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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    I finally got Ishtar! Woo! Now I can save up for King Hassan and Eresh, provided I don't get sidetracked by Merlin and Maid Artoria Alter. Sire's Summoning Ishtar Attempts - Final Total: ~215 (~45 Tickets, ~ 481 Quartz) ...Downside is that I'm going to be in material and QP hell for a while. I already have no real QP as I'm spending it on upgrading my Waver whenever I have the chance. Oh well, I'm content at the moment. Ishtar is now in my Chaldea after trying to get her for a while. Hopefully King Hassan and Eresh will be easier to obtain. * * * * * As for the event, I tried doing the 2 BP 3 Million node. I guess I get why people run it (easier to 2-turn it with proper setups, and possibly obtain more materials), but for some reason I find running the 3BP 6 Million to be better for me. Doing less runs, despite taking longer, just feels better for some reason. Maybe this will change if I go into hardcore grinding mode.
  2. Serenes Emblem Discussion Thread

    Somewhat random, but I'm gonna toss this out there. Instead of making a full game, how about making a "prototype" chapter first? Doing a prototype will help lay down the groundwork for future development, and if the whole game doesn't go through, at least there may be a playable prototype map to mess around with. Making a "single epic map" should be easier than making an entire game. Of course, this is but a suggestion. Feel free to do whatever you want. - - - - - Be it map or full game, I see the following at minimum requirements... 1. Base game engine (I'm assuming we are going Fire Emblem at this point, or something similar to Fire Emblem) 2. Volunteer Members (To fill out the playable cast, and possibly villains. There are some who are interested in being the antagonists already.) 2A. Character Sheets (At least the name and class the individual wants to be. Going further with portraits, support convos, and other story stuff would be nice but can technically be considered optional) 3. Story Outline (This also includes character recruitment and "gaiden chapters," if any.) * * * * * * * * * * Going off of my application again, maybe it may be wise to streamline the process. Here's my submission, but in template form for easier viewing. Username: Sire Game Name: Sire Desired Class: Great Knight (Axe) Desired Archetype: Gotoh, Lorenz, or Camus
  3. Serenes Emblem Discussion Thread

    Ideas are well and good, but from experience I find that concepts and ideas mean little in the long run. What most people seem to care about is just the results (the finished product) and not so much the stuff that happens beforehand. You can have the entire blueprint of a game in your hands (script, dialogues, gameplay mechanics, etc.) but it means almost nothing if it is not actually implemented in an actual product. Game design means little. It's the programmers, artists, and composers that get the most attention. Seeing an idea actively implemented and working will get generate far more interest than fleshed-out concepts. In other words, the plan doesn't matter as much as its execution. Game development is not a sprint, it's a marathon. The passion is there during the concept stage and perhaps early implementation. As time passes, enthusiasm can falter and it either leads to burnout or a "let's just get this done" mindset. * * * * * That said, here are some of my suggestions... 1. Figure out how the game will be developed. Is it a "modded" GBA game that features Serenes Forest members? Is it even a Fire Emblem game? SRPG Studio? Determining the platform of the game will help contributors decide if they can help out, as well as decide the direction the game will go. 2. I also support the idea of keeping this "Serenes Forest" title separate from main canon. Create its own universe, or make it a spinoff in the vein of FE:Warriors if you want Fire Emblem characters to also appear. 2A. This also calls into question who the antagonists will be. Will the bad guys be OCs, be Serenes Forest members, or classic Fire Emblem villains? 3. If I were to be added in the game, I would like to be a prepromote Great Knight. I'll probably end up joining near the mid-to-end of the game to carry unlucky players.
