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  1. Anti-Glimmer Movement

    +1 Hipsters be damned! LaD + Desperation + Moonbow and Fury+Desperation + Moonbow for everyone regardless of unit type forever!
  2. Video game music
  3. What movie are you watching right now?

    Re-watched star wars 8 : The Last Jedi, with my sister. The movie does it comedic scenes better than I had remembered. My sister pointed out how this movie has more characters "stalled by inaction" than even Hamlet which is pretty impossible to unsee. My sister didn't think Finn and Rose had much chemistry due to the script, since Rose essentially has the high ground every time they speak together and Finn is more or less a reactionary character in this movie instead of an active one. The Villians still didn't work for me on this rewatch, although my sister was fine with everyone but Kylo Ren. Captain Phasma sticks out to me in particular as merchandise bait (no personality to speak of as "Finn's rival" sold on a vague visual reference to Boba Fett, less than 5 minutes of screentime). I kind of also feel the generational thing with this movie's many fight scenes... Lucas's star wars certainly isn't a martial art tour-de-foruce, but in this higher production effort it usually ran into A: action was for its own sake and had no charather points (imperial guard fight, Finn v Phasma) or B: they could taunt appeal to each other during the fights, but due to higher effort had to ti in tired/grunting voices (brief Rey v Luke, Rey v Kylo). Oh and the space bombers at the beginning were unimaginably un-cinematic, especially after Rogue One. Personally I think the scene where Admiral Holdo suicide bombs Snoke's flagship harms pretty much all space combat in the series (It is good emotionally and as a charather moment) because if we're going to allow for Relativistic Kill Vehiciles, then things like the death star were pointless in the first place, and every "large size ship" was an open target to X-Wing sized crafts (presumably on auto) using themselves as far stronger projectiles than their torpodeos. And even if kinetic impact is weaker in this universe .... it's not like the factions throughout its history have had a shortage of capital ships in movies 1-6. I mean the "science" of the ship breaking up is also softened for the sake of character survival, which I think most people use to explain why it's never used in the SW universe, but it bothers me. The "salt planet" at the end is like having a cake and eating it too, because visually they are having an Ice planet siege, apparently to trigger people claiming its copying the second OG movie, but at the same time they're claiming its different. I can only imagine that movie 9 will somehow squeeze in a fake forest planet but claim it's not a forest (petrified trees? Giant Mushroom groves?). Despite the message of this movie, let's face it, just as many people would have cheered if Finn had succesfully sacrficied himself. Taking my sister was helpful, since we riffed on most of the movie, even though she hadn't seen it before. The audience in the outdoor theater was small, but amazingly appreciate, even of Kylo Ren's brief "good guy" scene.
  4. FE5 - Glade is the main standout - I wasn't intentionally using him because of the CCYL 1 or anything. I just liked his recruitment chapter, and it was nice to have a promoted cavalier after all the shitty ones (other than Fin) that you get to that point. I understand he's a little redudnant, but... I had him silver tan in his recruitment chapter instead of the presumably more common "strip tank" and idk it seemed lie he could hold out the whole time pretty consistently. Later he played a super crucial role in C22 blocking the bridge with the horse slayer armors on by dismounting and face tanking. Ralph - is the secondary unexpected hero - I was using both Halvan and Othin, but I still decided to field Ralph Maybe this is why I always pick the devil's advocate options in those unit diversity polls. Honestly he seemed to mash up ordinary units up through endgame, although I kept him away from Master Lance/Axe users, and he didn't quite rate a slot in final. FE8 - Garcia - at the time I played the 2006 min-max threads had more sway than the drafting/ltc threads, so in retrospect shouldn't have been surprising. Dozla - Killed the final boss on my first blind play through other shenangians. Granted that Garm's Speed Bonus is probbably the best of the legendary weapons. FE9 - Tanith - She is a normally good pre-promote, but I had a really, really, beastly one. Taureno - From my 3 general playthrough - Yes he is supposed to be a unit with "unscrewable stats" due to his late recruitment, but after proccing resolve, he did the most impressive thing in the game, convincing the AI to refuse to attack him when no other player units were in range. FE13 - Kellam most kills first solo playthrough forever defines my opinion on this game This thread makes me feel bad for using the optimal parties in most games and not .
  5. Favorite Fire Emblem Weapon

    Silver Lance. early game is always my favorite part of every game, very iconic.
  6. RNG Manipulation Mechanic

    Leaning toward no. I think that RNG manipulation can go too far (the Etrian Oddessey speedruns or NES-SNES RPGs with total game step counts come to mind) For "User interface friendly manipulation" there is the example of Wesnoth, which is extremely controversial for allowing people to turn back turns at any time and get different combat luck. I think for many new Wesnoth players (especially looking at reviews) the option to try to do this makes it seem like a Necccesry option for winning granted that official campaign guides on the forums suggesting horseman heavy strategeyies don't help either.
  7. Honestly, I think you are just being paranoid (probbably due to your inexperience as you say). A properly sent out Spec Script is generally safe in the vast majority of cases. If you are really concerned, you can go to any library and look for the writer's market (reference book... no checking out) .. pretty much any edition from the last 10 years will have a copious "getting started" section, which should tell you what you need to know in more detail than you even truly need
  8. A Bomberman game for 2+ players?

