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  1. (Words LATER) Elaine Accel, Valor, move to 12,18 and Lunar Phase Shift Saturn 2 Tarquin Sense, Shield Bash Fatima
  2. The combination attack between Fatima and one of her minions was something Tarquin couldn't take lightly. Evading and retaliating against the first was simple enough but the sheer speed and power behind Fatima's approach was tremendous. Either she'd studied his record or she was truly furious, a close quarters attack like that was something he could barely reply to. Forcing the Aria's shield in front of him at the last second, Tarquin felt the impact of the blocked blow. The entire cockpit shook, the screech of tearing metal ringing in his ears as the glaive's blade ripped against the Aria's shield and body in turn. It had been a split second decision to defend, but he was glad he had. The stingers wouldn't have done anything to halt the approach - and probably would have seen his end. "Scheiße, das war viel zu nah für meinen Geschmack." Tarquin muttered, putting a little more distance between himself and Fatima. It wasn't Fatima was displeased with Tarquin's victory over Carlos, she was absolutely livid. Considering how he felt when Nikolai went down, such a response was to be expected. She'd done a number on the Aria too, he was picking up several damage alerts and system malfunctions - including his railgun's power supply. Fatima had made one mistake though, her attack had put her in a vulnerable position. He couldn't exactly engage her at this range but that couldn't be said for his allies. "Take him back, I've gotten what I wanted from him. I'd be careful with how you treat dolls, sometimes we fight back." Tarquin replied, a strange sense of kinship tainting his smug response. Killing or maiming Carlos wouldn't do anything to help Nikolai and Louise was proof that vengeance could go too far. "Coming in close would be the best tactic to defeat me, but that would assume that I lacked adequate support. Chasing after a doll who shot down your friend might not be the cleverest, no?" Tarquin smiled, he wasn't sure if he taunting her or trying to offer her advice, perhaps even both. The battle wasn't anywhere near from over, but he felt at peace. He might have been forced into his fate, but he was the one choosing to move forward through it.
  3. Friends Turned Sebastian was content with the partial resolution, focusing on Malaphar and schemes would at least provide a common goal for them all despite their differences. That however didn't make their task any easier, Malaphar was a potent force on his own, let alone orchestrating a whole nation of bandits. "My apologies for interjecting, but I can confirm Malaphar's combat prowess from my own observations. It is not that he is simply powerful, but he possesses magical abilities beyond the reach of even the wisest wizards." Sebastian confirmed, combining the knowledge of Owen's brief alliance with Malaphar with what he had been told by his predecessor. "Master Javier had said he had a grasp on reality at its core. Navigating through space and time as if he were on another plane of existence. Decades ago he only had a rudimentary command over his abilities, but I fear they have progressed with time. It is not clear why he would encourage conflict, his motives are unclear." "The Aega may have declined his offer, the individual who visited us warned that refusal would result in our end." Hera lamented, fearing that her choice would have resulted in her clan's death regardless. "Emmet... I think that was the man's name. He wasn't overtly threatening... but he made me uncomfortable, there was something off-putting about how he carried himself." Spooks had materialised next to Alain, sending a gentle stream of cold air around him. "i wOULD dIE aGAIN fOR yOU, mASTER... iF yOU aSKED mE tO hANG mYSELF, i wOULD gO sEARCH fOR rOPE." Spooks soothed, practically inches away from Alain. "i cAN sTILL sMELL a dEAD mAN's sTENCH. hE wAS hERE oNLY dAYS aGO."
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Wise words, Prince Owen... I shall have to keep an eye on you, you're almost as interesting as your sister." Owen attacks Arteria with his Whip! 21 Atk, 72% Hit, 0% Crit, 17% Astra (79 33 20) Owen misses! Owen gains 5 XP! "Almost... she would have come right at me instead of playing with a piece of string." Arteria looked over at the newly emerged Suleiman, yawning as she cast her gaze. "To your credit, Prince Owen, you make as many friends as you lose. You should really tell them more, otherwise they will ask all sorts of questions." she taunted. "I'm a friend of the Wykian royals. Perhaps I'm here to stop you finding her, perhaps I'm here to find out where she is... maybe I'm just bored. There are so many different answers, which one do you like best?"
