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  1. Deciding whether or not to attend the briefing had been a difficult choice for Tarquin. Part of him had wanted to visit Nikolai in the medbay, but now was a vital time for his friend's treatment - he would have only gotten in the way being there. His crippled friend aside, there was another oddity that was very quickly explained. A second Christina was sitting in the room with them. Whilst on a superficial level they were almost identical, there was something offputting about the second one that put her apart from the other. Cloning was a valid explanation, although Apotheosis seemed rather poor at making anyone too adept at piloting. That was likely to change with his Professor working with them. Tarquin himself was proof that a capable pilot could be genetically crafted and trained in a fraction of the time of an ordinary one. It had still taken 14 years for him to get to where he was now, could Apotheosis speed up the process? The revelation hadn't bothered him as much as he thought it would. After all, he'd been created for combat, the Professor couldn't have been the only one to have the idea. Chris' existence reminded him a lot of T-2, a failed copy with no real direction. Her hostility towards the original made sense, T-2 resented him for basically being a better version of her. He had several things he wanted to say, but Kim's talk of inhuman attackers was enough to keep him quiet for now. Were they facing alien invaders? It sounded like something out of a bad cartoon, but not too much stranger than what they had already faced.
  2. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg moves to 13,4! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg attacks Thief #5 with her Steel Bow! (59 35) Naimanzuunnadintsetseg deals 19 damage! (12/31 HP remaining) Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 10 XP! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 1 Bow WEXP! Hiero moves to 15,15! Hiero equips his Iron Axe! Hiero helps Astaroth equip his Steel Sword! Hiero uses his Vulnerary to regain his HP! What a busy beaver! Cass attacks Thief #5 with her Iron Sword! 16 Atk, 90% Hit, 5% Crit (46 56) Such a meanie! Cass gains 22 XP! Cass gains 2 Sword WEXP! Cass steals back her Libro! "Aptly put, Princess Cassandra. I shall attend to Sir Duhamel and his woefully fragile disposition. Let us pray none of these savages has a shovel handy." Sebastian moves to 11,3! Sebastian heals Alain back to full HP! Sebastian gains 8 XP! Sebastian gains 2 Staff WEXP! ENEMY PHASE "You dunderheads! Can't you beat some girlies and a man in a dress? I'm going in!" Danval moves to 11,7! Brigand #6 moves to 15,13! Brigand #6 attacks Hiero with his Hand Axe! 10 Atk, 72% Hit, 9% Crit (40 6) Ouch! Hiero goes down! "Damn, maybe I should have chosen the other guys." Brigand #8 attacks Aurelio with his Hand Axe! 9 Atk, 71% Hit, 4% Crit (71 98) By a hair! Brigand #9 attacks Aurelio with his Steel Axe! 10 Atk, 61% Hit, 2% Crit (14 78) Aurelio takes 10 damage! (35/45 HP remaining) Aurelio strikes back! 19 Atk, 61% Hit, 5% Crit, 16% Luna (32 36 4) Aurelio's axe glimmers blue! Aurelio cuts through Brigand #9! Hunter #1 moves to 15,6! Hunter #1 attacks Sylvia with his Longbow! 12 Atk, 54% Hit, 0% Crit (41 84) Sylvia takes 12 damage! (14/36 HP remaining) Sylvia gains 5 XP! Chapter 10B Turn 5 Spreadsheet Danval looked around, the corpses of his men surrounding the very women he had been hoping to capture. "Oi! Where are you all hiding? If you're pretendin' to be dead I'm not going to be happy! Nobody messes with Danval the Dangerous!" he hollered, shaking his sword at the group. Even Graham had finally seen through the man's threats, he was all talk and had nothing to back it up - especially now all of his men had died. Sebastian gave him a reassuring nod, his young master was finally coming out of his shell. There was the matter of the bowman as well, but even against the lightly armoured Sylvia, he hadn't left too much of a mark. "Cass, if we gang up on him we can stop his boasting." Graham suggested, notching another arrow. "If I shoot him, someone else can go in for the kill." Meanwhile, Astaroth and friends were having a far less fun time. A surprise throwing axe had taken out Hiero, leaving the tribal chief with their newcomer. "Not gonna lie, kinda expected him to go down first." Aurelio remarked, the blue glow fading from his weapon. His decision to help the slightly more civilised pair wasn't working out particularly well, but it was a little late for him to change his mind. "I say we take one of them down first, two against one sounds a lot better for us."
