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  1. Personal Impressions

    No, the AI is the same on the 3DS. Always give out orders to all your characters. They are really useful.
  2. FYI Camilla's kill count farmer is her flying strong attack. You fly around with her and press strong attack which will make her slam into the ground. It has a great radius and just instant kills normal mooks. Note that her flying strong attack is not the same as her strong 1 which is what she does while on the ground and you press strong attack.
  3. 2000 koes is just too high

    Yes, the patch is available on the N3DS and yes you do need to download it through the E shop.
  4. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    I think its a bit much to expect them to represent all 12 games in one go. I prefer 3 games at a time. Next time we can get characters from 3 other FE games like the GBA series.
  5. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Not sure why some people seem to want this game to fail. If this does well enough its possible a sequel will be made with the characters people want, like Ike, Roy, etc.
  6. HOT gameplay tip sharing thread

    Interesting, the certainly gives Characters like Sakura and Lissa a niche to fill. Thanks for doing the science. ;)
  7. Is this game worth getting?

    Conquest is only really cheap and unfair on Lunatic. Hard mode will give you a serious challenge but nothing that feels unfair. That said, Lunatic is still a lot more fair than awakening lunatic. Lunatic conquest doesn't have massive stat bloat making the game a chore like FE 6 or Awakening. Instead it makes use of skills and debuffs (fear ninjas) as well as good map designs to give you a real challenge. The game has a lot of replay value base on what characters and classes you decide to use. The child units add even more variety.
  8. My favorite cutscene in FE:W (Spoilers)

    My favorite cutscene is Xander swatting away pegusus knights like they were mere flys. "How Pathetic. Do you think me so easy to conquer?" Most badass moment/line in the game.
  9. HOT gameplay tip sharing thread

    Ah, I don't have Luna on Elise nor am I that far into the game. Luna is probably making a big difference. However, Takumi's skills is about twice of Sakura's. It should make a difference. I wonder if you could test that.
  10. Favorite and least favorite style/character?

    I started using Xander and I'm enjoying the heck out of him. Really fun. Ryoma moveset while effective isn't as fun for me. Corrins moveset has some jumping back and forth which makes it feel a little awkward but it has some nice AoE. The weakness to dragonslayer however sucks when facing Chrom/Lucina/Marth. I don't think Corrin does anything special to be used over Lucina. A promoted Pegasus is quite nice have for dealing with sword users, of which there are quite a lot in the game. Lissa is surprisingly effective, especally once you can start giving her a good set up, Magic Axe + Magic + 10.
  11. HOT gameplay tip sharing thread

    I add that at high level Skill becomes more important than str. Most of your damage will come from your weapon which will eventually far outstrip your str. On the other hand, skill has a big effect on your crits which means Takumi's crits do a lot more than the other 2 archers in the game. It means Leo can out damage Elise because her crits will start to lag behind quite a bit.
  12. Desperate isn't useful for S ranking missions. Health+ might be better except the rest of the boost skills are superior.
  13. HAHAHA, Yeah, I agree. They make a cute couple. One of the few women I can actually see put up with his antics. lol
  14. Fredrick and Robin's pair up special attack is funny. Robin: Let's go, Freddy Bear! Frederick: Ill have you use my proper name, Robin! Even better: Corrin: Leo, win and my tomato stash is yours. Leo: REALLY? EXCELLENT!
  15. Material drop guide

    Heres a nice little spreadsheet that lists where to find all the different materials. Credit to GameDragon2k from gamefaq. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10oQoFIzf3t3drnjuboFg3h8ecL9m5TDsMaCbJDuZeYU/edit#gid=1967144170 Edit: Perhaps this should be pinned?