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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Salty Sailors "I'm not giving you a hard time because I think you're hopeless, but this is something we need to get right." Esclabor replied, crossing his arms. "If Prince Owen's happy to have you calling the shots, that's fine by me, you or Ceirch or even Serge if he were the man for the job, whoever's the best for the job. I just want to make sure that he knows what he's in for. The last thing we need is for the ship to sink miles away from dry land." Decima sighed, shaking her head. "I wonder why Baron Nelon is even friends with him sometimes..." she muttered, just out of earshot of Esclabor. She approached Sidney, giving her a cheeky grin. "I'm glad we can help, Charlotte. We can see how the skies are, if they're clear then the waters might be good too. I wish I knew more about boats, the small one's probably no good... but do we even have enough people for the big one?" Blade and Ballista Vesta shook Suleiman's hand enthusiastically, looking up at his bald head. "I was originally hired by Serge... but then he left and... came back? It's a little confusing, but I think Esclabor's technically in charge now. I'm more than happy to go wherever, it gives me more chances to test out my ballista... although it's not exactly cheap to keep running." she replied, letting out a sigh. "I was wondering about things like throwing spears. It's a similar principle to ballistics, but they never seem to be particularly effective. If I could design something, I'm sure someone like you would be able to make it!" Boating Outing The three boats were all docked at the port, none of them showing any signs of life. The largest vessel looked like it was ready to be unloaded, crates and barrels were littered around the gangplank to be transferred, but they never were. An unsettling air seeped from the boat, one that was all too familiar to Claire and Constance. It was faint, but a few creaks of wooden planks sounded from within the boat. Nelon stood alongside Constance and Claire, his hand trembling subtlely. "I feel it too. A familiar sense of dread... it reminds me of that place." Nelon muttered, reluctantly stepping one foot forwards. "I may see a reason why there are no Deiran troops present... they may be somewhere else entirely, if at all in existence."
  2. 24th May 812 - Eastern Magonsaete The storm had been unrelenting, several days had passed before conditions were suitable for travel. There had been some mixed feelings about residing within the Belialists and their unsettling habits. There had been no signs of Hiero at all, it wasn't clear if he'd disappeared within the caves or simply left of his own accord. His wyvern had not left, leading question to if he had met his fate at the cave's lake. With the Belialists as their allies, Cass and her group travelled eastwards, dedicated in recruiting the remaining tribes to unite against the south. It had been less than a day's travel and things had gone almost too smoothly. The ground was still waterlogged, but passage was at least possible. Sunlight was peeking through the breaks in the clouds, the prospect of an approaching summer seeming far more likely. Kelbara wasn't quite a direct replacement for their dimwitted wyvern rider, and she didnt make any particular efforts to try and break the ice. "The tribes to the east have the most contact with Wyke. Rumour is they were willing to work with a Wykian noble to further their own goals... it would not be unreasonable to think they wish to cooperate." Kelbara muttered, disgust creeping across her face. "They are like leeches, latching onto whatever host they see best. However, their strength is second only to the south. The constant battles with Wyke have kept them strong." Aurelio scoffed, dismissing the bandits in his own way. "I've seen how they fight, we were winning easily against them until Escablunder botched things. There's lots of them and they're not the weakest... but they're hardly potent fighters." he remarked, giving a mock yawn. "A bunch of thugs led by whoever's got the biggest club, no brains at all." "Quite an interesting interpretation, Mister Aurelio. You must have had plenty of time to consider things whilst taking shelter in that hut of yours." Sebastian added, leaving Aurelio lost for words. The axefighter huffed, deciding that the conversation was better left with what had been already said. The path ahead of them diverged, with a mountain range to their west and a narrow bridge to their south. With their convoy and mounts, the mountain path would have been a difficult option. However, it soon became clear that Cass' group had other problems. Fighters were posed for a well-timed ambush, their placement almost too on-point for a group of mindless thugs. The nearest fighters were an ugly bunch, their demeanour and appearance such to make Aurelio's generalisations a reality. "We gots good information that some important people was coming through here." one snarled, brandishing his axe. "Chief Hera is going to make us Aegan clansmen a force that people won't want to mess with. We just need to prove ourselves... it'll all be ours." Graham looked at Cass and Alain, nodding his head firmly. "I don't think we'll be making friends with these guys, we've got no choice but to fight, right?" he asked, less reluctant than he had been in the previous battle. "Having them as our allies wouldn't work out anyway, let's hope the next bunch have more sense." Chapter 11B - Followers of Him Objective: Seize with Cass / Defeat all promoted enemies Spreadsheet Deploy in the blue! Three NPC slots available!
