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  1. Most video games I irrevocably associate with their own music. The only thing that comes to mind for me is... Gundam.. I actually love mecha, but I've always hated the main theme and most jingles associated with the Gundam series, and this extends to their video games. Many electronic, house, and industrial soundtrack games would be a huge upgrade - MDK2, Forza Horizon, or Descent would probably be my choice for a straight swap.
  2. Video game music

  3. What games do you suggest?

    4th console gen recommendations Shooters - Gaiares (Mega Drive) Super Aleste (SNES), Thunder Force 3:3rd Strike (SNES)Thunder Force 4 (Mega Drive) Jungle Strike (SNES Or Mega Drive) Wild Guns (SNES) RPGs - Lufia 2 (SNES), Star Control 2 (3DO/open source PC freeware), Ogre Battle:March of the Black Queen(SNES), Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger(SNES), Phantasy Star 4(Mega Drive) Landstalker (Mega Drive), Shinig Force 1-2 (Mega Drive) Strategy - Populus, Mega Lo Mania (SNES or Mega Drive) General Chaos (Mega Drive) Other Notes - There are other versions of Thunder Force on the SNES - don't play them because they have lots of slowdown.. only 3:3rd Strike was designed for the hardware. I kept "shooter" as narrowly defined as possible, but personally I would put Run N Gun and top down shooters in there, because I can play Super Turrican and Smash TV all day. For Strategy games... Most people seem to like Herzog Zwei and Dune 2 on Megadrive, but I appreciate them only for historic signigence… I feel like early Command and Conquers are still fun, but I feel like the Ai just lets you push it around a little too much. I'd just stick to Red Alert 2 and onwards. Herzog Zwei's modern spiritual successor (airmech strike) is kind of enough to get a feel for it although see even that as just a novelty week-month long experience personally. I never really bought into the hype train for the many ARPGs and Zelda-lites (crusader of centy and beyond oasis come to mind).. you probably know about them already. With regards to RPGs, I have a much more mixed feeling than most people. I don't really have much enthusiasm for SquareEnix's other games of this period, or the Qunitet RPGs, or so called hidden gems like Capcom's Breath of Fire stuff and the early "Tales of" games. Chrono Trigger is the only "conventional" RPG I really like from the time period, most of the others are in one way or the other, outside of the box. Shining Force is usually considered a TRPG or SRPG, like Fire Emblem. Ogre Battle SNES is done so as well. I find it kind of a middle ground. Ogre Battle 64 in my personal opinion is not really a SRPG at all, but SNES does make unit upkeep a factor, levels the enemies in each part of the story more reasonably, (OB64 is VERY easy) and is. But I find that management and strategy are still more important out-of-battle than in-battle, you don't really need to position like in the later Tactics Ogre or any hard-defined SRPG.
  4. Hows 2019 treating yall so far?

    Probably the second worst time of my life. Not really public forum stuff. I'm annoyed that things are going wrong while at the same time that I'm being paid more than my previous few job. If I had the option I would live at work, just like when in college I pretty much did everything I could to live at school. I
  5. What game got you into gaming?

    I always say that the first games I played were the 5 on the Namco plug and play. I definitely played Dig-Dug and Bosconion, more than Pac Man, Galaxian, and Rally X though. I think that the game that actually hooked me was Pokémon Red shortly afterwards. King's Quest 1, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, and Spooky Castle on PC come close to the same time-frame though.
  6. My choice is sword, which wasn't in the poll.
  7. Best Overcooked 2 ………. This thing was great in multiplayer, definitely a great showing from the makers of worms. My group liked it so much that we ended up buying Overcooked 1 afterwards just to expand the number of levels. Worst Starlink: Battle for Atlas.... I do appreciate some things... but you just see everything too fast, and much more damning, the combat is pretty much susceptible to circle strafing from beginning to end. Really strangely considering the space theming, space battles are almost entirely de-emphasized (they are also pretty easy anyway)… In the end, I find that the game feels like it's targeted at a age group to young for me, ala skylanders. Anticipated I guess the game I'm beta testing? NDA though.... I'm mostly buying up other late 2017 and 2018 games on PS4 and Switch I didn't play in their first year. Metroid Prime 4 and Yoshi's Crafted sound pretty good though. I will also tentatively look into Puyo Puyo Esports…. mostly to see if the server population of PPT falls below my "acceptable" range, although maybe it could trhow a curveball and include all of the historical alternate rulesets as a bonus to push it higher on my watchlists.
  8. Favorite Horror Icon?

