build around the blessings. I have all the Legendary Heroes, but I still don’t bother to consider the boost. I use Fjorm, Gunnthra, and L!Ike when they make sense for the content. The tiny boost offered by the blessing isn’t make or break. As for the video game player who hoards all their resources, if you never use the stuff it’s no different than not having it at all. So you might as well enjoy them. Even the permanent double SP is enough reason IMO to use them more liberally.
  11. Banner: Sacred Memories

    That question answers itself. Waifus gets whaled no question, guys maybe if they have good skills.
  12. The power of team feathers: I’m sure I won’t stay rank 3, but I can’t find any better evidence that the best strategy is to ignore your favorite and abuse the silly multiplier.
  13. Do you ever get my +6 Soleil? I’m on your friends list from an earlier gauntlet.
  14. Team feathers wins again!! Picking the weaker team is basically a no-lose strategy in this game. I had hours upon hours of multiplier rounds on Team Lissa, and still managed to get winning feathers. Poor saps on Team Tharja get low scores and no win feathers. This is truly the most ridiculous and unfair game mode in FEH.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Legit, that’s exactly what I did last hour, didn’t play at all. It’s refreshing for the multiplier to be denied an upset, like with Shanna.