  3. Bill primed himself as the ball rose into the air, bending his knees and drawing his right arm back. "That's a decent toss, an important part of a good serve." Bill commended, leaping into the air ready to strike the ball. Tarquin hadn't quite expected such an enthusiastic display from the janitor, he'd met Bill a few times, but it was rather difficult to understand much of what he had to say. However, it was clear the man had some sort of aptitude for sport and the outdoors. It made him question one thing... why was he a janitor? Surely there were other things he could use his abilities for? Swinging his arm, his fist struck the ball, sending it hurtling towards the ground ahead of him. Landing gracefully, Bill watched as the ball crashed against the sand, bouncing and rolling away after it landed. The move only took a matter of seconds with no hesitation at all. Despite its rapid pace, it was a demonstration that he could learn from, although it would take time to be able to replicate it - likely far longer than the day they had off. "If there's six a side, it might be a little closer to regular volleyball than beach volleyball." Bill affirmed, looking around to count the people around them. "It's just a bash about though, I'm sure we'll have a corker anyway!"
  4. Missing Link "I have an issue, although it's not a particularly big one." Aurelio yawned, pushing his bowl away from him. "Anyone seen that lizard-humper? I haven't caught sight of him since he went five fingers down. Not really many places to run off to, unless he tripped and fell into that nasty pool people keep talking about. Clip-clop, when you think about it, these people aren't that different from you. Huts and caves aren't that different, if you saw Wyke, you'd be completely blown away. The food's not great, but I haven't had a decent meal since I've been out here. If you want to go around improving things, you've got a whole country to sort out." Raum chuckled, his face as haunting as ever. "I had seen our one handed friend near our lovely lake... I wonder if he is partial to swimming." Raum pondered, delight spreading across his twisted face. "It would be unfortunate if he did, people who have tried to submerge themselves have a horrible tendency not to return to the surface. We should really look into that one day, what a pity." Barry and Paul looked up from their bowls, puzzled by their leader's apology. "You're not scary boss, if we were scared of you it wouldn't be good at all." Barry replied, lowering his empty bowl back down onto the table. "The only things that scare me are spiders with too many legs and words that are too long." "It looks like you're also afraid of common sense, you numpty." Paul added, gently smacking his brother on the head. "At least I understand, boss. It's a lot of work when you're in charge of a lot of people and they're depending on you, especially when some of them are as hopeless as this dimwit. Just let us know what we need to do and we'll be doing it, no slacking from us."
  5. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Float your boat Esclabor gave Sidney a sceptical look, the man somewhat uncertain of Sidney's seafaring prowess. "Sitting on your dad's lap and playing with the wheel doesn't really fill me with confidence. You won't have anyone to bail you out if things go sour. If you make a mistake, we're all dead." he remarked, giving a disappointed shrug. "... but we don't really have many options. If you're certain you can do it, you might be our best pick, but speak to Ceirch first. He at least knows the waters around Wyke, if he fills you in on any tricky parts you might be able to plot a course. Living on an island really has its drawbacks." "We can do a brief sweep before we set off, Charlotte." Decima replied, far more enthused than Esclabor. "I can ask Accolon to help too, he'd be a real help. With all four of us, we'd be able to cover far more. If we're lucky he might even know the area between Deira and Wyke." - Repair Job "Someone say repair? I could get behind that too!" Vesta pitched in, her hand twitching as it reached at her tool-belt. She almost realised what she was doing, instead extending her hand to Suleiman. "Surprised I didn't bump into you sooner, baldy, I didn't think anyone else would be interested in stuff like that. I'm Vesta, one of Esclabor's mercenaries. The ballista from the battle? That was me, I do all the repair work on it myself... it's gonna need a few tweaks after what I put it through, but I'm sure we'll get along great! I've never had a chance to work with a professional blacksmith, I'm getting ideas already!"
