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  1. General US Politics

    After what happened with Lula and Dilma, it couldn't have been any easier for Bolsonaro. I don't know why people are so surprised at how much support he had, Brazilians would've probably voted for the literal devil instead of the PT after those corruption charges (even though Bolsonaro could end up being quite corrupt himself).
  2. General US Politics

    "Well we can't get the black vote so there won't be a black vote" Republicans are on some next level shit.
  3. General US Politics

    Collins and Manchin voted yes. Pack it up lads
  4. haha what the fuck are these stats
  5. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    It's much better to rush everything on this map. I didn't even wait for the third set of reinforcements to show up because Lucina would've essentially had 7-range at that point
  6. Spring Chrom- Don't have him so I can't rate him Spring Camilla- There was a time when you couldn't successfully run a flier team in Arena without her. But with the release of Myrrh and the Iote's Shield seal, she isn't as strong as she used to be. Still, out of all the alts released on the Spring banner, she managed to stay relevant for the longest. 7/10
  7. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    ISIS's intern is hiding in an underground bunker right now
  8. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    Can't really see the point of continuing the original tbh. Everyone's character arcs were wrapped up well enough over the 5 seasons.
  9. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    While they do make fun of themselves, apparently the bulk of the show is about ripping on everything else that DC makes.
  10. What movie are you watching right now?

    The Departed. Good lord this movie is long.
  11. Titans and Shazam Trailers Dropped

    Titans would've appealed to me when I was 12 Apparently the movie has gotten pretty good reviews from the pre-screenings (So far). It seems that critics really like when DC shits on itself.
  12. Nephenee, Fierce Halbedier

    I still don't understand why Nephenee got a prf, she was always good.
  13. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    Probably Ishtar. Mjolnir+Flashing Blade Seal+Luna/Draconic Aura
  14. Association Football 2018-19 incl. World Cup discussion

    Honestly, I just wanted to see the english destroy their own country in a drunken riot had they won. Like philly, but 1000 times worse