  4. Video game music

    Skies of Arcadia is getting a "re-released soundtrack" with SoA: Eternal. There's some other stuff too, such as a Vinyl print, music box, and a booklet with dev/composer commentary. I loved Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. Hopefully this release may signify a return to the franchise. Source:
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Huh, Arash eh?... I do have a Grailed 70 Arash, so maybe this could get somewhere. Alas, my Waver isn't 10/10/10 (or at the very least, have 10 for Damage), so it may not be as effective... Now I need to run tests to see if my NP1 Jalter outdamages my NP3 MHX... (Using a damage calculator, Jalter wins out because Dragon Witch and Ephemeral Dream.) Hmm. Oh well, let's try the in-game tests and see how horribly I do... // Using Jalter (Damage CE), Arash, Waver, Support Waver, Kintoki Rider, Mash. No pure NP kills, but this is because my skills aren't fully maxed and Jalter is just NP 1. I also don't have a 2nd MLB Carp yet. ... Thinking about going pure NP, there's always the Robin Hood method. I remember seeing Robin Hood doing insane amounts of damage, but I think that involved heavy buff stacking
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    I forgot how I fought Ibaraki, so I tried using my NP3 MHX and Santer Alter and wiped the hands first. That wasn't a wise idea. I couldn't land my first kill and ended up just outlasting that fight. Then I decided to say "screw it" and bring Jalter. Things went a bit more smoothly, but then I was reminded of RNG crits. I forgotten how much I had to "reset" a turn because of the boss not being cooperative. At the moment I'm running Jalter, 2 Wavers, and a Santa Alter for AoE clear. The other two slots are currently Mash and Cu (FSN) to hold the support CEs. // I guess the "whale" (or lucky) setup would be x2 Merlin, Jalter, and Santa Alter. Santa Alter wipes hands and Jalter Critbusters Ibaraki to death.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    The main thing with fanservice in Fire Emblem is not really the designs, as they've been around since the start (see any F!Myrmidon or F!Swordmaster). What started the divide was Awakening's shipping elements and avatar worship, which got intensified in Fates. Fire Emblem was originally seen more as an SRPG, but modern FE leans more towards the anime side of things which is the main point of contention. Regarding F!Byleth, my main complaints are her leggings and her "white neckpiece?." I know nothing of fashion design or the terms, but I find the patterned leggings to be busy and prefer them to be simply plain black leggings. The white also looks out of place with the rest of her outfit. "Fixing" those who issues would remedy F!Byleth's designs for me. Adding clothing/armor to the arms would be optional. I also don't see her outfit as being that "fanservicy." It just looks weird and off to my eyes, especially when compared to her male counterpart. - - - - - Now, I find nothing wrong with fanservice. It's just that there is a time and place for it, and I prefer fanservice that "makes sense" instead of fanservice "just for the sake of fanservice." Okay, so there's a beach or pool? Everyone's in swimsuits. There's the "sexy character type?" Give them a sexy design. There's a hot springs episode? Everyone's naked in steam in towels. If the game revolves around revealing designs (Langrisser), then roll with it. It's just when games that are not known to for their fanservice suddenly get some, this "tonal shift" is typically disconcerting. Also, there's nothing wrong with large busts. For some reason, I keep seeing people basically saying "big boobs = bad." I have a feeling it's the design that is the main problem, but these character types tend to use the "fanservicy designs." See Camilla from Fates as an example. Her default outfit is a bit of a mess, but when you put her in something else, she looks absolutely stunning. For FGO, we can look at the Lancer Artorias. Although, then again I'm more of a leg/thigh guy, so the intricacies of such outfits tend to go over my head. /end soapbox speech * * * * * Back to FGO, I got some Hearts from the Hunting quests, but I missed out on the first day or two of the hunting quests. So, I think I missed my Bones farming. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the event reruns. The rewards are nice and I could definitely use them, but I don't know how hard I'll be playing FGO during that time.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    Used 3 more Tickets, and got myself Gorgon. As a Medusa fan, this is pretty nice. Still no Ishtar though. I'm wondering if I'll have time to blitz though EoR 1 for the Quartz. At the moment I am currently heavily invested in that "Another Eden" title...
  9. Reposting from the Reddit leak topic, my predictions regarding Edelgard's 2nd route (provided it is even a thing.) * * * * * * * * * * I want to say Edelgard's 2nd route may lead to the "true ending" or is an alternative "ruthless/evil" route. While I have no ideas for a ruthless run, I can see the "true ending" being more focused on Edelgard fully rejecting the Crests while everyone else supports them. Due to Edelgard's "rebellion," this draws attention from outside factions as they did not foresee this outcome. This ending may not be a happily ever after and characters may die in the process, but the world will be in a better place overall after it is all done and over with.
  10. I've been playing some more, currently at Chapter 13. My guys are around level 25-30. The game is still fun and enjoyable thus far, but now I'm feeling the need to grind and that my story characters are falling off. After level 25, 4-star characters start becoming more valuable as 3-star and story characters will need to grind for class materials to unlock their "4th Hero Grid" that grants bonus stats and new skills. 4* and higher heroes already have that grid unlocked so they don't have to worry about the class mat grind. Eventually, 5-star characters will become valuable as the "5th Hero Grid" will presumably be unlocked for them, but I don't know what level this applies to and I don't have a 5* character myself to confirm. As an aside, class promotions act like getting an additional star, so you can upgrade from a 3-star to a 4-star character and 4-star characters to 5-star status. However, only certain characters are upgradable in this fashion. Getting higher rarity (star) characters through the Gacha basically skips the class promotion process, and thus, the grind. I also see why people say having a good healer and buffs/debuffs are so important as I'm starting to struggle against enemy bosses and the like. Like I said before, the story characters can work, but it will take a lot more grinding for them to become viable compared to fielding higher rarity Gacha characters. I'm mostly been sticking to my Story squad, but I'm wondering if I should convert over to a different team so I can have an easier time doing the story. I think I have the heals covered, its just the buffs/debuffs that my teams are lacking. Also, there's a "free mode" that gets unlocked later called "Another Dungeon." This is where most of the grinding will take place, but AD runs are limited to the amount of "dungeon passes" you have. These passes refill at the rate of 1 per 6 hours if I recall correctly, and they have their caps. AD is the prime place for getting class materials, but this will be a long process. In the meantime, it is an excellent place to get EXP (I was getting more EXP from level 22 mobs in AD than fighting level 30 mobs on the world map) as well as extra materials for weapons and armor. I'm probably going to have to grind AD a bit before tackling on the Chapter 13 boss, even though I would've liked to wait a little longer for "efficiency" purposes. (Story characters can get their "Light" and "Dark" values upgraded by doing certain dungeons in the "AD" mode. There's one that is easy to grind out, but the character only joins the party after Chapter 13.) * * * * * Overall, I'm still having fun playing the game. The sidequests have been engaging and the main plot worthy of my attention. Still nothing groundbreaking or spectacular though, but there are some awesome moments scattered in this game. My main concern is if the grind will get to me. I know it's a classic JRPG and grinding is to be expected (I played Bravely Default), but I wonder if the grinding will get to me. Like I said before, if you like JRPGs and enjoyed Chrono Trigger and/or Chrono Cross, try picking up Another Eden. It's free to play, so there's nothing to lose but time if you happen to dislike the game.