    Vincent Price, even if he's more associated with horror-comedy due to his camp. Really it depends on the director - no one is going say that he isn't evil in Witchfinder General, for instance.
  9. What is your favorite Fire Emblem era?

    My favorite is the Original DS remakes, followed by the 3DS. I dislike the GBA games, and Kaga. Telius I remember fmore for silly commentary that my non-FE playing friend made on it than my own playthrough,. My problem with many eras of fire emblem is that I play all SRPGs, so when it comes to Kaga, I think about shining force and Front Mission, I also don't really think the kaga games are particularly hard, since I played them mostly blind on an untranslated ROM, and still only had to restart like 2 maps. My main problems with them are that FE5 still allows you to do an enemy phase-focused playthrough, and that using the fancy new mechanics instead of only the GBA stuff I'm used to breaks the game or AI, which makes it feel like it's still designed around capture / status staves / steal, etc not being in the game, rather than a testing ground for them. I enjoyed it the most of the Kaga games, but I have far better non-FE options if I want a "Puzzle TRPG" and for that matter better FE options as well. FE4 is a game where even if you want to play it on Player Phase you still have to play it on enemy phase, because enemy groups are practically glued together in slowly moving quares of units and fighting one means stat checking against everyone in the group. Even using Canto or diving in with multiple units in a turn doesn't go all the way to alleviate the problem. The game also probably needs an across the boards 35% nerf to player charather Base HP. It just feels like a grindhouse (in terms of mashing things into each other, not level ups) in terms of being a tactics game, which I really don't like and which later games (esp GBA, POR , and Awakening) don't fully move away from. FE1-3 are also simple tactics wise but FE1 kind of makes up for it by having a brisk pace and stands out as one of the only NES RPGs I can think of where you don't need to level up that much. FE2 is ironicaly the most inline with on-era NES RPGs, but doesn't reward mandatory grinding in terms of the player having fun the way early Dragon Quest does. FE3 would have FE1's brisk pace, but I believe that it wasn't optimized for SNES hardware based on how it performs on a strictly accurate emulator and from what I've seen of other people doing imports … enemy phase turns should not be longer than FE4 despite a smaller number of units.... The Gba games are also kind of have too much of this DNA in them, but go a long way infusing a sense of fun into the game. Shadow Dragon and New Mystery don't stray from being bad tactics games on Normal mode, but the higher difficulties go a long way toward, the "every turn has signifigance" ideal of a puzzle-tactics game > RPG tactics games. The closest in the franchise even. Although SD still kind of allows for certain charathers to turn into enemy phase juggernaughts even on H5 if you don't restrict yourself. Awakening I partly like because it's one of the few times graphics mattered to me … I remember playing okamiden and most of the Nintendo DS remakes on the Original DS and having a negative view of "3D on a handheld" at the time, and Awakening was the first game pretty enough that I started to come around to the idea. Of course, it's normal and hard modes are bad, but it does bring Lunatic+ to the table... something more fun for making mini-tactics puzzles than FE5 and FE10 by a huge margin, although personally I have a the more raw influence of. Fates has Conquest (but even Rev and Birthright) to show a nice progression toward puzzleish SRPGs, but they feel a little too guided for me, although I appreciate that they were consciously made that way instead of being a happy accident like SD and New Mystery. I don't like Shadows of Valentia.
  10. I wish I could really give each game the kind of write up it deserves, but my post would get to the length that the serenes edit button logged me out for spamming and I'd have to do it all in one sitting.
  11. I honestly don't see any reason or precedent for them to "deny" him.. he is mentioned as relevant by press releases and interviews. . Honestly, I see him as not mentioned often in most FE content because... he is kind of periphery to the franchise. FE for Famicom wasn't particularly genre defining as TRPGs existed in Japan and the West already..... Even at the height of his powers on Super Famicom, Mystery of the Embelm and GotW - contrary to their privileged position within the FE sales hierachry -didn't have such dominance compared to their contempary TRPGs.... Shining Force 1 and 2 released earlier, and Squre Enix was already crawling over the genre.. Front Mission came out early 1995 and matched FE4's late 1994 500K sales, as did Front Mission 2 in 1997 2 years later despite releasing at the end of the console generation, , Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle launch a year before and after FE4, respectively, both dwarfing it's influence and sales.. and although most consider it outside the strict scope of the genre It should be considered that X-com released in 1994 as well. If anything, I think it kind of puts his most successful games in context that they were part of a larger 1993-1995 boom period for TRPGs, and that the weaker sales of the following FE games actually follow same behavior at the end of the boom that it's competiers do (eg Front Mission 3, FFTAdvance, etc).
  12. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    I had Sacred Stones in a desk drawer pretty much within a month of it coming out. I don't really know how it got there, as I had never asked for my parents to purchase it or thought about it myself, although I had seen Fire Emblem characters in Melee already. (I don't think I ever read the trophy descriptions though). I played Sacred Stones pretty happily at the time, and intentionally bought Path of Radiance, which I thought was nice but forgettable. Never went back to Fire Emblem until the 3DS Awakening bundle. Awakening Got me really excited about SRPGs, but I put my energy to playing every non-FE SRPG of note for any consoles which took a year or two before I forgot the genre and put it on the backburner. (roughly langrisser to disgaea) .. Formed opinions. Then spent 6 months on my full series marathon... Order was... bizarre... >13>10>11>12>5>4>1>2>3>7>6 … Ended that marathon liking Fire Emblem … a lot less. Then I got into Western Tactics (not strategy or staragy/tactics) games. I feel like I should add "and I haven't looked back" but it's more of a love/hate relationship. I did play Heroes in November/December 2017 while it was still at a small enough file size to run on a weak android phone, but even after I got a new smartphone I never re-downloaded it. Heroes kind of created a dilemia where I personally found it to require more thought (infernals and squad assault come to mind) Of course, I didn't play it as an RPG / progression based game that much since I didn't have the time to do merges and had to make do with my 3-4 star pulls, whom I only ever really promoted like 4 to 5 star, etc. Not full challenge run stuff, but it made it exciting to do them with the semi-limited setup... however calling that my "best experience" with fire emblem is bizarre because I'm aware that it's not how the game is intended to be played (see RPG/progression/merging) I even somehow found time in those 2 months to delete my account and struggle through all the squad assaults (there were only 5 back then) with a different ragtag groups of mostly 4 star units doing so 3 times in all....……… Similiarly with the main series, my favorite content is unbalanced content - FE11 and 12's higher difficulties, and Awakening's L+. They are the only thing besides FEH to make me break down and actualy draw parts of certain levels on graph paper to get through. It kind of puts me in a mixed position on Three Houses, because I'm afraid that it's hardest difficulty will be more in the line of Conquests Lunatic, which I don't get quite the same kick out of.
  13. General JRPG Topic

