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  1. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    Personally, I would add elements to certain characters. Mainly the clones. For example, rather than all the archers using the same wind attacks, Sakura could have a light-looking attack (like her special), Niles could have dark (because he's from Nohr) and Anna could have fire (also like her specials). I think this would help to make clones feel more unique even if it's purely aesthetic. I would also want a male Lance user of some sort (I don't mind who). For the missions when only males are allowed, it's much tougher to take down sword users due to there not being any male Lance users. Also, being able to choose which music track plays on the map would be nice.
  2. Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon

    I'd love to get summer Takumi. I managed to summon all the other summer units except him (even though he was he only one I wanted)
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    There seems to be a lot of characters as enemies too. If you rewatch the trailer and look at who is fought, there seems to be a lot of enemies that have actual names while some are just "soldier"
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    So, I'm pretty sure the dark haired guy is gonna be the MyUnit and Eldegard will be the main lord. I noticed that at about 1:03 you see the MyUnit being fought. At 1:23, Eldegard mentions that there's a mock battle so I'm sure all the character units seen through the trailer will actually be part of the main story but you just fight them for the mock battle.
  5. Who Would You Want To Be Your Mirage?

    Yarne Usually the mirage supports their fighter but imagine a role reversal when the fighter is always supporting their mirage. Also, it'd be cool to have a beat unit in there
  6. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    I wouldn't say Lissa is low tier. Her C6 is amazing at racking up KOs and her C5 can instantly break white stun gauges (non character captains). Also, her C1 raises all her stats and if you give her weapon topsy-tuvey (or with statflip as well), she becomes significantly stronger and the best magic dealing axe user. Her luck is pretty decent too so she can utilise Lethality and Luna well.
  7. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Here's a pretty good tier list
  8. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    It only costs 1 silver item and 1 gold (currency)
  9. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Use the infernal blessing to make all enemies level 150. They hit harder and are harder to take down. It adds a significant difficulty boost if you're finding the game too easy
  10. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    If you add critical focus to her weapon then she can break enemy stun gauges very easily. Doing this makes it take much less time to defeat captains because more critical hits means more lethality
  11. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Olivia is amazing. With her C6 she can clear out entire forts, her personal skill allows her to get awakening and special meter through beating captains, she has the highest luck stat in the game (so she can trigger luna and lethality often) and she can break stun gauges very easily. Her strong attack can also fill her partners special gauge so she can trigger dual warriors specials easily too
  12. Oh god. Never even thought about this. Lucina can already "kill" her dad and aunt and Owain is going to be able to "kill" his mam soon enough too. Wow that's messed up
  13. Personally wouldn't say that the pegasus knight moveset is the best. I'd say that Lyn/Navarre's moveset (good at one on one and groups) and Camilla/Minerva's moveset (due to ridiculous range of their dash C1) Peg Knight is good but it lacks the ability to take out large groups (C6 can be used but it's late in their combo list). However, one on one is good due to their C5 which can break even white stun gauges with ease
  14. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    Reina and Charlotte are also options for Fates. I also think that Owain, Severa and Inigo would all get costumes to match them in Fates
  15. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    Awakening: Gaius (Unique moveset and he's pretty popular) Severa (Unique bow knight moveset) Inigo (possibly unique but possibly a clone) Fates: Kaden (Unique stone moveset) Keaton (Unique stone moveset) Effie (Unique Lance moveset) Not putting Kaze in here because I don't see Intys adding a new weapon type into this game Shadow Dragon: Barst (Unique axe moveset) Camus (for needed male Lance user and Lance weilding cavalier) Hardin (never played SD, I've just seen other people mention him) Heroes Pack: Alfonse (probably a Chrom clone) Sharena (probably a Oboro clone) Fjorm (either a Azura clone or another Oboro clone) Also Anna would get a heroes costume