  3. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "I look forward to hearing the report afterwards." Tarasue replied, circling one of the villages on the map. "The village is called Oston, right by the coast. From there you're free to sail to Wyke, providing you don't torch their harbour. I'll ensure that necessary weaponry is available. If these weapons are weak against fire, equipping your troops is an advantage that would be foolish to ignore. Preparations will be done tonight, my forces will attend to the spellcaster. I wish you the best of luck, Prince Owen. Although I would hope that you wouldn't need to rely on it." Owen's party gains an Elfire and a Flaming Bow! - 17th May 812 - Outside Oston True to their leader's desires, Owen's group had travelled southwest to reach the village of Oston. A quaint little seaside village, the sea air was almost reminiscent of when they had landed in Magonsaete. Damage to the village was minimal, but the golden glimmer of Deiran troops from afar made it very clear that they had a strong grasp over it. No longer under the watchful eye of General Tarasque, Owen was his own man once more, and many of his men appeared more relaxed under his direct leadership. Their path had kept them out of sight for the most part, but Deiran forces were preparing to defend. Nelon approached Owen, looking out at their target ahead. "The village hall appears to be their base of operations, Prince Owen. It is likely to be where their leader resides. Unfortunately there is not away to approach it from land without travelling through the village itself." Nelon informed, pointing to a large building by the coast. "We may have to battle through the village in order to claim it." Esclabor wasn't far behind, crossing his arms as he walked forwards with a scowl. "I say we charge them, if they're splitting up the Justice Frauds to defend it means that they're on the run. If these guys were so amazing they'd be on the offense." Chapter 10A - Defense Defusal Objective: Defeat Barnaby Spreadsheet! Deploy in the blue zone! Three NPC's may be deployed!
  4. Tarquin stood there as the rescue crew lifted Nikolai away, his consciousness completely isolated from everything around him. There would have been countless situations like the one he was in now, was this how everyone who had allies shot down felt like? Standing right in front of the wreckage made it seem far closer than it did before. The wind swept across him, drawing a thick stream of smoke with it. Its heat was a juxtaposition to how he felt, his own arms and legs still felt frozen, separate from the rest of his body. He didn't turn to Makoto, his eyes were fixed on the flaming wreckage of the Umbra. This was the grown-up world that he'd been shielded from, it wasn't just an assignment that he was expected to complete... it was a war for survival. Nobody had asked him if he wanted to be part of it, quite the contrary, he had been created specifically to continue it. However he acted, his choices were going to prolong the lives of some people, and cut others drastically short. The thought of it was rather nihilistic, what actually mattered? "Give me a little longer, Makoto." Tarquin replied, looking up at the smoke as it trailed into the air. As unpleasant a scene as it was for him, he took a surreal comfort in how far away he was from everyone else. Nikolai had avoided death, but how much of him that would remain, both physically and psychologically, was another question. "Es ist so kalt, selbst die Flammen können mich nicht wärmen." He turned back to the Aria, staring up at the metal giant. It too had lost its companion, but it would take it better than Tarquin had. Was feeling happy really worth having to feel like this? "Not a problem, I am sure we can handle anything that get thrown our way, right?" If only Nikolai had been right. Tarquin had seen Nikolai as an un-killable survivor, a human imbued with the tenacity of a cockroach. Said cockroach had just been stepped on. - Talia had sat through the entire mission under her covers, cowering every time the Riese was bombarded. After a while, there was silence. Had it stopped, was the mission over? She crawled out from underneath them, cautiously escaping from her fabric cocoon. She couldn't help but be disappointed in herself, everyone else had rushed to deploy... and she hadn't even got out of bed. She stepped out of bed, leaning agains the mirror on the wall. Looking at herself in the mirror made her feel sick, she almost wished the loser looking back at her was someone else. "Don't look at me like that... you're making me hate you too." she muttered, averting her gaze. She needed to get better, being so pathetic for so long, she couldn't go on like this. It was a bold ambition, but how could she even approach it? She only acted when she felt she was in danger, like back at the facility or when she was in the Umbra. Her knees started to shake, perhaps she needed to start smaller... flying a metal coffin wasn't going to help her at all. "Maybe if I just go for a walk... then I've gone out of my room... that's progress, right?" It was awful, such a tiny step and she was already having second thoughts. The bed was starting to look like a tempting option again.
