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  1. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney moves to 10,14! Sidney attacks Pirate #8 with her Steel Bow! (40 1) Welp. Sidney gains 23 XP! Sidney gains 2 Bow WEXP! Claire moves to 10,12! Claire does some stuff that kills Pirate #7! Clare gains 27 XP! Claire gains 3 Tome WEXP! Claire grows to level 2! (16 4 81 51 29 18 46 88) HP up! Strength up! Speed up! Luck up!
  2. Devil's Offer Lobos smirked, looking down at Cass as she made her case. He was a difficult man to read, but it was clear that he believed to be the one holding all the cards. "An all powerful wizard looking to recruit the tribes to further his empire, who will dispose of the weak when they serve their purpose?" Lobos asked, grinning sadistically. "The Medeina are one of the most powerful tribes in all of Magonsaete, the other tribes would fall long before us. If Malaphar needs us to further his campaign, he lacks the strength to do it alone. If he needs we Medeina, then he shall be reluctant to lose such a powerful ally." Sebastian leaned towards Cass subtly, whispering in her ear. "I feel that our friend Emmet may have already presented quite a case to Chief Lobos." he warned, his eyes half watching the bandit chief. "We may need to offer a more appealing option." Ulfure watched carefully, not interjecting once into the conversation between Cass and his father. Lobos sat back in his throne, eyeing Cass' group as a predator would its prey. His eyes fixed on Alain and his undead entourage. "Tell me, foreigner. What unholy power grants you the ability to walk with the dead?" Lobos asked, leaning forwards with intrigue. "A man such as yourself hails not from Magonsaete, what is the source of your power?" Mr Bones nodded his head, letting out a cackle. "hAVING lEGS hELPS mASTER a lOT. wITHOUT tHEM hE wOULDN'T wALK wITH aNYONE." he replied, having missed the point once more. "hE's tHE bEST oF tHE mEATBAGS."
  3. It looked like everyone was intent on staying for the time being, Tarquin didn't particularly expect anyone to leave even when they were given their last chance to. Everyone had their own motivations for staying, some more personal than others. The dynamic between Abby and Jess wasn't one that Tarquin had much insight into, nor very much interest for that matter, but there was probably something going on that he didn't understand. Everyone was forming their own bonds aboard the Heion Riese, even Tarquin himself hadn't existed entirely friendless. Would he have met any of these people if the world were not at war? It was unlikely he would, mostly because his own creation had required war to become a necessary act. Tarquin stepped forwards, there was another matter that he needed to address. His own choice was in his hands, but there was someone else that he needed to think of. "Admiral Vance, my continued cooperation is guaranteed on the provision that Nikolai Zelenko receives the necessary ongoing medical interventions." Tarquin affirmed, determined in his decision. Part of him resented the ANF for giving him such an isolated existence whilst Jess had been given the illusion of humanity, but bitterness wasn't going to grant him the childhood he'd been denied. "I do not wish to present this request as an ultimatum, but it is an incentive for me to continue entering combat." Tarquin neither liked nor disliked armoured warfare, it was something that had been part of his life since he was but a decade old. His training had been rapid and he was far more adept than someone of his age or training duration, but it was more of an assignment than something he derived pleasure from. Part of him wondered what would have filled his time instead in another timeline. School work? Studying? Friends? It was a distant world, but one that he hoped to come closer to one day.
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Eric moves to 11,13! Eric attacks Pirate #9 with his Killing Edge! 20 Atk, 89% Hit, 33% Crit, 16% Luna (75 55 71) Eric deals 20 damage! (19/39 HP remaining) Pirate #9 takes a swing! 12 Atk, 24% Hit, 0% Crit (39 7) Miss! Eric goes for the kill! (52 60 92) Such dead! Eric gains 27 XP! Eric gains 3 Sword WEXP! Eric grows to level 2! (7 59 18 33 68 53 75 35) HP up! Magic up! Skill up! Owen moves to 10,13! Owen uses his Whip on Berserker! 26 Atk, 82% Hit, 0% Crit, 17% Astra (84 23 4) Owen misses... but his whip glows green! (54 46) Owen deals 13 damage! (22 80) Owen deals 13 damage! (35 28) Owen deals 13 damage! (50 95) Owen puts Berserker in his place! Owen gains 43 XP! Owen grows to level 2! (82 7 0 11 38 59 96 70) Strength up! Magic up! Skill up! Speed up! Luck up!