    Bomberman Generations and Bomberman Jetters are actualy my most played Bomberman games... it was mostly due to availabilitiy. They have some quirks with power up frequency which makes their MP maps a little wacky compared to playing SNES bomberman on Virtual Console or whatever, but I found them lots of fun in Multiplayer anyway I also like the experimenatal singleplayer with non-classic gameplay. I would argue that Bomberman 64 should be avoided, since although it's certiainly capable of growing on you if it was your first game, it's not really a proper game due to the circular explosions in favor of cross explosions I do like that it's maps have different sudden deaths (flooding, meteors, etc) instead of just having the wall crush you, and it has the most fun poision powerups for people who want the most random MP experience. I think it's counterblanced a little by the grab mechanics (especially on other players) creating a skill gap biased toward the older player (both playing with siblings and later playing with people invited to college dorm room) Bomberman 93 / Bomerman 94 , Super Bomberman, and Saturn Bomberman are the games that are generally considered the best. Super Bomberman is probbably my absolute favorite personally. Saturn Bomberman is usually touted as the best in the franchsie, but I guess I just didn't have as much of a multiplayer group while playing it than the others I can't comment on the Nintendo DS / PSP bomerman games. I've been meaning to try out Bomberman Dreamcast for a while, but I'm not happy with the framerate of Dreamcast Emulation yet.
  9. My thinking is that charathers can have an importance to "smash" that outeweighs their franchise history. Much like decisions for Dynasty Warrior Rosters...
  10. Worst: Sigurd and Seliph They are "effective" as units, but that very effectiveness deforms the gameplay, and hurts the amount of strategy that players are able to use in GotW. Sigurd is more noticable since Prologue>C2 don't even have magic enemies and only a single horseslayer on the C2 boss, and even C3-C5 starting to mix a few in doesn't slow him down. Seliph starts out a little fragile in C6, but by late C7 or early C8 he should be near the level of his father. In some ways he is worse for gameplay and tactics, because this time the game encourages you to use him because of the mages... He is one of the few units with decent resistance, and between throne bosses with ridiculous counterattacks and mage attack groups (who like every attack group in the game , will all overlap in range if you attack even one of them) Having the resistanace stat to survive the enemy phase is obviously the expected kind of gameplay. This kind of game play is much more reactive than proactive, and kind of distills fire emblem too much toward "use counters" ... especially when one counter applies to so much... Best : Leif and FE11-12 Marth I mean logically I should like a "weak" lord as it's the opposite of the lords I dislike. I feel that Leif and Marth have preference because their games don't use the standard 5-6 infantry movement, which means that blocking them off is more meaniingful and in the course of using them for objectives, and you don't have to rescue drop as much, which while fun, is a lot of extra menus over a playthrough. DS marth only wants to see combat early on or where he can use his Rapier, BUT is upgraded to having convoy abilities, similiar to FE8-10 lords in return for losing his degenerate FE1 FE3 combat god status, and the command is more fun and applicable to use in a harder game. Especially in FE12, he gets a part to play in somewhat puzzle-ish scnearios where you combine the offense of most of the deployed charathers to barely combine to clear out areas on Player Phase, because allowing Enemy Phase combat to happen is for once, punishable. Leif is a little at the mercy of the Single RN early on, but once he builds HP after the first 4~ chapters he'll have a relatively stable amount of bulk - 3-4 enemy hits or 1 ballista hit between heals. Having both rapiers and magic weapons early on is very flexible and in late maps, you are once again encouraged to keep him out of combat because of enemies with skill prots and master weapons are somewhat beyond him, which gives the player something to do. Leif also, except for C19, is beyond the whimsies of the deployment system, usually being one of the furthest forward units in every map.
  11. I mean the thing that comes to mind is taking Wrath off of Edward, since Micaih can just use Sacrifice instead of relying on enemy damage to get in range to activate it, and since Thani is magical it's usually more powerful on a critical hit than most of the early DB members.
