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  1. Well Titania has been one of my favorites forever and I really wanted her for my horse emblem team (even though my Cecilia is better in every way). I was convinced there was a way to make her viable, so this is what I got. She's +Atk, -Spd which is kinda sucks but it's alright. She still reaches 50/37 when with a hone cavalry, which is good for a quad build. I need Luna for her but I've been busy grinding Tempest Trials so I haven't had time to get her the SP. I sacrificed a -Spd Camilla and a -Atk Hana for Brave Axe+ and L/D 3, so I regret nothing. My Nino's build isn't too expensive, but she does have a ridiculous amount of SP from over usage. As my favorite Fire Emblem character and maybe my most reliable unit outside of horse emblem, I just thought I'd show her off. Before the game released I wanted Nino and Fae, and got both. She was my very first pull, and I've been using her ever since, even though she is -Spd.
  2. @Ice Dragon Wow that's beautiful. I'm just going to tuck away those images to revere forever and pass down to my children as heirlooms. I'm in Tier 19 right now (But in the upper 35%), but I'm also FTP. Chances are I won't stay in Tier 20 for too long. My Adult Tiki is +Res actually (-HP, so it's negated by the +3 HP seal), so that makes it a little less painful to take care of Julia. QR helps too. Well it looks like if you put enough effort into it, it'll work out so I'll probably try it. It won't be my main team but trying new teams is always fun. Thanks for sharing your team and advice!
  3. So I have a 5 star Ninian (Thanks Hero Fest!), Adult Tiki, Nowi, and Fae. Do you think it's worth putting together a dragon emblem team? I think it's a cool idea, but that's different from being actually good when put into practice. So if anyone's actually made and used a dragon emblem team let me know. The lack of Hone Dragona hurts, but maybe someday Nils will bring that along.
  4. @MrSmokestack Thank you! That really does help. I'm thinking of going with the Life and Death/Desperation build, as I've seen it work well, but I definitely want to consider the HP manipulation route, as that seem interesting. Thanks for the advice :>
  5. So I have weird luck summoning where I go a month without any 5 stars then get like 3 in a row. It's strange. The point is I haven't gotten any five stars in awhile, so I've been training my 5 star Masked Marth from the Tempest Trials. Right now she has Falchion and Life and Death 2 (don't have access to 3). Any suggestions for other skills to give her? I'm just thinking Desperation, Threaten Def, stuff like that, but I'm open to suggestions.
  6. I ship that but also I think you accidentally changed my mind completely
  7. That's why I mentioned her supports. Genny says Sonya reminds her of her mother, but not because of age.
  8. So I made one of these for Fates awhile back, and absolutely loved the responses I got. They were all super interesting and creative, so I figured I'd continue with Echoes! Now I've played Gaiden, so if you want to pitch headcanons from original Gaiden, I'm cool with that too. Here are a couple of mine to start off. During the beginning of Celica's route, Saber is the one to mostly protect Genny, and they become close yet unlikely pals. Celica and Alm name their weapons after each other, but are too embarrassed to show their armies. Genny eventually sees Sonya as a mother figure (see their supports) and they become almost inseparable. Those are some basic ones, but I have more I may share later. Anyone else have any?
  9. Ouch The way Catria's voice actress did that line really hit me.
  10. Alright so I've played Gaiden twice, and seeing these characters get new designs and more personality makes me so happy. Favorites: Alm/Celica: I'm putting them together because of how great protagonists they were. After Fates and Awakening (which are games I like, don't get me wrong) I'm so happy to get MCs with depth and great development to boot. Genny: I'm saying it now, Genny is my favorite character in Echoes. She's adorable, she has a great personality, and BATTLE CLERIC. I can't help but fawn over her, and her supports with Sonya make me super happy, which lead me to my next character. Sonya: I love her a lot. I feel like she's the semi-sadistic character done right, with a comforting side to her too, shown in her supports with Genny. Saber: There's not much to say besides I just love him. No real huge reason, he's just super cool, and a secretly nice guy as well. Clair: Clair surprised me. I was immediately disgusted by her prissy attitude, but grew to love her as she get as a person through the story and supports. Also she called the entire deliverance darlings. She's totally the mom of the deliverance. Not so Much Favorites: Faye: Everyone has already said the basic stuff about her. She's just a dick. Wow thats it. Just Faye. Jeez.
  11. Yeah, I loved her story. I've seen that either people hate Nino or love Nino. Not too many in betweens.
  12. Good! Sacred Stones is my favorite Fire Emblem game. The characters are just pretty relatable and feel generally real imo
  13. I actually just made my Nino five star last night She's not the best unit, but she's still fantastic imo I just love Nino so I'm kind of biased
  14. Although I agree with Takumi since I love him, I have to say Flora? I know that I may get yelled at a lot for it, but I really love Flora as a character and feel she deserved much better. She felt real to me a lot of the time throughout the story and I love her for it.
  15. I'm pretty sure that since characters that would usually be dodge-tanks would be screwed over in this game, they gave them a bit more of a boost in defences since there aren't any hit rates. Otherwise most mages and Myrmidon-like characters would be pretty much useless and die immediately to anything.