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  1. Character-specific promotions

    Even if she was a sage, Sleuf is better than Miranda tbh. A rank staves>anything Miranda is bringing to the table
  2. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    An obvious one would be to let you order your units on the map before the battle starts without having to plan 5-6 chapters in advance. I nearly dropped the game because of that.
  3. Why do you keep playing Fire Emblem?

    The gameplay is unique within the SRPG genre (which is already a niche genre to begin with) and is therefore nearly impossible find anywhere else, except from the games that directly copy it (langrisser).
  4. Your opinion on Seasonals

    With the exception of the Christmas banner, I can't say that I agree with this.
  5. Your opinion on Seasonals

    It depends. I'd prefer it if banners were more like this one and the Bride banner, having characters from more than 1-2 games. I actually didn't like Love Abounds, since they basically did the same thing that they were doing with the Fates and Awakening banners.
  6. But then they also tend to have less attack, thus requiring them to equip heavier weapons that slow them down. The other thing I want to add to this is that, while female units tend to be faster, that doesn't always happen while male units having more Con than their female counterparts is something that always holds true.
  7. I'm predicting that Sharena, in true Sharena fashion, will end up being completely mediocre
  8. Personally I don't get the complaints for Kagero. She's wearing almost the exact same outfit as Catria and showing a similar amount of skin.
  9. Is there anyone with a decent Serra? I don't have the time to build her up to finish the quest. My ID is : 6095494059 My lead unit is a Genny
  10. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    ID: 6095494059 Lead unit: Genny
  11. Neither of them are particularly good but I can't see Female Morgan dropping due to her uniqueness (despite the fact that she might actually be the worst mage flier that we've gotten so far)
  12. Most annoying gimmick?

  13. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    I hope Grima robin is a bonus unit like how Fjorm was.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Total Rank: 2086 Grima rank: 6131 Best gauntlet so far for me.