  5. Papa Wolf "We shall see, my father is less forgiving of insolence than myself. A few arrows to the feet will seem like nothing in comparison." Ulfure warned, leading the group into the tent. The interior of the large tent was decorated with patterns and symbols not unlike the ones present on the tribesman. A large man sat in a crude throne at the back of the tent, one that was likely to be Lobos. His physique was hulking, he was far taller and wider than his son - perhaps even enough to contend with Baleros. His hair was a pale grey, more like a lion's mane than a man's hair. His attire was not dissimilar to his son's, but his physique meant that he gave off a greater sense of might and authority. He looked down at Cass and her group, his expression neutral as he began to form his opinion. "Ulfure, you bring foreigners to me? Do you wish for all the whispers in my ears to be from afar?" he asked, displeased at his son's guests. "I have much to speak to our current guest about, but tell me foreigners... what do you wish to bring before Chief Lobos of the Medeina? What puzzles me is why you all still remain alive, let alone walking freely escorted by my son. What possibly could a stray group bring to my mighty people?" "Modest, isn't he?" Kelbara muttered, her words barely audible to her companions. Her sour expression made it very clear that she wasn't happy with their vulnerable position. "Princess, I hope you are sure that this is what you want."
  6. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "May my axe strike true." Accolon flies to 11,12! Accolon attacks Berserker with his Hand Axe! 15 Atk, 41% Hit, 0% Crit (49 51) Accolon misses! Accolon gains 5 XP! Accolon gains 1 Axe WEXP! "Engel forgive me." Accolon cantos to 13,11! Freya moves to 14,15! Freya attacks Swordfighter #5 with her Javelin! 16 Atk, 91% Hit, 5% Crit (37 2) Right through the heart! Freya gains 27 XP! Freya gains 2 Lance WEXP!
  7. Elaine sat back in her chair, embarrassed by the calling out that she'd gotten from Vance. As angry as she'd been about the whole situation, Elaine could see that she'd gone a little too far with things. No doubt Tarquin would be pretty smug after such a display, and nobody else was going to listen to her concerns about Jess' robotic nature now. The most she could do was keep an eye on things personally to make sure things worked out - she was in way too deep against Apotheosis to bail now. "More likely to brig me for causin' trouble than seein' me get up and go because I'm scared." Elaine replied, still a little bitter from her telling off. "Apotheosis done too much for me to just sit back and watch, I'm still in." - Contrary to Elaine's beliefs, Tarquin had barely even paid attention to the insult against him. The plan Vance was outlining seemed more important than whatever insults Elaine wanted to hurl out. The Sacarians sounded less numerous than they perhaps could have assumed, but whatever forces they did have along with Apotheosis were enough to challenge the ANF. There was some irony in being offered his freedom now at such a crucial moment. Whilst he could walk away now, what would he be left with? His best friend was still in a critical condition and with no other real life prospects, in a war-torn world nonetheless. Perhaps if he were truly alone or could escape it all then he'd accept it, but there was too much aboard the Heion Riese for him to abandon. There was also a certain Professor who he needed to confront for the last time. If he were to gain his freedom, he couldn't leave that last page unturned. However, he kept his thoughts to himself for the most part. There was no point in announcing his decision, especially if it were subject to change. The general mood felt as if people were intending on staying. They had functioned as a cohesive team up until now, they would be at their strongest if that remained.
