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  1. The download link is broken,
  2. I have no idea either, but if I were to hazard a guess, they seem to work on their own separate RNG system which will have them behave like normal units most of the time and only sometimes teleport to attack your units, probably to avoid furstrating situations where 7 or so witches gang up on one unit and kill them in a single turn. The only thing I've found consistent is that they never use their teleportation to go to a healing tile. Teleporting for Witches cost no HP and I have had Witches on one HP who simply refused to teleport to a healing tile (in fact one of them use teleported closer to my units even though she had one HP and could not attack) which is bizarre since every other enemy is programmed to do so. I would really like someone to interview the people behind Shadows of Valentia and get clarification on this.
  3. What would be the earliest point I could buy Barrier staves?
  4. So after getting to chapter 7, it has become obvious that Clerics and Troubadours are screwed in this hack. They can only get EXP through healing, but with everyone broken as all hell, no one is taking any damage, and thus Healers can't get EXP. Either make them into their promoted classes, raise their level so they can promote once you get an item, or give them an attack option, because as it is, all Healer only base class units are screwed.
  5. While I can't find anything related to villains that was cut, not everything that Fates cut out was "cringworthy." A lot of changes made to dialogue in the supports removes the depth the original had in place of childish writing. Click the link below to see all the stupid changes made to dailogue Fire Emblem Fates - Treehouse "lolcalization" As for Tokyo Mirage Sessions, well A LOT of things were censored Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Censorship - Censored Gaming Ft. Lockstin / Gnoggin Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - Treehouse "lolcalization" Models were constantly censored, dialogue was rewritten and rerecorded, despite the game not getting an English dub, an entire chapter was rewritten because the original had to do with one of your party members originally being a Gravure model, even the official artbook got censored overseas. This is why I don't trust Nintendo to actually deliver on mature elements in their upcoming games because they have shown me that they do not want that anywhere near their games. In fact I would have canceled my pre-order of Shadows of Valentia and potentially have not bought it altogether if it was revealed that Treehouse would have been the ones in charge of the localization of SoV because Treehouse and Nintendo have shattered my trust. Also, Treehouse, their in company localization team, has recently made a Tumblr account. So a division filled with people who like to censor everything are now on a platform notorious for being filled with people who get offended by everything (in fact it was because of one dumb fuck on Tumblr misinterpreting the Soleil and Corrin support that the scene was changed). And before you say anything, yes I know that Treehouse worked on Fire Emblem games in the past, but that doesn't excuse their current team being awful.
  6. *Looks at Tokyo Mirage Sessions and FE Fates* Uh, yeah, keep telling yourself that.
  7. No, there isn't a unique title screen.
  8. Ah, alright then.
  9. Why does Amelia's Pirate model looks so bad? Her Fighter model looks good, so what the hell happened to her Pirate model?
  10. Thank you.
  11. Thanks. So is it a case that I have to make a separate save file for this particular map? Or something else? Also, does this map still adhere to the maximum supports for each character being 5 conversations? If so, then how would I go about getting everyone's A support for every possible support?
  12. Think of Alica's mode as Hector's mode from FE7. There might be some different maps, I'm not sure, but I think that most, if not all maps, will be the same as Ash's mode. Also, I really hope someone who has played Alicia mode would tell me what I'm supposed to do on that weird prologue map. I know th OBJECTIVE, but again, Layla's line about getting support conversations still confuses me.
  13. So I just started Alicia mode, and I'm confused by what Layla said about unlocking the characters' support conversations. Can anyone clarify what she meant by that? Like if I am somehow able to build everyone's support so that the conversation chart has been filled 100%? How would I go about doing that?
  14. One more problem, and it's kind of big. I just completed the game and wanted to try Alicia mode. The problem however is that it won't let me choose ANYTHING. When I try to select which game mode to play, it just keeps cycling through the choices without me touching the controller, and I can't do anything about it. In fact, I can't even play through the game a second time now because it just refuses to let me start a new game. Anyone have any idea on what to do? Edit: Never mind. I just restarted the emulator and everything was fixed. Either way, that was a weird bug.
  15. Thanks. Edit: Also, who the hell is Manfred? He has literally not appeared at any other point of the game.