    Replayed Lufia 2 and Front Mission 1 Lufia 2 - I enjoyed the main story, puzzles were better than I remembered, but the main story's low difficulty was more noticiable than before. Toyed around to do the Ancient Cave with no Blue Chest / Exit gate support. It's pretty easy to say that if it were a standalone game it would be just about anybody's the top 10 rouges - It's a lot harder than the main story, but it does give you a lot of options for how you want to play it, since if you only want to beat it at all you can gradually acculamte the blue chest items and start out with far better resrouces. Overall, Lufia 2 has aged very well for me. Front Mission 1 - The game has 30 missions, but it's only realy a medium-hard game for the first 15 of them. For the first half of the game, it's pretty aggresive about keeping enemies a tech level ahead of you, and you can't match them stat wise until the next city, when they'll go up yet another one.. It applies this to not just bosses, but about 2/3 of the regular grunts, with the Hell's Wall Frost mission being the most infamous. The game also has an economy, but compared to (Ogre Battle SNES) it's pretty trivial, you always have more money than you need, even without farming, and the enemy balance encourages fully upgrading 5-7 core squad members at all times, despite really having enough to do so for 13~ of the 17 charathers. The second half of the game, the difficulty just tanks. I feel like it's a combination of your charathers finally learning abilities, and the % difference between equipment tiers no longer being all that high that it can save the computers from their AI. I will say that it does a better job than expected (Front Mission 3's deployment slot based priority comes to mind), but there really isn't much hassle in seperating enemy groups into chunks and fighting them on your own terms. I would say that among its contemporary SRPGs.. I definitely prefer it to Fire Emblem 4, about 60/40 of its gameplay and map design to Shining Force, but the second half of my playthrough did feel like a bit of a let down.