  8. No Games "There is no rush, he has been present for two days, a few more hours are unlikely to cause further harm." Ulfure replied, beginning the journey back towards his camp. He glanced over his shoulder at Naimanzuunnadintsetseg, not stopping to make his remarks. "Just know that I was fully prepared to kill all of you. There was no wisdom or leadership, I simply desired to benefit most from this encounter. Make of that what you will." Ulfure and his men lead Cass' group through the forest, their path seemingly deliberate as they turned periodically after a couple of trees. Ulfure's men weren't particularly good company, they were more than happy to mutter among themselves and sneer at the group. Kelbara walked alongside Alain, the woman having kept an incredibly low profile during the attack. "That was resolved better than I expected, it would have been troublesome to return home alone after travelling this distance." Kelbara muttered, glancing over at Ulfure's henchmen. "If your Princess feels that she can trust these pepole, then I shall oblige. Winning over the rest may be more difficult if Ulfure is considered relatively reasonable." Later the same day - Medeine Camp The forest soon thinned, opening out into a clearing among the trees. Dozens of crude tent-like structures stood in a circle around a large smokey campfire. The tribe was relatively busy, dozens of people populated the camp, going about their business. Their attire was simple, mostly patches of fur and fabrics sewn together into makeshift Only a few even looked in the direction of Cass' group, most were uninterested by their leader's son escorting in a group of foreigners. Even Alain's skeletons didn't attract a large amount of attention, much to Mr Bones' disappointment. "mAYBE tHEY wOULD hAVE lIKED bROTHER bONES bETTER. hE hAD nICER sKIN tHAN mE, iT's a sHAME hE dIED aGAIN." Mr Bones lamented, leaving his incomprehensible companion completely stumped. Ulfure lead the group to a larger tent towards the middle, the leather smoother and better decorated than the rest. He turned back to Cass' group, his eyes resting on Cass in particular. "Speak out of line and you shall find yourselves on the fire. Is that understood?" he barked, very much aware of the group's differing views. "If you wish to speak with my father, you shall speak as one. If he tires of your bickering he will simply throw you on the fire."
  9. Elaine wasn't really satisfied with Jess handwaving the situation. She was sure that she was safe, unhackable, the program removed? It all sounded far too casual for something that could result in their untimely demise. What if Jess were lying about having removed everything? It wasn't like that they had any way of checking for sure. Elaine clenched her fist, until it could be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, Jess was a ticking time bomb. Not only that, but the aliens looked ready to go at each other, a few wrong words could end up with them ruining a mission. "Not that I don't want to trust ya', but I'd feel a lot better once all these checks and scans have been done. The sooner it all gets done, the sooner we can all breathe easier. If you suddenly go psycho on us an' kill us all there ain't much we can do about it." Elaine replied, sitting back down on her chair and crossing her arms. "There's too many secrets goin' on around here, we have a right to know what we're dealing with from the beginning. You set us up with a robot captain and a suicidal squirt grown in a petri dish... and now aliens? This ain't some cartoon where everyone teams up and makes friends. We could have died at any moment, we're lucky Apotheosis didn't make better use of their twenty four seven live stream." She couldn't believe how little Vance had cared, how many risks had he taken? If everyone had died horribly, he'd have probably just put together another crew without batting an eyelid. It didn't seem right for him to make calls like that, maybe Louise was right in wanting to kill off the ANF's higher ups. - Hearing everyone argue about their arrangements and the lack of probity bored Tarquin. Vance and Jess were bragging about how they'd be able to take down Apotheosis, but it wasn't going to be a simple matter even with their varied crew. They were behind in both technology and, now, manpower. If Apotheosis could produce clone armies, they'd only be limited by the resources that were required to make them. Coordination would be vital with their medley of aliens, clones and robots. Even if Apotheosis had been monitoring Jess, it hadn't provided enough for them to succeed. No doubt some of the others would share Elaine's concerns, and probably word them better, but Tarquin took little issue with most of it. There was one exception, Vance had expressed that the goal had been to make Jess feel as human as possible and promised her freedom afterwards. It was petty, but the words stung, Tarquin had been raised and treated as a tool for his entire life. Maybe the ANF treated their newer toys better, he certainly hadn't been offered any sort of freedom or independence. As much as he wanted to protest, there were more important things at stake. He continued to watch Vance carefully, continuing his judgement of the man's character.
  10. Elaine had tried to prepare herself for the meeting, but nothing could dampen the effect of their surreal panel. Clones, aliens, mindreaders, robots... was anyone even a normal human being? She began to sweat, trying to contain herself as Jess showcased the freaks that they'd somehow acquired. It was too much, something was going to go wrong at this rate. They'd been winning battles but when would their luck run out? Nikolai's legs had already been blown off and they'd a collection of minor injuries too. Apotheosis needed to be defeated, but when they were dealing with aliens, Elaine wasn't sure where one side ended and the other began. If this was the collection of freaks the ANF had, she could only imagine what Apotheosis had in stock. "Captain, I'm gonna be honest. This is fu-... complete chaos, I ain't really makin' sense of this any more. What you're sayin' is that we're gonna be takin' orders from a robot, who could be hacked or reprogrammed or somethin'... and we'll have aliens hanging around, one of which made what sounded like a good attempt to get into the ship and kill on sight?" Elaine complained, standing herself up from her seat. She couldn't just sit down and accept things as they were, things could only go badly unless they sorted something. She looked at Vance, he probably knew more than anyone else. "Things have worked out for us so far, but we need to know what's goin' on. How long have you known about these aliens? What about all these clones and the captain bein' a robot... you don't just figure these things out at the last minute." She wiped her brow, she'd never felt so powerless before. She'd signed up to the ANF to fight against the EU... in retrospect it seemed less of a heroic calling than she'd thought, but it was a simple goal. How were they supposed to fight against an alien invasion when half the world was their enemy?
