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  1. So, you lost Echidna too... that reminds me, most of the sword users died in the previous LP too... looks like swords are cursed, don't use them. For sword users you still have Percival... or Astore maybe?
  2. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Are you sure the growth rates given here are accurate? Late game spoilers, don't open it if you haven't passed c14,
  3. Favorite of each Class/Criteria: BS Edition

    Lord: Elbert Mercenary: Linus Myrmidon: Lloyd Fighter: Brendan Reed Brigand: Fargus Knight: Uther Thief: Jerme Mage: Ephidel Archer: Denning One Class Wonders: Ursula / Limstella / Bramimond / Nergal / Kishuna ................... ........................ ............................ What?......oh....right, sorry...... Lord: Lyn, Eliwood, or Hector [uhh.... all 3?] Cavalier: Kent / Isadora Mercenary: Raven or Harken [would like to say both but Raven comes much early] [yeah, this is one problem with FE7 most of the times there are more than one interesting character in each category] Myrmidon: Karel [backstory] Fighter: Geitz Brigand: Hawkeye [Dart is good too but Hawkeye is more useful] Knight: Oswin Pegasus: Farina Wyvern: Heath Thief: Jaffar [Matthew has good plot while Legault is a better combat unit, but Jaffar beats them in both of these] Bishop: Renault [backstory, mainly from his supports] Mage: Pent [best prepromote] Archer: Louise [mostly because she already has A support with Pent, but not a bad unit either] Refresher: Nils or Ninian [they are basically the same but Ninian is actually the one we get to use] One Class Wonders: Canas [I like dark mages]
  4. Other: Roy Cavalier: Percival [I like all 3 Etrurian generals, and he is the best prepromote you get] Archer: Klein [close between him and Igrene] Knight: Douglas [I like all 3 Etrurian generals] Cleric: Yoder Mercenary: Echidna [I like all 3 of them] Fighter: Bartre [don't like any of them but he atleast is useful if you need a Warrior] Pegasus: Shanna Thief: Chad Mage: Hugh [like his supports and character design, not a bad unit either] Troubador: Cecilia [I like all 3 Etrurian generals] Myrmidon: Rutger / Karel [Rutger for being one of the best units in the game and Karel for his backstory] Nomad: Shin Brigand/Pirate: Geese [while Gonzales is not bad I usually go to the B route so he isn't as useful] Refresher: Elfin [I usually like bards more plus I like his backstory] Shaman: Niime Wyvern: Miledy / Zeiss [tied]
  5. Favorite of each Class/Criteria: SS Edition

    Lord: Ephraim [not even close, I like Eirika but Ephraim is my third favorite lord in the entire series] Cavalier: Seth [Duessel comes second but not very close] Myrmidon: Joshua Thief: Rennac [I don't like either of them but Rennac seems more interesting] Archer: Innes Mage: Saleh [would be Knoll if he was here] Holy: Natasha [Probably a tie between her and L'Archel] Macho Man: Gilliam [too close between him and Gerik] Flyer: Cormag Trainee: Ewan Other: Knoll [would give it to Myrrh if you had put Knoll in the mage category]
  6. Endgame Team in Binding Blade.

    Wait, I thought in FE6 you can S Rank all your weapons? Here is mine, 1. Roy [Binding Blade] 2. Fa [Dragonstone] 3. Rutger [Durnadal] 4. Percival [Armads] 5. Klein [Mulagir] 6. Miredy [Matlet] 7. Hugh [Forblaze] 8. Niime [Apocalypse] 9. Saul [Aureola / Saint's Staff] 10. Elphin [Bard] Back Ups: 1. Dieck [sword] 2. Geese [axe] 3. Sin [bow] 4. Clarine [healer] 5. Raigh [mage] 6. Chad [thief]
  7. Favorite gaming series

    Honorable mentions - Tactics Ogre, Shining Force, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest. 5. Chrono Trigger - This game is one of the reasons I was interested in JRPG series so it is special to me. The only reason it is not in a higher place is because it took me almost 3 years to finally beat it. 4. Fire Emblem / Advance Wars - Earlier FE games were very interesting but the 3ds ones didn't interest me as much. AW series is more focused on gameplay and is more challenging. 3. Final Fantasy - I liked the Tactics series much more than the main series and it is the reason it is in 3rd place. 2. Pokemon - The mystery dungeon series alone takes Pokemon from 5th place to 3rd, add in unique post games from the main series, rangers series and conquest and it makes to the 2nd place. 1. Inazuma Eleven - One of the less known series as far as I know. It is a soccer RPG game series with unique gameplay and story. I am not very good at explaining, so I will copy what a guide from GameFAQs says about it, "This game is a soccer RPG, i.e., it has both the element of soccer (you have to play matches) and RPG (roam around, collect best stuff and so on...)" I would recommend this series to anyone who likes RPGs and Football like me.
  8. Good One-Chapter-Villains

    Jahn - fe6, for being better than the final boss. Aion - fe7, thanks to Kishuna. Denning - fe7, for his legendary.....message. Morva - fe8, mainly because of Myrrh.
  9. Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

    Q: I bought something from the shop with Almer, how do I get the items back from him? A: You'll need a preparations screen to do this, firstly. From there follow these steps: Go to Trade. Select a character (preferably one with space for items) and select List. Find an item that says "Owner: Almer" and then select it. A trade screen will be brought up and then you can take the items off of him It is written in the faq section of the main post, read the rest of the faq too, might be useful.
  10. If you could create your own FE class what would it be?

