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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I recently bought the expansion pass and started New Game Plus so I'm refreshed on the plot by the time Torna comes along. I got the three DLC blades and three of the NG+ blades thus far, so now I'm only missing five random blades. And since Torna is less than two months away now I decided to analyze the gameplay footage from Treehouse last month. Spoilers for the first 20 minutes. Hopefully there's still more content for the base game before Torna releases, because there are still at least two rare blades that haven't been released yet...
  2. Inkling, Ridley, and Wolf will be getting amiibo on December 7th (the same day the game releases). The veterans who weren't in Smash 4 and the remaining newcomers will presumably get amiibo at a later date.
  3. Character Select Screen: Smash Ultimate

    Sakurai said here that he "decided to limit the number of fighters initially available to the original Nintendo 64 roster" so the only starters will likely be the twelve characters playable in the first game.
  4. Well Arceus can create a second Palkia in a HGSS event, so maybe you have to watch this every time Palkia is summoned on Spear Pillar. On a different note, I think people are taking the idea that we'll get DLC for granted. This is meant to be the "ultimate" game so Sakurai might think that the base roster is good enough as is and it can't be improved. Unless he really wants to add Rex and Pyra and they're not in the game initially, in which case he might do DLC. I think people should wait before jumping to conclusions about any possible DLC characters.
  5. What do we know/believe about the First Dragons?

    There were twelve of them that fought in a war. Some of them gave their blood to humans for use as minions; the Dawn Dragon gave its blood to the eventual Hoshidan royal family, the Dusk Dragon gave its blood to the Nohrian royal family, and Anankos gave his blood to the Vallite royal family. The Flame, Wind, and Ice Tribes each worship a dragon that they presumably received blood from. Izumo's royal line is also received blood from a divine dragon according to Izana's Japanese barracks profile. The Rainbow Sage created five weapons for humans to use in the dragons' war, though he came to regret this and remained alive until he could make up for it. Dragon Veins are apparently leftovers of their power that seeped into the land. At some point the dragons learned that they were losing their minds and cast off their bodies, sans Anankos and the Rainbow Sage. That's all we know about them. My personal headcanon of the Dragon War doesn't count Moro and the Rainbow Sage among the twelve warring dragons because they didn't fight directly. There were also weaker, less important dragons that served the stronger dragons (the dragon that eventually became Fort Dragonfall was one of these). Some dragons also mated with humans to produce half-dragons, but these were uncommon and there were none left in the present until Corrin showed up. Besides the seven dragons mentioned previously, there are... the Sea Dragon held domain over the oceans, so humans seek his blessing whenever they sailed or fished or whatever they did involving the sea even in the modern day. the Requiem Dragon allegedly controlled life and death and is seen by both Hoshido and Nohr and a death goddess, she lived in the Woods of the Forlorn and made no blood bonds. the Earth Dragon could cause earthquakes and constantly fed. He degenerated first and killed most of his followers before being slain himself; his ravenous appetite when insane gave him the title of "the Great Devourer". the Storm Dragon was probably the most conventionally evil of the bunch, he represents chaotic weather and tormented humans and other dragons for fun. the Mage Dragon was a trickster who taught humanity magic in the hopes of being worshiped once the rest of the dragons were killed, but degeneration forced him to abandon this plan. Anankos didn't like the idea of dragons drafting humans into fighting so he created Valla for his followers to live in. He was also the one who requested the creation of the Yato and kept it with him in Valla until Mikoto brought it with her to Hoshido when she fled. Meanwhile, the Dawn and Dusk Dragons weakened each other in battle to the point that they needed to abandon their bodies early; Nohr and Hoshido were founded by their worshipers shortly afterward. Their worship of rival dragons is one of the main reasons for their antagonism. The dragons actually still exist as spirits that can interact with their bloodbonded humans, but they typically ignore them most of the time. There's also my idea that most of the dragons were killed by a shapeshifting entity that arrived on the planet via a meteor, and that the Dragon War started over who among the remaining dragons deserved credit for stopping it, but that is of little relevance to Fates's plot as a whole.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  7. Sakurai knows that Smash speculation is competitive enough that the backlash would be apocalyptic if the full ballot results were released. Bayonetta got plenty of complaining already but can you imagine how people would react if another popular character barely lost to her? I think Sakurai is smart enough to avoid that kind of thing and to preserve some surprises if they take from the ballot in the future.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I rewatched the Torna trailer and observed some fun facts. Malos destroyed Coeia in year 3564 (and I imagine the story takes place around this time). According to Pyra, XC2 proper takes place in the year 4058, which is 494 years afterwards. I'm hoping the DLC gives us a more precise understanding of how long Mythra, Pyra, and Malos were active before the Aegis War ended and the former two were sealed. Rhadallis was the 107th Praetor of Indol and assuming that Amalthus is his direct successor, then Amalthus is the 108th Praetor (I'm sure this number was intentional because 108 is an important number in several cultures). Assuming that the calendar started when Indol was founded, since there were 108 praetors in 4058 years, this also means that the average ruling time for each praetor is 37.6 years (though Amalthus was Praetor for around 500 years so he might have skewed the data a bit).
  9. I already thought back in March that the game was being made too early, but I think "starting development" only a year after the last game is a bit much, though if the "first" proposal was done at that time then hopefully it wasn't final. It would explain why only the obviously popular Switch games like BotW and Mario Odyssey have any representation thus far. Makes me wonder if the "bring back EVERYTHING!" attitude was because the developers only had a year's worth of new material to work with (though we'll still get an obligatory new Pokémon, of course).
  10. You all are missing the biggest point; we haven't seen Luigi's Final Smash either, which means that he has a new one and E. Gadd using the Poltergust 5000 is definitely getting in as a newcomer. IF Chrom is actually playable then Robin will just use magic or whatever for his Final Smash.
  11. All the characters are fine and all, but has anyone else questioned why Cordelia is wearing high heels on a beach? I still really like her artwork though especially considering her normal artwork.
  12. They did, Hayter himself already confirmed it. Ten years from now, Snake will mainly be known as a Super Smash Bros. character.
  13. Do you think Sakurai is happy working on Smash?

    Sakurai to me seems like a perfectionist and a workaholic even outside of Smash Bros., and I don't think he likes the idea of not working (though apparently he's recently gotten better about managing those things). I heard that he enjoys working with so many companies and bringing many different characters together in one game, since he loves the video game industry in general. In Ultimate alone he brought in characters from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and Konami! No other game gives Sakurai the ability to do that so I think that helps makes the effort worth it. Super Smash Bros. is a very prestigious crossover and Sakurai likes being responsible for it. He's also very devoted to the fanbase and making them happy, and (the Smash fanbase being what it is) that comes with a good deal of pressure on its own. But hopefully he's still satisfied as long as most people are happy (and undoubtably most of them are).
  14. Today on Serenes Forest, we are very sad to announce that Yoshi has been cut from the German boxart of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Our condolences go out to Yoshi and his friends and loved ones for this tragic occurrence. They should totally add Polkamon and Pyra and Mythra singing the F.U.N. Song.
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I suppose there are some things said about the Torna DLC worth mentioning: It seems like an entirely new game, which makes sense since you can buy it separately. It's intended to function as a standalone title that doesn't require XC2 to fully enjoy (though I image people will appreciate it more if they are familiar with XC2).