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  1. Let's say that Sain supports with Kent, for argument's sake. We can probably get them to B by the end of the game - you have to go pretty slow to get most A ranks. This nets Sain an extra 2 attack, 10 hit and 5 avoid. This roughly correlates with having an extra 2 strength along with 5 skill and luck. Whilst pleasant, you'd be hard pressed to find many situations where this would be crucial rather than mildly convenient! Especially considering that you won't be seeing these bonuses until late game, where it's established that Marcus does much of his work during the early and middle parts of the game. Marcus also has almost sole claim to his silver lance in Hector's Mode, where Sain or Kent would have to wait to at least after Uhai's chapter to use. There's nothing wrong with liking Sain's shiny stats, but Marcus' contributions from the get-go and solid performance all game are what make him more useful!
  2. My flights tend to be reasonably long, around the ten hour mark. My main complaints are the following; 1. Airline coffee is awful, the tea is even worse. 2. Economy class legroom seems to be designed with midgets in mind 3. I'm always sat next to some fat guy who ends up taking more space than just their seat. 4. There's only normally about 6 hours worth of movies you feel like watching. When it comes to take off or turbulence, I really don't mind. Statistically, it's safer than driving!
  3. Here's DAT PLAN, it's some ugly mutant hybrid of Bal's and my own. vs Cress 3 (92) Tarquin stays still, @Snoop+3 80 hit and 96 damage vs Legion 5 Thor to 21,16 @Wrist 85 hit and 18 damage Abby to 21,15, ALERTS @Assault 100 Hit and 115 damage Astin to 20,15 @Fist 100 Hit and 67 damage Elaine to 20,16 @Beam Rifle 100 hit and 56 damage vs Cress 4 (102) Nikolai to 21,21, @Shotgun 73 hit and 44 damage Support HAN4 @Laser 93 hit and 61 damage INTERIM - Dwight eagles Astin vs Cress 5 (160) Jess @Dual Beam 71 Hit and 140 damage Jess then scoots to 21,18 (provides cover for Nikolai) Hannah to 23,18 @MachineGun 88 hit and 40 damage vs Legion 3 Brant to 17,15, Focuses @Funnels 100 hit and 51 damage, but risks taking loads of damage in return
  4. Angus moves to 5,10! Enemy Phase Sword Armour #1 stays put! Sword Armour #2 moves to 7,9! Sword Armour #2 attacks Freya with his Crusader's Edge! 6 Atk, 66% Hit, 4% Crit (17 98) Freya takes 6 damage! (37/43 HP remaining) Freya attacks back with her Killer Lance! 10 Atk, 100% Hit, 34% Crit (96 9) Freya deals 30 damage! (11/41 HP remaining) Freya gains 10 XP! Freya gains 1 Lance WEXP! Sword Armour #3 moves to 8,10! Sword Armour #3 attacks Freya with his Steel Sword! 4 Atk, 56% Hit, 4% Crit (16 83) Freya takes 4 damage! (33/43 HP remaining) Freya uses her Killer Lance! 10 Atk, 95% Hit, 33% Crit (38 43) Freya deals 10 damage! (30/40 HP remaining) Freya gains 10 XP! Freya gains 1 Lance WEXP! Freya reaches B Lances! Soldier #2 moves to 9,10! Soldier #2 attacks Freya with his Javelin! 4 Atk, 64% Hit, 4% Crit (74 55) Miss! Freya gains 5 XP! Soldier #4 moves to 10,13! Soldier #4 attacks Sidney with his Javelin! 11 Atk, 33% Hit, 0% Crit (28 27) Sidney takes 11 damage! (14/34 HP remaining) Sidney gains 5 XP! Archer #3 moves to 7,8! Archer #3 attacks Freya with his Steel Bow! 5 Atk, 72% Hit, 5% Crit (8 78) Freya takes 5 damage! (28/43 HP remaining) Freya gains 5 XP! Reliant #1 moves to 14,5! Reliant #2 moves to 15,4! Reliant #3 moves to 16,5! Mage #1 moves to 5,6! Mage #1 takes aim at Freya with Meteor Shower! (7) The Meteor hits at 7,11! The house is destroyed! "Oops... I guess that one needs some work..." Reinforcements spawn at the vacant houses! Chapter 9 - Turn 2 Spreadsheet "So these are the Reliants?" Oshea commented, marvelling at the flying beasts supposedly under his command. "I always assumed they were a bunch of hillbillies led by a man wearing a dress... but this suits a great commander like me far better. With such a potent force following my orders, these fools stand no chance.... the first wave of soldiers was an unfortunate oversight, but now I have them fully gauged!" The soldiers around him were less convinced, their legendary leader was seeming more fraudulent every time he opened his mouth.
