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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The enemy vessel continued its approach with no signs of stopping, Owen's group was in for trouble. A crowd of ugly thugs garnished the ship's deck, readying themselves for the inevitable invasion. They definitely had the advantage in numbers, and it was likely they were all more adept at fighting at sea. A large caped man stood at the centre of them all, raising his axe and issuing a challenge to Owen and his crew. His beard was dark and his frame powerful, he was a man who could probably last a few rounds against the likes of Baleros. "Yarr! I be Captain Dankbeard, the dankest pirate in all o' Angelcynn!" he bellowed, his voice loud enough to carry across tens of feet of water. "We be men of the water, no landlubbers can try an' paddle through where they shouldn't be! Ye all be swimming with the fishes when we be done with ye!" "Sounds like a friendly guy, I say we go give him a swimming lesson." Esclabor remarked, steadying himself. "This is their specialty so we need to play smart, we don't have much time to play with. The moment they step foot on our deck we need to be ready." For once, Esclabor was right, it wasn't long before the two ships collided, the impact sending a shockwave across the boat. The ship's mast came crashing down, leaving it stranded as the pirates readied to board. The enemy crew were adept as Esclabor had warned, it was only a matter of minutes before they'd invaded their ship. The pirates were a varied lot, their forces comprising of a selection of fighters. More disturbingly was the presence of two in particular. Arteria and Appellon stood at opposite ends of the vessel, grinning intently - their expressions were enough to not need words, they were out for blood. Nelon had other concerns on his mind, the knight quickly approaching his liege. "It is likely we have sustained damage below deck... we will most likely require some repairs, Prince Owen." Nelon warned. "If there is a member of our group who is familiar with repair work, they may be able to stabilise any leaks until we reach shore. Leaving it would be ill-advised." Chapter 11A - Survive or Sink! Victory conditions - Defeat Captain Dankbeard OR rout all enemies on the ship Side objectives - Regain control of the ship's wheel with a sea-worthy unit to stop pirate reinforcements, repair the ship as early as possible Failure conditions - Fail to repair the ship by the start of turn 5 Spreadsheet Deploy in the blue zone! 2 NPC's may be selected!
  2. Cass moves to 13,10! Cass attacks Mercenary #3 with Thunder! (2 70 56) Hit! Cass deals 19 damage! (18/37 HP remaining) Cass gains 8 XP! Cass gains 1 Tome WEXP! "It is best I do so, red is not a colour that suits your complexion, Princess." Sebastian moves to 12,10! Sebastian heals Cass! Sebastian gains 8 XP! Sebastian gains 3 Staff WEXP!
  3. Extra security was likely to provide some sort of deterent to Apotheosis, especially after they had essentially waltzed into the beach area to taunt the crew. Whether or not it would matter depended on the incoming assault - extra guards meant very little against a full scale mobile unit attack. Vance talked of Hannah's sisters as if they were tools, equipment to be used and discarded if they failed in their duties. If the technology had been there, it could have just as easily been copies of himself assigned to act as disposable troops. Brant and Firmia were muttering about something, no doubt Firmia was going to continue her own agenda - from what he'd heard she was getting a ship to command. If Tarquin did come face to face with Vera, it was likely going to be the end of him. His body just wasn't strong enough to pose a threat to the terrorist, the most he could do would be a kamikaze strike and try to take Vera down with himself. Knowing more about Louise and her motivations to attack meant little to Tarquin, she was simply an enemy he needed to face, the same likely applied for the reverse too. Vance probably didn't care about any of them outside of their usefulness, they'd probably write off the base as they'd planned for the colonies if things went sour. Would a victory really mean anything beyond repelling another attack? There had been multiple clashes and they'd come no closer to stopping the group. He glanced across slyly at Abby, she'd made enough noise to catch his attention. It wasn't clear what had prompted it but they'd received more than enough information for at least something to startle her. Her own allegiance to the group was rather surprising, her obligations were minimal - although perhaps better compared to a prison sentence.
