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  1. Link to Erica/Celica saying "Shut up, Alm." Link to Erica/Celica making an observation about pirate booty.
  2. The point of the children mechanic is to give the player freedom when it comes to pairings and what the children inherit. Making all the children forced recruits would require giving all the parents fixed pairings or making them the offspring of NPCs, both of which would mean that it is no longer an actual gameplay mechanic, or everyone would have to marry before a certain point, which is too restrictive. If you didn't recruit all of the children then it's not the game's fault. The main draw, at least how I see it, is the personalities of the children themselves and how their future affected them, not how they fit into the overall narrative. Either way it's an instance of storyline potential being exchanged for more freedom and better gameplay.
  3. Sure, the wiki says that but I'm not sure if any official material makes a distinction between "Manaketes" and "dragons with a human form". By that definition, Myrrh is not a Manakete (because she has wings in human form) despite being clearly referred to as one. If you don't have another (official) source then I'll assume that it's just an assumption the wiki made, not to mention that the wiki refers to Duma and Mila as Manaketes in some contexts.
  4. I'm pretty sure that a "dragon that took a human form" is what a Manakete is supposed to be, unless there's a source that says differently. Duma probably did make a Dragonstone, we just never saw it (otherwise he wouldn't have a human form). I'd assume that making a Dragonstone just delays degeneration instead of preventing it, as Anankos is mentioned to have owned a Dragonstone (Azura's pendant is made from a fragment of it) but it clearly didn't stop him from eventually going insane.
  5. I may not be Kirie either, but I would like to introduce you to another promo, this time featuring Alm!
  6. I think, or should I say hope, that characters are mainly added for uniqueness and not just because they're popular or anything, especially not just because they want to add every Fates royal. Caeda should be the first Pegasus Knight added (in my view anyway) and I can't think of anything Hinoka or any other Pegasus Knight can do that she can't. Even if you promote Sakura and Elise they're made redundant by Takumi and Leo, other than the fact that they can heal.
  7. I find it oddly amusing that the most dedicated FE fans are the most likely to be unhappy about the roster If you want to make jokes at the expense of older fans you should at least do it the right way, like suggesting that Gregor should get an Ike outfit as DLC because Gregor's inclusion makes Ike redundant. Because Gregor makes everything better, yes? On another note, what are the chances that Lucina doesn't get her own slot, but is instead a costume for Marth that's exclusively obtained by buying both versions and the season pass?
  8. Hey look guys, it's a new game! Is it Mother 3? Well, no, but it's a new game and that's something.
  9. I doubt that the amiibo will be used to unlock any characters; in Hyrule Warriors Link's amiibo only unlocked a new weapon, and the others either gave a random weapon for that character (if it was a Zelda character amiibo) or a random item/Rupees (for every other amiibo). I'm pretty sure that she was just playing up Xander and Ryoma's rivalry for comedic value, not because she actually dislikes him.
  10. Here's the trailer for the SS remake:
  11. Are you arguing that we could get DP remakes on the Switch before a proper Gen VIII? That's hardly the same thing. In terms of development B2W2 are basically third versions, except they have new plots and there are two of them. Jumping consoles mid-generation is a bigger deal than that. Remakes and third versions typically sell less than other games of their generation, so to maximize success the first games on the Switch should be completely new. They could theoretically do as you say, but I find it unlikely.
  12. The Pokémon games have never jumped between consoles in the middle of a generation, so the first games of Gen VIII are the only realistic choice. Otherwise, Ultra SuMo would be on the Switch too. We'll probably get Diamond and Pearl remakes eventually, but not until after Gen VIII begins (unless they're on the 3DS).
  13. So now I think I understand why these seven characters were revealed first: they're on the boxart! New 3DS: Switch:
  14. My favorite character has come home. He is beautiful... Yeah, I know that Chaos was already in Generations, but it's nice to see his Chaos 0 form again.
  15. HAVE SOME OF THIS Edit: Ninja'd but this image is clearer so whatever.