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  1. What's A Good Name For An Artificial Angel?

    Auf Haven (From Heaven) Though Metatron is pretty good, considering how... mechanical it sounds.
  2. Badly summarize your favourite game in the series

    Mary Sue and Edgelord try to make post-WWI Germany into a better place by teaming up with 2 teenagers and a Chuck-Norris lookalike. It goes about as well as you'd expect until Princess Mononoke joins up with her for some reason, and then the goddamn Bat Man decides he's going to help. They liberate post-WWI Germany, but the new leader is a fake Hitler before he was Hitler who is in deep shit after the war since some asshole from Chinamerica says he'll start WWII if fake Hitler doesn't do what he says. WWII happens anyway because people are racist bastards and a nihilistic 1,000-year old bishounen wants the world to end. He pulls some strings, a bitch wakes up and nukes the world with a stone bomb, and all the good guys have to climb the Empire State Building to smack a bitch. They then have to cast Polymerization on the bitch and a little girl to turn the bitch into her original non-bitchy self, and the world miraculously becomes un-stone-nuked. Happy end.
  3. Witches and Gender

    Near the end of the game,
  4. Favorite... That's a good question. I love pretty much all of them! There isn't one particular unit that stood out to me as someone I'd give favoritism, but there were a few, such as Kliff. Least Favorite? Delthea. She's a good unit, but her personality is horrible.
  5. I'm pretty damn sure I had a 1% hit me before. I also had at least one 98-99% hit rate miss, in the enemy's favor... I'm starting to understand why Mila's Turnwheel is such a good idea.
  6. I wait as long as possible. For classes that have 3 promotion tiers, such as Mercenary, Archer, or Cavalier, I am fine promoting a bit earlier. (I often end up waiting until level 18, even so)
  7. Favorite OSTs

    Contest of Pride Past Below The entire soundtrack holy crap why is it so gorgeous It's blown me away on multiple occasions. I love practically every song in the game, and they're all of incredible quality.
  8. Choose a husbando any husbando~

    The only male I ended up feeling really gay for was Kaden He's such a sweetie aaaa Shura's not as physically attractive but it's his character in general that makes me like him, though Those two are probably the ones I'd have a gay marriage with the most (sorry, Niles)
  9. Anybody Noticed...

    Isn't it generally frowned upon to use hacks during online play? Aren't hackers the type of people you should just disconnect from immediately? It kinda feels like you're discussing a somewhat taboo subject here.
  10. Defeating Garon in chapter 12 of Birthright.

    The answers to this are extremely easy to find on the internet. You could've searched 'chapter 12 Garon' just about anywhere. Plus, there's a sticky topic at the top of this forum specifically for questions like this. But, to answer it... Yes, you can defeat him, and nothing truly special happens. His retreat quote is... “Hmpf. This is a waste of time. My men can take it from here.”
  11. So I just played Vanguard Dawn...

    Being a massive Radiant Dawn fanboy, I was definitely into this map. Dealing with the boss was interesting!
  12. Who is the Strongest Final Boss? (Lore-Wise)

    Yeah, someone edited the poll. That's no fun.
  13. Favorite Character Designs

    I'm quite partial to Izana's design. It's a shame his personality sucks. I like a lot of the Corrinsexuals, actually - they're so much more unique in their own way. Out of the capturable bosses, Tarba caught my eye the most.
  14. Corrin as Basara, Da Fcuk? (Animations)

    I KNOW, right? I made Oboro a Basara and I see this animation so much. It's so counter-productive and inefficient - I assume the strike would be decent enough, but it isn't worth breaking your back on the ground! I've had a similar accident in reality where I struck the ground less than graciously, and it led to a broken bone.