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  1. Favorite Rendition of the Fire Emblem Theme?

    I really like FE8. It was my first FE, but I think it's music has a hold over me that the rest of it doesn't; It gives you some "extra' to the theme without beating you over the head with practically more "extra" than the core theme itself. FE5 is great because it's mostly the theme in standard but I like how it handles the final section compared to others Everything else is fine, mostly judge whether they feel to me like their own thing or 'short" versions of 8 (not to be unfair to the other GBA games, but that is the order I played them) The only ones I don't like are FE9, 10 , and Brawl... they're over-orchestrated and clearly use more instruments than they needed to. My personal preference goes 8>5>11/ 12 (it's reused)>3 >4>7>6>1> 9>10
  2. Explain your avatar

    My online presence is meant to be more "in-game" than forum. In terms of a ready lobby for an RTS "Reality has entered the room" appearing in text is a simple lead in to any number of jokes. The Sinistar as an avatar captures the "big, sudden entrance" aesthetic since that is what it does in its own game. Reality as a concept also used to deeply disturb me in high school and my early college years because I kind of fell into a quantam philosophy school of thought and had a sense that it was making me unhappy, but I couldn't get over on my own until I had done lots of reading. I use the Sinistar avatar and username Reality consistently on most entertainment websites. My former name on most websites was n64lord, which came with either the simple n64 logo as avatar or(later) boxart of Space Station Silicon Valley. Nowadays...I'm even more of a "collector" but I have retired the name and only have two legacy accounts (mafiascum and smogon) that use it. On business and academic websites, I use a photo of myself at age 5? getting in a display vehicle that the city police put up at the state fair. For now I find it funny to have a full head of blonde hair, but maybe I will change my mind after I've lived a more years with my forward bald receding hairline. Or being asked if it's a photo of a son or grandson.
  3. Video game music

  4. Why you like your favorite title in one sentence.

    Roller coaster Tycoon 1: A game that is all about challenging your creativity by teasing you with a few well built rides to start with or a fancy landscape even when making money or guests in park are the stated goals, out-designing Chris Sawyer is the real challenge of every level.
  5. Video game music

