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  1. Brant was at least willing to catch up with Elaine later, something that reassured her that someone wouldn't jump on her if things went poorly with Louise. Louise wasn't the only prisoner they had to worry about either. Esther seemed harmless but Elaine could easily imagine the havok that Vera could carry out left unchecked. Whether she were inside a robot or on foot, she wasn't an enemy that Elaine was willing to face any time soon. Looking back, her potshot on the colony had been a bold move... and perhaps a very foolish one if Vera had decided to retaliate. Elaine shook her head, deciding it wasn't a good time to dwell on the past. "I'm actually with Kim on this one." Elaine remarked, smirking at Kim's desire to fight. They'd all come this far and had their own reasons for fighting, but she was certain nobody would sit out if beating Apotheosis was on the table. "Ain't gonna lie, talkin' to the prisoners might not be the safest move, but we gotta get whatever advantages we can. Apothoesis ain't exactly playin' fair borrowing those scientists. Pretty sure Vera won't talk easy, like a fucking samurai she is."
  2. The mention of Avery's name made Elaine's blood boil again, to think Christina had faced the risk of death because of her actions... Elaine certainly would have some choice words for her. It was reassuring that Kim hadn't taken any serious damage to her brain but Megumi's need to ask the prisoners meant that they were still in very unfamiliar territory. Psychic, clones and aliens, it all seemed like something from a cheesy cartoon. Elaine wasn't a genius, nor did she have psychic powers, how much she could actually add to this problem felt rather limited. She"If Apotheosis can make clones of people with psychic powers... do they also like make them too?" Elaine asked, wondering to herself how far ahead Apotheosis were in times of science. "I mean, they've got those Sacarians providing them with a tonne of kit. Ain't those cats got psychic powers too or something?" Her heart sank a little at the mention of the prisoners, no doubt there was going to be plenty of information that Megumi could retrieve. However, what Louise could reveal in addition was worrying, and something that seemed more likely with every passing moment. "Brant, mind if I catch you in a bit?" Elaine asked subtly, slowly inching closer to him. "Got a few things on my mind." - Talia had remained relatively low profile during the last battle, despite her desires to take part she'd avoided the entire thing. Was it something she'd done intentionally, she hadn't made an active decision to hide herself away but she hadn't risen to the occasion. After all the training she'd done with Makoto, she still wasn't ready to support the rest of the crew. She let out a sigh as she walked through the cafeteria, she'd made so much progress with everything but the life she desired seemed so far away. The kitchen would provide a welcome distraction from her woes, even if visiting it had been inspired by the series Culinary Conflicts. "Oh? There are people here?" Talia remarked, pausing as she spotted the trio in the kitchen. She recognised two of them, but Alriana stuck out in the otherwise very civilian situation. She couldn't even show her fear, the bewilderment she felt managed to trump the terror of seeing a humanoid shark among the crew. She raised her hand nervously, forcing her mouth to emit at least a few sounds. "Hi... I... is it OK if I join you?" Talia gave an awkward grin, the sinking feel in her stomach returning. If she was lucky, the ground would swallow her up there and then.
  3. Makoto's explanation was enough to give Tarquin context for the situation. It was almost amusing how the people in his life were forming a social circle around him. Previously he would have dismissed Makoto's trust in Jess as misplaced, but his outlook on his friends and people had changed. For a start, he actually had people he could consider friends. As idetic as his memory was, the only other trainee he had learned the name of at the base had been Bruno. Tarquin almost wondered how the man would have reacted seeing such a stark change in his perceptions. Perhaps one day he would be able to find him again to let him know. It was a lesson for Tarquin, maintaining friendships looked like more work than making them. "I can trust Jess too, she was my co-pilot for the last mission. She was able to assist at several key moments." Tarquin replied, affirming his friend's position. He looked at Jess, picking up traces of her unease. Had she felt out of place aboard the Aria or was it concerns about her performance? "If you are willing, I would like you to join me piloting the Aria as a long term arrangement. I feel we are able to synergise well and I enjoy your company." Tarquin answered. He hadn't needed to say the last part of his response, but it was sla sentiment he wished to share. "I would not oppose visiting the cafeteria along with Jess."