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Suleiman moves to 16,13! Suleiman equips his Great Spear! Owen moves to 13,15! Owen attacks Pirate #11 with his Epee! (55 50 31) Owen skewers the man to death! Owen gains 27 XP! Owen gains 2 Sword WEXP! Freya moves to 15,18! Freya equips her Iron Axe! "You shall not get past me." Nelon moves to 12,13! "Come, my ally. I shall show you the kindness that you have showed to me." Accolon moves to 14,14! Accolon rescues Serge! Accolon cantos to 13,13! ENEMY PHASE "You're running out of places to run, Prince. You can't hide from me much longer." Apellon moves to 16,10! Sage #1 moves to 16,12! Sage #1 attacks Eric with Elfire! 18 Atk, 45% Hit, 2% Crit, 16% Adept (16 63) Eric takes 18 damage! (17/35 HP remaining) (15) Sage #1 tries again! (98 11) So ANGRY. Eric gains 5 XP! Berserker moves to 9,12! Pirate #2 moves to 12,15! Pirate #2 attacks Constance with his Boarding Axe! 25 Atk, 37% Hit, 0% Crit (41 89) Miss! Constance gains 5 XP! Pirate #4 moves to 17,13! Pirate #4 attacks Suleiman with his Boarding Axe! 13 Atk, 72% Hit, 0% Crit (35 21) Suleiman takes 13 damage! (29/42 HP remaining) Suleiman strikes back with his Great Spear! 20 Atk, 68% Hit, 7% Crit, 22% Sol, 22% Adept (88 43 36) Miss! (81) Suleiman tries again! (15 55 5) Suleiman's lance glows orange! Suleiman deals 20 damage and recovers the HP! (19/39 HP remaining) (1) (15 52 99) Stupid bald freak! Suleiman gains 23 XP! Suleiman gains 4 Lance WEXP! Pirate #7 moves to 9,11! Pirate #8 moves to 9,13! Pirate #9 moves to 10,13! Pirate #9 attacks Nelon with his Hand Axe! (98 58) Nope! Nelon gains 5 XP! Soldier #4 moves to 14,19! Soldier #4 attacks Freya with his Killer Lance! 3 Atk, 93% Hit, 33% Crit (38 15) Freya takes 9 damage! (40/52 HP remaining) Freya strikes back! 14 Atk, 99% Hit, 6% Crit (14 98) Freya deals 14 damage! (31/45 HP remaining) Freya gains 10 XP! Freya gains 1 Axe WEXP! Soldier #5 is forced to attack Freya with his Great Spear! 7 Atk, 75% Hit, 11% Crit (52 17) Freya takes 7 damage! (33/52 HP remaining) Freya counters with her Iron Axe! 13 Atk, 98% Hit, 4% Crit (47 80) Freya deals 13 damage! (32/45 HP remaining) Freya gains 10 XP! Freya gains 1 Axe WEXP! Swordfighter #5 moves to 13,14! Swordfighter #5 attacks Constance with his Silver Sword! 21 Atk, 70% Hit, 6% Crit (87 59) Whiff! Constance gains 5 XP! Chapter 11A - Turn 5 Spreadsheet
  12. So Nina had realised that it was him? It was an unfortunate part of battle, but both of them had survived. Previously he hadn't even considered the fate of the pilots he'd shot down. It wasn't that he'd gone out of the way to ensure their deaths, but it never really bothered him what happened afterwards. The only exception had been Carlos, he was an enemy that Tarquin had a personal investment in seeing again. Nina was an interesting case, it was only in retrospect that he had some qualms about opening fire at her. What was more confusing was how she'd identified a similiarity between themselves, something that required some degree of independent thought. "I'm glad I didn't either, it's nice to meet someone similar to me. When I was made, I did everything I was ordered to, without questioning anything. It didn't matter whether I thought it was right or wrong, I just did it." Tarquin replied, recalling his last visit to Corona Ten - it wasn't one of his finest moments. "But it wasn't a good way to exist. I didn't get to go to school or have friends, I was always by myself. The only thing that made me happy was reading and being told that I had done well." Why was he telling her all of this? Some sort of emotional floodgate had opened up, would she even understand what he was talking about? It wasn't fair to unload everything onto someone who had no exposure of the real world. "What I wanted to say is that life is better when you make your own choices." Tarquin added, returning to the point he was trying to make. "I've had to learn quickly, and I've made a lot of mistakes... but I'm making friends and speaking for myself. Maybe one day I can be a