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sinner's Solace Accolon grimaced, lowering their head in shame. "Deira is my home, I hope it can return to a nation that I can remain proud of." Accolon replied, lowering the barrel with Decima still attached. "When I pledged my allegiance to the Reliants, I made a solemn vow... one that I have broken in joining Prince Owen. My heart could not take ignoring the injustices that were being carried out, but to go against Engel's order is unforgivable." Afternoon of 19th May 812 - At Sea The crew's journey had been relatively uneventful for the most part, the waters had behaved themselves and their carefully planned route had been expertly carried out. Nelon's estimates put them several hours ahead of schedule, it would be perhaps only another day before they landed at Wyke's western coast. The winds had started to pick up and a fog was setting in, but for the most part visibility was good. Despite their lack of experience, Freya and the other deckhands had managed to keep the deck clear, all inventory was present, accounted for and in a suitable storage location. The larger vessel would have perhaps been able to hold more of the cargo at the dock, but it was sufficient for what they needed. Owen's party acquires 5000G from the cargo! However, there were other issues that could not be corrected. Whilst repairs had generally been of good quality, Esclabor's input meant that his allies had to remedy his mistakes. Nothing was likely to break during the voyage, but the work could have certainly been better. Food was another problem, Constance had done her best to salvage things but the end result was something barely palatable. Nona's utter lack of experience in the kitchen resulted in several suspect meals. Claire's presence wasn't detrimental by any means but her input was limited. Vesta and Decima are unable to be deployed next map due to food poisoning! There hadn't been sight of any other ships during the voyage, the waters had been oddly calm. Morta had nothing to report for the first few days. However, her pegasus hastily landed on the deck, the young rider clambering off it. "Prince Owen... there's a ship approaching." she panted, barely able to catch her breath. "They had a big flag with a skull and crossbones, they're pirates and they're heading straight for us.... there's Deirans flying about too. At least one squadron patrolling the skies. I don't think they saw me but they're gonna find us eventually." It was only a matter of minutes before the ship Morta spoke about came into view, a similar sized vessel to theirs but with a black sail, bearing a skull and crossbones. The ship was directly on course for the group's own - collision was inevitable. "Prince Owen, we should prepare for an incoming boarding. Neither ship appears to have the means to fight at range and the winds are unfavourable for escape." Nelon advised, approaching his liege. "Those of us who fight on horseback may have to battle on foot, it is ill-advised to bring our mounts onto the deck." All players are free to post, this section will last a very short amount of time!
  5. The reveal of the Odin and Sagittae rounded out the crew's arsenal of unique models, it would at least somewhat improve the technology deficit they were facing. That and it made the team sound like something from one of Makoto's robot cartoons, but it meant that each pilot could function within their own role. Tarquin's only qualm was the sheer potency of the Apotheosis machines, so far they'd required the most careful coordination to take out one as a group - they would probably lack such a luxury against multiple foes. Complex defensive formations would work against ordinary foes, but Vera's machine would likely cut through them as if they were tissue paper. Vance talked of it being a battle where lives would be on the line, it was all well and good when one was sitting comfortably as far away from the action as possible. Faceless soldiers in generic units were unlikely to fare well against the incoming threat, but it was the nature of war - not everyone could come home at the end of the day and proclaim their self-identified heroism. "From the information we have, Apotheosis agents only utilise their warp technology on foot when they are certain the scenario plays out according to plan. As potent as Maxwell is in combat, even she would be unable to defeat an entire military base." Tarquin replied, applying his earlier logic once again. If they truly wanted to kill the Heion Riese's crew, warping Vera in before they arrived at central would have been the optimum strategy. Either they were unwilling or unable to do so. "The perceived risk of losing her is likely not worth the damage she would be able to cause. Still, it would be best to remain cautious in case of deviation from their established behavioural patterns." Life or death? Elaine could feel her heart racing, it was kill or be killed... would she have to face Louise directly? The thought of it made her shiver, but the new robots they were getting made her feel slightly better. She gave Aliza a satisfied grin, seeing her friend in something that looked good was something she could look forward to. Her own robot was starting to look lame in comparison, especially after that little shit Tarquin tried to shoot it up. She'd have to talk to Avery or Buck to get it ready before the next battle, otherwise she might as well wear a red shirt during it. There were a few things that she wanted to ask, Commander Vance seemed to know Louise - this might be her only chance to learn about her. "Uh... Commander Vance? Do you know anythin' about Louise Park? If she's as crazy as she sounds... well, I was hoping we could figure her out a bit." Elaine blurted out, trying to conceal her own interests as those which could help the group. Tarquin cast her a curious look, which only made Elaine sweat even more. "We've seen a fair bit of Vera, so we kinda know what we're dealing with... but she's another fighter worth keepin' an eye on."