  4. Elaine was slowly piecing together how all this clone nonsense worked - it was strange considering that she hadn't even known that it were possible but a few weeks ago. Whatever Kim's mind was doing, it was something that was new for even her. Megumi seemed to be a good doctor in multiple fields, but could she actually figure out something that has never happened before? "I guess her brain isn't as similar without all those memories in there, I dunno... maybe she's not a complete clone?" Elaine suggested, shrugging her shoulders at her own conjectures. It was rather touching, if not unusual, scene with the three Chris' reuniting. Elaine didn't understand how it all worked, but she could tell when people cared about each other. "Good to see you awake, Christina. Ain't gonna lie, was kinda scary but I'm glad you pulled through." Elaine added, giving the girls some space. "I might not be telekinetic but you and Kim got my support in all this stuff. Just hope the doc can figure it out."
  5. Elaine nodded, the reassurance from Brant was enough to keep her together for the time being. Whatever fate she had in store for her was uncertain, but she would have to make the best of what she got. Walking along with Brant and Kim put her on edge somewhat - the idea of someone being able to read her mind, especially in a situation like this was. She could only hope that Kim had some sort of control over it and didn't particularly feel like exploring her mind. Standing in the lift, Elaine listened to the conversation about Kim's new abilities. Would they stick? Were they something that she'd gained from the Sacarians? It was a lot for Elaine to take in, especially after the trauma that Louise had delivered. Seeing Christina in the medbay was sobering for Elaine, her anger at Avery's betrayal pushing her fear of Louise out of her head for the moment. It was good that Christina had been treated, but it didn't do anything to redeem Avery's actions. All this clone and mind-reading talk was giving Elaine a headache, she wasn't used to thinking so hard. Scratching her head vigorously, she finally broke her silence. "All this psychic shit is way too complicated for me." Elaine complained, shaking her head. As confusing as it was, she was relieved that Kim didn't have access to her own mind. "If it works with Chris because she's similar to Christina... does that mean it works with the other one... uh Nina... too?"
  6. Jess' own goals seemed reasonable enough, even if Tarquin didn't quite understand the nuances of pay and pensions. Whatever she wanted to do, he was certain she'd get there eventually - even if she didn't know what it was exactly. Tarquin had time to figure things out for himself too, school was just the first on the list in his planned future. He was only fourteen after all, he probably had a good number of years to sort the rest out. "That makes sense, I like to think that it's possible to choose something that you're happy with. Even if the choice is difficult." Tarquin replied, choosing to wait and observe the situation at his own leisure. The fuss in the middle of the hangar had already gathered quite the crowd. However, Makoto was certainly a welcome distraction. The connection between the two was rather unexpected, Jess must have had some interaction with Makoto's mother. Tarquin hadn't really met Makoto's mother, he'd been far too preoccupied with Nikolai in the medbay. "Makoto? Oh, you know Jess?" He'd barely noticed Makoto during the battle, Tarquin's own attention had been on the enemy and keeping the Aria safe. Makoto may have claimed that he was only just surviving, but Tarquin had seen his development during their missions. He wasn't entirely sure how much Makoto had been practising without him, or with who, but the rate he had improved at was astonishing.
  7. Elaine slowly rose to her feet, guided up by Brant's reassurance. It shocked her to think that he was still trying to help her, maybe there was still was some hope for her. Elaine wiped her eyes, giving herself a couple of seconds to gather herself. There was every possibility that Louise would let their talks slip and there was no way that Elaine herself would have the nerve to be able to lie about it. Louise She shook her head, looking back at Brant once more. "It's still pretty shit, Brant... but I'll have to get through it." she replied, ready to make her way to the elevators with the others. She was both physically and mentally drained from recent events, stopping by the medbay wasn't a bad idea. "Thanks for keepin' an eye out for me, I appreciate it." It was probably worth visiting Cheryl at some point, there was a lot she needed to get out of her head - it was going to eat away at her otherwise. She wasn't sure whether she was afraid, guilty or even angry, there was no way she could process these emotions by herself. Elaine looked back at the hangar, she could see the plant child looking down at her from his unit. He wouldn't understand, he was a little machine designed for war, he probably didn't have any feelings - just like the toasters and that Christina clone. She looked down bitterly, even a child looking at her could make her feel insignificant. The thought made her almost sick, despite her age she wasn't any better at holding things together than a teenage girl.
