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  1. So I had no defense wins for 3 months: Seems it wasn't my teams fault.
  2. Need some help deciding who to five star. I'd have the following options: 1.) Nino (+Spd -Def): I'd merge my old + Atk LaD2 Nino into her and give her Fury 3 ,which i heard is the optimal build for her. 2.) Cecilia (+Atk -Def): Or i could feed my only Nino to Cecilia and promote the other one later. Cecilia would run Fury and G-Tomebreaker together with Gronnblade+. I've been in need for a green cavalry for a long time since my Titania is -Spd. Shed be a oneshotting horse mage. OR is LaD3 +Spd better? 3.) Legion, Anna: I have to get rid of a bad IV Raven. And I need more greens for Arena Asault. They'll have to make due with Fury though, since I dont have acces to LaD fodder. 4.) Palla (+Spd -Hp): For my Flier team. Cherche can deal with most greens just fine but i still think I need a red unit on the team. She'd probably run Slaying Edge, Luna, Fury, Swordbreaker. I don't have a Wo Dao or Brave Sword but Slaying Edge works too, i guess. 5.) Save feathers for later I don't think I have the self control for saving. Oh, and another question. About Sabers Shield Pulse: Does it work with Miracle? I thought it doesnt but I've just seen a Amelia with Shield Pulse and Miracle in my Arena Assault rating and was just wondering if it acctually works.
  3. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Thank you for the calculations. I would never have thought about Escutchion as a special. Guess Tana is in the same situation as Hana in regards to specials. Now i just need to pull a Sheena. Sent 4 of them back to promote Hana for Life and Death 3. Was worth it though
  4. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Finally finished training Cordelia 2.0 Tana. I already have a Cordelia with thes same set but Tana deserves the best. Only took about 5 Stamina Potions. Should I keep Brave Lance on her or switch to Firesweep Lance?
  5. I gave it to my Xander so he doesnt get killed by Desperation!Nino on Arena Defense. My Xander runs QR instead of Vantage though. QR!Ike is also a good candidate.
  6. Tempest Trials: Twilight of the Gods Edition!

    Julia has a tiny bit more attack and, thanks to her tome, 2 points more of Resistance when attacked. Sonya has 5 points more speed though. With a hone speed Sonya can double some slower units. As for her build she'd want Fury and Green Tome Breaker as well as Iceberg. Triangle Adept is also an option. I personally prefer Fury cause Triangle Adept negates her oneshot potential with iceberg against reds. 26 additional damage (with Fury and +1 Res Sacred Seal) is nothing to shrug of.
  7. Tempest Trials: Twilight of the Gods Edition!

    She's a great magical tank. Just put green tome breaker on her and she can tank and counterkill most green and blue mages. I put Iceberg on her as a special so she can kill pretty much anything after tanking a green mage. Offensively she and her magical Wo Dao ate outclassed by Nino and her Gronnblade. Sonya fills a similar niche to Julia as a res tank, countering both Cecila and Rheinhardt as well as S!Camilla and NS!Corrin. Her main advantages are her okayish speed and her tome which allows her to oneshot her foes after tanking is done. The community generally seems to dislike defensive character and focuses too much on offense in my opinion. Sonya is a great Unit in the metagame dealing with both horse and flier emblem. If you like her i'd definitely advise you to invest into her.
  8. 1.) Ayra (Fe4): I fell in love with her when i first saw the animation for her Astra skill. Its in my opinion one of the best animations in oldschool fire emblem. She (and her daughter) carried me through the game killing most of the bosses. 2.) Tana: I just love Pegasus knights. And she's my favourite Gba Peg Knight. 3.) Leif: LIGHT SWORD. A Sword that targets Res would be a nice addition for Heroes. 4.) Ophelia: Since she was my Fates waifu she has to be on this list. Ganeplay wise I really liked her personal skill which increased her crit based on the number of tomes in her inventory. This could be reflected in a C passive that decreases her Special trigger colldown if their are atleast 2 magic user on your team. 5.) Miledy: She was my best character in my playthrough of Fe6 and I really enjoyed her design and story. And I played through Fe6 again just to max out her stats:
  9. Deathless Arena Assault run with 4810 points. You can actually look at the next map before choosing your team, so you dont need to worry about Rheinehardt every battle (I actually saw none of them all 7 battles). Highlight was definitely Nino soloing a team of Linde and three Hectors. 4810 Points puts me at rank 40 for the time being. Does anyone know how the points for this mode are calculated? Is it based on the first team?
  10. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    Probably, but we wont give up now! For Nordion! I just fear im spending too many flags right now. Rank 26 roght now. Should probably save 400 for the last round. @phineas81707 Lead has been set to Nino. She'll do her best.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    Im on team Lachesis too. Gues i might drop my id here too: 0749444378, Name is the same as here. Celica is currently my lead though i can also switch to Hector, Nino or Lucina. Btw we still have a multiplier for 20 minutes. Are you spending your flags now or are you saving till the end?
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Clarisse!

    Infernal Clear. Used a Raventome Triangle Adept Sanaki to tank the left side. With swordbreaker Hone Attack Quickened Pulse and Spur Atk she can oneround the red cavalry. My initial plan was to reposition her so she can stand on a defensive tile but even with +Atk nature she was 2 damage of on the red cavalry kill. Clarisse attacked Hector. The thief and the mage cavalry attacked Sanaki and the mage died to moonbow. On my next turn i killed Clarisse and the thief with Sanaki and Nino and bring nino in position to be attacked by the blue mage. The red sword gets killed by Reinhardt on the next playerphase.
  13. Serenes Tiering

    I'm on the side of considering neutral natures for reasons already mentioned above, but only for 5 star only units. Those are so rare that the average player will only pull one or two copies of the same character. So the chances for optimal natures are pretty slim. The picture is a different with units that are available at 3 star rarity though. Those are pulled in such a amount that average players can get a near optimal nature in the long run.
  14. I really like the new damage calculator. It looks great so far. I just have one problem: The damage calculator doesnt seem to take into account Bonus, Penalities and Spurs. At least when you adjust them with the up and downwards arrow. When you type them in with the keyboard and press enter it calculates them. Im using Google Chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 on Windows 10. So the adjusting the Spurs with the arrrows is pretty useless right now, without a "Calculate new" button. Does anyone else has this issue? I already tried clearing the cache with no effect.
  15. Fury + Ragnarok Damage puts her into Vantage 3 Range. Might be useful to oneshot a Ranged Attacker with a Proc.