  5. Marcus is way better than anyone else in early game, and is still relevant as a unit even towards the end. For Sain to match his offensive parameters, Sain needs to get to level 13 or something like 11/1. Even then Marcus takes mages a lot better, and that assumes that Marcus doesn't gain a single point of XP until Sain reappears. Sain wins the raw numbers game in the end, but Marcus' contributions outweigh Sain's overkill strength and speed - most FE7 enemies aren't very good!
  6. "Just like Morta showed me... I just need to focus." Decima moves to 8,14! Decima attacks Sword Armour #4 with her Heavy Spear! 23 Atk, 100% Hit, 6% Crit, 14% Adept (16 72) Decima strikes for 23 damage (16/39 HP remaining) (3) And then again! Not so normal now? Decima gains 40 XP! Decima gains 3 Lance WEXP! Decima cantos to 7,14! Claire moves to 8,14! Claire attacks Fighter #4 with her Fire! 18 Atk, 100% Hit, 16% Crit (40 6) Bang! Kill stolen! Claire gains 33 XP! Claire gains 2 Tome WEXP! Claire grows to level 16! (26 2 50 79 94 1 98 11) HP up! Strength up! Luck up! Resistance up! "Uh... nice shot, part of a well thought out plan?" Esclabor moves to 6,14! Esclabor helps Decima equip Frost! Esclabor complains under his breath!
  7. Eric moves to 6,9! Eric equips his Armourslayer! Freya moves to 7,10! Freya equips her Killer Lance! "May my wings give aid to those in need." Accolon moves to 2,8! "Aren't you one of the guys I'm running from?" Accolon rescues Peasant Woman #1! Accolon cantos to 3,10! Suleiman moves to 4,10! Suleiman takes Peasant Woman #1 from Accolon! Alain moves to 4,11! Alain rescue drops Peasant Woman #1 to 3,11! "You have to help my family! They're still in the house, my father is sick and can't move very well! Please don't let them hurt him!"
  8. Their approach had been reasonably successful so far, but the presence of reinforcements made the situation a little more complicated. The sheer number of enemies, and their durability meant that they'd be facing return fire whether they liked it or not. Many of their group had taken damage already, and any breaks in their formation could prove costly - Jess' decision to field Abigail seemed far more valuable in retrospect. Kim and Brant's associates could only hold out for so long against the Deimos, regrouping with them would improve their chances. There was a path through the middle which a mobile unit could probably fit through, and again, Brant seemed to be the most suitable person for the job. Everyone else would have to carve a way through to follow and someone would have to stay behind to catch the approaching force. "The enemy formation appears strongest to the west, progressing towards the south would be the best course of action. If we head south, we can regroup at the base and deal with the western forces together." Tarquin announced, his unit removing the rifle from its back. Tarquin wasn't exactly set up to run and gun, he'd have to risk a few hits to ensure the others had an easier time. In his training, this would be the part where he'd lose his nerve, but other people were actively relying on him now. "I can make the opening shot from this position, this should facilitate the advance." Tarquin uses his Sniper Rifle on Cressida #3! - Talia had barely slept all night, and for once it wasn't a result of copious amounts of entertainment media. She'd heard snippits of information from the guards, Apotheosis was starting to mobilise. Bases across Europe were being hit, and from their threats, the US wasn't going to escape their wrath. The entire facility seemed to be on alert, but there wasn't a single pilot on sight. Maybe they'd call some in from the ANF to protect them? Surely the Professor's work was too valuable to get stolen? Wasn't she of some value? The Professor hadn't even sent her a message in the last few days, had he abandoned her too? Had he taken the Orion with him? The thought of stepping into the machine terrified her, but the thought of being blown to pieces wasn't any better. Her thoughts turned towards T4, a boy she'd never met but resented because of his existence. He'd one upped her in every regard, she'd caught glimpses of his flight data in the Professor's office, it made her bitter even thinking about the numbers she saw. What did he have that she didn't? Was there any point going on knowing that she was just the prototype for someone else? "Stupid little shit, I'd punch you in that smug face of yours if I could." she mutted, gritting her teeth as she lay down on her bed. She was exhausted, even being angry took a lot of effort. Things were far easier when she was just a sorry little girl hiding in her own safe bubble, but she had a horrible feeling that her bubble would pop in the near future.
