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  1. Finn Deserves Better

    Reinhardt is kind of a bad boss in Thracia 776... it's more or less like the berserk ashnard design where you can only fight him with certain charathers. Him being too strong works against how hard he is as a boss, since you don't even have an incentive to try using less effective charathers. When you can only even try to fight him under optimal conditions, he is less hard than if there were a potential for using combinations of weaker charathers,etc. 1.Eat magic water with a sage 2. Commit to ORKO on whoever you gave the awareness(nihil) scroll 3. Get the sword from him with Olwen 4.Status Staves 5. Bait him into capturing to half his stats. Trying 1 can actually force 5 to happen since his master sword will usually force his AI to try capturing versus Asvel/Homer anyway. It isn' neccesary to strip people to cheese him or anything. The armors and cav reinforcements are a more interesting threat in the same chapter. the status staves I can live without. As for his story importance as a Camus.... Thracia is not really a chartherization-heavy game... He's built up a little by the Freege geneals, but we don't ever hear his own opinion on fighting for the empire/seperated from Ishtar, and Ishtar doesn't have a scene where she mourns his death or anything afterwards... his devotion may as well have been one sided. Speaking of Freege charathers, both Eyrios and Amalda are more interesting than him flat out. Sais's own status as a descendent of a crusador overshadows Reinhardt in his own chapter, since the boss implies that Saias has a moral imperative because of it (Thrud apparently forgotten after it's earlier use as one of Reinhardt's titles) This is all on top of the Freege arc outstaying it's welcome and monopolizing the game's narrative to the point that Leidrick is almost a "who is he again?" charather by the time you reach C24. So yeah, going by his FE5 merits... I don't really think he qualified as an amazing series reperesantive. Finn is also pretty quiet in FE5, but his appearance in the opening movie and a couple pre-chapter discussion of him from other charathers () help fill him in charatherwise. FE4 Finn barely exists charatherwise in gen1 since he leaves early. He can leave a nice impression beause of his combat performance, but that's about it. Both of his non-lover conversations are practically the same (Cuan giving him weapons). His lover conversations are decent, but not the best the game has to offer, and the way they are implemented is pretty much the worst in the game (GBA support levels of slow, not to mention having less chapter to build up) He has his best charatherization when in C7-C9 of gen 2. His return is a little problematic because if you married him he's using iron lance until you pawnshop something onto him, but if you leave him unmarried he has less charatherization. His personal FE5 Brave Lance would be kind of silly to implement in heroes, since the real benefit of luck +10 in Thracia is 30% miracle activation (which reachs the gamebreaking 90% once Finn's own luck stat grows). And it's extra durability over the other doubling lance (master) is kind of a moot point in Hero's as well. I don't really think Heroes Fin needed a prf weapon or unique skills. I don't like Reinhardt either, but I think it's more a case of Thracia's larger cast deserving better than Finn deserving better.
  2. Which games art style is your favorite?

    Overall : GBA probbably FE7>slightly ahead of FE8 and FE6 UI : Awakening Portraits : Shadow Dragon > slightly ahead of New Mystery (feel a little zoomed out despite same art style) Map sprites: Awakening Battle animations: FE8 For me Awakening has one of the most important artstyles in the series personally, because I never had faith in 3-D graphics on the original DS because they always looked cheap and PSX-N64 level to me. Seeing the opening cutscene and battle animations in Awakening is what made me believe in handheld 3D's ability to be decent (outside of artstyle trumping hardware) That said I don't really like Awakening's portaits, or map sprites that much. I do think my overally favroite would be one of the GBA games due to getting second best in so many categories. They have above average portraits, the map sprites and such are what I will always immediately think of when I think of Fire Emblem, and the batttle animations are fun.
  3. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    The things that come most ot mind are Kino from Kino's Journey and Ed from Cowboy Bepop. Althouugh I guess it was more me correcting other peope about it.
  4. How good are you at Fire Emblem?