  6. Sixth console generation 3D platformers Ape Escape 3: Maybe it lost a little compared to the ps1 games (levels are less vertical, somewhat less bombastic comedy) but it's still a really solid game. Takes a few levels too many to ramp the difficulty up, but I really enjoy it. Vexx (gamecube has less slowdown than ps2 but I never tested). Somewhat weird "collectathon" style platformer... Best feature is REALLY extensive movement and movement combos of your different flips and rolls. Has really huge level sizes, sometimes moreso than even Mario Sunshine. Includes a few areas that are as "abstract" as the secret zones of Sunshine. Dr. Muto - I just personally really love the music of this game. Weaker platforming, but has a good deal of humor. Large variety of minigames and sub-controls with the different gadgets/monsters. Rayman 3 - I don't like it as much as Rayman2, and it kind of has a "flawed" attempt at replay value - the scoring/combo system that isn't really interesting enough to actually try for unlike something more direct (eg Yoshi's Island). The game does have a lot of personality and humor. Has a number of combat section with simple lock on combat schlock, but not hurt by this too much because of the humor of the enemy body/language expression making up for their simplicity. Has a couple really standout moments like an level where the entire thing is a mirrored surface. Tak 2 the most linear and focused Tak game. Also thankfully harder than the too-easy Tak 1. I think of it as "rayman2 esque,compared to Mario-esque in its level design.. Has a surprisingly large amount of levels (probably more than Jak/Ratchet tbh) It does mix in long and very short levels, but it works out In my opinion. Tak 3 has too much combat, stop here. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - Sometimes called a sega version of Glover. It has a mix of good levels and boring levels. It's a physics heavy game where controlling a giant egg is the focus of the game since your charather can't jump nearly as high without it, can't attack when separated, etc, etc. I actually feel like it's less "clever" than Glover, but it mixes in a lot of traditional platforming to supplement the unique oppurtinities that the egg provides (leaving it on a marble chute track and racing it, tossing it like a ball into things, riding on top of it to cross things you can't cross on foot, etc) Tokobot Plus - I tried it out because I swear I saw it every used game store's ps2 section. It's a cute puzzle platform that is mostly based on a "ladder" mechanic where the number of tokobots you have with you vs forced splitting them is the main mechanic. Kind of short and has some annoying shit thiugh. 6th console generation non-platform games with heavy platform elements. MDK2 - Third person shooter with extreme arcade focus. Has platforming to make you incorporate the "retractable" parachute. The other 2 playable charathers have "shorter" stages but still have a degree of platforming... mostly because of having very harsh fall damage and level design forcing you to take on thin platforms in high spaces. Marble Blast Ultra / Super Monkey Ball / Mercury Meltdown - Yeah puzzle games, but all well made, based on physics, and where the biggest danger is falling out of the level. Marble Blast even has a dedicated jump mechanic and by far the most vertical stages of the three. Ape Escape Pumped and Primed - A "party" game of sorts.. but the majority of stages are scrolling (still 3D though) stages with the full arsenal of Ape Escape mainline game mechanics given to all players. I think it works pretty well, and Rayman Arena - a racing game, but with the rayman 2 mechanics and an all "on-foot" cast. Heavy use of slides and the rayman 2 grapple. I have a soft spot for this and I liked it even in singleplayer. The stages also encourage platforming during the race with most shortcuts hidden in vertical areas or having hazards around them. I could go all day about 5th generation or give 6th gen dishonorable mentions (scaler/voodoo vince/sphinx:enter the mummy) but
  7. Robo (Chrono Trigger) Graham of Daventry (King's Quest 1) Bowser (Mario Party) Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) Grunty Winkybunion (Banjo Kazooie) Banjo (Banjo Kazooie) Rayman (Rayman 2) Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country 2) Yoshi (Yoshi's Island) Dr. Fluke Hawkins (MDK2) Boupha (Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese) Generics Rogues (Majesty:The Fantasy Kingdom Sim) Female Burly 1 PC (Wizardry 8) Ring Members of Humakt (King of Dragon Pass) Osean Fleet (Ace Combat 5) Soul Man (Worms Armageddon)
  8. A Rareware smasbros game. Not Rareware chars in Nintendo's smashbros. An All rareware crossover fighting game. A legend of Zelda game with "competing" parties in the style of Wiz 7 (hard to explain) Burning Rangers 2 A fighting game RPG with the gimmick of realtime with pause macros to counter enemies who would in turn fight with macros themselves. A Fire Emblem game that included back most of Pool of Radiance's combat mechanics Or better yet Knights of the Chalice with all skirmishes and no overworld RPG timewasting.
  9. Dota - League of Legends - I have spent lots of time in some F2P games, but these I never got into because they never really caught my attention. Counter Strike - Nothing against it, but Insurgency and nowadays Insugency Sandstorm fill up 100% of the time I would invest in them Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell sub-series (I've played some of the main series games?) Europalis Universalis Crusader Kings Total War Football Manager Neverwinter Nights Icewind Dale / Planescape Torment Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The Elder Scroll Witcher Other than the PC I haven't let console or genre boundaries really stop me from getting first person experience of the most talked about games of every generation. I feel the strategy games the most because my friend's list seems made up 90% of these people. But it's so hard to keep on top of the strategy series I do play already >< The PC centric RPGs are intentionally avoided because I think they don't appeal to me from the few that I did play. I personally think that the best period of CRPGs is way earlier than most people Betrayal at Kondor/Ultima Underworld/Wizardry 6 >>> Fallout, Baldur's Gate. Charather progression development/combat > story every day. Tom Clancy - Swat 4 exists
  10. I hate to go into my stock JRPG rant - there was just that moment when my love relationship turned into love-hate after Skies of Arcadia, where I came up with a shopping between dungeons/towns formula that fits pretty much 90% of Squeenix RPGs and a good deal of others. Games that I especially recognized as being mechanilly interesting if their battle system did everything it promised it would if it only stopped the path of least resistance masher party first of all. include: Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 6, Dragon Quest 8, Persona 5, Earthbound, Tales of Symphonia, Golden Sun 1, Final Fantasy 5 - I don't replay my "old" JRPGs because I'm pretty they would be also vulnerable to the new mindset. Shin Megami Tensei 4 - I've come down to think about it and I think the fixed HP per level instead of a VIT stat is what really lets you super power the main charather… Leveling up INT or Dex(for physical builds) is a lot easier when everything is a dump stat. 4's "hard random encounters but easy bosses, vs 4A's easy random encouters, hard bosses" is hard to decide on. Gucamalee - something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Thinking back it was pretty good in a lot of ways.. Either the game was too hipsterish, I kept wondering if dividing the brawler from the platformer would make a better game, or I got disappointed that the insane mode playthrough was no harder than playthrough 1. Unruly Heroes - excited to see a game use the Ubiart "Rayman" art engine. But don't really like it as a brawlwer with light platforming... . main problem is that hitstun is kind of hard to get feedback on and promotes really lazy long range punching. Secret of Mana - the SNES Classic made me realize that I prefer the GB Final Fantasy Legend (Seiken 1) over it's famous sequel. I would say that the game pausing during both enemy/player magic and the need to either cheese or grind for bosses compared to the GB made me feel the game took longer than it needed to. Also a SNES game with good music atmosphere is NICE, but it isn't a unique accomplishment compared to a GB game with these, which is like 1 in 100. Poxnora - some F2P game that I picked up to review for a friend (neither of us knowning the servers were shutting down lol). Kind of like a smaller scale Master of Magic - instead of 4x world screen it's all smaller scale 26x26 battles. Suffers from horrendous overcomplication of having pretty much every faction have it's own status effects and damage types etc, but I think it did too much to reach the fun of MoM or Heroes of Might and Magic "everything school is broken, go In the direction you want". Instead Poxnora seemed to boil down into using your offensive strategy before the other player used his. without even really paying attention to counteract them. Evil Genius - I wanted Majesty, but in a different setting. However, despite also having autonomy, it's not really the same kind of game at all. You babysit or you die, and the earlygame scaling makes sure you stay on the hotseat. Sad the gameplay didn't live up to the AAA presentation and humor the game had. Hitman 2 and Hitman Blood Money- Very fun to watch at AGDQ, but I didn't really enjoy playing them myself. I like the idea of how freeform it is, but Dishonored or Dark Messiah scratch that itch for me at lot more. Star link : Battle for Atlas - Game is too susceptible to Circle Strafing . It comes very close to avoiding the "for kids" trap, but sadly, once you realize enemy patterns, it becomes too easy, too quickly.
  11. Video game music