  8. They had both survived, Tarquin was almost numb to the risks that he placed on his own life. All had been fine when he was piloting alone, but the presence of another individual had sparked an almost uncharacteristic consideration. Perhaps this was what existing alongside other people did? It wasn't a bad thing though, as long as people didn't leave him. Bruno, Mateus and even the Professor, they'd all vanished from his life for one reason or another. People would come and go in his life, but he could keep those who he cared about in his life... he just needed to try. Tarquin remained silent for a few moments, taking some time to consider what Jess had said. She'd thought rather far into the future, Tarquin's own plans barely covered the next few years of his life. It was nice though, Tarquin smiled gently, satisfied with his ally's determination to move forwards. "Our success was a combined effort, another step closer to a better future. I don't know what an E-7 is, but if you want it then I hope you get it. I don't even know what job I would want to do." Tarquin replied, admittedly not too reluctant to accept Jess' praise. He stretched back in his seat putting his hands behind his head as the Aria's systems guided them into the Heion Riese. "I think I'll find something though, even if it isn't what I expect it to be. The same might happen to you, plans can always change." That much was very true. A matter of weeks ago, Tarquin had fully accepted being a puppet for the ANF, complete devoid of attachment or independence. It would have been laughable to think how much things would change for him. Even if it had hurt sometimes, life had certainly become more interesting albeit more uncertain. The Aria entered the hangar, landing alongside its robotic allies. It was perhaps more worse for wear than most of their allies, Buck and the crew would have a lot of work on their hands. Stepping out onto the elevator platform, Tarquin gestured for Jess to follow. Something wasn't quite right on the hangar floor, a commotion was definitely going on. An enemy unit was docked in the hangar, not uncommon for the Heion Riese but it still raised questions. "This doesn't appear to be the Captain and her usual recruitment tactic, something doesn't feel quite right. We should find out what is happening." Tarquin remarked, glancing back at Jess. He couldn't quite make out the scene, but there was an unfamiliar figure at the centre of it all - most likely their guest. "The Captain doesn't exactly follow protocol, but her approach is bizarrely effective. It's difficult to explain but we've acquired multiple allies from the ranks of the enemy." - Elaine continued to hyperventilate, everything was going so very wrong for her and it sickened her to the core. She turned to Brant, her eyes wide with fear. He was the only one that knew, the only person that didn't look at her like a nut-job with hair-trigger temper. But what could he do to help? He was only one man, and Louise was so smooth with her words... it was why she'd fallen prey to her in the first place. "Brant... I'm scared..." Elaine muttered, still shaking in terror. Louise was scarier now than anything she'd ever faced before. Going to prison, surviving in it, getting the random calls from Louise and killing her... seeing her again like this was far too much to bear. "It's my fault... why did I let this happen."
  9. "Shit... fuck... no..." Elaine muttered, unable to get herself up from the floor. The pressure bearing down on her was too much, fear had practically pinned her down. Nobody could protect her from Louise, and Kim would easily pick up on her distress. It was only a matter of time before people found out, then it would be a life in prison for Elaine. Communicating in secret with the enemy was a serious crime, there was no excusing it. Even if she hadn't give away any vital information, it was an act that couldn't be compatible with heroism. After all she'd done to fight Apotheosis, her actions would brand her a traitor. "Makoto..." Elaine muttered, tears welling in her eyes. The boy looked up to her, admired her like nobody else did. It hurt to think she'd let down one of the few people that didn't think she was a volatile headcase.
  10. My Idea for an FE Fighting Game Roster

    I still have this from the last time the idea came up. Still worth the hour it took to make
  11. The hangar had become a blur around Elaine, all she could focus on was the mechanical marionette that called herself Louise. Had Apotheosis really rebuilt the psychopath as a killer android? It was her worst nightmare come true, there wasn't even a way to get rid of her. Would Louise out all her secrets and the fact they'd been talking secretly? It would be enough to land Elaine back in prison, and for far longer than last time. Nobody would ever be able to trust her again, all of her efforts destroyed by her own fear. Elaine gritted her teeth, nothing she could think of would be able to salvage the situation. Elaine's body went limp as Louise embraced her, the intimate act striking terror throughout her entire person. She wanted to run away, push Louise off of her, scream... but her body refused to move, the sheer shock of the matter rendering her incapable of even replying. Dropping to her knees, Elaine broke out into a cold sweat. Jess already suspected something, all Elaine could do was look at up her captain fearfully. There was no chance she'd get through this without any retribution, her own cowardice and poor judgement had come back to bite her.