  6. "wILL iT pLEASE yOU, mASTER?" Spooks moves to 10,8! "Your servants are rather endearing, Sir Duhamel. My own use of vernacular feels rather substandard in comparison." Sebastian moves to 9,10! ENEMY PHASE Ranger moves to 15,10! Ranger attacks Naimanzuunnadintsetseg with his Perso Bow! 18 Atk, 59% Hit, 0% Crit Naimanzuunnadintsetseg takes 18 damage! (22/40 HP remaining) Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 5 XP! Ranger cantos to 17,10! Mercenary #3 moves to 15,10! Mercenary #3 attacks Cass with his Steel Blade! 8 Atk, 44% Hit, 0% Crit (5 26) Cass takes 8 damage! (32/41 HP remaining) Cass slashes back with Gaffney's Sword! 16 Atk, 93% Hit, 13% Crit, 32% Astra (98 46 79) Miss! Cass gains 5 XP! Cass gains 1 Sword WEXP! Berserker #1 moves to 16,10! Berserker #1 attacks Cass with his Hand Axe! 13 Atk, 18% Hit, 0% Crit, 17% Adept (32 93) Such a miss! (!) He tries again! (14 95) Cass takes 13 damage! (19/41 HP remaining) Cass gains 5 XP! Berserker #2 moves to 16,12! Chapter 11B - Turn 9 SPREADSHEET
  7. Sylvia moves to 15,8! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg moves to 14,9! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg equips her Gutting Knife! "Anything to get away from that ghost!" Graham moves to 14,7!
  8. Literally thirty seconds on eBay will show a couple that you could order. There's quite a few of them, and they're not terribly expensive!
  9. "Individual agents appear to be aware of each other, but it is entirely possible they are all receiving individual orders from a higher command level, which they then impliment according to their own desires." Tarquin suggested, deciding that Thorvald had raised a valid point. In battle, they'd only seen one non-standard suit on the field, perhaps two at the very most. Did Apotheosis not want to send all their best or were they simply sending anyone who could get the job done. ""Whilst they've been modestly successful with their own assignments, we are yet to see an assault where multiple individuals are assigned to the same task. The top of Apotheosis are likely to delegate their missions, and then the next rung down are free to field whatever troops they wish." An attack on central would be different though. It wasn't going to be a bunch of faceless enemies with their quirky field commander if Apotheosis were serious. Either it was going to be the most brutal assault in recent history, or it was a distraction for something more nefarious - choosing the wrong option would spell disaster in both cases. That would be for the ANF at least, Tarquin's desires to stop Apotheosis were far more personal than noble. If he could get another chance at the sniper, his personal vendetta would be resolved. "A large scale assault on the ANF command would require a greater amount of coordination than we've seen before. Our knowledge about the individual agents such as Maxwell or Park is limited beyond the reports we currently have." he continued, at a loss of how they'd further investigate their foes. Their Apotheosis converts had all been grunts, Nikolai had known very little outside his squadron. - Elaine continued to sweat, it was almost like Tarquin was trying to single her out. The little turd was practically goading her to spill the beans about Louise, but he surely couldn't know... right? Elaine scratched her neck nervously, the conflict within her was getting too much for her - punching him into silence wasn't going to be an option. Was she going to be stuck in the middle, like a snake's toy? "They've gotta be pretty separate, Vera is really different than Louise. Like at the beach, Vera complained that Louise blew their cover... and she wanted us to take that Esther girl." Elaine suggested, building on the ideas of the others was a great way to blend in. "Like, why would Vera tell us to have her? They can't be that organised if they're doing that kind of stuff to each other." It didn't quite make sense to her either, why would someone like Vera act like that? Were they really all that bad in Apotheosis, they weren't all the moustache twirling villains she first thought they were. Things were far easier when she was the hero, shooting the faceless villains - war was harder when the bad guys had faces... and weren't necessarily the bad guys.
  10. Cass moves to 15,9! Cass attacks Trevor with Gaffney's Sword! (40 4 62) Dead. "I accept my fate... wherever I am delivered I shall be content." Cass gains 33 XP! Cass gains 2 Sword WEXP! Cass picks up Libro! Cass grows to level 2! (30 60 98 38 16 60 30 67) HP up! Speed up! Luck up! Defense up! Astaroth moves to 13,10! Astaroth attacks Pirate #5 with his Steel Sword! 25 Atk, 93% Hit, 5% Crit, 17% Adept (77 55) Astaroth stabs him in the kidney! Astaroth gains 17 XP! Astaroth gains 2 Sword WEXP! Astaroth cantos to 13,9! Alain moves to 9,9! Alain summons Señor Bones! Señor Bones seems to be speaking a bizarre language! You can't understand him, but he'll probably listen to you! "sALUDOS, mAESTRO! ¡tE sERVIRé cON tODO mI cORAZóN! "Healing your self-inflicted wounds is punishment enough." Kelbara thinks for a moment! Kelbara moves to 9,8! Kelbara begrudgingly heals Alain! Kelbara gains 12 XP! Kelbara gains 3 Staff WEXP! "i wONDER iF tHE loNELINESS oF gOOD iS eQUAL tO tHE lONELINESS oF eVIL?" Mr Bones moves to 16,6! "nAnANaNAnAnanAnAnANAnAnAnANanAnANANANAnanNANANnANanA..." Nana flies to 12,13!
