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  1. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Can someone point me to a list on how to recruit all the characters in this hack? I'm asking because apparently Dione is a recruitable unit even though she had no affinity when I fought her (affinity usually indicates a recruitable character), and I keep hearing something about a hidden recruitable character.
  2. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    I'll read it.
  3. My thoughts on the various Hard Modes: FE 6: It will certainly provide a challenge but what sucks is that it invalidates a lot of playable units because the Hard Mode bonuses for the recruitable enemy units like Rutger, Miledy, and Percival makes them much more viable units than nearly anyone who starts out as a blue unit. FE 7 HHM: This is a mode where the beginning is challenging and the endgame is challenging, but the majority of the game feels dull and easy. There are some challenges to be found in the middle, like in Genesis and Cog of Destiny, but everything else falls flat. I attribute this to the fact that the enemies don't scale nearly as well to your units throughout the game, the use of unpromoted enemies throughout the late-game where all of your units are promoted, and the horrible enemy Speed cap leaving a lot of enemies to be doubled by your slowest unit (If you can bring Wallace to the final map and have him kill the Fire Dragon, like I did once, then there is definitely a problem with this game's difficulty). FE 8: Hard Mode? What Hard Mode? Maybe it's different in the Japanese version, but going by the American version, this game is not challenging at all. Weak AF monsters combined with promoted units that are somehow weaker than their base classes, and you have a recipe for one of the easiest Fire Emblem experiences to have ever come out of IS (well until Fates Phoenix Mode became a thing). FE 9 Maniac Mode: One thing Path of Radiance is criticized for is that even on Hard Mode all enemies are incredibly weak compared to your units and even when promoted enemies start showing up, they suffer FE 7 syndrome in where most of them are weaker than non-promoted enemies and will pose no threat to any of your front-line units. Maniac Mode fixes this by drastically upping the quality of all enemies to the point that you have to actually strategize how you need to go about the chapter instead of just, "Send one strong unit to murder the entire enemy army." On the other hand, Path of Radiance is also criticized for being a slog to play through because of the slow animations and large maps. Maniac Mode unfortunately only makes this worse as not only are enemies more bothersome to deal with thanks to how bulky they are in Maniac Mode, the enemy count is turned up to 11. A lot of late game maps start with over 50 - 60 initial enemies (keep in mind that these enemies can actually keep up with your units) and more reinforcements appear on Maniac Mode, leaving some maps to have an enemy count nearing the triple digits (by the end of the game I had over 10 units with over 100 battle wins), so maps tend to get clogged up real fast. A couple times I was forced to hide in a corner of the map until I thinned out the enemies enough to finally advance. Making the issue worst is that after chapter 18, nearly every map features multiple Sages with siege tomes, and a lot have overlapping range. Your front-line units usually don't have much Resistance, so if you try to rush forward like in Hard Mode, the most likely outcome is that unit dying to two siege tomes. If you want to play safely, you'll want to bait out the siege tomes with someone who can take a hit(most likely a Sage like Soren) until all the siege tomes are gone. Needless to say that maps tend to last A LOT longer on Maniac Mode compared to Hard Mode. The only good thing about this is that there are so many enemies that a lot of your units can actually reach level 20 so you can enjoy some more transfer bonuses if you decide to play Radiant Dawn. In short, Maniac Mode is more mentally involved because enemies are an actual threat while at the same time can become a chore to play due to enemies taking longer to die on top of throwing all the enemies at the world at you. FE 10 HM: This is a weird one for me: Throughout Parts 1 and 2, sometimes the enemies provide healthy challenges and obstacles to overcome, sometimes they feel overwhelming, and sometimes they are complete pushovers. When you hit Part 3 and get the Greil Mercenaries, the game goes from one end of the difficulty spectrum to the other with no middle ground. Ike's squad are OP compared to the enemies you face, and then when you take control of the Dawn Brigade, the game becomes hard again because they are so weak at this point in the game. Once you start to get third tier units, then the difficulty falls flat on its face throughout Part 4. You will have these awesome third tier units just mowing down entire legions of second tier enemies tin Part 4 (or even earlier if you got third tiers in Part 3) with only a select few bosses being third tier units, and hardly anything can kill them. I think the culprit is that all third tiers have innate Mastery Skills that, when activated, will 99% of the time spell certain death. and all of these have an RNG factor to them. Now it would be unfair for regular enemies to have access to these skills and slaughter one of your units because the RNG didn't go your way, but making a new second tier enemy type (The Disciples of Order) who are large in number but still easy to take out wasn't the best solution. Why not make it like FE 9 where you need a special item to learn a Mastery Skill? That way we can challenge ourselves in Part 4 by fighting third tier enemies? Also, the unit balancing is HORRIBLE, making some units completely obsolete when they join (Ex: Fiona and Meg). FE 11: It's been so long that I don't remember what the Hard Modes were like, so no comment. FE 12: The highest I played was Maniac Mode, and boy did it give me a run for my money. The enemies are numerous, strong, and tricky to figure out. They scale well with your units, meaning that you will always find yourself being consistently challenged. I haven't tried Lunatic yet, but it's on my list once I do more research on how the enemy AI works. From watching Deltre's playthrough of FE 12 Reverse Lunatic, how well you do on Lunatic and above will be based on how well you understand the enemy AI, how they move, who do they prioritizing attacking, etc. Awakening: There is no middle ground with this game. It's either a complete pushover (Normal, Hard), or the most unfair bullshit you have seen(Lunatic, Lunatic+). It's incredibly easy to break this game with things like Pair-Up, Reclassing, Nosferatu-tanking, and