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  1. So it seems Sakura is a light-user in this game (though the fact she used a wind attack prior to her critical threw me off a bit). Personally, I hope we see some more Wind, Fire, and Dark users at TGS.
  2. HOLY FRICKING-- these are glorious! And here I thought they couldn't make my two favorite map themes from Fates any better.
  3. I'm really thankful there's someone else trying to be rational in the midst of this ****storm.
  4. I'm not sure I'm the only one who noticed, but did anyone else see that she wasn't shown in any story cutscenes? That very likely means she's not going to be featured in story mode (not that it would make sense for her to be in there, anyway). So I'm still hopeful for next week. Edit: Wow, usually when I make statements like that I expect to be proven wrong, not the opposite.
  5. Honestly, this is the type of argument I wish I had initially wrote.
  6. It seems fake. What's the point of adding just Lyn and Celica if their games aren't even focused upon in story mode? But what really tipped me off was the fact that both Robins and Corrins were featured when the female and male respectively were explicitly stated to be alternate skins.
  7. So it's confirmed that Chrom has a Bond Conversation with Cordelia, so I assume that means each character will have at least four Bonds (with at least two with characters from each of the other games). Also the fact that Cordelia is the sole Pegasus Knight representative for Awakening likely means classes that are present in all three games will have one representative each while classes that are unique to only one or two games will feature multiple representatives, like how Awakening has two Lords (Now that I think about it, that does explain why Lucina was almost cut). So while that may kill some characters' chances (Beruka is the first that comes to mind), it does raise the chances of others.
  8. The only game I feel I can make hard speculation for is Fates. I'm putting asterisks at the end ranging from 1 to three, three if they're very likely and 1 if they're not likely and basing it off similar criteria as stated in the interview (Oh, and I'm ignoring weapon options for the sake of giving everyone a fair look). Confirmed: * Corrin * Xander * Ryoma * Camilla * Hinoka * Leo * Takumi * Elise * Sakura Speculation: * Azura *** * Jakob*** * Kaze *** * Saizo** * Setsuna ** * Oboro *** * Subaki * * Rinkah * * Kaden * * Laslow ** * Beruka ** * Niles *** * Effie * * Charlotte ** * Keaton *
  9. Yeah, I just read about that some time after I posted. I just hope there's not a huge difference.
  10. Lianna is Weiss Schnee confirmed! But seriously, I love that pair-up attack, it totally blows Rowan's out of the water.
  11. I feel like it's going to be more than 25 characters. This is for a two major reasons: 1. A lack of balance in representation between the games. If this was true then two of the three games are getting screwed over in terms of characters, and I can't see that happening. 2. No Fire Emblem game has had less than 30 characters. Based on some of the recent news, we're likely getting 32 characters minimum (some may be reserved for when the game comes out).
  12. So Sakura is in, that's good, and it's likely the upcoming pages will reveal M!Corrin and Azura's full art. On the subject of the former, I think he's also going to be a glorified skin like F!Robin, especially since it seems nonsensical to reveal him this late if he's part of the main five. So that leaves four more characters for Awakening and ten for SD, meaning we are likely going to have a total of at least 32 characters. This is a pretty good number of characters on its own, though I personally hope they're also reserving some characters for the game's reveal.
  13. Might as well make my predictions in light of the recent news. With Elise confirmed, Sakura and Azura are very likely to follow, which gives us 6 females and 4 males representing Fates. That being said, if the roster is indeed leaning toward an even ratio of male and female characters, then my guess is two of the neutral males will fill in the last slots for the boys, especially since they are both important to the story and have a good amount of popularity (i.e. they all ranked in the top 15). Furthermore, this would mean that each game would have at least 12 representatives, with an equal number of girls and boys for each, thus we would have total of 38 playable characters, including Rowan and Lianna, which is more or less the general roster size of your typical Fire Emblem game.
  14. AHHHH, my baby! So glad she's in-game (which mean Sakura will very likely follow)!