  5. One of Firmia's henchmen was broadcasting a request to avoid destroying Carlos' machine, supposedly for another one of Firmia's selfish schemes. He hadn't completely destroyed the machine, but keeping the damage to a minimum hadn't been his priority - nor was the fate of the pilot. He'd done it, he'd struck back at the foe who had crippled Nikolai... it wasn't a happy ending for anyone involved, but his shot hitting the Rhea had been satisfying. "My priority was disabling the enemy unit, optional advice was acknowledged." Tarquin replied, taking a degree of rebellious pleasure in the damage he'd dealt to the Rhea. For so long he'd followed orders to a tee, perhaps some more flexibilty and freedom would be something he enjoyed. He had one last message to make, although he wasn't entirely certain whether Carlos was alive to hear it or his communications were functional enough to receive. "I'm not like the other clones, you weren't shot down by T-4... I'm Tarquin. Make sure Professor Liebenwalde knows that too." Tarquin said firmly, this wasn't something that he was commanded to do, this was something he actively wanted.
  6. Tarquin smirked, his grin as smug as his face was possibly capable of. "My apologies, but that day will require a luckier target than yourself. I don't care whether you survive or not, this is all I want." Tarquin replied, his sights locked onto Carlos. There was no chance that he was going to miss, this was the shot that he'd been waiting for all mission. "Nikolai, I can't undo the damage that this man has caused you such damage but I'll make sure he knows that his actions did not go unpunished." Roxana attacks Carlos with Dual Beam Cannons with Tarquin suppprting with Full Output Railgun Tarquin attacks Carlos with Full Output Railgun
  7. Fragile Alliance "oF cOURSE, mASTER. i wOULD sTAND iN tHE rAIN fOR yOU uNTIL i wAS sOAKED tO tHE bONE... wHICH wOULD hAPPEN rIGHT aWAY". Mr Bones proclaimed, jumping up and giving Alain a salute. "cOME sTRANGE sPEAKING sKELETON. tHE mEAT wEARING sKELETONS nEED uS oUTSIDE." Mr Bones and Señor Bones ambled outside, although the latter only seemed to understand when beckoned towards the door. Graham was relieved that Nana had taken refuge in the corner of the room, remaining silent for the time being. What was less than ideal was the argument that had broken out, people didn't seem happy with Cass for some reason. Why hadn't he noticed any of these problems? He thought that Cass had been doing well up until now, she'd always taken charge when they were younger... had he just accepted that things would be done her way? He was ready to interject but Sebastian shot him a stern look, shaking his head as if he disapproved of getting involved. Graham sighed, everyone was ganging up on Cass and it was frustrating that he wasn't being allowed to help. Aurelio, on the other hand, didn't feel any particular reason to keep quiet, stepping into the argument for himself. "Captain Kettletrousers is right, having a big toss up after all this ain't going to fix much. I'm following the Princess because it's better than hiding in a hut from a bunch of brain eating cavemen, you guys are following her to get this country sorted out. Nobody's really got any better options looking at it." he remarked, finding some irony in him trying to promote group unity. "We've got a Princess with no country, a tribe leader with no tribe, one who commands a pair of idiots and a wizard with friends who live in a cave. I'm not the biggest fan of Clip-Clop, but he's giving it his best." Barry and Paul were off to the side by themselves, listening in carefully. "I feel sorry for the tribe leader with idiots, I bet they're completely incompetent too." Barry whispered smugly, his brother even more oblivious to the conversation than himself. Hera was rather unsettled by the conversation, how had these people defeated her warriors when they could barely even get along? "I... I miss Adele too, Cass." Graham interjected, disregarding Sebastian's warning to stay out. "It was so much easier when we had everyone. It was you, me, Adele, Owen... and Jeeves. I couldn't do anything to stop any of them going away, I was too scared and I just let things happened... maybe if I tried... I don't want to repeat mistakes either. I don't know what's right for Magonsaete, but I know it isn't this Malaphar. None of us want him to have his way. "Malaphar... the man I spoke to called him his master. He was a strange fellow, but the promises he made and the power he showed... if there were a man he were to bow to, it seemed like there was no other option." Hera admitted, visibly ashamed by her own poor judgement. "How much power does Malaphar hold? How is one man able to tempt the south into a unity never seen before?"
