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  1. I prefer you use Lianna, shes cute. I just wish her hair was blond and not bright yellow. Also, whos CO?
  2. Man, it took me all day Saturday to beat conquest ch 10 Lunatic. What a nightmarishly overwhelming number of enemies. I definitely needed to restart to get some lucky dodges and accurate hits from those balliste. Man that was brutal. My Corrin, whos magic boon, is apparently strength blessed. lol Not that I'm complaining. I'm very happy I took the time to raise Mozu, shes already a killing machine with near constant level ups in STR or Speed. Effie hasn't got the best level ups and so many enemies have seal effects that shes not that tanky. Elise's personal skill is a god send for keeping my units alive. I'm happy to finally have Camilla, she was running around the whole map helping me kill troublesome units. Just having Camilla for support attacks helps me kill tough enemies.
  3. I think that might be the case. lol Theres nothing wrong with the twins hairdos, theres just something deeply disturbing about the shade of color.
  4. I'll go against the grain here and say that I actually like the design of the twins. The blue and yellow looks good and their outfits are cool. What I don't like is their hair color. I think its too bright a shade of yellow. It looks unnatural in the sense that its giving their hair an uncanny valley effect where it doesn't look their their hair is actually attached to their head. Like they are wearing a wig, fake hair. And is not like the developers don't know how to make good looking blond hair because the Nohr royals look fine. I like they they actually use shields with their swords, thats unique in fire emblem.
  5. True but by the type Hector is lagging behind in stats, the rest of my team can handle themselves. Early game, hector was my key to killing some tough units/bosses. This is opposed to Roy who was near useless early on in his games hard mode. Erika and Ike were both far more useful from the start but then scared stones is just easier in general. Plus, this game looks like it has way too many sword users, we need more axes. In fact, I'd have prefer if Lyn was a bow user instead of another sword user. It makes me wonder how much the WTA is actually going to matter. Overall, It makes sense that the 3DS games would get the most representation at the start since they are the games that have basically saved Fire Emblem and given the series its current popularity. They have a pair up system include which is an obvious nod to the 3DS games. Its practically Guaranteed we will get DLC packs for the other FE games so we will likely get Hector, Ike, Roy (Ewww, who wants Roy :P), etc eventually. Heck, History mode along is likely going to have a ton of DLC maps.
  6. I should clarify that its inevitable that some cloning is going to go on. Such as basic movesets being similar with the same weapon type. What I hope for is some variations to be added for each character. Such as combo finishers, special attacks, etc. In short, I want something that makes playing Leo feel different from playing Elise. Also, has it been confirmed there are supports in this game? If so, awesome. I'd love to see what the awakening and fates team think of each other.
  7. Hector (carried HHM) Milady (carried FE6 Hard) Titania (Best girl of FE 9)
  8. Interesting that the Corrin genders are related to one of the factions. Well, I'm fine with female Corrin for my Nohr, I like the female Corrin designs much more than the Male Corrin options. What really need to be able to do is pair up the two family members, which I'm sure we can. Ryoma + Xander pair up, what can possible stop you? Well, I suppose it depends on how big a deal the weapon triangle is in the game. Might be better to do Ryoma + Camilla for swords/axes. Speaking of Xander, is anyone else finding it hilarious how Xander spins around on his horse? LOL What is he feeding his horse? I'm all in on team Nohr so I'm quite happy with how they look. But seriously, Elise looks tiny on her horse. How old is she again? *cough* jailbait *cough* If I fear anything is that characters with the same weapon type are going to have movesets that are too similar but I suppose the awakening moves will differentiate characters? Sakura's ability to summon an archer arrow barrage does look awesome.
  9. Honestly, I don't care much about Lyn. I would have much preferred Hector (the man carries you in HHM). But I'm happy for all the Lyn fans. After all, what is warriors for beside fanservice? The characters I most wished to see are probably not showing up in the game, Titania and Milady. And no shuriken/daggers in game so no awesome battle maids like Felicia. Much sad. But at least I'll have Camilla. She had better say "Lets play" during battle. lol
  10. Wow, that remix of Road Taken is amazing. I hope we can select what song we want playing during missions.
  11. Oh, I still got the 10k gold reward. You can just barely get all the villages and get Silas/Corrin up to the boss in time. It requires a little bit of rescue (or in this case pair up) chaining.
  12. The key to ch 8 Lunatic is killing the boss by turn 8 which wins the ch before the reinforcements can reach you. Its easy to do once you know the right steps. I had corrin guard support Silas for an easy kill on the boss.
  13. Really? Awww. Maybe I should go bow knight instead. Eh, maybe just go Hero with a dip in bow knight just for Shuriken Breaker. A fire emblem where you want to spam bows.......Fates is SO werid. lol
  14. Yeah, I agree that it kind of sucks having low luck growth but having the extra RES is really helpful, especially on Lunatic where I'm locked in on my level ups. I figured the best unit to use the Goddess Icons would be Corrin. Also, I'm debating whether to even class change Corrin. I could use the heart seal I get in ch 9 on Selena so she can become a Sky Knight right away and start training her skill in lances asap. I want her as a falcon knight eventually so I can use rally speed.
  15. Actually, I restarted with Lunatic difficulty. I think I can do it. Plus, I like that the difficulty doesn't start off absurd like other FE games. Its more tactical then anything else and thats how difficulty should be balanced. Anyway, I got Mozu to lvl 6 in her prologue and with good level ups shes a killer even on Lunatic. The same strategy of rush left works on ch 8 even on Lunatic and two archers makes it easier. Hopefully this weekend I'll finally get time to get up to ch 10 but it will be on Lunatic difficulty so oh boy. lol Also, I did abuse branch of fate. I started out with quick unlucky and then used the branch feature to switch to clever unlucky. This allowed me to more easily ensure I got the speed level ups I need for the early game, which i did get. I don't think excitable is worth it, the lost of 2 res is painful and unlucky has an easy early fix with the early goddess icon. Might as well fed my MU the other icons in conquest as well.