  6. The crew had managed to gather enough of a team to get a volleyball game going, all that was left was to decide how to divide them into teams. Chris' display was enough to demonstrate the difference in ability between the young novices and the more experienced adults. Makoto had been defenseless against such prowess. They'd either have to split the teams fairly, learn quickly... or face utter defeat. It may have only been a game, but there was no excuse for Tarquin to give it his all. He'd be trying something entirely new, like fried chicken or a strange arcade game, the only difference was that Nikolai wasn't there to stumble through the experience with him. This time it'd be Makoto along for the ride, the two weren't really interchangeable but the absence of Nikolai still lingered on his mind. "Volleyball's a team game, Makoto, we shall have to find a way to familiarise ourselves with the game whilst integrating within the team." Tarquin replied, his mind recalling both Bill's advice and Chris' demonstration. "Throwing a ball is something I am familiar with, however, striking the ball as required is something that may prove more difficult." Bill laughed, patting Tarquin on the head firmly, catching the boy somewhat off guard. "Ambitious little tyke, don't think about it too hard, your noggin'll burn out otherwise. Just try and get the direction right, you don't need to put too much welly into it at your stage, a good pozzy is more important." he laughed, looking over at Makoto. "If your feet are in the right place, you can't go much wrong. Toss the ball up, I'll show you tykes what this ocker can do."
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Later the same day - Village Port Sea bound Despite the loss of Angus, Owen's group continued towards their goal - Wyke was suffering under the tyranny of Deira with each passing day. However, with no means of reaching the island reclaiming the country would be no easy task. Thankfully, their search of the village had proved fruitful. The village had been mostly destroyed during the battle, but the battle had not ventured too far to the east. A wooden dock stuck out into the sea, with a collection of wooden huts surrounding it at shore. There wasn't a soul to be seen, not on the dock or on any of the ships at it. There were only three ships present, all of them sporting Deiran colours, all of which seemed functional but again, completely unmanned. The first was little more than a longboat, nowhere near large enough to carry Owen's forces. The other two were substantially larger, one a caravel and the other an even bigger cargo vessel. The caravel was easily a good thirty feet long, although it would be a tight squeeze with all of their mounts. "Seems pretty convenient if you ask me. Either we're being suckered into a trap or Deira thought they could use the port." Esclabor commented, walking alongside Owen as the group reached the dock. The Baron hadn't said much after dealing with Angus and his complaints had been minimal. "We're going to struggle with the larger boats, nobody's really had much experience with ships. Ceirch's old man was a sailor, it might be worth asking him how much he can do." There were still no signs of Tarasque's forces, not even a messenger to relay information. Decima hesitated for a moment, sheepishly approaching Sidney. "Do you think some of us should go scout out the area? Me and my sisters aren't very good with boats... I'm not sure how much use we'll be getting back home." Sort out your boat and crew! If it doesn't happen IC, it doesn't happen at all!
