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  1. hhh

    ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, todas!
  2. A battle with multiple enemy armies. Okay, we've had these before, but I want one where the enemy armies are fighting each other as well as you. If you give some of the enemies good items or have recruitable units, it would make approaching the map interesting, as you'd have to get to the character before the enemy kills them but also making sure you don't get surrounded. In addition, such a map could have a large number of enemy units without being unbearably tedious.
  3. Lilith. It would give her something to do besides eating all my meat.
  4. Happy birthday Sakura!
  5. I'd prefer a playable Faceless unit myself. It would be more interesting, and there'd be possibly more story potential with that route, if he starts off as somewhat aware as a Faceless but steadily becomes crazier.
  6. For Conquest, it was the events at Cheve. It really made me not like the main character. In Revelations, it was ruined at the very start when both sets of siblings decide to attack you for no apparent reason. It immediately broke my suspension of disbelief, and made me more susceptible to the horribly illogical plot.
  7. This is gonna be fun. *sighs*
  8. What if Valm invaded while Plegia and Ylisse were fighting?
  9. Well, they basically destroy the leadership of Plegia, and they're right next to the leadership of Ferox, meaning that if Chrom wanted to, there would be little stopping him. Although, to prevent a major insurgence, Valm would probably be a puppet state led by Say'ri. What if Plegia didn't help Ylisse during the war with Valm?
  10. What if Galeforce was a major plot point?
  11. We'd need more Falchions. What if Validar had a redemption arc?
  12. I find the "Diversity wouldn't make sense because it's based on Europe and everyone's white" argument hilarious. True, in a historical fiction set in, say, medieval Sweden, it wouldn't make too much sense for there to be more than one minority character (unless the focus of the story was about foreigners or something). But Fire Emblem is not set in the real world. Do you hear these same people saying, "Well, they should remove magic from the games, as it does not exist in the real world"? No. No, you do not. Especially since nobility fights in the front lines of a war and talks to peasants, it's safe to assume that this is vastly different culturally. We should get more diversity honestly, since we hadn't too many in the past. I don't really consider Hoshidans to be "East Asian" per se - few of them have the dark hair, and their skin is as fair as or often lighter than the Nohrians. True, their are the names, but because I have a Nordic name does not mean I am Scandinavian. I would like a more noticeably East Asian character, if you will.
  13. Turkey's reaction to this is pretty hilarious, as their government has pretty much no concept of free speech (as seen when they jail people for speaking the truth about the Armenian Genocide). The government is starting to get a bit unstable and totalitarian, so maybe they need to be put in their place.
  14. I'd like the lord to start out as a leader of thieves, and be sort of a Robin Hood/Zorro type of character. He enters a war accidentally by fighting a corrupt politician from Nation A, so he escapes to Nation B, an enemy of Nation A. Things go well for a while, and he will have some character development. However, soon Nation B will find out about his background and will want nothing to do with him, forcing them to be on the run from both nations.
  15. The day the government decides to regulate the Internet is the day I'm moving to Antarctica.