  12. I think the dev process of Wesnoth is fast in most areas is pretty fast tbh. Art is just separate from the rest of the game because it's kind of a cult of personality. I have vivid memories of reading this List of things that the Wesnoth art director recommended that other Open Source game developers do to grow their project.
  13. I don't really like the drama of brining up the random numbers in Wesnoth. Personally I don't really see it as a TRPG at all. I do think that eg. the steam trailer goes out of its way to present it as one for the sake of marketing, but it's wrong to do so. I don't really like user mods or the new "official" RNG-reduction modes since they try to make you play a different game(genre) without understanding what Wesntoh is or really offers. As for Wesnoth's built in campaigns. I do feel like a lot of them are geared toward recalling units and are more RPG-ish in that way, although imho I prefer to play most of them with lvl 1 recruits on every level except the (always explicit) final map. Some of them like Northern Rebirth even seem designed to be that they are balanced around you earning enough bonus gold in the previous mission. I gotta say good luck if you really want to play through all the mainline campaigns, since I guess they give you a nice cross section between different developers wanting it to be "more" of a strategy game or "more" of a rpg. That said I think that they're of extremely uneven quality. I can't think of any standout maps for being really boring until Legend of Wesmere and the 12th map of Hamer of Thurgasan.
  14. I don't really like games being in tournaments on their first release / year because I don't find the play as engaging as a spectator when there is game isn't developed. But I guess that ship sailed years ago. I understand their is an appeal to watching pros in the process of figuring things out , but it isn't for me. I would rather see the same people in the same game a few months from now and I feel they will do things with more preparation and intensity that they will in any early release tournament.
  15. Video game music