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  1. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So I'm on Chapter 3 of 3.07, and I encountered a bug. I attacked a wall with Garcia, but for some reason, the wall acted like it had the Countermagic and Garcia took the dame amount of damage as he dealt to the wall. What the actual fuck?
  2. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I think your addition of fog to this chapter had an adverse effect on the chapter 9 Eirika cutscene, as when the inside of Grado Castle was shown, it was covered in black fog, meaning you couldn't see anybody. The king, the generals, all obscured by fog.
  3. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    I'm confused. What does "that's what FEBuilder edited the fog to be" mean?
  4. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Having only one route partially hacked is something that should be mentioned on the first post where you list changes. Nothing in the primary post indicates that only one route has been worked on. There's just a note saying Eirika chapter 9 has Fog of War (which, why? Why use one of the more hated gimmicks FE has come up with? And it doesn't even make sense because that chapter takes place on a sunny day on an open port city. At lease when the other games do this, they at least make the weather in that secnario be something like extreme dark, a sandstorm, or literal fog, which FE 8 already did). There is nothing that says, "Only Eirika's route is being worked on at the moment. Ephraim hasn't been touched yet."
  5. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Here are some pictures to tell the story. She is trapped in a cell. A cell that both a Mage and and Archer with a Longbow can reach. I smited Lute into position. She can take out the archer, but then that leaves her surrounded and then at least 6 enemies will murder her on enemy phase. And then you can do nothing except watch Tana die in a few turns to a Mage. Fuck this.
  6. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Alright, so I got to the route split, went with Ephraim, and sorry for the foul language, but fuck whoever decided to make the Longbow a 3-10 range weapon and making tomes have 3 range. It makes saving Tana an impossibility. She is trapped in a small room and the Archer's attack range with the Longbow covers her entire cell. She will die on turn one and you are completely helpless to do anything about it. There is no starting position where you can place Lute so she can use the Longbow to take out the other Longbow user (I know Neimi has Nosferatu but that is pathetic. The only possible way I can see that you can take out that Archer is by using all 3 armored users (Natasha, Ross, and Kyle) and smiting Lute into range, but there is the issue that Lute will need grinding to be strong enough to take him out, but then that leaves her in range of about 4-5 units that will dog-pile her and kill her. Then there is the issue that even if you kill the Longbow guy, there is a Mage that can strike Tana thanks to tomes being given 3 range, and since Tana has no items and you don't have Physic, she will quickly die to the Mage. This is a new level of bullshit.
  7. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Another thing. One of Seth's personal skills is Swordfaire, yet he can learn it again when he is in the Black Knight class. I didn't choose to keep it, but I have to wonder if I had, will Seth be dealing +8 whenever he attacks?
  8. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Alright. Something else, I encountered a Sage using the Fimbulvetr in the arena, and for some reason, the sound cuts off when he used it. For Wind, a FE 6 tome, you said you didn't know how to assign music to its animation and that's why it was silent, but Fimbulvetr is in base FE 8. So what's the problem here?
  9. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So I decided to upload it to YouTube. You guys need to see this.
  10. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So I just encountered a fairly big bug this time. I recorded it because I don't think anyone would believe me if I wrote it out in text, but the video file is too big to be shared on this message board. Is there any other way for me to show it to the creator?
  11. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Okay. Also, the Black Knight animation is a but bugged. If Seth misses an attack when he is a Black Knight, he won't go through with an attack animation. He will just stand still while the enemy dodges an attack that isn't happening. Also Ross as a Guard looks ugly.
  12. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So what is the new class line for Ross? Is it the Guard?
  13. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    Also, something I forgot to mention. What's up with not showing the level of magic and staves for magic units? Neimi doesn't have a Dark Magic rank, even though I just got a "Weapon Level Up" for her, and Moulder doesn't show a saff rank. All units show icons for Sword, Axe, Lance, and Bows, even the magic units. What's up with that?
  14. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So it's for everyone? Okay. Also, Eirika not being designed to take hits isn't the issue, as vanilla Eirika was never designed to take hits. The issue is having unpromoted enemies from the beginning chapters being able to one-shot your main lord, which is bad design. Since your main lord dying means game over, having to rely on the RNG to roll your way every time a single enemy attacks Eirika is frustrating, especially because the nature of RNG means you can never be sure if an attack will miss (I have had enemies with below 20% hit rate land an attack). No other FE game, including ROM hacks, that I have played has had a main lord who was unable to take a single hit without dying. And even though I haven't played Shadow Dragon on Merciless, it will still take 2 enemies in the starting chapters to kill Marth on that mode. So you should really look into either buffing Eirika's stats so that she doesn't instantly die in the beginning of the game, or lower the enemies' stats to achieve the same effect. Also, are you referring to her personal weapon when you say that "her personal allows her to bypass defense"? If so, then change the description, as the "Effective against infantry" description refers to the fact that the weapon will deal effective damage to horseback and armored units. If it does all that AND ignores defense for everything, than make the description like "Effective against infantry and ignores defense". Now for something new, what's the point of making Nosferatu a siege tome with 0 might? I always figured that the Nosferatu tome was meant to be used when you wanted to ensure your Dark Mage will survive the enemy phase thanks to its HP absorption. Making it a siege tome is already bizarre, but giving it 0 might means that you can't make any effective use out of it as its, as of right now, chip damage of 2-3 HP makes it pretty pathetic. Also, its attack range doesn't display properly when selecting an enemy, and its description leaves the Range description blank for some reason.
  15. FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

    So at chapter 3 there is a Thief with the Fili Shield, which would be awesome to have. You also get a Thief on this map, so I figured that that is how I would get the Fili Shield. Then I realized that Colm only has 10 speed, while the enemy Thief has 13 speed, meaning Colm can't steal from him. Methinks that this wasn't play-tested on Difficult mode, which confuses me because testing on difficult mode seems to be the go-to method when testing how the ROM Hack plays out. Also, Eirika is still getting one-shotted by all the enemies. I will reiterate; it is not good design to have your main character, whose death causes you to game over, die in one hit by every enemy on the map. Even Roy needed 2 enemies to kill him on FE 6 Hard mode. I suggest you play through the entire game on difficult mode yourself so that you can make the necessary balance changes. Also, whenever the Wind tome is used, the battle music cuts out. Not all music, as the movement and hit animations have sound, but battle music is dropped, and then everything goes back to normal after battle.