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  1. Well I'm starting my project. - Going to time myself doing the Squad Assaults from a new account with each CYL freebie, and then deleting the account to go to the next one. I'm interested to see how few days I can get it down to given how reliant I'm going to be on 3-4 stars from the story orbs.
  2. Nintendo - Don't make enough puzzle games Sony - Don't make enough puzzle games Microsoft - Don't make enough puzzle games
  3. I seriously doubt CYL will be used to release entirely new heroes. (There are two new hero banners anyway). Being in the game already is a major popularity boost to begin with if only due to familiarly. I'm inclined to vote for the same person (Hector) 7 times, but if the wording of the poll website is appealing enough, I might spread my vote over 7 characters anyway just to be more honest with it.
  4. I'm glad that Dudley got 13. Kinda sad that Zhangief / M. Bison / Elena are so low. The top 30 is kind of a mess, but OP got to that.
  5. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    If authority stars come back, it should be an enemy - only mechanic. If the player "must" have it as well, it should be given exclusively to bad units to encourage their use. Tacticians don't fight, Dynsasty Warriors Sima Yi is a lie
  6. Should Boon and Bane be visible to the player?

    I think at this point, with the online calculator's available, they might as well. Just do the Green font / Red font the way pokemon does.
  7. Opinions on FE1

    FE1 is not worth playing. The clunky interface can be a turn off, but if you stick with it, you'll notice that the borked "do the math yourself" way of establishing battle damage doesn't actually cause that many problems, since player unit growths relative to enemy stats are totally absurd even leaving aside the "set" nature of promotion bonuses. To the game's credit, it doesn't really waste your time and can be played in full in just one weekend. It is kind of ironic to think about it in the context of other NES RPGs, since being as easy as it is, it's kind of an outlier in the world of mandatory grinding / bosses that use full party attacks every turn / limited inventory space. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that it's in the game's marketing (and this website's resources) you would never know that FE1 introduced permadeath to the series, simply because your units are too good to die through most of it. Although FE2 is also problematic, it at least doesn't have that problem...
  8. The people saying QTE's exist in Paper Mario because it is "an spin off of an action franchise" are totally oblivious to similar (or more hands on) systems in other RPGs, such as Shadow Hearts"Covenant, Legend off Dragoon, etc and no, I'm not talking about full on action RPGs. I think that these kind of systems help RPGs, because they are in need of preventing normal random battles feel pointless after a while, and it allows you to have an exciting (underleveled) alternative when going against boss fights. Fire Emblem on the other hand shouldn't need it, because random battles (as seen in FE8 , Awakening, Shadows of Valentia) should be avoided, and enemy density per chapter, even in bandit chapters early on, is a bit too high considering you would need a different animation set to time the QTE's with all the different classes instead of just learning 4-6 or so for your party in an RPG.
  9. Compulsively lie to keep up the impression that everything is okay. I prefer to deal with problems on my own.
  10. RBY - Blue- I like that he has "Greaser" music and unlike some rivals, he actually changes his outfit (twice) as you fight him over the course of the game. Agatha - The most memorable of the Kanto Elite Four. I'm a little biased due to the Special Adventures Manga, but even in the original her brief comment about Professor Oak catches your attention Also there are 50 gravestones in her room, I counted. I leave out Sabrina/Blaine due to only caring for them due to the anime. GSC - Bugsy - I used his sprite for hundreds of hours on smogon servers. Jasmine - The Lighthouse and the delivery mission give her a bit more in-game characterization than most of the other characters. Red - I like how it's simultaneously under-played and over-played (you aren't told that the greatest trainer or your next challenge is in this new area) vs (the music and lack of speech) RSE Maxie - Sapphire version. - I like how the non-villian one acts as voice of reason. Also Archie's sprite is a little ridiculous, so I feel like Maxie makes more sense in the role. Wally - I actually wish he was given more importance, because there is kind of the idea that he is your pupil rather than the more usual rival or even mentor setup. DPP Cynthia - Piano Music. Coloseum Cipher Admin Dakim - Because I find it hilarious that he lampshades "why do people consider themselves defeated over pokemon battles" when he punches the guy on Mt. Battle instead of using Pokemon. Mirror B. - Do the Samba! XD Researcher Chobin - the robo-groudon kind of makes you think why there are no non-pokemon encounters, despite things in side areas/games such as the in the B/W film studio props and Dark Rust in Pokemon Rumble. Especially since they could sell the "anime tie-in" angle when taking into account Team Rocket's random giant robots in the older series.
  11. Rate the video game opening above