  11. I'm going the "cautious optimist" route and am entertaining the idea of the leak being real. Even if it is all crap, it did spark interest in me for Three Houses again, so I look forward to official information that confirms or denies the leaks. If we want to get into theories again, it is possible that some of the leaks are real while others are deliberately false (so there is a benefit of a doubt that the user is just making "accurate guesses" instead of actual leaks). But, I don't feel like going down that rabbit hole at the moment. Waiting and seeing what happens seems like the wisest idea. * * * * * Back to speculations though, Byleth "apparently" not being customizable is mind-boggling to me. I get that the model is used in cutscenes, but there's nothing we can change, such as hair-color and other facial features? One of the biggest draws of an Avatar character is the customization aspect, unless for some reason they are removing the Avatar and are simply just having players use Byleth as the protagonist (in a male or female version). Then again, the info was from an early build, so maybe avatar customization is added in later down the line, who knows. Then, if the 4 routes are true and Edelgard gets 2, I want to say Edelgard's 2nd route may lead to the "true ending" or is an alternative "ruthless/evil" route. Going down this "2nd path", I can see it being more focused on Edelgard fully rejecting the Crests while everyone else supports them. Due to Edelgard's "rebellion," this draws attention from outside factions and may lead to the "true ending" of the game. It may not be a happily ever after and characters may die in the process, but the world will be in a better place overall after it is all done and over with. The thing that will suck the most is not being able to recruit everyone on a single file, unless there is a post-game section that hasn't been revealed yet (if it exists). I know I wanted to have maxed out characters on my three Fate paths, but I never got around to doing that since I got burnt out with Fates.
  12. PC Gaming Recommendations?

    If you cruise around on Normal difficulty, yeah the game is fairly straightforward. However, late-game (like missions beyond 70) will require some strategy to get through. Difficulties beyond Hard also changes things a bit as the swarms become a lot more lethal and one can no longer really facetank everything. Friendly Fire is also less forgiving on higher difficulties. EDF can be played single player, "2-player couch co-op," and up to 4 players online. I personally soloed the campaign a bit before heading online. Your character progression carries over from offline to online and vice-versa, but mission unlocks are separated as online has some exclusive missions that solo play doesn't. - - - - - Alternatively, if you are interested in playing the latest installment, EDF 5 is out on Playstation consoles. EDF 5 is apparently a better game with tons of quality of life improvements, but the localization was done poorly and by a different company compared to 4.1. I'm personally holding out hope for a PC port though, but there's been no word regarding one. Iron Rain is a spinoff and has a mixed reception, so I would stick with either 4.1 or 5. * * * * * Regarding the Total War games, if you like the Warhammer universe or Fantasy settings, Total War Warhammer may be a good choice. I haven't picked it up personally, but I hear the games are actually good if you can get past their DLC practices. I want to say the differences between the first and second title are the available factions and the map, although they can be combined to make a "super campaign" of sorts. The biggest thing is that these titles are relatively new and may require a "supercomputer" to run properly. However, I haven't followed these games closely, so I may be wrong in my assumptions. Otherwise, Shogun 2 and Medieval II: Definite Edition are solid choices. They may be older titles, but they are still fun to play and mess around with. Medieval II is older, but it did have great mods such as a Lord of the Rings conversion mod.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    Decided to go back into the past and check on my previous Ishtar rolls. Probably wasn't a good idea. For reference, I quoted my posts in the spoiler below. Yeah, I got screwed on the Ishtar banners. No 4* Servants in the first or second batch, although I did get some 5* CEs here and there. No 5* Servant at all though. Thing is, I did a get 5* character beforehand (Scathach before Ishtar's first summon, Melt before Ishtar's third summon [the current one]). While I did really want Scathach, Melt was more of a bonus because of how she was portrayed in the story. Given how Ishtar is avoiding me, I'm sure Eresh and King Hassan will end up avoiding me as well. I don't know if I'll try to save up for Merlin or not either...