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  1. How should Sephiran be added into Heroes?

    I'd keep with letting him have Creiddylad, if only to minimise the temptation to make him blurt out every last spoiler Tellius has left to hide. This won't stop IS, but if they want to actually try and sell Tellius in the future, making Sephiran is not going to help.
  2. Special Heroes Arrive!! Hostile Springs (Jan. 23 ~)

    It's like when Anna tried to hire me into drawing the bikini girls, back when I was playing. I'm not sure whether this is great for bi/gay girl representation or horrible for females at all. I choose to believe the former, if only because I still need some faith in anything.
  3. Special Heroes Arrive!! Hostile Springs (Jan. 23 ~)

    I am very angry about this (especially if that's a Camilla in the ending shot), but thankfully, I can't muster up the energy to do anything about it. All that negative energy is exhausted.
  4. Special Heroes Silhouettes

    Someone with a larger friend. Anyone fit that description? (My mind goes immediately to whatever fool got enslaved by Oliver.)
  5. What are your thoughts about a Smash collaboration?

    I think/hope the only Xenoblade 1 spoiler they do is Mecha-Fiora, and try and limit the spread. Smash Ultimate already added another one to the pile, we don't need post-Mechonis Core stuff. (At least Chrom, Lucina and Mecha-Fiora are already acquainted.)
  6. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    For, like, the first half of Part 1, maybe. After that, he drops off, and he acknowledges his weakness in the face of the bosses he fights afterward. And Titania's already in Novice.
  7. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    To fill in Mario, why are the Badwagon, B-Dasher, City Tripper and Mini Mario & Hammers 3* when you've got Kamek, Fawful and Dimentio in 2* and Kammy in 1*? Bayonetta, I'd say Loki and the Prophet could switch. I dunno, I've only seen a handful of cutscenes. Fire Emblem's demotes could come from Jagen, Lon'qu, Jakob... Sothe and Mist... On a different topic to rank, I feel like Mecha-Fiora should switch with Pyra or Mythra between Primary and Support. Right now, both Xenoblade Legendary Primary Spirits are spoilers (Mecha-Fiora less so than Mumkhar->Metal Face, but only after Sakurai's best efforts), and that kinda feels weird to me.
  8. But I don't want to steam the sacred buns!
  9. Past me would probably have been better off, and present me wouldn't really care outside of not getting a random disappointment box in her inbox every two weeks. I'd tell myself to not bother on spending for Tana, save the money for some other game. I'd have a lot more to say, but really, that's just passing the burden of my failing as a teacher onto a younger me that doesn't have the experience of failing as a teacher.
  10. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    And 3-P. And I think at least one more Part 3 map- "the Gallians were reinforced by Ike and Tibarn" or something. Honestly, I was expecting one of those instances to call him "the King of Phoenicis, Tibarn" or "the forces of Phoenicis". Or even mentioning the Phoenicis mass murder in the appropriate narration.
  11. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    They also changed Tibarn's pronounciation. I also feel like Phoenicis is a change, but multiple people, including myself, searched Radiant Dawn for a voice-acted instance of the word and came back empty-handed. (If you want to try, go ahead.)
  12. You say this, and my mind suddenly drifts to the negative space that datamine implies, pun intended over the literal meaning.
  13. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    I was looking through the quotes, saw a few funny bits here and there (Reyson seems a lot more willing for other people to have meat when it's not from Serenes), and noticed... Naesala doesn't bring up his backstabbing reasoning outside of very oblique references that could very well reference other parts of Naesala's character. Are the devs showing restraint or ignorance?
  14. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Sitting back and watching this trainwreck suddenly got a lot more boring. I'll admit it's too much effort for me to unsubscribe from Nintendo Mobile and it could very well put out other content eventually. But seriously, what's the point of keeping up?