  9. Constance moves to 4,13! Constance uses Barrier on one of her allies, Sidney, for once! Sidney is barriered! Constance gains 15 XP! Constance gains 2 Staff WEXP! Owen moves to 7,13! Cass moves to 6,15! Cass attacks Fighter #4 with Gaffney's Sword! 16 Atk, 100% Hit, 8% Crit (85 99) Cass deals 16 damage! (25/41 HP remaining) Fighter #4 strikes back with his Steel Axe! 10 Atk, 25% Hit, 0% Crit (58 90) Nope. Cass gains 10 XP! Cass gains 1 Sword WEXP! Sidney moves to 9,13! Sidney attacks Mage #2 with her Steel Bow! 16 Atk, 91% Hit, 4% Crit (62 31) Mage #2 takes 16 damage! (14/30 HP remaining) Mage #2 uses Razorwind! 8 Atk, 39% Hit, 19% Crit (8 52) Sidney takes 8 damage! (25/33 HP remaining) Sidney fires back! (18 14) Dead. Sidney gains 27 XP! Sidney gains 3 Bow WEXP! Sidney grows to level 16! (46 76 1 6 91 89 67 78) HP up! Magic up! Skill up!
  10. Deployment happens as stated! "Time to see if my chumps are better than Serge's collection of losers." "Engel, I pray that peace shall return to the land bestowed to us by you." "Me? Are you sure you didn't mean Morta or Nona? I'll do my best!" Chapter 9 Turn 1 Objective: Seize Additional Objective: Rescue the villagers SPREADSHEET "Their formation is so textbook, unabashedly pedestrian and lacking in sophistication." Oshea boasted, gesturing for his men to advance. He raised his sword, the blade glimmering green momentarily. "This is the power of the Emerald Blade, bestowed to me by King Oldbert. Think of my brilliance, and perhaps you will have managed to absorb a fraction of it for yourselves." He flicked his hair back, smiling smugly despite the army ahead. The soldier from before approached him again, tiptoeing forwards as if to catch their commander by surprise. "Commander Oshea... I implore you to send for aid. The Justice Friends would make ligh-..." Oshea raised his hand again, tutting at his minion. "I do not require the aid of the Justice Friends. That is the last time I'll answer so politely. Know your place, worm." he replied, the soldier begrudgingly walking back to his post.
  11. Hamlet Helper "I'm sure the Myrcian villagers will appreciate it, Prince Owen." Tarasque replied, smiling subtly with satisfaction. "It would be perhaps too much to lead the entire army into the village. If you were to lead your group to the western edge, I can take the main forces to squash any reinforcements that try to arrive." A trio of wyverns emerged from an overhead cloud, spiralling down into the middle of the village. Esclabor stepped forward, not amused by the sight. "Looks like those Engel-spouting loons decided to visit after all. With Molenli gone, they probably have slightly less reason to hate us, although full out war doesn't exactly make them friends." Esclabor added, confident about the situation. "I've managed to patch together a couple of mercenaries for you, Prince Owen. It was a little short notice, but I've put together a little Campfire Band of our own. Hopefully they'll pull their weight more than the Hearthstone Squad." Serge, Hans, Lars and Larissa leave the party! Angus rejoins the party! Nelon is fit for deployment! Graham, Eric, Accolon and Steve join the party! - Beautiful Defense Less than a mile away, the Deiran forces appeared to very aware of Raewald's approach. The village had been mostly subdued, most of the peasants that had tried to resist had been dealt with. One of the soldiers, a faceless minion dressed in gold, hurried to the village hall, approaching a stylish and rather flamboyant man. He hesitated at first, the aura his leader gave off was powerful, but it reeked of disdain. "Commander Oshea! Raewald's approaching! Looks like they've got a lot of men, should I call for the Justice Friends to come to our ai-..." he began, only to be cut off as his commander raised his hand to him. "Silence, we have no such need for their assistance." Oshea replied, a sadistic grin spreading across his handsome face. "Let them come to us, the village was created with defense in mind. The close quarters will mean that we can hold them back. If they dare approach me, I shall fell with my fabled emerald sword technique. None have lived to tell the tale." The soldier wasn't exactly sure what this technique entailed, but it fit with the stories he'd heard about his commander. Perhaps some of them were at least partly true? "I see... commander, forgive me for doubting you. You did train with both King Oswald of Wyke and King Edwin of Raewald... you must know all their tactics." he replied hastily, watching Oshea's expression softening from the praise. "Of course, of course, I was a fast learner, a prodigy even... they were practically beginning me to study under them." Oshea replied, his tone stinking of fake modesty - the soldier decided it was best to just play along. "Now, prepare the defenses. Raewald will learn to fear the name Oshea Horvath. The sharpest blade and wits, the most charming exterior... and interior... I wouldn't be surprised if they surrendered once they caught sight of me. Now go forth, Raewald stand no chance against me." Chapter 9 - Fortress of Glass Objective - Seize the throne Side objective - Rescue the peasants Deploy in the blue! 2 NPC's may be deployed! Spreadsheet
  12. I think there are a couple of problems with your set up. It's rather self-indulgent, you've presented a scenario that suits your tastes and a character pool of your own choosing. It may be something that you like the idea of, but it's reasonably clear that it doesn't appeal to many other people. It's been stated already, but RP here tends to use original characters over a longer period of time. When you're using "rentals", it feels like you're playing to a script rather than writing for yourself! Another issue is that your focus seems to be game-play rather than role-playing. Typically this board has leaned towards a reasonable balance between the two. In short, your idea struggles to engage other people. It might be something that you like, but it's other people you need to get interested!
