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  1. Sakurai's most recent Famitsu column discussed the last Smash Direct. It doesn't really mention anything that wasn't in the Direct itself, but you can read it here if you want. Among other things, it revealed the exact definition of an Echo Fighter: It also mentions that Sakurai left a spot open for a Pokémon newcomer on the project plan, like what happened last game with Greninja. He later decided on Incineroar because he wanted a pro wrestler character. Incineroar is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka, who passed away a few months ago.
  2. This week's music update is Seaskape from Splatoon.
  3. That moment when Legendary treats the generations more equally than Game Freak does I wasn't expecting the "realistic Pokémon" aesthetic, but I think I'm liking it. And when Pikachu says "oh my God," is he referring to Arceus or some other God?
  4. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Discussion!

    She's Green, but she's probably Blue in Japan. Though technically she should be named Yellow in English, since that's the only third version outside Japan.
  5. Elma vs Rex, fight!

    Pyra's actress is in this Smash commercial, so I'd say Pyra has Rex and Elma beat already. Ideally we would get them both but at this point I have trouble imagining a scenario where Elma gets in before Rex. The Fighters Pass characters were decided by Nintendo this time, so it would be kind of like Nintendo seeing how popular FE Awakening is and suggesting that Sakurai include Micaiah. Not that Micaiah would be a bad inclusion, but that's aside the point. Sakurai also had the opportunity to include Elma in the base game yet he didn't, not even as an Assist Trophy. Chances are she'll be a Spirit but it's still unusual. Some think Xenoblade X lacks content because Sakurai was saving it for DLC, but I find that unlikely. Elma would be interesting with swords, guns, and Overdrive, but I'd also be interested to see how Pyra and Mythra would be implemented in Rex's moveset, so I think both of them would make for good inclusions.
  6. General JRPG Topic

    Plot twist: Square Enix will rebrand Final Fantasy VII Remake as Final Fantasy XVI, but it won't be released until 2030. There will be another two Super Smash Bros. games by then but they will still have Cloud, Midgar, and two songs as the only Final Fantasy content. Monolith Soft will ask to include Xenogears content in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and SE will say no, though they will include a Xenogears world in Kingdom Hearts IV when it releases in 2035. Stay tuned for the next episode of Square Enix predictions.
  7. On that day, as the sky fell away, our world came to an end Even Heroes is not save from Galeem, hopefully Kirby will be summonable to save us. I should be surprised that 1/3 of the important announcements was restricted to the last ten seconds, but somehow I'm not.
  8. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    That sounds good, but I think solo Jin could work on his own too. Maybe we can even include KOS-MOS in some capacity for even more Xeno representation. She's basically in every Namco crossover already, so it wouldn't be too strange.
  9. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Personally my first impression was that Nintendo decided the characters this time because they (whoever "they" are) didn't want as many third party DLC characters as the last game had, but that's just a deranged conspiracy theory most likely. Anyway, time for predictions: Edelgard (as a Marth clone, but she isn't an Echo because she has a different personality) Magikarp (using its Mega form from next year's Pokémon games, Let's Go! Mega Pikachu and Let's Go! Mega Eevee) Tatsu (as a Xenoblade rep and to promote Nintendo's next mobile game: Nopon Clicker) Base Goku (self explanatory) Base Vegeta (also self explanatory) I'd be satisfied with this, but does Rex come with Pyra and Mythra and does Lora come with Jin?
  10. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I've heard this banner be called "boring" or "uninspired" but I don't think either of those things are the problem here. Maybe the character selection is, but I find the Vallite theme and characters involved to be interesting, even if Camilla is here... just because. I would have liked Arete instead, but it's not anything to get worked up over. Considering that I'm interested in at least three units, I'm not sure how I'll spend my orbs. I suppose I'll come up with something later, but at least Azura is free. Now I want to see an edit of Smash Ultimate's banner, except everyone is dressed as Azura.
  11. In other news, today's music update goes with everything:
  12. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I agree. Some might say "But Xenoblade 2 is too old to be promoted!" but it would definitely have a boost in sales if Rex was included, so it still makes sense even if Nintendo only cares about business. I think Bandana Waddle Dee also benefits from this arrangement. "But he isn't the main character of Star Allies, so why would they pick him to promote that?" some might think. But those people don't know that Kirby in general is very popular in Japan, and Waddle Dees are among the most popular and promoted (and most merchandised) characters in the series. Bandana Waddle Dee is popular with both the Smash fanbase and the general public, so Nintendo would have a good reason to promote him further.
  13. Nintendo is making a Mario movie with Illumination, so Minions confirmed? We can also make the Grinch leak real by including the actual Grinch, since Illumination is making a movie of him too.
  14. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I checked beforehand, but I would have been pretty embarrassed if it was... The wording is vague so we can't tell if Nintendo decided on all five characters, or if they provided several options and Sakurai picked five of them. Actually the second character I was thinking of was Newt, not Nim, though I like every Blade personality wise. But at least I got one right.
  15. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    Reposted from the main discussion thread, since it's relevant to this topic.