  11. "hOW uNPLEASANT tO sEE yOU, yOU sNIVELLING cOWARD." Brother Bones moves to 15,10! Brother Bones attacks Ranger with his Scimitar! 12 Atk, 56% Hit, 64% Crit (4 66) Brother Bones deals 24 damage! (20/44 HP remaining) Alain gains 6 XP! "I... nevermind." Graham moves to 10,6! "It appears that I shall continue to fix Master Graham's mistakes." Sebastian moves to 11,6! Sebastian takes Libro from Sylvia! Sebastian heals Graham with Libro! Sebastian gains 10 XP! Sebastian gains 3 Staff WEXP! Sebastian grows to level 9! (54 84 51 96 45 55 95 31) HP up! Magic up! Speed up! Luck up! Resistance up! Nana lets out a hideous wail! "nANnAaNAnAnAnANAnAnaNAnANAnaNananAnAnAnaNa" Nana moves to 12,6! "oUR sUCCESS wOULD wARM mY hEART... iF i hAD oNE." Mr Bones moves to 14,3! Alain moves to 9,5! Alain summons Spooks the ghost! "dO yOU lOVE mE... mASTER?" "It appears you may require more tutelage in summoning..." Kelbara moves to 10,4! Kelbara heals Astaroth! Kelbara gains 12 XP! Kelbara gains 3 Staff WEXP! ENEMY PHASE Ranger moves to 17,10! Ranger attacks Brother Bones with his Perso Bow! 25 Atk, 90% Hit, 16% Crit (40 75) Brother Bones takes 25 damage! (6/31 HP remaining) Alain gains 2 XP! Ranger cantos to 19,9! Pirate #5 moves to 14,10! Pirate #5 attacks Brother Bones with his Poleaxe! 27 Atk, 67% Hit, 16% Crit (78 22) Brother Bones dodges! He strikes back! 16 Atk, 69% Hit, 62% Crit (27 85) Brother Bones deals 16 damage! (21/37 HP remaining) Alain gains 5 XP! "Curses... is the end Engel has in store for me?" Trevor moves to 15,8! Trevor casts Wind on Brother Bones! Brother Bones falls to pieces! "dOES aNYONE fEEL a bREEZE?" The enemy berserkers are triggered! They'll move next turn! Chapter 11B Turn 8 Spreadsheet Trevor looked around nervously, his bold words had come back to bite him - he was surrounded. The smouldering remains of Alain's skeleton gently blew away with the breeze, perhaps a symbol that Alain should avoid getting his minions killed. Graham was rather unnerved by the surreal monsters around him, almost as much as as Trevor himself. "Be gone, abominations! Your unnatural existence is an insult to our world! Pink haired witch! Regardless of your dedication, your allies bring evil to this land! Those who play with existence itself are doomed to corruption and temptation!" he shouted, barely able to catch his breath. "Though I may die... I know I remained true to my beliefs. Come my brothers and sisters, fight for the goodness that is Engel!" The bandits around him seemed almost uncharacteristically supportive, the collection of thugs were all primed to attack. "It appears that these charming fellows are indeed followers of Engel." Sebastian remarked, lowering his staff as he finished healing his master. "I suppose if one group of bandits is able to follow Engel, it is possible there was another... unless there is some sort of divine ruleset I' am overlooking, Mister Astaroth?" "nO, mY bROTHER hAS fALLEN. hE lIVED a gOOD lIFE. nOT a lONG oNE... pROBABLY fIVE mINUTES tOPS. " screeched Mr Bones, the skeleton swinging around his axe wildly. "i wOULDN'T bELIEVE mY oWN eYES... iF i hAD aNY." Kelbara groaned, furrowing her brow and shaking her head. "Of all the damned souls gifted from Lord Belial, these are those that his magic selects? They are nearly as insufferable as his living companions." she muttered, her eyes glancing at Astaroth and Sebastian briefly.
