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  1. Nope. Both of us have Fear. No one could deal damage to anyone.
  2. I was doing the first Chain Challenge to grind Nino/Linde and Hana/Sakura supports. Lost Hana to chapter 7, and have somehow engineered a situation in which I will slowly beat Effie to death with Sakura (Elise is standing between us, healing Effie for less damage than Sakura deals. I don't think I can win the battle, but it's hilarious.
  3. Even when the Threaten Skills work, they're terrible.
  4. bhb

    Wonder why people don't use him yet?
  5. Can I add Robin (M) to my complaint list?
  6. Exact opening: Ike has Vantage (which might scare the tome user), and the danced green mage went for Brave Lyn.
  7. I used Ike for the same job. Hawkeye didn't do a lot of damage when Ike and Hawkeye eventually came to blows, so that probably scared him off.
  8. So, I was rewatching my old clear of Xander's GHB, and just looking at it... you can tell the game's content has definitely been scaling up. I cleared Lunatic Xander with a near-vanilla Klein, a 4* Robin (F) built similarly enough to Robin (M) (or indeed, many mages) whose Reposition was more important than her attack, an Olivia that was nowhere near the merged, inherited monster my Olivia is today, and a Lissa. I feel powerful now...
  9. For your viewing enjoyment only. Ike and Merged Olivia strike me as good reasons to doubt the strategy's replicability. But if it helps you, what can I say except "You're welcome"?
  10. Bartre was probably my last 3*. But the memes mean the thing would be a pointless blockade.
  11. Faced a dragon team with a chunk of merges (+4 total, to be precise). Not sure how it happened, since I dropped Fae for Anna. But that was the battle that made Tana marry me.
  12. Got a 3* Robin as the freebie. The orbs from the BHB went towards a Klein (forgot I was sniping red from the Crimean banner), Marth and Seliph.
  13. bhb

    Beat Infernal with Ike, Nino, Brave Lyn and Olivia. The strat took a lot of tweaking, so I'm proud of it, but I'm not sure how well a strat with Ike is replicable.
  14. bhb

    Infernal moves Hawkeye from his Hard/Lunatic position.
  15. bhb

    Dancer BHB. Doesn't that sound fun?