  12. Elaine let out a frustrated grunt, their battle had come to an end but there was no time to rest. She still needed to process Avery's betrayal, slamming her fist on her controls once again in frustration. Someone she'd trusted dearly and thought she could depend on... it just hurt to think she'd been lied to all this time. Landing the Oberon in the hangar was just another reminder, she had half expected to see Avery running over to inspect the damage. It was just another cruel reminder for her of what had happened. "Been a real shit day it has. Hopefully that bitch Avery didn't do nothing to Astin when she took their machine..." Elaine muttered, leaving the Oberon and taking the lift down to the hangar floor. She hadn't heard anything from Astin, it was starting to worry her. A crowd had gathered near one of the enemy units. Elaine hadn't noticed it slipping into the Heion Riese, had they taken another prisoner? It was only a matter of steps until Elaine recognised their guest, both their face and voice were enough to strike fear into her. "Fuck! No! You can't be here! You are not here!" Elaine screamed, pointing a shaking finger at Louise. It was impossible, she'd defeated the Regina herself, saw the blood leak from the cockpit, it just couldn't be. Louise had come back to haunt Elaine, all those secret conversations, the desperate desire to matter to someone, it was torture for her fragile mind. Elaine's hand instinctively lowered slowly to her pistol, only to recoil at the last second. The entire hangar started to spin around her, her own heart was ready to beat out of her chest. "I killed you... you can't be here."
  13. The battle had ended, Tarquin had been left with an unsettling lack of closure. It didn't feel like the last of their conflicts by any means, there were likely more to come before the war could end. Despite the alien technology and numbers advantage, the Heion Riese had pulled through and succeeded. Tarquin himself hadn't been particularly high profile in the mission, but he was satisfied with his contributions nonetheless. The only criticism the young boy had for himself was how much damage that the Aria had sustained - especially since he now had a co-pilot. "My apologies for my recklessness, Jess. We have sustained more damage than I had intended." Tarquin admitted, feeling that his co-pilot deserved at least some sort of explanation. If they were to continue working together he'd need to keep including her in his decision making. It wasn't only his own decisions that he pondered. Looking out across the sea, he could see the remnants of the Sacarian machines. Was their cause really worth the deaths of so many? Even from an objective perspective, they would have to be desperate to throw away their resources so readily. "We judge each other with fire... to die for their cause, either they cannot see their future or they refuse to believe it." His ponderings aside, it was time for them to return to the Heion Riese. Not only did the Aria require repairs but Tarquin needed some time to think things over for himself. Guiding the Aria towards the hangar, he took one last glance at the ocean. Maybe one day he'd live by the coast, with Nikolai once he had recovered.
  15. The Praxis had made a good attempt to carve into the Aria, having approached at a frightening pace. There had been no time to raise his shield, Tarquin felt the full force of the plasma cutter as it tore at them. Warnings and alerts littered his control panels, they'd taken more damage than he'd have liked but they were still functional for now. It was a split second reaction, Tarquin knew too well that his foe was too close for his rifle. A pair of thin lasers shot out from the Aria's eyes, someone at Corona Ten must have had a wonderful sense of humour when designing the weapon. It wasn't going to take down the Praxis by any means, but it was enough to create a bit of breathing space. "Jess, we've lost thruster calibration, I am passing full control to you so I can focus on targeting systems. Most of our main systems are still functional, but we should avoid further damage." Tarquin remarked, looking back quickly to ensure his co-pilot was OK. The impact hadn't been pleasant by any means, although he'd managed to keep his cool better than previously. "I shall assist with your attack." Tarquin replied, switching target quickly to assist Alriana and peppering their foe with a missile barrage. Their ammunition reserves were good, and Alriana had created a fantastic opening - another wave would be more than enough to finish. Tarquin uses his Seeker Missiles on Cat #9 then Hit and Away to 10,9 (thanks Jess)