  5. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Out with a Bang "Unless one of our own haz decided to 'elp ze Deiran swine wiz dominating ze continent." Pierre replied, visibly disgusted at the thought of one of his countrymen doing something so vile. The talk of girls changed the tone entirely as well as caught Pierre's full attention. "Oui, oui. I found myzelf a good few wondrous ladies, I was even so bold to give one a smack on ze bottom... oh? It iz a complicated matter. I came to zis continent trying to find my lord's son. However, I 'ave 'ad no luck at all. Monsieur Jean iz not an easy man to find." The group's suggestions either amused or pleased Tarasque, it was somewhat difficult if she actually appreciated in the input or found the attempts at helping funny. "The other village has roughly the same numbers, with a fairly heavy proportion of mages. Their leader is a master of defensive magic, her spells seem to block all but a few attacks... we haven't quite idenitified a pattern to what gets through or not. Defeating her would give us a clear path through to Deira. We'd need to be certain we could defeat them there, a loss would be a hefty blow. " Tarasque replied, tracing a line on the map between the village and Deira. Angus' suggestion made her pause, the general genuinely impressed for once. "We would risk damage to the village and its populace, but if these explosives react badly to fire... I think we might be able to work with that. Kearney, was it? I'm almost impressed. Well, Prince Owen. Any strong feelings about which path you take? My forces will be heading to the Deiran capital regardless." The party discover Firearms' weakness!
  6. Sylvia moves to 12,6! Sylvia attacks Mage #1 with her Pike! (32 19) Such dead. Sylvia gains 27 XP! Sylvia gains 2 Lance WEXP! "Don't mess this up..." Graham attacks Hunter #4 with his Steel Bow! (81 27) Graham succeeds for once! Graham gains 27 XP! Graham gains 2 Bow WEXP! Graham gains 1 LEXP! Graham grows to level 16! (76 33 94 79 29 40 44 4) HP up! Strength up! Speed up! Luck up! Resistance up! Astaroth moves to 14,15! Astaroth attacks Thief #4 with his Killer Bow! 25 Atk, 73% Hit, 36% Crit, 20% Adept (1 99) Great hit, bad crit? Astaroth gains 23 XP! Astaroth gains 2 Bow WEXP! Astaroth reclaims the Vulnerary! "I dunno, buddy. You don't really look that much better. How about you stop yapping and let me do my thing?" Aurelio moves to 16,14! Aurelio attacks Brigand #9 with his Steel Axe! 18 Atk, 59% Hit, 5% Crit, 16% Luna (8 35 20) Aurelio does 18 damage! (19/37 HP remaining) Brigand #9 attacks back! 10 Atk, 61% Hit, 2% Crit (66 1) Close shave! Alain moves to 12,3! Alain attacks Thief #5 with Thunder! 22 Atk, 81% Hit, 14% Crit (95 6) Maybe Belial wasn't paying attention? Alain gains 5 XP! Alain gains 1 Tome WEXP!
  7. There are still some questions as to why he would prefer to remain in a barbarian wasteland rather than any of the civilised nations, but that can be discussed later. Please join the discord via this link. It'll take you to the new player channel where we can hammer out some other details.