  8. It appeared that circumstance had decided that Tarquin would be playing volleyball after all. It wasn't as though he were opposed to the idea, he needed to try and free himself from his own mind, even if it was only going to be for a few hours. Upon closer inspection, the game of volleyball wasn't too dissimilar from chess or from battle. Physical capabilities would have to be matched with psychological warfare to create openings... perhaps this was why people took such an interest in team sports. He would be at a disadvantage from a technical point of view, he would need time until his superior learning ability could kick in. "It would be a suitable opportunity to experience beach-time recreation, as well as competing against crew members in sport." Tarquin muttered, still pondering the new angle he'd been granted regarding the game. "I would very much be interested in partaking in such a game. I've never played it before, but I am willing to try." - "That's me, William Taylor, but Bill's less of a mouthful. Not exactly the star of the show, but I'm more than happy to sweep some floors on the side!" he laughed, his gaze setting on Brant. Brant Abrams, reasonable hygeine habits, a good adherence to correctly selecting bins for trash... notorious for having multiple people in his room. Bill couldn't hold too much against him, he was a victim of a nasty space gremlin infestation. He was glad that the others had convinced Brant to join in with the merriment - he was giving off a defeated aura that needed dispelling. Bill gave Brant a friendly pat on the back, giving the pilot a grin as Chris dragged him along. "Give the ball a bash or two, you'll be grinning like a shot fox before you know it." he added, wondering if his own telephonic powers would help his game at all. "Mind you, you'll have to earn a victory. The ankle-biters look mighty fired up, even I'm spoiling for a good smack around."
  9. Reluctant Gratitude Aurelio's face was rather telling of his opinion, the man looked almost ill from the cultists' cooking. "I'm almost tempted to agree with Clip-Clop on this one, this is probably the worst meal I've ever had... but at least it's something in my stomach." he added, bracing himself to continue his meal. Barry and Paul were enjoying themselves though. Through their own unique brand of lateral thinking, they'd split an onion between them and submerged each piece into their bowls. "Damn... if this gives me the shits I might have to take that back. I guess caves don't make good kitchens." "This dinner is perhaps one of the better ones, although I do believe that more earth worms would have made it a better dish." Raum laughed, twirling his spoon in his bowl. "I jest of course, we ran out of earth worms two weeks ago... we've been using slugs instead. That and many of our best chefs fell to the hands of Malaphar and his allies roughly a month ago. It is rather fortunate that I am still with us... otherwise the food may be far worse." His macabre remarks very much faded into the background after Alain's slaying blow to Astaroth's complaints. The room had gone silent, all eyes were on Alain.
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    The Show Goes On "Leave Angus to me, Prince Owen. We can't really afford to linger around for a proper ceremony. Wyke needs its rightful ruler, we all need you to stand strong. We can find to do him justice once we've settled the score with Deira. I'll go find a shovel, you should go take a breather." Esclabor requested, looking down at the fallen knight. He shook his head, muttering something under his breath. "If he'd gotten you, then things would be a lot more complicated for all of us. It had to be someone, and Angus chose for himself. Blame the nutjob with the explosives, none of us saw it coming. We need to find ourselves a boat back to Wyke. It's worth sitting down with Ceirch and seeing what the best approach is. Deira's probably stormed the north, the west coast might be an option." Esclabor started making his way towards one of the huts, his eyes darting around the building's exterior. "I'm going to find a shovel. We should probably leave some troops in the village to keep an eye on things. I have a feeling Tarasque is going to focus on fighting Deira rather than protecting a village by the coast, these people have suffered enough." The people of the village were slowly starting to venture out of their homes, cautious after the chaotic battle. Many hurried towards the destroyed houses, groups weeping at the loss of their fellow villagers. The orphanage Claire had demolished was gathering attention in particular, the devestation among the crowd was clearly visible - all eyes were on Nelon and Constance in their search. "Oh? Freya? I suppose I should do that sooner" Nona replied, gently releasing Decima. She looked over at Sidney, reaching for the staff at her own belt. Nona approached Sidney, her staff bathing her in a healing light. "You should rest, Sidney... it can't be easy having been so close to it all." SKIP HAPPENING WITHIN THE NEXT DAY, ACTIVITY IS PREFERABLE.
