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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    For those who are interested, Skye Bennett's first stream of XC2 will be on May 1st at 8:00pm London time. The new blade looks neat but I've been waiting to see the new story content before deciding on whether or not to buy the season pass. How is the content released thus far? Out of curiosity, what part of XC2 where you on before you decided to finish the first game? Because this reminded me that I should continue my own playthrough of XC sometime soon...
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Skye Bennett, the voice actress for Pyra and Mythra, did an interview recently. And she even knows who the best character is! She also plans on streaming her first playthrough of XC2 sometime in the future, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8:00pm GMT. You can find her Twitch account here.
  3. I thought the next Super Smash Bros. was FE16? But we don't know, wait until E3. Recent FE games have had a short time between announcement and release, so it wouldn't be too unrealistic for it to be announced there. If it's not, then you can make conspiracy theories about it being the next Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not that I really care about when it's released as long as it's a good game. As Miyamoto says, "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."
  4. So since Aura and Excalibur have user restrictions in the original Archanea games, you mean to say that Linde and Merric have holy blood too?
  5. From the princess herself.
  6. Opinions on Camilla

    In regard to Camilla's backstory, "I'm obsessed with Corrin because my mother never loved me and I don't want him to feel the same way" is given just as much focus as "I'm obsessed with Corrin because she was mad when I didn't give her cookies one time," so I'm not sure what to think there. But that aside, I personally don't have any strong feelings for Camilla even though she gives the impression that fanservice is the main reason for her existence. Using another example, I like Pyra and Mythra, and they may have silly outfits but I don't get the impression that they exist solely for fanservice (of course they are fanservicey, but "solely" is a key phrase here). Camilla feels like she's trying too hard to be sexy to the point that it becomes unattractive, but again I don't mind her as a character. Crown of Nibelung is targeted towards women...I think. Or at least it's in a magazine targeted towards women, so maybe they didn't feel the need to appeal to male audiences in a manga focused toward females. Based on that I think I can see why Camilla isn't "shoved in your face," but maybe that's just me being cynical.
  7. "Marth/Ike/Lucina/Lyn/Dorcas is the face of the series." -Someone who is wrong Then again Google doesn't seem to know who sang Lost in Thoughts All Alone, nor that it's a song from Fire Emblem for that matter, so this shouldn't be too surprising.
  8. Create a Personality Gimmick!

    One of my ideas is a guy whom everyone thinks is a famous hero but he really isn't. Said character (let's call him Ziegfried) is a below average swordsman, but because he has a similar name, appearance, and fighting style to the legendary swordsman Siegfried, everyone in the army thinks that he is Siegfried. Unlike Samuel and Shannam, though, Ziegfried's impersonation is purely accidental. He's very insistent that he isn't Siegfried, but everyone else ignores this because they think he's just being humble about his talent and accomplishments. The other characters treat him with reverence/fear or view him as a rival, despite Ziegfried's protests that he is not Siegfried. At some point in a paralouge, the player's army runs into the real Siegfried. Siegfried has heard that he has an impersonator running around and decided to investigate, but everyone now believes that the real Siegfried is the impersonator (despite him being far more statically imposing than Ziegfried). After the battle, Siegfried privately meets with Ziegfried and officially names him his successor so he can peacefully retire from heroism (since everyone already believes that Ziegfried is Siegfried anyway). Ziegfried is baffled the entire time, but Siegfried gives him his sword, a formidable personal weapon, as a gift for his trouble. There's also the obligatory fanservice character who, instead of being in love with them, absolutely hates the protagonist for no apparent reason. In her ending it's revealed that she hates the lord for an extraordinarily petty reason, like they forgot to return a toy ten years ago or something. She still ends up being the most popular character in the game. Finally, there's a mage who sought the secret to immortality but ended up making himself a skeleton instead. He has his own "Skeleton" class which has pathetic stats, but has a random chance of taking no damage when attacked by an enemy (and permadeath doesn't apply to him, so he can be used in the next chapter even if he "dies"). He probably also takes off his arm to bludgeon the enemy with or something, and most of his dialogue consists of bone related puns.
  9. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    Oh boy a list of demotions Red: Blue: Green: Colorless: There weren't any 5 star exclusive demotions though, so you'll still be able to get Mist.
  10. I suppose that makes sense, so maybe Naga didn't reveal it to the other dragons earlier to avoid mass fear and panic. I guess if I were a godlike ruler of a race doomed to go insane I would do the same thing. Though maybe I would've done something about Grima first...
  11. Speaking of conflicting information, the timeline mentions that Duma and Mila are unaware that dragons eventually degenerate, even though Mila unambiguously explains it and why Naga gave them Falchion to Alm and Celica in-game. Timeline: Mila in-game: Mila seems pretty certain of Naga's intentions here, so it's strange unless you believe that Mila only realized it in hindsight while she was sealed by Falchion (since Duma apparently figured it out on his own as well). This also gives the implication that Naga knew about degeneration long before it became an issue but just didn't reveal it to the other dragons until later for some reason.
  12. How many 5 star units do you have?

    It's been a while since I last updated Dorcas (Farfetched Heroes) Soliel (Children of Fate, free summon) Masked Marth (Tempest) New Years Azura (Happy New Year!) New Years Azura (Happy New Year!) New Years Corrin (Tempest) Marisa (Tempest) Fallen Celica (Fallen Heroes) Valentines Eliwood (Tempest) Legendary Ike (free) Summer Corrin (Ephraim's Legendary Heroes, free summon) Gerome (Tempest) Fjorm (Robin's Legendary Heroes) I'm mainly saving my orbs incase someone I really want comes along, so I haven't been summoning as much recently.
  13. I've been thinking about the number of Zofian and Rigelian rulers. Zofia and Rigel were both founded in 189 VC. Rudolf become the fourth ruler in 374, and Lima IV became the sixth ruler in 382. So Rigel had three rulers in 185 years and Zofia had five rulers in 193 years. In comparison, Daein had fourteen rulers (Pelleas being the most recent) and had existed for 243 years by the beginning of RD. So before the "current" generation, the average reign for Rigelian rulers was 61.67 years and for Zofian rulers it was 38.6 years. Counting Rudolf (died 401) and Lima IV (died 400), the averages are 53 years for Rigel and 35.17 years for Zofia. Just something interesting to think about...
  14. Geez, why are people always obsessed with their dead wives? And using her image to make zombies no less. At least Forneus didn't try to cause the apocalypse to reunite with his wife like some people did. Though Forneus did cause an apocalypse indirectly, but that's neither here nor there... The most interesting thing here, to me, is that all of this and Duma's-destroying-Thabes business happened while the Earth Dragons, including Medeus and Loptyr, and other dragon tribes were still around. How did they feel about Thabes? Did Naga not invite them to her "let's advance human civilization" party? Maybe Loptyr thought it would be funny to anonymously send Forneus some of his blood and see what happened.
  15. Dragon-Human blood bonds are more like magical blood transfusions than actual contracts, and Tellius's blood pacts don't really involve much blood anyway... Did it really take Mila and Duma over 3000 years to organize their own kingdoms? What were they doing all that time? This was one of the reasons I thought they left Archanea after the Earth Dragons were sealed, but I didn't make this timeline so what do I know. And this is only page two of eight? Does it cover the timeline of the entire series or something?