  8. The death of Louise by her own hand had left Elaine rather numb, the complete disbelief of the situation consuming her attention. She'd barely even noticed the enemy attacking her and missed her counterattack horrible. Why had it shaken her up so much? Louise was cruel, she'd tormented Elaine and relished toying with her as a child would by pulling the legs off of an insect. The way she'd died didn't sit right by her, a horrific accident was no way to go, even for a psychopath. "Crying like a baby ain't gonna fix this, Elaine." Elaine barked, slapping herself in the face firmly. For once, she was right, feeling sorry for herself wasn't going to keep her friends, and Tarquin, alive. She could worry about things like feelings and thinking later, there were too many enemies for sulking and she had something she needed to test out. Grinning, Elaine felt her heart start to race, she hadn't activated the Lunar Phase Transience since she got arrested and put in jail. She wasn't sure why her uncle had called it that, but it had a more mature ring to it than the "Super Kill Mode". Punching a glass panel to her side, Elaine's entire cockpit was bathed in a red light, it was time to show everyone what she was capable of. The back of the Oberon opened up, revealing an arrangement of thrusters which burst into action. Both of its fists burned with a bright light, the machine hurtling forwards wildly towards Carlos' Rhea. "Hey, sniper shit! Try and snipe this you cowardly bastard!" Elaine roared over communications, following up Kim's attack with a mighty blow of her own. Elaine activates LTP, casts Strike and Accel, moves to 12,23 and attacks Carlos with Lunar Phase Shift Tarquin casts Sense and awaits Carlos to respond to his threats
  9. Carlos was far calmer than Tarquin had perhaps anticipated, although it was greatly preferable to the villainous theatrics both Louise and Vera had pulled before. It was almost relieving to see that Apotheosis didn't fill its command posts with psychopaths, but it didn't change Tarquin's goals. Carlos clearly didn't understand or was simply uncaring of the damage he'd done. Expecting compassion from the enemy was a foolish thought process, he certainly didn't care much for the Apotheosis troops but it was a different matter when it came to his own friend. "Correct and also correct." Tarquin replied, somewhat unsure why he was continuing the conversation. "I wish you the best of luck. My accuracy across the last eight missions has been 100%, I'm sure you can recall our previous encounter... I intend to continue along the same theme."
  10. Louise being removed from the battlefield had done litle to calm the battle, there were still a number of threats that they needed to deal with. The base's forces were dropping one by one, and the Heion Riese was having its own trouble. The medbay was an unlikely target, the security support that they had would hopefully be able to deal with the issue. As much as Tarquin disapproved of conversing with the enemy, now was a good time for him to say a few words of his. Broadcasting solely to Carlos, Tarquin was determined to let his enemy know of his plans. First he'd shoot down his machine, what came after depended on how good a mood Tarquin was in when it happened. "You likely know far more about me than I do about you, but that doesn't matter. For my own reasons, I intend on shooting you down." Tarquin warned coldly, already inputting into his console to select his target. Both of their units excelled at long range, the difference would be from the choices they made and the support they received. Louise's mistake had been to exact her revenge blindly and disregarding everything for her own agenda - a series of errors that he didn't intended to make for himself. "I don't care whether your cause is right or wrong, you're simply my target."
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney moves to 12,14! "Of course I know who you are... Charlotte. Maybe you're right, perhaps I am hoping just like you're hoping that Owen won't replace you once he gets bored." Sidney attacks Arteria with Montana! 13 Atk, 94% Hit, 36% Crit (10 81) Sidney deals 13 damage! (42/55 HP remaining) (30 84) Sidney deals 13 damage! (29/55 HP remaining) Sidney gains 10 XP! Sidney gains 2 Bow WEXP!
  12. "You have my trust, I shall advance to provide fire support." Tarquin replied, easing the Aria closer to the front line. There were targets in range, but there was one that caught his eye, the Rhea. It was a tactical next target and it fit his own goals very nicely. Whether or not the Rhea's pilot died didn't matter, Tarquin's only goal was to put him through the same suffering as Nikolai. It wouldn't help his friend in any way, but it would enact a twisted justice for Tarquin himself. Perhaps it wasn't that different from Louise's mad quest that ended in her death, or the beginning of a slippery slope towards madness... but it didn't matter. It was what he wanted, and a necessary part of the task at hand, it was as simple as that. "Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium..." Tarquin muttered to himself, his sights set on the Rhea as he came to a halt. Tarquin moves to 17,17!
  13. Tarquin was perplexed by Kazue's surreal battle cry, but it was put to the side by Makoto's situation. Whilst the others may have expressed concern, Tarquin was relatively calm about Makoto's siutation. Despite his limited experience, Makoto had proved that he was more than capable of being part of their team. Makoto was the kind of person to give his all for his companions, but was sensible enough to not sacrifice his own survival. Whilst he still had a long way to go, Tarquin was content to call him both an ally and a friend. "Your contributions have been vital against the Regina, you have provided a significant tactical advantage." Tarquin commended, the impending demise of the Regina gave him the freedom to focus elsewhere. "An offensive position is not currently required, please ensure your own safety is prioritised." The end of the Regina came more quickly than he'd expected, and Elaine of all people had been the one to land the flying blow. Death from who Tarquin considered the poorest pilot was a cruel fate, but then again... it wasn't exactly as if Louise was innocent or undeserving by any means. - A sense of power rushed through Elaine as the Oberon's fist connected with the Regina. She could feel the vibration as she powered through, how much power had she put into the attack? It was only after Louise's message that she realised what she had done. Despite her best intentions, she was the one who had killed Louise - and unintentionall at that. The satisfaction drained from her face, a harsh sinking feeling settling in her stomach. Part of her wanted to be sick, another wanted to run away... what had she done? The hope that Louise could be saved was dashed by her dying words, nobody spoke like that unless they were done for. "Wait no... holy shit! I didn't mean... not like this! Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Elaine howled, slamming both of her fists on her controls. How did she do something so stupid? Everyone else probably thought she had done the right thing intentionally, but why did it feel so wrong? Piloting the Regina, Louise was a colossal monster that threatened everything, but now she was a feeble dying animal. Elaine hadn't just killed her, she had outright murdered her, brutalising her to the point where her last moments were likely to have been agony. Elaine didn't feel like a hero, if anything it was like she was the villain. There was nothing she could do, what had happened could not be undone - and she would have to live with it for the rest of her life.