grown-up and do whatever I like. The cafeteria isn't far, it took me some time to learn the ship layout but it's logical. I can show you around later if you like." - Talia could barely look straight at Makoto, her head still hanging in embarrassment. Had everyone seen that as well? She wished that the ground could swallow her up, or she'd wake up from this surreal dream. Fate wasn't going to allow her such a luxury, she would have to deal with what she'd done. Thankfully Makoto had led the conversation back on track, perhaps it would be easier if they both just pretended nothing had happened? That would definitely save her nerves some stress. "You need to be careful, Makoto. The Phalanx isn't that strong, maybe you could swap to one of the more powerful models?" Talia suggested, looking around the hangar. There had to be some spares that the pilots weren't using, most of them had upgraded to what she could only call super robots. "Oh? The infirmary... I can come, if that's OK with you."
  13. Death by Democracy Poll Results Ulfure grinned, all of his men itching to begin slaughtering Cass' group. He watched in amusement as Cass' party made their cases, readying themselves for the worst. He lowered his arm, signalling for them all to fire. A flurry of arrows hurtled towards the group, peppering the ground around their feet. They had been spared, Ulfure had shown mercy. He approached Cass again, almost impressed with her bold declaration. "Interesting, despite your own guaranteed safety, you choose to forgo it in an attempt to let your allies live. That makes quite the statement." he commended, a glimmer of pride present in his eyes. "And your allies would face death to give you a chance to escape. All of you have your own goals, but appear willing to work together to achieve them. A curious group you all are. Remnants of dead clans, foreigners from afar and the living dead... you've gotten my attention." Uuliinyagaantsetseg was taken aback by her leader's boldness. Revealing their clan's death to one of their enemies? It was a serious blow to their pride, but they needed to do all they could to try and avoid an untimely end. "If you came looking for this servant of Malaphar, I can confirm he is already at the Medeina camp. He arrived a few days ago and is in talks with my father. The information you have shared shall be useful to me, if my father is being played like a fool it should be simple to remedy the situation." Ulfure added, motioning for Cass' group to follow him. "Know your place when within the Medeina. We do not discriminate by class or status... simply whether we tolerate your presence or not. Step out of line and you shall face death as you nearly have today."
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney moves to 12,12! Sidney attacks Pirate #1 with Montana! 20 Atk, 100% Hit, 39% Crit (12 60) (94 71) Dead! Sidney gains 27 XP! Sidney gains 3 Bow WEXP Sidney grows to level 2! (23 19 0 27 57 59 95 45) HP up! Strength up! Magic up! Skill up! Speed up! Luck up! Constance moves to 12,14! Constance mends Suleiman! Constance gains 12 XP! Constance gains 3 Staff WEXP!
  15. With both Christina and Chris having tailed off, Tarquin had been left alone with Nina. Even without the other two present, it was very clear that she wasn't an ordinary person. The way she seemed so out of place, as if she'd never stepped outside and seen other people. That was probably the case, Tarquin hadn't left his lab until he was at least ten, which was probably about the same time he'd met another child his age. There was no telling how old Nina was chronologically, for all he knew she'd been grown minutes before their battle. "I'm one of the pilots, I was genetically engineered to perform. Long distance shooting is my speciality, but I was designed to be adept at all ranges. I haven't missed a single shot since my deployment." Tarquin replied, unsure if Nina would click that he'd actually opened fire at her during the battle. "I don't do much else outside of battle, I don't really hold any authority."