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  1. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    I might try Aesprite but my laptop is a massive piece of garbage that consistently crashes anything that isn't paint.
  2. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    So i was just browsing for a good program to make a hack for FE8 that allows me to add custom sprites and animations. Should I wait for this or are there programs that I can make said sprites/animations in?
  3. Minor problem in nightmare

    The jist of it is that I cant scroll through the dropdowns when trying to change a characters class. More specifics below (also first post from what i can remember so dont kill me) So im doing a “randomized” run using the GBA randomizer and when i try to use Nightmare to change whoever replaced Roy into a Lord (and also into Milady but thats not the problem) I find that i cant scroll through the dropdown for changing a characters class. Since the Lord is at the very top either the character is randomized into a lord by default or i go for great lord (which i dont want to do as Milady deserves all the levels).
  4. Child Scramble Convo Topic

    Has anyone done Nina/Kana or Ignatius/Kana?