  8. "As you please, Princess. It would be an inconvenient detour." Sebastian moves to 11,6! Sebastian is forced to attack Brigand #4 Sebastian attacks Brigand #4 with his Throwing Knife! 9 Atk, 86% hit, 16% Crit (4 62) Sebastian deals 9 damage! (12/41 HP remaining) Sebastian gains 9 XP! Sebastian gains 1 WEXP! Cass moves to 11,5! Cass has to attack Brigand #4! Cass attacks Brigand #4 with Gaffney's Sword! 17 Atk, 100% Hit, 18% Crit (49 39) No more provoking for you! Cass gains 36 XP! Cass gains 2 Sword WEXP! Cass picks up a Killer Axe! Killer Axe goes to Cass' convoy! Sylvia moves to 8,6! Sylvia attacks Brigand #7 with her Culverin Revolver! 15 Atk, 92% Hit, 9% Crit, 19% Adept (71 11) Bang! Sylvia deals 15 damage! (2/36 HP remaining) (61) Sylvia gains 10 XP! Hiero moves to 13,15! Hiero helps Astaroth equip his Steel Sword! Hiero uses his Vulnerary to return to full HP! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg moves to 9,6! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg attacks Brigand #7 with her Gutting Knife! 14 Atk, 92% Hit, 49% Crit (80 43) Kablammo! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 30 XP! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 2 WEXP! ENEMY PHASE Brigand #1 moves to 10,4! Brigand #1 attacks Alain with his Steel Axe! 15 Atk, 56% Hit, 0% Crit (7 13) Alain takes 15 damage! (9/28 HP remaining) Alain shoots back with Thunder! 19 Atk, 94% Hit, 19% Crit (44 11) Brigand #1 sparkles like a Christmas Tree! Then melts... Alain gains 33 XP! Alain gains 2 Tome WEXP! Brigand #2 moves to 10,3! Brigand #2 attacks Alain with his Hand Axe! 13 Atk, 67% Hit, 0% Crit (87 3) Lucky miss! Alain thunders back! 20 Atk, 93% Hit, 20% Crit (43 3) Alain fries another dude! Alain gains 33 XP! Alain gains 2 Tome WEXP! Alain grows to level 18! (79 59 5 15 19 50 48 99) Magic up! Skill up... lol Speed up! Luck up! Brigand #6 attacks Hiero with his Hand Axe! Nihil deactivates Hit+10! 10 Atk, 62% Hit, 9% Crit (66 5) Phew! Hiero gains 5 XP! Brigand #8 moves to 14,14! Brigand #8 attacks Hiero with his Hand Axe! 8 Atk, 75% Hit, 10% Crit (57 67) Hiero takes 8 damage! (17/25 HP remaining) Hiero gains 5 XP! Brigand #9 moves to 16,15! Hunter #2 moves to 15,2! Hunter #4 moves to 13,4! Hunter #4 attacks Graham with his Steel Bow! 4 Atk, 76% Hit, 6% Crit (42 72) Graham takes 4 damage! (30/42 HP remaining) Graham shoots back! 22 Atk, 96% Hit, 0% Crit (90 4) Graham deals 22 damage! (12/34 HP remaining) Hunter #4 attacks again! (25 65) Another 4 damage for Graham! (26/42 HP remaining) Graham gains 10 XP! Graham gains 1 Bow WEXP! Graham gains 1 LEXP! Thief #4 moves to 13,14! Thief #4 steals Hiero's Vulnerary! Thief #5 moves to 12,4! Thief #5 steals Cass' Libro! Mage #1 moves to 13,6! Mage #1 attacks Sebastian with Thunder! 10 Atk, 70% Hit, 4% Crit (47 68) Sebastian takes 10 damage! (27/37 HP remaining) Sebastian throws a knife back! 10 Atk, 85% Hit, 17% Crit (10 94) Sebastian deals 10 damage! (23/33 HP remaining) Sebastian gains 8 XP! Sebastian gains 1 WEXP! "Yer pumpkinheads are useless! I'm going north... no wait... south?" Danval moves to 9,11! Someone steps out of the house! Chapter 10B Turn 4 Spreadsheet Graham averted his gaze, trying to avoid looking back at Cass after her stern words. "I guess we should look after ourselves first." he mumbled back, his enemy's arrows clanging heftily against his armour. He hadn't intended to miss the mark against the axeman, it stung even if things had worked out in the end. He could only watch as his faithful butler was struck by lightning, thankfully taking the hit better than Alain's foes. Sebastian cast Graham a sly smile, striking the mage right in the knee with his throwing knife. "Do not worry, Master Graham. It appears that someone else has decided to lend some aid to our mounted decoys. Perhaps they will be a little more careful in their positioning." he remarked, watching casually as the newcomer stepped out from the house. He was a tall blonde man, too well kept to be one of the bandits. His armour was rather basic, but was a bright blue, and sporting an emblem on the shoulder. "No point holding out for Baron Escablunder, he's probably charged his way off a cliff." Aurelio grunted, resting his axe on his shoulder as he stepped forwards. "Probably shouldn't get involved, but I'm sick of watching cavemen hit each other over the head with clubs. I'm picking the guys who are actually wearing shirts."