Child units on Normal and Hard, but on anything higher, the only way you'll have fun with the game then is to go out of your way to break the game, since enemy stats are ridiculous and on Lunatic+, they are given the most supreme Bullshit Skills like Luna+, which is Luna but with a 100% activation rate. Birthright Lunatic: Barring the Camilla chapter, way too easy to be called a proper Lunatic Mode Conquest Lunatic: One of the better designed Lunatic modes I've played, but what irked me towards the end is that regular enemies start to show up with skills that are impossible to learn in their class line. I'm fine with bosses having unique skills since they are supposed to be the big threat of a chapter, and Takumi would be a joke if he didn't have Point Blank, but then there are Generals with Counter and Countermagic, making them incredibly irritating to deal with, Ninjas with Grizzly Wound and Poison Slash, meaning they will always take 40% of your health unless you kill them in one go, Snipers with Lunge arranged in just a way to lunge you right into the waiting arms of a powerful enemy, and my most hated enemy only skill, Inevitable End. This makes it so that debuffs stack, and they are always place on enemies that have multiple seal skills like Seal Strength and Seal Defense. Needless to say I HATE the last third of Conquest. Revelations Lunatic: The difficulty was okay, but everything else about Revelations was bad. Bad map design, annoying and/or useless gimmicks, Radiant Dawn levels of improper unit balancing, and a horrible story makes it something I don't find myself revisiting unless I do something to mix it up. Shadows of Valentia HM: I enjoyed this one. The enemies scaled up nicely with your units, not being too overbearing but not too weak, your units are rarely overpowered, and enemies don't crumple like tissue paper when you fight them. I will agree that the map design was mostly awful, but I've found a lot of joy in Shadows of Valentia that I always keep coming back to it.
  4. Questions regarding save transfers

    Alright then.
  5. Questions regarding save transfers

    If so, does the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn have an option for English text or am I just screwed in that regard? If so, then I'll have to download a localized ISO of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.
  6. So I just got a decent enough laptop to use Dolphin on, and have been playing through a translated version of the Japanese version of Path of Radiance to eventually play through Maniac mode (I've been playing on Hard Mode to get myself reacquainted with the game). Anyway, regarding transferring Path of Radiance clear saves to Radiant Dawn, is it possible to do it on Dolphin? And if so, will I have to download a Japanese version of Radiant Dawn or can I transfer saves to a localized version of Radiant Dawn?
  7. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So I'm on Chapter 3 of 3.07, and I encountered a bug. I attacked a wall with Garcia, but for some reason, the wall acted like it had the Countermagic and Garcia took the dame amount of damage as he dealt to the wall. What the actual fuck?
  8. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I think your addition of fog to this chapter had an adverse effect on the chapter 9 Eirika cutscene, as when the inside of Grado Castle was shown, it was covered in black fog, meaning you couldn't see anybody. The king, the generals, all obscured by fog.
  9. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I'm confused. What does "that's what FEBuilder edited the fog to be" mean?
  10. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Having only one route partially hacked is something that should be mentioned on the first post where you list changes. Nothing in the primary post indicates that only one route has been worked on. There's just a note saying Eirika chapter 9 has Fog of War (which, why? Why use one of the more hated gimmicks FE has come up with? And it doesn't even make sense because that chapter takes place on a sunny day on an open port city. At lease when the other games do this, they at least make the weather in that secnario be something like extreme dark, a sandstorm, or literal fog, which FE 8 already did). There is nothing that says, "Only Eirika's route is being worked on at the moment. Ephraim hasn't been touched yet."
  11. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Here are some pictures to tell the story. She is trapped in a cell. A cell that both a Mage and and Archer with a Longbow can reach. I smited Lute into position. She can take out the archer, but then that leaves her surrounded and then at least 6 enemies will murder her on enemy phase. And then you can do nothing except watch Tana die in a few turns to a Mage. Fuck this.
  12. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Alright, so I got to the route split, went with Ephraim, and sorry for the foul language, but fuck whoever decided to make the Longbow a 3-10 range weapon and making tomes have 3 range. It makes saving Tana an impossibility. She is trapped in a small room and the Archer's attack range with the Longbow covers her entire cell. She will die on turn one and you are completely helpless to do anything about it. There is no starting position where you can place Lute so she can use the Longbow to take out the other Longbow user (I know Neimi has Nosferatu but that is pathetic. The only possible way I can see that you can take out that Archer is by using all 3 armored users (Natasha, Ross, and Kyle) and smiting Lute into range, but there is the issue that Lute will need grinding to be strong enough to take him out, but then that leaves her in range of about 4-5 units that will dog-pile her and kill her. Then there is the issue that even if you kill the Longbow guy, there is a Mage that can strike Tana thanks to tomes being given 3 range, and since Tana has no items and you don't have Physic, she will quickly die to the Mage. This is a new level of bullshit.
  13. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Another thing. One of Seth's personal skills is Swordfaire, yet he can learn it again when he is in the Black Knight class. I didn't choose to keep it, but I have to wonder if I had, will Seth be dealing +8 whenever he attacks?
  14. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Alright. Something else, I encountered a Sage using the Fimbulvetr in the arena, and for some reason, the sound cuts off when he used it. For Wind, a FE 6 tome, you said you didn't know how to assign music to its animation and that's why it was silent, but Fimbulvetr is in base FE 8. So what's the problem here?
  15. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So I decided to upload it to YouTube. You guys need to see this.