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  1. Oh hi Necrozma, what are you doing here? You weren't here before in Sun and Moon... Necrozma is one of my favorite new Pokémon, so I'm happy about this. And new Z-Moves too! Here's the official website. EDIT: Also (Japanese) boxart:
  2. I got a second Priscilla from the Sacred World focus, which coincidentally also makes the second time that I got her because there weren't any blue orbs in the summoning session. Maybe I should stop using colorless orbs, but I didn't have any pity percentage so it doesn't really matter. Now I just need to save up more orbs for Tana... Since the second Hero Fest is ending soon I opted for one last try for a focus unit, and I ended up with Julia! Inspired, I used the rest of the orbs and got nothing worth mentioning, but Julia is one of the heroes that I wanted the most so overall I'm satisfied.
  3. I have 89/164. My remaining missing silhouettes are Titania, Lachesis, Lyn, Roderick, Rebecca, Masked Marth (whom I didn't think was worth the effort during the first Tempest Trial), and Valter. My silhouettes are (excluding the heroes listed above):
  4. Her moveset looks to be identical to her male counterpart to me. At this rate there's no reason for her not to be an alt. Like a Final Smash? But that would mean... Breaking news: Chrom confirmed to be cut from the game, now demoted to Robin's Awakened attack (when he gets the Smash Ball)! "I suppose I'll get my chance, another day." -Chrom
  5. If anything Thracia should've gotten 64 cards, to celebrate it's release on the SNES three years after the release of the Nintendo 64. This is a joke by the way, 50 cards are fine And it's spelled "Kana", even the wiki got it right.
  6. I don't think that Faye was meant to satirize any character in particular, Fire Emblem or otherwise, but I think she was designed to examine how someone with a single minded love for another would come across in a (somewhat) realistic fashion. So yeah, even though she's probably not a response to previous characters or anything. The main difference between Faye and other people with crushes in past games is that Faye's crush and the way she expresses it is treated as abnormal and unhealthy in-universe; Alm is clearly unnerved by Faye "killing people in his name" (which is probably influenced by the war having a negative impact on her psyche) and her family notes that she only writes about Alm, whereas Cordelia's crush on Chrom is more healthy in comparison. Faye's often seen as "fanservice", but I think she's meant to be more sad and pitiful than attractive. Giving her more depth would distract from that, in my opinion. But where do the Tharja/Camilla comparisons come from? If anyone she's more influenced by Cordelia.
  7. Eirika artwork, which I assume is new.
  8. Summon on the new Tempest focus: 3* Lon'qu 3* Henry 4* Roy 3* Clarine 3* Florina My, the rarity switch sure had a large effect on my results. At least I got three that I didn't have before, out of five. At some point in the past I also summoned Marth, Eliwood, Jeorge, and 5* Jakob, giving me a total of 83 unique characters.
  9. Before I've been called "Lightchao", "Light", or "Lightning" (which was confusing because there was a different user whom actually was named "Lightning"...) on other places, but never "Chao". Congratulations for being the first person to call me that, not that it really means anything. I wasn't sure if I captured your intent correctly at the time, but I'm glad that I did. But IntSys usually treats their popularity polls as holy texts, based on Cordelia being Awakening's Pegasus Knight here, so I do think that Oboro has a chance assuming that there are any non-royals (even if, presumably, she is less popular outside Japan).
  10. Zangetsu's assertion was that Oboro did not do better than Azura in every poll, which is true because the CYL poll exists. The CYL poll's bearing (or lack thereof) on Warriors has nothing to do with what Zangetsu said.
  11. I think that F!Robin will just be a costume with only cosmetic differences (such as her own voice lines of course), mostly because if the developers saw her as her own unique character then she probably wouldn't be unplayable in story mode. They way I imagine it is that you can boop a button when picking Robin to switch between the two genders. Remember that this game has full voice acting and plenty of it, so making clones (that are completely different characters) would require more effort and time than just making another model and calling it a day, and this means they can't be added at the last minute either. They're willing to put in the extra effort for female Robin and male Corrin because they're meant to be equal to their opposite gendered counterpart and they're customizable in their home games.
  12. Alternate costumes that change characters would require new portraits and voice work, so I don't expect anything aside from female Robin and male Corrin (and maybe adult Tiki, but probably not).
  13. Eh, I don't really have any preferences so I might as well join Team Frederick for the heck of it. My friend code is 5169618143 if anyone wants it and my lead for now is Azura.
  14. I want to say that I'm surprised that we're getting a second swimsuit focus, but I'm not. At least now I can continue to save my orbs... Valter, more 4 stars, and free summons are hype though. Also, there are now as many Xanders as there are Sacred Stones units.