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Cooking Nona Nona listened intently to Constance, so focused that the mention of Belial and sacrifices didn't even phase her. "You've been doing it for a long time then, no wonder you're so good. Hopefully I can improve, I don't want to waste all the potatoes." she replied firmly, even more determined than before. Her eyes followed the tears as they went down Constance's face, perplexion spreading across her own. "I thought it was onions that made people cry... wait..." From the knees Accolon nodded, lifting the barrel in front of him up - and pulling Decima up with it. "It is a choice that we have decided. Our fate is in our hands. Engel has willed us to act for the good of our fellow man, I shall accept whatever punishment my homeland has for me once the conflict has ended." Accolon affirmed, unaware of Decima dangling from his barrel. "Prince Owen's people have been very accepting. I resemble the very enemy they face yet they treat me as their own. Such comradery, it's a truth that can never be hidden."
  13. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg moves to 17,5! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg attacks Pirate #1 with her Steel Bow! 19 Atk, 90% Hit, 11% Crit, 33% Arrowrain (53 99 48) Naimanzuunnadintsetseg deals 19 damage! (17/36 HP remaining) Pirate #1 throws his Hand Axe! 16 Atk, 47% Hit, 0% Crit (77 42) Nope. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg shoots again! (80 30 66) So dead! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 17 XP! Naimanzuunnadintsetseg gains 3 Bow WEXP! Sylvia moves to 11,7! Sylvia takes Libro from Cass! Sylvia attacks Pirate #3 with Culverin! Bang! Sylvia gains 17 XP!
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Similar Sister Nona smiled, hacking away at her potato under Constance's watchful eye. "Thank you, Miss Constance. You know so much about cooking, it's really impressive. Do you cook for people a lot? I've never seen you eat... do you not get hungry? Maybe as you get older you start to eat less..." Nona pondered, slicing a juice lump from her spud. "We never had to cook because we were wealthy, but it's more fun than I thought. I remember trying to make dinner for Baron Esclabor once... he said that he spent a week in the bathroom. He never did want to come for dinner after that, I'm not sure why though." She let out a playful chuckle, a glimmer forming in her eyes. "Ceirch is a very thoughtful man, he always works hard and tries not to let people down." she replied, cutting the potato in half unintentionally. "When we were younger, he helped look after Morta. Daddy always had trouble getting her to behave, but Ceirch always managed to keep her out of trouble. He's good with children, do you think he would make a good father, Claire?" Barrel of Laughs Both Decima and Accolon looked at Eric, somewhat perplexed by his sudden appearance. "Oh? Eric... I thought they'd put you on repair or kitchen duty." Decima replied awkwardly, trying to find her words. "There's still plenty to do... if you're here to help, that'd be great! Maybe you can help Freya? I've already got Accolon helping me... or maybe I'm helping Accolon, I'm not sure." Accolon was more composed, the golden clad giant appeared more accepting of his friend's offer. "Many thanks, Eric. Your eagerness is a standard that more should aspire to. With effort together we shall conquer this task." Accolon declared, lifting up a barrel single-handedly , leaving a stunned Decima staring at him. "To think we are venturing to Wyke to fight our own people. To fight our brothers and sisters for the freedom of those they oppress... I pray Engel can forgive us."
  15. It made sense that the day wouldn't end without a meeting, too much had happened for it to be delayed. The commander's exasperation at Apotheosis' infiltration made it very clear that the ANF was at a major disadvantage in multiple aspects. Not only could Vera and her allies outpower them in battle, but could they could come and go as they pleased. As he had thought before, the motives of their enemies were somewhat unusual. Tarquin noted that if Vera and Louise intended to remove the crew as a threat, they would have done so on the spot. Even Hannah was unable to touch Louise, nobody else would have stood a chance. There had to be something else that they wanted, Apotheosis was accumulating scientists to further their technology... but what value did warning the ANF bring? "Terrorism is a combination of both physical force and psychological warfare. Apotheosis have been gathering technology to advance their goals. Both Doctor Watanabe and my own creator, Professor Liebenwalde, have joined their ranks. It would not be unsurprising if Miss Alkaev was considered to be either a possible source of technology or insider information." Tarquin added, figuring that Louise was less likely to have personal ties to any of the crew. "If Apotheosis are to attack Central, it would be serve as a demonstration of their power to the rest of the world. If they are able to cause any significant damage, it is likely to spread doubts about the ANF's ability to protect the public." Elaine sat there anxiously, clenching the fabric of her trousers. Brant was the only one who knew about her communications with Louise, nobody else had any clue at all. Would it be useful information for them to know about her interests? It might help the ANF, but if people knew she was directly dealing with the enemy... going back to jail was the best outcome she could expect. "They seem to know all of us really well, so they know exactly what'll get our blood boiling." Elaine blurted out, making sure she actually contributed something. "They're gonna try and get into our heads either way, we'll have to fight them off somewhere in the end."