    I mean I'll say God tier, but it's like rating skills at Kirby in 50% of cases .... In most genres, I'm not really good at "adaptive strategies" and I rely on massive playtime/memory to reach high skill, but even randomized I don't really bat an eye at an SRPG. I think having experience with a lot of the other games in the genre (FFT, Front Mission, Disgaea, Arc the Lad Trilogy, etc) does help with Fire Emblem, even though Fire Emblem is much more stripped down than most. I prefer to play on the hardest mode to enjoy games the most. It's a big reason why I like Shadow Dragon and New Mystery more than most people seem to. I play all the emulated games with Fast Forward on the whole time, because I really don't have things to worry about.
  5. I've played Pokemon since gen 1. I used to really love the RPGs, but I quit in 4th generation when I discovered smogon, where I switched pretty much entirely to simulator play. I will say that I aggree that the Battle Tower / Battle Frontier / Battle Subway, are terrible for casual play from what I can tell, it really asks for turtling through with like a sub/calm mind + exploder + 1 random sub-legendary that isn't banned - Those are the only kind of teams I see people recomend for people who don't set up their natures and EVs, and that degree of "luck mitigation" is not fun. Having no natures or EVs would make speed ties much more common. This is especially so since most pokemon don't have distinct numbers for their speed, but cluster around numbers like 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 There are easily more Speed 90 pokemon than speed 91-99. Always having to put up with dice/roll chances of being faster would be annoying. The availability issue of properly Natured/IVd pokemon is real, but I think it's better to just join a serebi/smogon/bulbabedia clan and request them through the players who *like* to breed and clans usually will accept art or being a main tournament battler or whatever in return. I did this in Pearl, but afterwards I didn't need to due to the simulator beign more convenient. I think the ingame RPG trainers having illegal movesets isn't too much of an issue (Lance, Ghetsis, etc) ... the in-game trainers G/S Lance can even be beat down by like a Level 35 Poliwhirl with ice punch practically fresh from using good rod in the water east of Mahongany Town. I feel like their illegality usually doesn't actually make them harder. Mega Evolution and Z-Moves - I really didn't like Mega-Evollution when I first played gen 6, but I eventually got used to it. I still wish it was more interesting (mega evolution's with differnt types than original) instead of most Mega-Evolutions just being bigger beaters of the original. Z-moves have this once for battle restriction because they are clearly desined solely for 6v6 play. I don't think they translate as well to the RPG. Techincally the un-nerfed gen 5 type gems (dragon gem, flying gem, etc) had the same 1.5x multiplier they did, just without the ability to choose not to use it until needed (and being annoying in the RPG rather than simulator due to disappaering). I think the 5th UI option is a little out of place, but otherwise I can understand them. I think the way they encourage wallbreaking on neutral attacks is slightly unhealthy and they are obviously overkill when fighting a type you already have advantage against, but they definately aren't hard to find applications for. Probbably because the RPG trainers don't use switching, it isn't usually neccesary to want type netural wallbreaking moves. The Z-move dance animation does seem like a bizarre appeal to like Mazinger-Z or Super Sentai... even with a focus on a Japanese demographic, I think Sun and Moon is using weirdly old (not to mention tonally different) source material. I usually play with the animations on simulator, but I can see why they'd be annoying, to someone who likes the regualr attack anims. I know people who practically went full World Trade after a while, so I agree that a new pokemon game with only it's own region's pokemon in-game is actually possible. I think it could kind of re-kindle a kind of uncharted territory angle to the battle system, since returning players won't have an armful of pokemon they know are reliable from before. I wasn't a fan of pre-box trading XY OU though, so I think competetively, It would annoy me if a region locked generation extended to trading as well.
  6. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Absoultely anyone can beat both Judgral games in a week and a half, maximum, and on their first blind runs. Thracia 776 can be played with the same big enemy phase oriented gameplay from the GBA games up to about chapter 16 due to awful enemy stats at that part of the game. The Freege arc in Thracia takes up too much time, un-doing the dramatic build up of Leidric. It's similiar to PoR's focusing on the Black Knight in favor of Ashnard. Olwen cripples the pace the player plays at unless you commit one of the 2 angelic robes to her. Except for 24, 24x, and 25, Mounted units are still pretty safe and have enough statlines for use in all indoor maps despite the weapon rank problem. Dismounting on outdoor maps can actually be useful. Leaf is a good combat unit, and reasonably tanky as well. Without scroll modifiers. Judgral Seizure Magic Animations are the worst in the series. Fatigue buildup is too generous for (non staff) units.
  7. Fun Anime Recommendations?

