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  1. DLC characters announced

    I'm happy with the shadow dragon cast. The only reason I would even consider paying for the story characters is if they had unique movesets, because on disk dlc is a curse that must be broken.
  2. Holy war banner

    Ok so no one is gonna talk about sigurd's "punish me" line?
  3. Are they maps or something else?
  4. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I'm actually excited to see who plays gharnef in the English version since he's the only one who doesn't have a confirmed voice.
  5. The music doesn't sound as energetic as the other tracks I heard. The presentation is great though.
  6. FE Warriors DLC

    I had a hell of a morning figurin out how I feel about this. In the end, I'm just wondering who made all these decisions. I know ninty were the ones that wanted lucina in, but I'm still wondering about the rest of the obscure characters. As for if I'll get the game, I'll watch live streams and see from there.
  7. Wanted/Expected History Maps

    For laughs, the wooden calvery for fe 11, mila tree for 13 ( echoes confirmed ) and for 14, the snow level.
  8. Elise Confirmed!

    You know, I was originally hoping that leo and takumi wouldn't be in so elise and sakura could wield their respective divine weapons. That being said, am I seeing things, or is there something wrong with elise's face in that thumbnail?
  9. CYL TV Spot?

    Full version. And it still looks good
  10. CYL TV Spot?

    That was awesome! The Black knight armor looked especially good. I need me more trailers like this.
  11. I think the cards are only for heroes and not villians. Though we really should have had a villian reveal already. At least a couple
  12. First preview of Bond Conversations

    They hooked me in with the anri mention. Now I really want to see where this conversation goes.
  13. A PSA from your FE Warriors Editor

    I'm an archanea guy, so it would draw me in. But i do feel for people whose series isn't represented. If I am gonna get this game, it'll be on the new 2ds. Do you think that'll help increase sequel likelyhood?