    The first image of clouds made me think of Skies of Arcadia. Anyway. I didn't like the opening, because I couldn't get a sense of sense of the depth of field and proportion very well. Like how far away during each little jump / big in comparison the character fighting the monster is, the absurd leap the main cast takes out of the boat, and finally at the cathedral duel sequence, Velvet Crowe brandishes the demonic arm toward the roof at the beginning but is that supposed to be just 5feet (or whatever) above their head or is supposeded to freakishly stretch up to the dome of the catherdal. The opening seems fairly conventional in main character and group organization shots, but doesn't show particularly dynamic shots of them, for some reason most of the non-combat scenes place the characters a bit further back than the middle background. A couple shots hinted at a pretty good setting (the winter town with the crystal things and the boat shots), but for some reason the opening cuts away from them a bit quickly instead of lingering on them for us to take in or wonder about. The opening also seems unsure whether that the game is more about an ensemble cast, or if it's the story of the Velvet Crowe first (the song choice steers you to think that since it doesn't fit anyone else in the opening). The boat sailing away at the end is a good touch and it has unity with the way that the boat was used at the beginning of the opening. I guess I would give it 6 / 10 Soul Eater: Legacy of Kain
  12. Stephen's Sausage Roll - I didn't actually play it in 2016, instead waiting until early 2017. To be fair, maybe I did a little more than just "look" since I had played the previous commercial game by the developer. Anyway, it did live up to my "self induced" hype. I didn't refer to any of the gaming press's opinions to decide that I would love it. Yooka- Lalyee - Obviously I was the target demographic, since I played Banjo Kazooie and Tooie religiously at the time. I ended up liking it less than I thought it did when I bought it, but I still liked it enough to put it in the "love" category when it comes to personal favoritism (definitely not objective quality / how good I think it is when recommending for others though) Hat in Time - See Yooka Laylee Mario Odyssey - See Yooka Laylee minus the second part. Worms WMD - While I still say that Worms Armageddon is the "be-all end all" game in the series online, I'm not going to lie about having fun with the new games. Descent - I knew what an 8 degree of freedom game was via playing a clone series first (Psygnosis's colony wars) but otherwise I knew it would be good (and no one talks about it when retrogaming compared to other things from its era to influence me) Freespace - See Descent Roll Away - I could tell it was a puzzle game, (and I liked the publisher) so I bought it. The Incredible Machine - My only real "visuals only" impulse buy. I mean, how can you see a Rube Goldberg machine and say no? Divinity 2 - I had played the first Divinity:Original Sin however. Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits - At the time I had never heard of the Mr. Driller sub-series, but I saw only what looked like Dig-Dug like gameplay. I went in wanting to love it for bringing me nostalgia for my first ever video game, and then got an actually well designed experience that blows the admitedtly shallow Dig-Dug out of the water. As for games that I've looked at but haven't bought that I know I'll love. I can't really name anything since I pretty much always refer to Richie's opinion or exhaustively wait 4+months for critical consensus before buying the majority of new games, I'm not a 1st day release kind of person.
  13. It's a bad video, but I think the point's about difficulty are justified. My personal experience - I was F2P for 4 weeks. I don't usually play Mobile games (it was like my second ever). I managed to beat all 5 of the squad assaults (at the time) and the 2 GHB (Michalis/Berkut) on infernal during that time period. I uninstalled the game after the Gunthra/new years update because the game's file size became too large for my 2013 Android phone. If I installed the app on a real device, I think I would try to run through the Squad Assaults and the harder double chapter chain challenges with each of the 4 brave hero starters + the rotation heroes + whatever 60 randoms I got from burning the single chapter normal/hard/lunatic story orbs. I think the game plays best when combining limited resources to get through the chain challenges and sqaud assault. My last week (after getting lucky finally via the legendary hero banner) was a little less entertaining for me due to finally having a reliable 5 star team. Deleting RPG save files in general doesn't bother me (for such things as starting nuzlockes or single class/job challenges) so the aspect of "losing progress" doesn't bother me. Being forced to try to complete the best- made part of the game with non-synergistic units seems like a better pay off than the "ultra reliable" situation I was in before uninstalling the game where when say (the Amelia BHB and the developer maps) the new content was trivial to beat practically the first time. also the brain dead complaint applies 5x more to the mainline games than FEH with only 2 of the 15 games as exceptions Anyway I think that most of the complaints about "gambling" or exploitation come from a misunderstanding of the gacha genre, and theoretical concern for other people (eg children) rather than a legitimate problem. It always comes off as affectation, no matter where I read it. People know how to use phones responsibility and the game is very clear that it isn't meant to guarantee you specific heroes.
  14. Top Cecil from FF7 / Vivi from FF9 / Cloud from FF7 Middle Freya from FF9 / Steiner from FF9 / Kuja from FF9 Bottom Galuf from FF5 / Tellah from FF4 / Laguna from FF8