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  1. Ratio of 5* to total amount of pulls

    Finally, it was on 15 pulls. 7 5* (9.3%) and 28 4* (37.3%).
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Another shitty pull... What was I expecting after 2 5* Seliphs in the same pull ? Did they change the odds, fixed the RNG or something ? My latest pulls have been mostly 3*, even before the Seliphs.
  3. That's what I usually do with these sort of skills. But she can work very well in a cavalry team, with Camus.
  4. Ratio of 5* to total amount of pulls

    I'm not sure of the number of pulls I made, but I'll check later. I consider myself pretty lucky overall. That being said, my friends also have a similar ratio.
  5. Ratio of 5* to total amount of pulls

    I don't have access to my file, but I got 7 5* units on something like 13 complete pulls.
  6. Just Abel I think. "Allies" rather mean the other units, not herself.
  7. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Oh, I see. Too bad it isn't special, but at least I can get it. Thanks for the info.
  8. -ATK +SPD Cecilia worth It?

    Well, she's rather good in Atk and bad in speed, so -Atk/+Spd is clearly not optimal. If you really need a green tome right now, and you're sure you want her to 5*, I'd recommend waiting until another Cecilia with better IVs shows up.
  9. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I'm wondering, is the horse we saw in the trailers special ? Is there a way to get it ? It's clearly not Epona since she's in Link Amiibo and has lighter colors, but Link's always been shown riding him in the trailers, and I did not find a regular horse with the same colors. For example, we can see it when the old woman starts to speak in the story trailer, it's a dark brown horse with a dark mane.
  10. Closed

    Hmm, this isn't incredible. I'd continue rerolling. Your Camilla is -Atk + Spd.
  11. 1 2 Switch Ain't Half Bad

    Thinks so too. Usually with his sort of games, people that search "real" games will sell it if it was a gift.
  12. Who to 5*

    Do you have any other units ? 'Cause even 3* may be worth upgrading if you're severly lacking a specific type of units and if they have good Boon/Bane, if you're not against some efforts. Between the units you showed, considering your 5* units, I'd rather say Hawkeye, since you lack of green and physical units. That, or Sharena. The problem is that he's rather meh but fills a weakness in your team. Usually I prefer to have a green Magical unit, but you already have too much of them.
  13. Do Bows have any place in the Weapon Triangle

    Before Fates I would have said no, but it was well-included mechanics-wise (it was well-placed with Axes I have to say, with WTA against Pegasi and neutral against Wyverns Riders, good against hidden weapons, etc) and felt natural very quickly, so it's yes for me.
  14. 1 2 Switch Ain't Half Bad

    Maybe I'll buy it used later. I'd like to give it a shot, it must be great to milk a virtual cow in front of a friend. These games where you must look at each other in the eyes must be so ridiculous. And it will be a good way to discover the new techs in the Joy-Cons. You're lucky I have no games with my Switch since yesterday, I did not get my copy of Zelda. And won't get it before Monday or Tuesday.
  15. 1 2 Switch Ain't Half Bad

    TBH, I think this game must be so much fun to play with friends. But the price kinda hurts. If it was 20-30€, OK, but 50 seems too much for me. It should have been included with the Switch like Wii Sports.