  14. "I-... uh... well shit, that didn't sound as good as it did in my head." Elaine muttered, almost scared by Louise's insane ramblings. When Louise had been messaging her, taunting her, nearly driving her insane... she seemed so confident, so in control. However, when things got tough, everything had broken down, Louise's inner core had been exposed. She was a complete trainwreck, a twisted soul that could have been beyond salvation. There was one question, if Louise were so vile, why was she she hesitating? Surely she could finish the job and be the hero she dreamed of? Did she still feel sorry for Louise, even after all this. All her friends were fighting for their lives and Elaine was risking them all for her own whims. The Regina needed to fall, even if she did have to kill Louise for it. "No matter what I say, you always find a way to make me doubt myself. I ain't good at thinkin' or talking' most of them time, but I'm gonna do this for everyone. Including you." Elaine declared, putting the Oberon's thrusters on full. "I ain't saying that the Admiral didn't screw you over, but doing this is lettin' him screw you all over again. I'm gonna stop your robot, no matter what, I can't let you hurt anyone else." She charged forwards, the Oberon's fist primed to drive into the Regina's main body. If she played things right, maybe she could save Louise. She'd need full power to take it down, hopefully it wouldn't be too much. Elaine casts Accel and Valor, moves to 17,20 and attacks Louise with her Revolver Stake
  15. Evening of 24th May 812 - Aegan Clan Fort The rain had come quickly, Cass and her group had barely enough time to relocate before it had grown heavy. The Aegan fort was a solid enough building, its stone walls were mostly complete and whatever breaches there were seemed reasonably easy to cover. An untidy collection of plants of questionable health surrounded the building, the Aegan clan had made some attempt at farming but it was likely their efforts had been unsuccessful. Hera didn't leave the group to linger too long, instead taking them inside and away from the rain. "We all reside within the fort, it provides relief from nature's harshness. It is only a few months ago where we moved here, the building itself has been here for generations. We did not even consider using it as a home until last winter, the cold and winds were harsher than previous years... something has stirred mother nature." Hera announced, leading them into the main hall. Corridors lead off in different directions, cells lining them as they trailed into darkness. If anything the fort looked more like a converted prison, it wasn't too dissimilar to the one where Cass had met with Dettard when the fire occurred. "Our crops do not grow well, but these walls keep us safe from the other tribes. It is rare we make contact with outsiders, the priest across the river is one of the few we dealt with until that man came to us..." "oH hIM. i rEMEMBER iT lIKE iT wAS yESTERDAY. hE sEEMED lIKE a nICE gUY uNTIL wE kILLED hIM. tHEN hE wAS sORT oF dEAD." Mr Bones declared, the skeleton completely unable to adjust his volume for an indoor environment. Graham groaned, he was still uncertain why Alain was keeping his terrifying minions around - couldn't he make them disappear until the next battle? Hera looked down despondently, taking a few moments to come to terms with the death of her tribe's only ally. Kelbara smirked, the skeleton's reveal was amusing to her as it was unsympathetic for Hera. Even Aurelio could see that the moment was rather awkward, letting out a cough and quickly changing the subject. "I'm guessing it's bed time for everyone, having everyone in a place like this means people can't get the jump on you. One thing that I'm not sure about... doesn't anyone keep watch at night?" he asked, noticing the clear lack of guards at the door. "I mean, the fort's great and all, but someone could easily walk in." "tHAT's bECAUSE wE kILLED tHEM aLL." Mr Bones replied, giving a thumbs up, only for his hand to fall from his wrist. Hera's disposition only grew more solemn, with each passing statement... it only seemed to make things worse - and Barry and Paul hadn't even opened their mouths yet. The whole party is free to post!