    Here are some classes I collected from various games. If you want ideas for classes, the Final Fantasy and Tactics Ogre series have some nice classes in them. [Spell Casters] Mage (anm) Shaman (drk) Monk (lgt) Sage (anm / sta) Druid (drk / sta) Bishop (lgt / sta) Archsage (anm / lgt / sta) Necromancer (drk / anm / sta) Sorcerer (lgt / drk / sta) Warlock (anm / lgt / drk / sta) [Healers] Priest (sta) Cleric (sta) Troubadour (sta) High Priest (sta / lgt) Witch (sta / drk) Valkyrie (sta / anm) Summoner (sta / lgt / anm) Illusionist (sta / drk / lgt) Holy Knight (sta / anm / drk) Elementalist (sta / anm / lgt / drk) [Flyers] Wyvern Rider (axe) Pegasus Knight (lnc) Eagle Knight (bow) Wyvern Knight (axe / lnc) Falcon knight (lnc / swd) Griffon Rider (bow / axe) Wyvern Lord (axe / lnc / swd) Phoenix Knight (lnc / swd / bow) Dragon Master (bow / axe / lnc) Dragoon (lnc / axe / bow / swd) [Mounted Units] Sword Cavalier (swd) Lance Cavalier (lnc) Axe Cavalier (axe) Peer (swd / lnc) Great Knight (lnc / axe) Gallant (axe / swd) Paladin (swd / lnc / axe) Grandmaster (swd / lnc / axe / bow) [Infantry - sword] Myrmidon (swd) Mercenary (swd) Thief (swd) Swordmaster (swd) Samurai (swd) Rogue (swd) Sword Saint (swd / lnc) Hero (swd / axe) Assassin (swd / bow) Champion (swd / lnc / axe / bow) [Infantry - lance] Von Ithipathachai's suggestion with a little change. Soldier (lnc) Armor Knight (lnc) Lancer (lnc) Sword Knight (lnc / swd) Bow Knight (lnc / Bow) Axe Knight (lnc / axe) *they get two weapons because of their low move* Sword General (lnc / swd / axe) Bow General (lnc / Bow / swd) Axe General (lnc / axe / bow) Grand Marshall (lnc / swd / axe / bow) [Infantry - axe] Villager (axe) Fighter (axe) Pirate (axe) Brigand (axe) Warrior (axe / bow) Berserker (axe) War Lord (axe / swd) Gladiator (axe / bow / lnc / swd) [Infantry - bow] Recruit (bow) Archer (bow) Hunter (bow) Nomad (bow) Sniper (bow) Ninja (bow / swd) Nomadic Trooper (bow / lnc) Ranger (bow / lnc / axe / swd) [Rider Classes] *here are some beasts if you want help* [tier - 1] Snake, Frog, Turtle, Tiger, Lion, Panther, Cat, Fox, Dog, Wolf, Bison, Elephant, Rhino, Monkey, Gorilla, Camel, Shark, Whale, Octopus [tier - 2] Mammoth, Dinosaurs, Ancient animals [tier - 3] Basilisk, Fairy, Goblin, Mermaid, Cockatrice, Cerberus, Gorgon, Giant [tier -4] ??? [maybe dragons?]
  11. Decent ice type for hitting Cynthia's Garchomp?

    Like the others said, an ice type will make your team weak to fire and fighting. And I can't think of a good pokemon who will be able to resist earthquake / dragon rush and giga impact from Garchomp. What about your own Garchomp? While it still might get ko'd it might be a better choice than an ice type. Edit: Emeraldfox's suggestion is good too.
  12. Decent ice type for hitting Cynthia's Garchomp?

    Then probably Froslass is best for you, it is immune to fighting types as well. I don't know what your team is so I am not sure what to suggest.
  13. Decent ice type for hitting Cynthia's Garchomp?

    I am assuming you meant fighting. Almost all water type pokemon can learn ice type moves. As for ice types Weavile, Mamoswine are good. Froslass is weak but might be able to outspeed Garchomp if good enough level.
  14. How many units should I use in my FE7 playthrough ?

    1. I personally prefer Rath over the other archers too, though Louise might be a good choice too since she already has A support with Pent. 2. Assassins can still open chests and doors, the only thing they can't do is steal. You can promote him if you don't care about stealing. The only problem is, you get Fell Contract on the same chapter Jaffar joins you, so it might not be a good idea to lose your stealing ability just when you get a better assassin than either Matthew or Legault. 3. Raven is definitely a good choice and so are Oswin and Heath. I personally use Heath and Raven in my core team. Oswin is good but his lower move keeps me away from using him in the later chapters, I usually give the boots to my thief. For me Heath always turns out way better than both Pegasus Knights except Farina, who you can't get in Eliwood mode.
  15. How many units should I use in my FE7 playthrough ?

    Most of the FE7 chapters have a unit limit of 12 and one of the last chapters has a limit of 16 units. So it is good to train 14 - 16 units. I personally use 12 in my core team and 8 units as back up. [in case some of the core units end up rng screwed] Normal mode is pretty easy so, you don't really need to train them up to a really high level. And you can use any one you like, I don't think any unit is unusable especially in normal mode.