    The 2003 Kino's Journey. 13 episodes. The 2010 Sound of The Sky. 12 episodes. Live action - The 2000 Tenth Kingdom Miniseries - 7 hours. Kino's Journey - I mean you could argue that their are underlying themes going on that require "paying attention" but honestly, since the episdoes are episodic, you can enjoy the series in a very light way if you want to. It also feels like a slower, more reflective show, even though it doesn't have many episdoes. Sound of the Sky - you shouldn't have to pay much attention to things, the big stuff is basically highlighted for you. Has a more upbeat and comedic side than Kino's Journey. Does have some serious moments, but is kind of slice of life overall. Tenth Kingdom - This would be like 14 - 30 minute episodes, although I think most people watch it as a movie in one go instead of the original format, which cut it into 5 episodes. You can totally still enjoy it, since the divisions are pretty obvious (they travel in each location about minutes) - It's the funniest of these by far, and the fairy tale aspect makes it easy to follow it's setting compared to Kino/Sound - Can feel goofy and teenager oriented at times, but in a good way.
  8. Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 Shiren the Wanderer 2 Nippon Daihou Soccer RPG Derby Stallion 64 Derby Stalion EX Dragon Force games Robopon 64 Front Mission Games Segagaga I feel like there was a trilogy I wanted compleed, but I can't remember it right now.
  9. I'll believe absolutely anything. except Marth
  10. publishing order for sure. I think even if chronological, it should be done chronological except magican's nephew. That one's gottta be pushed after (even immediately after) Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  11. 1 AI for the computer team, instead of controlling their movement through decision tree tags 2 two way Attacks of Oppurtuniy, zone of control, other stuff that should have been standard by 1988 3 No Player units that can tank 3+ enemies in one Enemy Phase, ever. 4 Less linear battle calculation system (especially speed) 5 AP sysstem instead of Full team phases
  12. FE3 and FE5 are the most influential in terms of what mechanics and map design(in former) were used in the series onwards. FE4's internal influence on the series was relatively minor by comparison. FE3 sold better than in Japan than FE4/FE5, which succesively sold less (granted that the FE4 was a month before the JP N64 launch and FE5 was comiccally late into the console's lifecycle ) Critical Reception ≠ Level of influence : Especially when this is mosty within it's own fanbase.
  13. How big should an FE roster be?

    I guess we could just go by the large map / endgame team size limit. It's usually 14-18. The number of charathers should be exactly 3 times that amount, for a total from around 42. This is enough for large enough scale replayability without making charerziation and writing too messy. Larger casts are dependent on a wildly different gameplay than (normal mode) provides, eg FE1/3/6 only really justify their casts if you are actually intended to lose units due to the game balancing enemies closer to player level. As it stands, I only really think FE6 HM, FE11 H3+ , and FE12 NM really justify cast bloat. While the other hard games are not total cast size dependent or are precisely difficult because of cast size limitations or (recruiting the bulk of the charathers only after the mid-way point).
  14. Ronnie's Art Portfolio (Now Accepting Requests!)

    I would like to see you try to draw the child Conradin, from the famous short story, Sredni Vashtar. Only two poses really cme to mind, but they're both really dependent on capturing the emotional mood. Conradin in profile as a sickly child with lesss than 5 years to live if the adults can do anything about it, might be an easier mood to capture.