  9. Hey, I've been caught up with work, but I've had a chance to review your sign up. For the most part it's actually pretty coherent. There are just a couple of things I feel could do with clarifying or developing to enable you to get the most out of the RP. Why did he specifically remain in Magonsaete? Was there a reason why he would remain there instead of attempting to return home? It would also be good to go into more depth about the nature of his work. Magonsaete is a collection of bandit tribes, were there certain ones he tended to work for or was it lucky dip? His stats still use 60 base points, this is above the number you're allowed. You will be automatically levelled but you need to create a character as if they were level 1.
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Plans and Bangs Pierre slinked away from Tarasque's side, ushering Suleiman closer for a more hushed conversation. He twisted his mustache between his fingers. He didn't appear as concerned about the mention of explosives, if anything there was a smug sense of superiority to his expression. "Ah, Monsieur Suleiman. All zis talk of explosives makes me laugh. Ze idea of an 'and'eld firearm would have been novel at home per'aps a century ago." he chuckled. "Zere weapons are going to be crude and unrefined. I would be surprised even if zey don't explode in zere faces, ohonhonhon." Tarasque ignored the foreigner's conversation, giving him a dismissive scowl as she started to address the groups' concerns. "Mages take years to train and they drop like flies once somebody points a sword at them. These explosives, if they've made them small enough to carry, you could train a soldier in weeks. With enough of them, it could revolutionise a battlefield." she explained, visibily displeased by Deira's advantage. "Our reports thankfully suggest that there are relatively few of them, about a dozen men carrying small cannons. We don't have a huge amount of information on their leader, other than the fact his explosives are small round balls. Taking the village he's stationed at is likely to be more dangerous, but attacking him whilst our forces are fresh may minimise losses." She paused as Owen spoke, giving his question more thought before replying than with the other's issues. "It depends if you think your people are capable of doing so. If we can stop this explosives expert, it would allow a clear path to the Deiran border, as well as the Myrcian coastline." she replied, curious as to Owen's angle. "Wyke would be less than a day's sail away from the coast. It would certainly be within our grasp."
  11. Tarquin's attempts at firefighting had gone poorly, his extinguisher was already reduced to a pathetic dribble by the time the mechanic had reached him. Anything other than the flames had faded away into his peripheral vision, it was only when he felt the hand on his shoulder that brought him back to reality. Was he really that powerless? No matter how clever or talented he was a pilot, he'd been unable to prevent Nikolai's fate. He looked up at the mechanic, his eyes wide with horror, completely lost for words to respond with. It didn't feel real, the team swarming around him, the gushing of the hoses, it all seemed so far away. What was he even fighting for? All combat had done was deprive him of his only real friend, what did he even have to show for it. His tongue sat in his mouth, weighed down by the gravity of the situation. His mind couldn't think of anything to say either, the only thing he had decided on that was he didn't want to cry. He turned suddenly as the crew called out, carrying Nikolai, or what was left of him away. He was torn between relief and sheer horror. Nikolai appeared to be alive, but for how long and in what state was down to Dr Amparo. He knew she'd essentially reattached Kim's arm, but Nikolai was on a whole different level. "Nikolai." He muttered weakly, his eyes followed his toasted comrade as he was carried away. His legs wouldn't let him move, effectively fused to the ground beneath him. He was powerless yet again, his friend had done so much for him... and all he could do was watch.