  11. Dank Dinner Time passed, possibly to the evening, it was difficult to tell whilst underground, especially with a storm brewing outside. The Belial's dining hall was little more than a wooden table inside a hollowed out cavern - a recurring theme within the settlement. The number of cultists present was relatively low, there were perhaps a dozen or so robed individuals, Kelbara and Raum included. The table was laid with crude clay bowls, sporting something that resembled either a casserole or an incredibly thick broth. The group had been left an entire end of the table for themselves, the cultists appeared rather set on sitting with their own kind. All of Cass' group were accounted for, except for Hiero. After his escapades with Duman, he'd slinked away, keeping to himself. "Maybe he doesn't really want to sit with people who... uh... cut his hand off?" Graham suggested, keeping his voice down as soon as he noticed Kelbara's satisfied smirk. "I hope he's not causing any more trouble, I don't want to think what they might punish him with next." Aurelio yawned, disinterested in the talk of their foolish ally. "Serves him right for being a mooncalf, if you're going to be an idiot about things, you need to be able to back it up with something. These dress-wearing loons might look like a bunch of pansies, but I'm not gonna go around trying to start a fight if I don't need to." "Aptly put, you certainly demonstrate your principles well." Sebastian remarked, looking down at his bowl. "As pleasant as it is to receive a meal I have not prepared, I may have to insist that I partipate in the process if we are to dine here further."
  12. Sand, water... Tarquin would have been convinced he were at a coast if he hadn't known he was in the middle of the desert. The ANF certainly had funds to spare if they could create an artificial beach in addition to their plethora of military projects. The outing hadn't exactly been his decision, but openly disobeying Command directly was too bold a move to make at this stage. Even if it were time off, Tarquin still didn't feel like he could rest - recent events were still very much on his mind. Apotheosis wouldn't be taking a day off from their schemes, and Nikolai's rest was as forced as his own. Tarquin watched curiously as Buck ran towards the water, it would be expected for most people within their age group. Perhaps he'd be able to feel like that one day, his own mind wasn't quite as willing to distract itself with a day at the beach. Beach fashion was completely lost on Tarquin, a pair of swim shorts and a plain t-shirt were the most he could manage. "Makoto? I'm fine, the beach isn't exacly a location that I am familiar with..." Tarquin replied, his mind returning to reality from his internal contemplation. "I've never been to one before so I'm not exactly sure what people do normally. If volleyball is a regular beach activity, it would make sense to partake in it. Mister Taylor educated me on the rules of the game before we left this morning, although the techniques and tactics required may take further time for me to comprehend." - Bill stepped out of the changing rooms, sniffing the air and letting out a satisfied sigh. The beach reminded him of home, it had been years since he'd had a chance to let loose on a beach. Admittedly, this one wasn't exactly authentic, but it made a valiant effort at creating a good atmosphere. The crew had a chance to get away from the seriousness of the battles they'd faced, Bill could think of a good few people who definitely needed a break. The kids, the captain, Elaine... they'd all been under a lot of pressure recently, now would be a good time for them to unwind and return to their challenges with a fresh face. It would be good for himself too. Bill wasn't exactly the brainiest cabbage in the field or particularly important on the ship, but the beach was his domain. Swimming, surfing, volleyball... they were as natural as breathing to him. There was a small gathering of people looking to get started with volleyball. The blonde girl in particular seemed incredibly keen, although something seemed a little off about her, almost like she was someone else entirely. He approached the group, giving a jovial wave before crossing his muscular arms. "If you've got space for one more, this ocker wouldn't say no to some volleyball or air ping pong. Haven't had a real chance to play since high school. Coach said I shouldn't gone for one of the college teams, real shame that my noggin wasn't the college type!"
