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  1. I'm going to be honest- I'm mildly bothered that the seasonals are sorted by continent of appearance on the Meet the Heroes page. You have the bunny Askrs, bunny Palla, picnic Valentia, bunny Marisa, Devotion Greil Mercs, and then picnic Fates.
  2. I feel awful for Felicia. Accurate or not, that's a cruel thing to say about someone's cooking.
  3. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    The perfect blend of cooking and fighting.
  4. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    That Rinea was liable to get an inheritable "beast" tome. I was saying beast units getting their own inheritable weapons is tricky because of the disparity between different types of beast.
  5. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    No, beast units are a unit type, but each unit has their transformation effect embedded into their weapon. That's why they're so long.
  6. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I think it's tied to the weapons right now. Which is putting a damper on the options for inheritance.
  7. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    You can't even say it's the Radiant Dawn version of Oribes Bridge- we're in the part of the map that's covered in tents in that one.
  8. That's why he wears the eyepatch. He's always asleep, that's why his speed is so terrible. His wyvern just nudges forward trying to get Haar's dangling axe to swing into a body.
  9. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    I never said they weren't in the wrong. They're just not corrupt. "Corrupt" implies perverting their political positions for personal gain. They never really betrayed their office, they just happened to be villains in power.
  10. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    Say what you will about Hetzel and Sephiran, but they're not corrupt.
  11. As someone who has used both Fiona and Meg in my All-Girls (and Fiona again when I was worried about the number of frontliners and slipped in her priest statue), I'd say that while Meg wants a different class, or at least a higher Speed cap for Sword Generals/Marshalls (22 cap for Sword Gen, she hit that in Part 1), Fiona's problem is unrelated to her class. She actually has one of the better Silver Knight cap sets, up there with Astrid. She'd probably need the priest statue to stay competitive regardless of class.
  12. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    Time will tell- if it happens again before Jill arrives, it's a fortunate precedent that doesn't constrain the writers of the website. But if Thracia actually gets a good banner with five or six characters across it and the GHB/TT, you could probably scramble something decent together between having Leif, Nanna and Finn, plus whoever you bring. Mareeta, Evyel, Orsin, Ced, Galzus could probably just use those eight (and Lewyn).
  13. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    Including Hetzel, Valtome, Shiharam or Petrine just loops around to the same conversation of "this is the first time the Closely Associated list has included a character not yet in the game", just with a less popular/likely character instead. Besides, only Shiharam has comparable associations to Jill if we're drawing from a pool of 'everybody'. (Including Lekain or Numida would require IS acknowledge them as important characters on the level of SoV's Brigand Boss.)
  14. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    ...Are you suggesting alternative GHBs in place of Haar? Because I was talking about who Haar could have had as a "Closely Associated Character" on the website. Of the Tellius characters in Heroes, the only characters Haar has interacted with are Ike (base conversation in RD 3-5), Elincia (base conversation in 2-E, Talk in 2-P), and by a stretch of a technicality, Mist (base conversation in PoR 19). As a former Begnion soldier, it is also reasonable that Haar is acquainted with Oliver and Zelgius, but just never got the opportunity to interact with them because of how the game is structured. (Sanaki was born after Haar left.)
  15. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    High move powerhouses that take three times the EXP to level up and only get two stats when they do? Blowing all their non-Tellius beasts in one go probably didn't help, but at the same time, there were only six of them and it's hard to split that up. Plus, all that means is that we yell at Fates louder.