  12. Astaroth attacks Thief #4 with his Killer Bow! 25 Atk, 73% Hit, 36% Crit, 20% Adept (71 52) Astaroth deals 25 damage! (5/30 HP remaining) (35) Engel is a lie. Astaroth gains 10 XP! Astaroth gains 1 Bow WEXP! Astaroth cantos to 11,15! "Are you sure? They look like they're really struggling." Graham moves to 11,4! Graham has to attack Brigand #4 due to Provoke! Graham attacks Brigand #4 with his Steel Bow! 21 Atk, 87% Hit, 0% Crit (90 20) Graham misses! Graham gains 5 XP! Graham gains 1 Bow WEXP! Alain moves to 10,5! Alain has to attack Brigand #4! Alain attacks Brigand #4 with Thunder! 20 Atk, 89% Hit, 18% Crit (78 50) Alain deals 20 damage! (21/41 HP remaining) Alain gains 11 XP! Alain gains 1 Tome WEXP!
  13. Defeating Carlos was a hollow victory, an empty unsatisfying achievement that couldn't possibly undo the tragedy that had occured. The mission escaped his mind entirely, Tarquin's only goal to was to find Nikolai. He was holding onto a glimmer of hope, a string of good luck that would keep his friend alive. He'd over a dozen people during his assignment on the Heion Riese, but all of them were faceless redshirted enemies, he didn't need to care about any of them at all. The situation was now very different, one of their own had gone down and left Tarquin with a bitter reminder of the fragility of the people around him. He wouldn't wish death upon any of his allies, but why did it have to be Nikolai? It was almost unfair, fate had selected the very worst option. He was fixed on the Umbra's wreckage, landing the Aria down next to the flaming heap of metal. The flames were intense, spotting Nikolai would be impossible from the cockpit - and getting to him without falling to the flames himself would eb difficult. There was one tool he had at his disposal, and he was glad that his memory was so precise. He reached down to the side of his seat, withdrawing a fire extinguisher from a panel. The Aria might have been an experimental model, but it thankfully adhered to standard ANF fire safety regulations, a three hour lecture that he could still recall. Thankfully his medical pack had been restocked, but realistically there was very little he could do even if he did find Nikolai. Upon his command, the Aria knelt down, its pilot swifty departing the machine and clambering down it to the ground. "Nikolai! Wo bist du?" Tarquin called out, shielding his face with his hands as he approached the blaze. There was no way he could contain it entirely, but he needed to give Nikolai the best chances possible. Aiming the nozzle ahead of him, he let out a spray of foam, tickling the flames at best. "Bitte sag was! Ich werde dich finden!" His attempts were almost certainly futile, the flames were barely phased by his feeble attempt at quelling it. Using the Aria was out of the question though, he'd kill Nikolai for certain if he tried to douse it with water or soil. His stomach twisted, he was quickly facing the realisation that his friend would burn to death if he hadn't already, he was going to be alone again.
