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  1. Don't forget them

    I'll miss the times when I fought three yelling soldiers at once, literally unplayable.
  2. Nintendo Labo

    Actual footage of SpongeBob and Patrick explaining how the Labo works to Squidward. VR technology has certainly come far nowadays. Who would have guessed that they started using cardboard? Guess Nintendo wanted to make a birthday present for Lucina after Azura got the Switch last year.
  3. So the final character was revealed, and it's Android 21 (we knew about her before, but she wasn't confirmed playable until now). "Majin Android 21 has a move called "Tasting Cut", which absorbs the opponent's energy and lets her use one of their moves. In the pictures you can see her using Krillin's Solar Flare and someone else's Kamehameha after absorbing." With her the base roster is apparently complete with 24 characters (since there are eight DLC characters, we'll end with a final roster of 32 characters).
  4. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Now we have information on the DLC practices, which is... uh, news? Basically the 20 characters we have now are the final base roster, and we'll get 20 more characters as DLC. No, that isn't a joke. The first DLC character announced is Blake. So if you need a refresher, our base roster is: The planned DLC releases are: The game will release May 31 in Japan and June 5 in North America. Source
  5. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    Knowing that this was a Direct Mini it's not too surprising that FE Switch was excluded, they probably thought it was "too important" to be properly announced in a Direct mostly about ports and DLC. Though I'm more happy about the Sunshine outfit in Odyssey than I really should be... Nah, Miyamoto just likes to take his sweet time methinks. It took forever for us to get any information on Pikmin 3 besides "it exists".
  6. Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

    Every major Switch title in 2017 was announced in the January Switch presentation so I think it will be a similar overview for 2018, though since this isn't the Switch's first year they might save some stuff for later. The Pokémon Company tends to do its own thing so I don't expect to see any Pokémon games announced, and any "big" games (like Prime 4) likely won't be released this year if they aren't in this direct. Basically it'll be the Yoshi, Kirby, and Fire Emblem we already know about and a bunch of other things we don't know about, maybe Pikmin 4 if we're lucky and Miyamoto decides that nine years is too long to wait (again).
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    Very well, in that case I’ll switch my lead unit to Brave Lucina to counter red enemies.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    I’ll be supporting Azura, and my friend code is 5169618143 if anyone wants Performing Azura on their side.
  9. I recently got two New Years Azuras, one is +Res -Atk and the other is +HP -Res. Which should I keep and what should I do with the other?
  10. So after getting Ultra Sun and playing Pokémon for ten years, yesterday I finally encountered my first Shiny. It’s a Spearow, which is funny because I personally know two people who both caught a shiny Fearow. Today I found something even more absurdly uncommon in the form of Pokérus, which doubles the amount of EVs gained in battle. The chances of finding a wild Pokémon with Pokérus is roughly 1 in 21,845, but I don’t know when I got it because my entire team was infected when I first noticed it. Maybe the game just wanted to make up for the water trial being really annoying. If you’re wondering about my team, currently I’m using Torracat (Lv 20), Inkay (Lv 19), Magnemite (Lv 19), Rockruff (Lv 18), and Eevee (Lv 19).
  11. Has anyone made a gallery of armor breaks yet?

    Just a heads up, I added Oboro and Niles to the Fates gallery. I also made a gallery featuring everyone which will be updated as more are added. I'll also make dedicated galleries for the SD and Awakening additions when they're released.
  12. Has anyone made a gallery of armor breaks yet?

    The Awakening characters don't have broken armor models yet; only Rowan, Lianna, and the Fates characters do. Everyone else will get them in the next two DLC packs.
  13. Has anyone made a gallery of armor breaks yet?

    I made a gallery here. I don't have Oboro or Niles in the model viewer yet so I'll get to those later.
  14. Azura's Moveset

    It is random when she's promoted at least, she'll use her Magical Girl powers to switch into her dark dress for her Conquest dance and vice versa (she changes back when the dance is over). She stays in her Diva outfit her her Birthright dance though. And holy heck Azura's moveset is just as great as I imagined it would be, the developers did fine work.