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  1. Fire Emblem 7 - 80 HP Hack

    Hey, guys. I've been working on a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 7, making various adjustments (about which I may update from time to time) similar to the fashion of FE 8 Master Mode, and one of them is the overall HP cap being raised to 80, like in FE 4. Now, I've gone into the hex, and went to the following offsets and changed 3C(60) to 50(80): 017C7C, 029996, 0299AC. As for raising the HP cap, this worked perfectly! However, in testing I've run into a number of issues about which I'll elaborate in the order they occurred. I went to turn three. The battle window said Hector would double the General and that the General had a 28% chance of hitting. Hector attacks, and does damage just fine. The General retaliates, and surprisingly hits. But then the General attacked again, and hit again. I burned RN several times, and every time the General would hit and double. As for enemy phase, it played like it normally would just fine. I restarted, went to turn three (this oddity did not occur on turn two, and Hector could not reach the General on turn one), attacked again, and it still happened. I continued to try this on multiple different turns after two, and wound up with the same result. And then, to top it all off, the General landed a critical hit, despite having a 0% crit rate. Basically, what I'm hoping for is that I just did it slightly incorrect, and somebody could set me back on track. Thanks, everyone!
  2. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Why did that send twice....
  3. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Who's ever heard of a sentient swo- Oh wait, Skyward Sword exists
  4. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Who's ever heard of a sentient swo- Oh wait, Skyward Sword exists
  5. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Game Theory: Is the FALCHION MISOGYNIST????
  6. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Trust me, I've played FE 12; it's my favourite by miles. But I've simply never gotten around to the bonus missions.
  7. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    There might also be more that I'm missing about the stuff between Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, cause I've yet to play the Archanea Saga, and I REALLY need to.
  8. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    He'd need a body to even be able to give it to Hardin though, wouldn't he?
  9. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    But in the end, it never even mattered, since Grima just freaking awakened himself, because who cares about a plot that makes sense.
  10. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

  11. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Not to go off subject, but why can't all languages be like this???? I feel really bad for nb people who speak French, cause there's no neutral pronouns at all. Okay, but back to FE. I still don't get the name changes with the continent.
  12. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Chrom's also kinda not very smart, as we all know.
  13. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    Oh shoot, you're right, cause Marth says he doesn't recognize her. However, the point of multiple Falchions still stands.
  14. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    On the subject of the Falchion, I just remembered that there do exist multiple Falchions. Nagi provides Marth with a less powerful one. So presumably that's one of her fangs? She could have made another, but constructing it differently, for the one in Awakening.
  15. Archanea vs Awakening Continuity

    To note something that's actually against the point I was originally arguing: Naga Naga ends his existence after he puts Tiki to sleep. But we see Naga in Awakening as a female. The only logical explanation I can think of is that Nagi takes Naga's place. Medeus does refer to her as Naga's reincarnation.