  14. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg moves to 7,2! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg attacks Brigand #5 with her Steel Bow 24% Hit, 95% Hit, 9% Crit (88 33) (80 37) The dead! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 33 XP! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 3 Bow WEXP! "Allow me to provide cutlery." Sebastian moves to 9,5! Sebastian attacks Thief #3 with his Throwing Knife! (57 38) And cut! Sebastian gains 7 XP! Sebastian gains 2 WEXP! Graham moves to 9,6! "Time to show what I can do... I hope she's watching..." Graham's Power of Love activates! Graham attacks Hunter #3 with his Steel Bow! 20 Atk, 96% Hit, 0% Crit (52 45) Right between the eyes! Graham gains 33 XP! Graham gains 2 Bow WEXP! Graham gains 1 LEXP! ENEMY PHASE "What are you all doing! Do I have to go in and do it myself?" Danval has been provoked! Brigand #1 moves to 11,1! Brigand #2 moves to 13,2! Brigand #4 moves to 12,5! Brigand #6 moves to 13,13! Brigand #7 moves to 10,6! Brigand #7 attacks Graham with his Steel Axe! He cannot disable the Power of Love! 8 Atk, 59% Hit, 2% Crit (44 16) (69 6) Graham takes 8 damage! (34/42 HP remaining) Graham gains 5 XP! Brigand #8 moves to 15,10! Brigand #8 attacks Astaroth with his Hand Axe! 13 Atk, 57% Hit, 3% Crit (55 63) Astaroth takes 13 damage! (20/33 HP remaining) Astaroth gains 5 XP! Brigand #9 moves to 19,11! Brigand #9 attacks Hiero with his Steel Axe! 9 Atk, 65% Hit, 8% Crit (52 43) Hiero takes 9 damage! (16/25 HP remaining) Hiero attacks back with his Iron Axe! 17 Atk, 47% Hit, 2% Crit Nihil disables Avoid+10 (75 89) Hiero misses! Hiero gains 5 XP! Hiero gains 1 Axe WEXP! Hunter #1 stays put! Hunter #2 stays put! Thief #4 moves to 18,14! Thief #5 moves to 11,7! Mage #1 stays put! Chapter 10B - Turn 3 Spreadsheet The number of bandits around them had decreased dramatically, the party's tight formation giving their foes very few chances. Sebastian appeared content with how things were going, having effortlessly dispatched another foe. "May I recommend a venture south? The enemy commander's tactics are a little lacking, unless he intended to leave himself alone out in the open." he commented, flicking a few specks of blood from the tip of his blade. "As for the rest, it seems they are more interested in our mounted friends. They may require aid if Master Graham and Princess Cassandra are feeling charitable. I suppose I should be grateful that you're not the ones causing the trouble this time." "What do you think, Cass? We are fighting against the same bandits... maybe they'd want to help?" Graham suggested sheepishly, unsure that Cass would want to get involved with any more strangers - their group was starting to get larger already. "They might know the area better than we do."
  15. It seemed almost distant, the Umbra going up in smoke and blowing to pieces felt unreal. The fragments of the machine scattered like molten confetti, with no real remains of the machine to be seen. Tarquin waited for Nikolai to curse the hit or at least make some claim about throwing his own excrement at the enemy. A few seconds passed and Tarquin didn't get his response at all. There was an unnerving silence, Nikolai hadn't even uttered a word, and the Umbra was no longer showing up on his display. Tarquin frantically hammered away at the console, trying to find another explanation for it. He'd broken something when his rifle shorted, Avery had put a monitor in upside-down, his mind was rapidly running out of excuse, there were no mental gymnastics that could let him avoid the unsettling reality. His heart started racing, a cold sweat trickled down his forehead, even the thought of Nikolai being dead made him want to vomit. "Nikolai, bitte antworte mir. Bitte antworte, sag einfach etwas ... irgendetwas ... Du kannst nicht ..." Tarquin pleaded, setting his sights on Carlos' machine. Why did it have to be now? If he hadn't suggested that Nikolai used the Umbra... he couldn't help but at least partially blame himself. Could he have survived? He slammed his fists down on one of the consoles. It wasn't fair, Nikolai was his first real friend, the first person who could even begin to understand him. A twisting sensation enveloped his heart, Apotheosis couldn't take Nikolai away from him, and if they had, they would pay. He'd shorted out his rifle by setting it to 100% earlier, although the result had been impressive. He didn't care if it totalled his own machine, he was going to make Carlos pay. "Disabling primary and secondary output limiters, engaging enemy with theoretical maximum capacity." Tarquin growled, flicking off the switches quickly. "Setting sights on enemy sniper... Ich werde den verdammten kleinen Scheiß töten." Tarquin senses and attacks Carlos with the Full Output Railgun!