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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    No updates on my stall team yet, but I will post the FGO IDs because I haven't done that in a while.. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Serenes FGO - Friend Code IDs
  2. Langrisser M General

    Considering I've been trying to write guides, create builds for personal use, and end up researching most of the stuff myself, I decided to start contributing to the Langrisser Wiki. I'll finish up my Cavalry Substitute Guide on Reddit and then just maintain the other guides I have on there. The rest of the time will be trying to transform the Wiki into something actually useful... For what I've been working on: I figured if I was going to theorycraft each individual character on my own (as part of a guide or otherwise), I might as well make it public and document it on the Wiki. EN documentation is solely lacking and difficult to find. Hopefully by contributing to the Wiki we'll have players come out with some fun and crazy stuff! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Serenes Langrisser Mobile - Friend Code IDs I also figured I might as well start maintaining one of these for this topic alongside FGO. I think there is a "Group" function ingame that is separate from Guilds and may work for cross-server chats and stuff. I'll look into that once the maintenance is over and I get some sleep.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Trying a stall team for the Challenge Quest as I have no Merlin. (Tamamo [NP2], Mash, Support Jeanne // Kuro, MHX, Herc) I'm at Turn 30 and just got Salter to halfway HP on her first phase... Send help pls. This is a terrible idea...
  4. Langrisser M General

    Oh no. Pls no. I still haven't gotten around to doing later Time Rift misions (decided to go back to clear Elite stages and beat a story map), but if this is how the Time Rift is then I really need to start upgrading my Lancer soldiers. They are still just level 7 (compared to my Archers who are level 6)! On the upside, I'm still really close to unlocking Angels! Soon... Soon... * * * * * Welp, I may have to start rethinking my roster. I still do not have a Luna, and if I don't get her today, I'll be without a Princess leader for my girls. Sure, there's a new heroine in the upcoming banner who also has a Princess faction buff, but I'm not that interested at the moment. So, what do...
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Man, I really need to pay more attention to FGO. I almost missed out on MHXA's story which was really, really enjoyable! I tossed what Tickets I had and 30 Quartz at her, but she didn't show up. Extra tickets may go her way if I get them in time, otherwise I'm still trying for that Ishtar fund for May.
  6. Langrisser M General

    Welp, this is extremely useful to know. I was wondering what the "Begin Trial" button did. Now if only I had the spare Stamina to spend to progress in Timeless Trials... I managed to clear 4-3 last night using my mainstay team (Sonya, Cherie, Liana, Lana, Freya). Sonya, Lana, and Freya had T3 soldiers. My second attempt failed because of the cavalry trigger (I lost a crucial turn where I thought I was close enough to trigger them, but they didn't move). At least I got the "Less than 1 Hero Sacrificed" feat. My third attempt ended in victory after optimizing my strategy. Man, having T3 soldiers makes things so much easier. I still haven't progressed farther in the story or the Time Rift, but I'll likely get around to that in my next play session.
  7. Langrisser M General

    Yeah, the fixed damage changes will help Freya a lot (as well as Bernhardt who can use Sever). Ledin may still be better overall, but at least Freya can be used now. - - - - - I'm still having problems with 4-3 Elite. I managed to clear it, but I need the 3* status so I can actually sweep the thing to farm Samurai Scrolls for Cherie. However, I'm wondering if I may be able to unlock Angels within the next week through the Training Grounds. The hard part is trying to clear Level 40 solo and getting someone to carry me through 45... Edit: On the Events screen, click the "Go" button regarding the update preview for some free stuff. I have a feeling we'll have to visit it occasionally as only one reward is available at the moment.
  8. Video game music

    Man, Youtube does not like Grandia II videos (or at least videos from a certain Youtuber). Anyways, here's one: Nightmare Village Milm ~ A Good, Unknown Anxiety * * * * * * * * * *
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    Cleared the challenge quest in 35 turns, but I did have to use my Command Seals to pull it off... (And I just got "Update Data" as soon as I finished it. I better get that Crystallized Lore! Okay, I got it. Whew.) I went in semi-blind as I didn't really know who to bring, so I tried Jalter, Mash, Support Merlin, Kuro, Tamamo, Herc. Mash + Merlin didn't work out as well as I would have liked since the "Healing Effect Down" debuff hurt me a lot. I also didn't take into account Lancer Alter's Curse which countered my backline Herc. Still, I cleared it and I had the Command Seals to spare, so I'm not too concerned about it. Regarding the event, I may just skip the Shop CEs and Valentine CEs so I can just go for the materials. I haven't been hardcore farming for FGO and I can use the mats a lot more than fluff text. (I can always cheat and look at the Wiki for them anyways.)
  10. Langrisser M General

    Liana's Dancer Egyptian skin is a lotto. I saw the full art via Youtube Video and sorta lost interest. It's a nice design, but not what I had in mind. // Regarding the skins in the video, the only ones that are of high interest to me are Sci-Fi Narm (Store) and maybe Summer Lana (Store Limited). Actually, after seeing the video, I think I have newfound respect for the Angel Cherie skin as it seems like one of the better ones, but I'm still done with the lotto. For whaling, there are Zerida skins (one Echo of Light, another Limited) that I am highly interested in, but definitely do not have the means to raise the money for them when the time comes. There's also the matter of getting Zerida in the first place and her personality as a playable unit. * * * * * Regarding Reddit's Crossover Costume Poll, they are now in the Finals. The three choices are Trails of Cold Steel, Disgaea, and Growlanser.