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  1. Just in case you were wondering if they could improve the PR. I use "new" loosely because this interview was released before TGS, so the characters introduced there aren't covered. It's also the interview where Azura was initially confirmed to be absent (which you may remember from a month ago), so you can decide for yourself if the reasoning is any less nonsensical than it was without context.
  2. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Noel, Chie, and Waldstein announced, and the next reveals will be late November. No one too surprising thus far but hopefully we'll continue to get interesting characters.
  3. DLC characters announced

    So if we assume that this is true, then we have 32 characters in total and the weapon distribution is: Sword: Rowan, Lianna, Marth, Chrom, Lucina, Corrin, Ryoma, Xander, Lyn, Celica, Navarre, Owain, Olivia (13) Lance: Caeda, Cordelia, Hinoka, Azura, Oboro (5) Axe: Lissa, Frederick, Camilla, Minerva (4) Tome: Robin, Leo, Elise, Linde, Tharja (5) Bow: Takumi, Sakura, Anna, Niles (4) Dragonstone: Tiki (1) Honestly the weapon balance is still pretty bad and there are still no armors or lance cavaliers, but at least the actual new characters are pretty neat.
  4. Why did they make Frederick an Axe user?

    You just forgot what the review said. What Derrick said was, "If one character uses a certain mode of transportation, [...], and wields the same weapon, they'll pretty much have the same moveset." Camilla uses an axe so she has a different moveset from the three Pegasus Knights (whom all play identically). Derrick also mentions that this doesn't apply to sword users, so the entire statement is true.
  5. Western Launch Trailer + DLC info

    I've heard about it before, but it's nice to receive confirmation that the DLC characters will have supports. Based on Hyrule Warriors I expect each pack to have plenty of content (though I never bought any of Hyrule Warriors's DLC...), and I look forward to seeing what they include.
  6. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    What exactly do you have in mind for moveset and mission descriptions? I'm not sure if you would need to describe in detail how Elise uses her Magical Girl powers to smite her foes or how many spins Lissa does in her moveset, or if you just say "push these buttons to do this thing that's good against these enemies" and "in this mission beat up a generic archer and then beat up Validar, and then defeat the giant monkeyman and save the 9th dimension".
  7. Both Falchions were made by Naga and the Binding Blade wasn't made by Naga (as far as we know, but it would take several leaps in logic to assume that she did create it), so it's not a Falchion. The Binding Blade and Marth/Alm's Falchions do have godslayer properties in SoV (but not Lucina's since it's not fully awakened), so they all seem to share a similar power level.
  8. Sure why not. How would you compare FE Warriors to Hyrule Warriors? If you could add any FE character to Warriors, who would it be? What other Warriors game would you like to see? Would you rather have five clones or one unique character? Most importantly, who is Best Girl?
  9. Jedi's proper thoughts on FE:W

    Nice, it's encouraging to see an experienced Warriors player think the game is good. How would you say it fares in comparison to Hyrule Warriors (since it's the only Warriors game I've played thus far)?
  10. Why are individual characters so important?

    Insert joke about characters being functions and "just doing things" here I suspect that a portion of the people that exclusively care about Ike (as in the above example) only know of him through Smash and have never touched a FE game, so they wouldn't be very interested in the game to begin with. I doubt all Ike supporters are like that, and certainly not any on this forum, but some of them likely are. Using myself as an example, I think excluding Azura is dumb, they shouldn't have saved her for DLC (even if it makes sense business wise), and the roster is pretty lacking, but I'm interested in the gameplay and seeing how the characters play, and I liked Hyrule Warriors so I'm still going to get it.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Well Best Girl is in this focus, time to fulfill the ancient covenant by trying to get her. Initial orb count is 488. End count is 184. Characters I got but didn't have before are Caeda, Maria, Sheena, Clair, Hawkeye, Titania, Soren, Gaius, Tharja, and Hinata. The five stars I got were: Raven (+RES -HP) Inigo (gotten in the same pull as Raven, +DEF -SPD) Nowi (+HP -SPD) Shigure (+DEF -ATK) The lady of the hour, Azura (+HP -SPD) I ended up with two focus units in addition to the one I wanted so I consider this a success.
  12. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    General observations: Shouldn't this be called the "Dancing All Night" focus? Shigure inherited Chrom's habit of only wearing one sleeve, apparently he thought that exposing one of his legs was tacky. The name of Azura's weapon is Old Norse for "fate". Shigure using the pendant and his dialogue during the trailer makes me wonder if he comes from the Heirs of Fate universe.
  13. FE Warriors DLC

    Outside Japan you can buy it starting from October 20th, the day the game releases. I don't know when it will be available in Japan though.
  14. Could the story of Fates be an analogy to the fanbase?

    Maybe, but Anankos ends up dying (when the two halves of the fanbase come together) so maybe not. Though the similarities are uncanny if you apply Anankos's quotes to Advance Wars. “Why am I left to suffer? Why am I the one left to die? Why does Fire Emblem flourish while I am buried here...ignored...forgotten? TELL ME WHY!”
  15. Warriors is only a few days away and I haven't really seen much discussion on the supports. As this is a crossover, there are all kinds of topics characters could talk about, so what conversations do you want to see? Some ideas: Cordelia and Caeda: I imagine Cordelia would go to Caeda for relationship advice on how to approach Chrom, because clearly she's not doing it on her own. Cordelia also talks about someone suspiciously similar to Caeda in her support with Donnel so they could talk about that too. Corrin and Tiki: Dragons unite! Marth and Celica: I think Celica would like to know what her Archanean neighbors are up to. Maybe they'll bring up the Whitewings? Robin and Lyn: Oh hi Mark (it will take three hours to get this scene right). Corrin and Corrin: "I found you, faker!" "Faker? I think you're the fake Corrin around here. You're comparing yourself to me...ha! You're not even good enough to be my fa-" "I'll make you eat those words!"