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  1. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Will do! I'm actually uploading a similar video tomorrow, and I can show you that as well. You wouldn't have to watch the entirety of tomorrow's video, but it would give you an idea as to what my video would look like. Would you like me to link you to that video, tomorrow?
  2. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    So I should PM you the video before posting it here?
  3. I can hack Radiant Dawn, so I can have anyone fight each other. So, I'd like to know what units are considered bad, through gameplay standards only. I'm not posting this to make a flame war, please take this as just a fun poll. The only purpose of this poll is to pit characters against each other. For example, Bastian vs Oliver, or Fiona vs Meg type of thing. I wanna see what the Serenes Forest group wanna see in a video, where the "bad" units fight each other. Everyone will have boosted stats, far beyond what they're normally capable of. This is all in good fun, this is not meant to anger, upset, or offend anyone.
  4. I have unlocked Ashnard. I probably also have all the supports, but I'm not sure about that end. However, I have a physical copy of PoR, and therefore, use a Gamecube Memory Card. Is there a way to share my save with everyone, even though I use a physical memory card? Edit: Ashnard keeps his armor blessing, and keeps Gurugarant. So you can easily just solo the maps with Ashnard.
  5. Boss Growth Rates?

    I want to start off by saying that I have zero access to Radiant Dawn's game data. However, I can use hacks, to an extent. For example, I can "recruit" characters like Jarod, by transforming another unit into him. For example, taking Devdan and turning him into Jarod. Why would this matter? Simple: a good majority of the Radiant Dawn bosses, actually have growths. I leveled up every single boss unit in the game, and the following characters DON'T have growth rates: I've checked the Growth Rates page on here, as well as the FE Wiki, and neither of them have information on these characters growth rates. Here, I can even prove it - Catalena leveling up. The point of this is not to show that bosses have growths. But to have help figuring out their growths. As I mentioned, I have no access to the game's data/memory, so I simply can't check it for information. But what I CAN do, is level up the bosses as many times as need be, to figure out their growths. I just don't know how to determine growth rates from level ups. Is there anyone on here with knowledge on how to find growth rates, by simply leveling up the character? Now, I'm sure some of you are wondering why this matters. Why do I need information on boss growth rates? Well, simply put, I'm trying to make a Tellius Save File for Radiant Dawn. I want to make the characters as strong as possible. Even stronger than I currently have them. The way to do so, is reverting their stats to Tier 1, Level 1. I already have made a long document on the playable characters of Radiant Dawn, as well as improving stats for non-existent characters, like Largo, Rajaion, or Greil. However, without knowing the growth rates for boss units, I cannot improve upon them. I am asking for help in figuring out boss growth rates, so I can make them stronger, using hacks. How does one find growth rates, without having access to the game's memory/data?
  6. So, I wanna get all the taker skills on all of the characters (except for the one-offs, like Gunter, Reina, etc), but HoF 4 is hard to cheese. I'd rather not spend hours figuring out a strategy for each time I do the maps, so I'm trying to get through these asap. I've already played through it before, start to finish, without cheesing it. I just wanna get the taker skills on everyone in a not-so-time consuming way. I can easily get through 1-3, 5, and 6, but I can't seem to find a way to cheese the fourth one. Has anyone found an easy way to beat it?
  7. Shadowban?

    Based on this, I still can't decide if my thing is shadowbanned, or if it's someone else that's shadowbanned. I'll fully admit to this: I absolutely can't stand exclusive skill crap. Even if it's worthless on a character (for example, Xander using Beastbane), I still feel like they should be able to obtain it. With that said, yes - I do have hacked skills. A LOT of hacked skills, but it's simply to have every skill on every character. I have Beastbane on everyone except Mitama, Effie, Reina, Gunter, Shura, Fuga, and Flora. I have Aptitude on almost everyone, I have Dragon Fang on a few characters that can't get it, (Owain, for example) I have some of Azura's skills on a whole bunch of people, and so on. However, the way my Corrin is set up right now, she only has "Rally" skills on her; things that can be obtained through normal gameplay. So, even though my Corrin DOES have hacked skills on the skill list, they aren't equipped. If I unequip all of the hacked skills, can I go back to the castle I've been getting the skills from? Being shadowbanned isn't going to stop me from trying to get all the skills on the characters. If I can't get the other impossible skills on them, then I'll just stick to normal ass gameplay. I also have a Flora that I added to my roster with obvious hacked stats. But even with her there, for the longest time, I was able to visit castles. It's only recently that I haven't been able to visit a certain person's castle, which is BS, since I don't even use these hacked skills to mess with anyone. I know Intelligent Systems/Nintendo can't tell that I have zero intention of not using those skills against other players, but surely wanting the simple task of "All skills," can't be too bad, right? So, what is it? Am I shadowbanned, or is the person I'm visiting shadowbanned?