  12. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    The thing about my video game purchases... I spend the vast majority of my time with older consoles, so I rarely have to spend much for most games expect RPGs, which are always price gouged . Some games have fairly cheap official emulator ports on consoles or in the case of PC, GoG... With Modern day stufff, I mostly purchase Platformers, Puzzle Games, and the occasional FPS (the latter usually only once per 5~ years due to me being able to stay in a single game's community for long time). Sales are good I'm always gobbling up classics so I have a kind of psedo backlog ontop of my "set" backlog, and it helps me to decide what to move up ahead. I'm perfectly willing to buy things at release price, but A: I take a long time to decide something is worth buying quality wise, and B: Although the difference between a release game and a game on sale isn't REALLY a big deal in the scope of my entertainment budget, the sales do help with my indecisveness caused by te volume of games that I consider playing it's easier to remember to think about a game or read up about it during a sale. I think that video game reviews get a worse rap than they deserve. Personally, I treat most of them as "previews" and not actual reviews, and this helps me see past ther somewhat less detailed analysis. I usually decide to buy game's basesd on the reputation of Full-on collectors (eg Richie), and I'm not really attuned to suggestions from most mass-media or from my friends. I don't personally believe in spoilers because as I'm concerned, experining a story through a medium is fundamentally different and adds several layers of dimensions to it that a text only experience (even to the point of academia or wikis) cannot hurt.... Videos I avoid for puzzle games however. I try to fufill things on my back log before buying anything. I finish a pretty large amount of games every year, and it seems wasteful to have games purchased while unable to complete what I already have on hand. I tend to make exceptions for Very High Quality puzzle games, and for Medium to High Platformers, which can be played wihtout interfering too much with the backlog and are immediately enjoyable to me, with no real "slow burn" kind of quality. Pre-ordering - No. Special Editions - No. Same game multiple times - I've done it a few times, might continue to do so. generall it's because of low-expense 3-4th gen ports or indie games. DLC - As far as I'm concerned DLC should come in the form of expansion packs that technically have similiar amount of volume to the original AND have difficulty mostly alligned on the assumption that you've played/mastered the original. Age of Empires 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Star Craft are the best examples/ I did pay some DLC for contraption Maker in recent memory though. I tend not to get RPG DLC even if it does fit the critea of being both content and late-game oriented.
  13. Various cartridge n64 tilting things... mostly pixel vomit, but in some cases (Vigilante 8 and Yoshi's Story) it did things to the audio which sounded like... more than static. Negative -1.000.000 free block memory paks ... a sadly common experience. These were not done on purpose since I try to take care of my n64, but it's easy to acciidently shake it up during gameplay. Loading deleted save files in Mario Tennis 64 and Space Station Silicon Valley.... Honestly I have no explanation of this to this day. Forcing Diddy Kong Racing to show the "Wrong Way" sign whle driving the right way, forever. Top Hunter Ruth and Cathy: While doing co-op my borther swapped planes right before the cage-fight miniboss in the last normal stage. He could not plane swap back in-bounds. When the timer ran out, it killed him as intended, but we couldn't keep going because his charather never despawned after death, instead existing in a state of hitstun permeantly, so we had to start the game over entirely. A very cursed (pre-internet) Pokemon Gold cartridge... from what I can tell, I got one of the more dangerous bad eggs from the day care, and although I put it and (my transformed party pokemon) into a PC box, it seemed to sporadically spread to anything else in that specific box. Using Pokemon Stadium 2' allowed the pokemon to be extracted, albeit as different specieis with illegal movesets. Majesty:Fantasy Kingdom Sim - 0 HP heroes, unremovable gravestones, heroes cloing, 5 heroes occupying a 4 hero guild, monster spawning on the edge of map and being pinned by rees, caravan spawning on edge of map in Trading Routes and being pinned by trees, Heroes trying to get to a pinned monstner and NEVER giving up their futile attempts to path to him. Monaco:What's Yours is Mine - Rubberbanding due to heavy ping on a scale difficult to describe.... Peple can warp from one side of levels to the other, guards can attack multiple times per frame, and the physical properties of walls break down, allowing people to phase through them and permenatly trap themselves when the lag goes back to normal. Having North American, European, and Asian players in the same lobby is FINE Contraption Maker: Minor Physics gone wrong moments... usually related to ropes. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - It's well known that the car-spawning system acts up when you go to deserted areas like the woods... but in my game the plane-spawning system has also been out to get me. Once it spawned one of the Boeing commerical airplanes (the AT-400) AT STREET LEVEL. Needless to say... pretty much everything within a 1 block radius exploded.
  14. Puyo Puyo Tetris - When I first got into Puyo Puyo, it was actually for the cheesy comedic story sketches, and PPT is one of the best in the series for that. Gameplaywise, it contains the classic Puyo Puyo Tsu ruleset, and the titular variant ruleset. The former can be played either against online or for score attack for dozens of hours without getting old, and the latter, while not quite as good, still puts many other matching-puzzle games to shame in its own right.