  13. Deeper Waters Uuliinyagaantsetseg looked rather unsettled by the lake, her chief's desire to test its nature putting more doubt into her mind about the Belialists. Her eyes focused on the arrow's tip, her mind anticipating a terrible fate to it. "Chief, please... allow me to peform such a dangerous test, what if there were to..." she began, stretching her arm out as her chief threw caution to the wind. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach, no good could come from such a bold act. The tip of the arrow dipped below the surface, the projectile's shaft remaining intact for the time being. Seconds passed without anything happening. However, there was a subtle swirling motion from within the pool, a pattern too sporadic to simply be the flow of water. Something brushed against the arrows tip, the water rippling around it - there was definitely something living below its surface. Fine Dining "Weakness isn't always a bad thing, my friend... everyone is vulnerable in one regard or another." Raum replied, watching as Astaroth browsed the shelves. The remaining volumes were as perhaps expected, dark scriptures all surrounding the topic of Belial. "You may struggle reading some of Lord Belial's teachings. Unless you have pledged your soul to him, the words will appear as nothing but strange symbols and markings. Perhaps it is for the best, you may not like what you would see. If you are done browsing, we can certainly find your allies... although I can imagine all writing may be difficult for them to comprehend." Teacher Preacher Graham watched in horror as Alain demonstrated his manipulation of the shadow, the man playing with the darkness as if it were a ball of clay. Alain wasn't an ordinary wizard, he was frighteningly adept with his powers. "If the magic is sentient, doesn't that mean it might not listen to the person who casts it?" Graham asked, trying to determine if Cass' desires to wield it would backfire on her. He let out a sigh of relief as Cass promised to take it slowly, the last thing he wanted to see was her being claimed by a swirling pool of evil and dragged to the underworld. "Not quite, Master Graham. Rather than a disobedience, it would likely present as unwieldy... unless the Princess were to attempt something particularly adept." Sebastian suggested, watching Alain's display intently. "It appears that teaching should also be added to your list of talents, Sir Duhamel. Perhaps it was another ability granted to you by Belial?"
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Elderly Care Nelon watched carefully as Constance returned to her feet, his hands poised to catch her again in case of another fall. He didn't have an answer for her question, was there much one could do in a situation like this? He nodded his head sympathetically, more dedicated than before to try and find a survivor. "Allow me to continue the search, I shall double my efforts in hope there are survivors." he affirmed, kneeling down to continue their attempted rescue. "You do these poor children a great service. Despite your advanced years, you push your body to its limits to aid them, I cannot allow such effort to be in vain." Dead End Serge began to sweat, there didn't seem to be much he could do to make Claire feel any better about this situation. Of course, he needed to let her process it. Any great hero would have been able to see that time was the best approach to this dilemma. "I understand, Miss Claire. It must be harder for you since you knew him so well." Serge replied, bowing his head gently. The death toll was huge, people were dying around him on a regular basis. Was this the burden that Serge had to carry? He couldn't bring any people back, but he could do his best to keep those around him alive. "I'm only one man, but I'm going to do all I can to help Prince Onio-... Owen. If I can keep the people of Angelcynn safe, I'll use every ounce of power I have... it's not fair, but we can't let good people like Angus and the villagers here suffer because of war." Even Serge almost believed what he'd just said, he'd never felt so passionate about fighting in his entire life. What kind of great hero was the original Serge? He must have been a man of legends, he made Steve seem like a loser hung up on impressing women.
  15. Talia smiled weakly, nodding her head as Thorvald dismissed his daughter's suggestion. Even if it was just a childish suggestion, it definitely made him look uncomfortable. Was even joking about something like that too disgusting for him? Did the very thought of her existing in a space near him make Thorvald back away? He was probably just as surprised by his daughter's statement as she was, she had to be overthinking this hypothetical rejection... right? Talking with children wasn't that much easier than adults, gone were the times that she could relate to them, now all she could do was try and hide her numerous shortcomings from prying eyes. Thorvald knew how much of a loser she was, Holly figuring out would be one of many nails in her psychological coffin. Thankfully, Holly had remained blissfully ignorant of the unsettling feeling that both Talia and Thorvald seemed to share. This was her chance, if she could redirect the conversation she could put herself in a more favourable light. "I'd agree with you normally, Holly. Boys, especially young ones can be really bad." Talia replied, giving off an air of expertise - she'd seen more than enough media to understand the male mindset. "When they get older, they're a bit more like your dad. Some of them stop being stupid and start listening instead of shouting. My older brother was never mean or took my toys, he listened and played the way I wanted to." T-1, the thought of him was nostalgic. It was a different time and place, the world was a lot less complicated from within her cage of a home. Talia still wasn't certain if it had hindered her development or simply protected her from the outside world, there were valid cases for both. Regardless of the answer, it had been an easier existence, at least for the beginning of it. Even if she were a teenager and Holly were a child, it was a reminder of how things used to be.