  13. With Tarquin present on the field, there was some sort of irony to Miguel's taunt - although the situation was hardly one for such novelty. He'd already proved himself dangerous, only an idiot would respond to such obvious provocation... and he could certainly think of someone who would fit the criteria. The readings from the Deimos were beyond anything, it had been an impressive enough machine to begin. Whatever plans they had for dealing with it were out the window, or would require severe reworking to avoid disaster. Brant was easily in the most mobile unit, if anyone would be able to reach Kim to provide aid, it was going to be him. "Lieutenant Abrams, I shall remove one of the airborne targets. I strongly recommend targeting the other, your piloting should be sufficient to evade most of the other threats." Tarquin replied, locking on to one of the remaining Hunters. "The base should be your priority, the other enemies can be handled by us." Us. Tarquin was beginning to think of them as a collective group. It was a novel thought, but it made sense. Things were far simpler when things were black and white... or red and blue. Tarquin activates Sense, moves to 20,23 and shoots Hunter #1 with his Beam Rifle
  14. I've heard that Shin guy's pretty popular, really handsome too. Otherwise it's SoC(k) for the general FE community or Arch within the hacking community.
  15. 11th May 812 - The Raewald/Myrcia border The announcement from Ethel had mobilised the forces of Raewald, the vast force moving to the border to begin the path through Myrcia. The hills and mountains of Raewald flattened out, the plains of Myrcia coming into view. The countryside wasn't too disimilar to that of Wyke, although there was a distinct foreign air to the atmosphere. The march across Raewald highlighted the size of the force Ethel had assembled, the number of fighters dwarfed Wyke's own army - perhaps highlighting how Deira had taken Wyke by storm. Many were faceless pawns, people who would probably die and never be thought of again. However, there were a few familiar faces from Raewald. The likes of Lilith and Steve were present among their ranks, and more disturbingly Feran - it appeared Ethel needed every man she could get. The days were full of marching and the camps weren't exactly homely... and the rough terrain made traversing the country difficult, but the desire to stop Deira was powerful through the army. Rumours of Olaf's ambition for continental conquest circled through the camps, the sentiment against Deira was commonplace - even bordering indiscriminate hatred against the Deiran people. Relations had never been great between the two nations, but many of the Raewaldean soldiers seemed to treat them as an inhuman species. Tarasque had showed herself to be a stoic woman, outside of giving orders and relaying information, she appeared to speak very little, keeping any small talk to a minimum. However, she became far more vocal once they approached a verge, looking down at a village in the distance. Smoke was wafting from the collection of houses, with golden banners surrounding the edges of it. It had only been a week, but Deira had managed to spread its forces right to the western border of Myrcia. Owen's group had gathered with Tarasque at the front of their forces, looking at the village under attack ahead. "Deira... taking even a village like this for themselves." she growled, crossing her arms as she scowled into the distance. "They've moved quicker than expected, our reports must have underestimated how far they'd spread. Time isn't on our side, but leaving this village to suffer doesn't sit well with me. Prince Owen, we'll need to make a call... this might be a good place to beat some information out of Deiran troops, as well as stop them spreading further. The defensive forces have the border behind us covered, they'll catch anyone who slips past us." Nelon stepped forward, looking at the sky above the village. "There are no signs of any flying squadrons... it appears that they have not fielded the Reliants here." he added, his eyes slipping down towards the village again. "I cannot see evidence of any camps in the area, it is quite likely that they have only recently arrived... this may be our chance to prevent any serious casualties in the village." "I agree, the last thing we want is for them to set up a new camp, especially one so close to our border." Tarasque replied, looking over at Owen. "I'm leaning towards stepping in. Your Baron Nelon appears to agree. Any thoughts from yourself, Prince Owen?" The party is free to post!