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  1. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. So is it a case that I have to make a separate save file for this particular map? Or something else? Also, does this map still adhere to the maximum supports for each character being 5 conversations? If so, then how would I go about getting everyone's A support for every possible support?
  3. Think of Alica's mode as Hector's mode from FE7. There might be some different maps, I'm not sure, but I think that most, if not all maps, will be the same as Ash's mode. Also, I really hope someone who has played Alicia mode would tell me what I'm supposed to do on that weird prologue map. I know th OBJECTIVE, but again, Layla's line about getting support conversations still confuses me.
  4. So I just started Alicia mode, and I'm confused by what Layla said about unlocking the characters' support conversations. Can anyone clarify what she meant by that? Like if I am somehow able to build everyone's support so that the conversation chart has been filled 100%? How would I go about doing that?
  5. One more problem, and it's kind of big. I just completed the game and wanted to try Alicia mode. The problem however is that it won't let me choose ANYTHING. When I try to select which game mode to play, it just keeps cycling through the choices without me touching the controller, and I can't do anything about it. In fact, I can't even play through the game a second time now because it just refuses to let me start a new game. Anyone have any idea on what to do? Edit: Never mind. I just restarted the emulator and everything was fixed. Either way, that was a weird bug.
  6. Thanks. Edit: Also, who the hell is Manfred? He has literally not appeared at any other point of the game.
  7. Another question for anyone to answer: I'm on the chapter where you kill Legato, but there is door in the way, there are no other entrances, and I don't have a door key. Is there anyway to get around this or am I going to have to field Edward with a lock pick?
  8. Actually, now that I think about it, it may have to due with a programming oversight. At the end of chapter 19x, when he kills the boss in a cutscene, he was a blue unit instead of a green unit, and I believe he was also a blue unit when he attacked the assassin boss in chapter 10. Since he was coded as a blue unit, he may have inadvertently retained the experience he would have gotten if he were actually a part of our army.
  9. Just got Kenrick. How does he have EXP already?
  10. You could abuse the arena in chapter 18 to get your unprompted units to level 20. Also, since there is a secret shop in that chapter that sells promotional items, you could promote your units and then level your promoted units up all the way to max level.
  11. Thanks. I've played many other Fire Emblems, and that's what I normally do, but the enemies in this hack seem to scale at a level where despite being about 5 levels below your units they still somehow feel stronger. On an unrelated note, can the maker of this hack indicate that you HAVE to save Ordanze when he appears as a green unit? Taking an example from Laraya the very next chapter, she has a blinking diamond signaling that you have to keep her alive, but for some reason that is not the case with Ordanze. I had to promote Keiran early at level 15 so that he could reach him in time because he kept dying to all of the enemies that dog piled him.
  12. Hey. I'm new to this hack, and I'm enjoying it so far. Quick question of advice for anyone here: What level would you recommend to promote units in this hack?
  13. No Idea since I don't think most enemies even have skills in RD, especially Provoke/Shade. I've only seen skills on the Third Tier bosses and the endgame bosses.
  14. Also, one more question: How do you plan to handle Almedha's reasons for keeping her knowledge of the Blood Contract a secret? In OG Radiant Dawn, she refused to tell ANYONE about the Blood Contract because she thought they would all murder Pelleas at first chance. While I can understand someone being stupidly overprotective, anyone with half a brain cell who knows that both the destruction of the contract and the death of one signer are required to break the contract would have known that Pelleas' death would have been meaningless at that point in time because he doesn't have the contract on him. Subsequently, anyway you can cut out that stupid choice on killing Pelleas in part 3? Because it feels like a forced way of saying "play our game again." Getting through RD once was a slog. I don't feel the need to play again just to save an idiot.
  15. This all sounds very interesting. I look forward to trying this once it has been completed, and when I get a better computer. I using a 5+ year old Apple Laptop and when I tried Path of Radiance on Dolphin, I could only get like 40 FPS on the low-end side.