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  1. Whilst that's one aspect of my post, I'm afraid there's a fair bit more! I think Ike would probably function better in a more partnership kind of relationship rather than a romantic one. Someone he could spent time around bonking each other with training swords and then eat roast chicken with is probably more on his agenda than a candlelit dinner! I think for someone like Ike, a relationship would be more like an extension of a close friendship than anything lovey-dovey!
  2. Ike doesn't come across as a romantic person, I can't picture him being in a lovey-dovey relationship, but I do picture him getting along with a wife or Soren who's more like a really good friend to him. He'd probably enjoy the company, but I can't picture him as a typical knight in shining armour or a super romantic kind of guy. Whilst his interactions with Mia are limited, someone with that kind of dynamic and nature would probably suit him. He'd probably be a fairly fun dad, since most of his parenting would be learned from Greil/Titania. Again, he'd probably get along with any kids he had fairly well, but would probably treat them in same manner he deals with Mist or Rolf.
  3. Cass attacks Peasant Man #21 with BOTH FISTS 13 Atk, 100% Hit, 11% Crit (51 4) FALCASS PAWNCH! Peasant Man #21 goes beddy-byes! Cass gains 12 XP! Cass gains 2 Axe WEXP! Claire reads from the History of Turnips! 14 Atk, 98% Hit, 23% Crit (3 0) Peasant Man #9 decides to go home to make turnip stew! Claire gains 12 XP! Claire gains 2 Tomes WEXP!
  4. "Let's just say between Kearney himself and that stick... it'd be a difficult choice." Alain moves to 1,9! Alain attacks Peasant Child #2 with his Fireballs for Dummies! 14 Atk, 100% Hit, 2% Crit (15 27) (85 46) Alain incinerates both the turd and the stick! It smells really bad! Child #2 runs away! "If books are like that I never want to learn to read!" Alain gains 7 XP! Alain gains 3 Tomes WEXP! "You got it boss. Ties always made us feel uncomfortable anyway!" Hans and Lars move to 1,7! Lars attacks Peasant Man #6 with Hans' Tie! 9 Atk, 100% Hit, 0% Crit (65 17) Lars deals 9 damage! (21/30 HP remaining) Peasant #6 counters with his Board with a Nail! 5 Atk, 73% Hit, 21% Crit (84 16) Hans and Lars step aside in perfect unison! Lars attacks again! (52 34) Lars deals 9 damage! (12/30 HP remaining) Hans attacks with Lars' tie! 10 Atk, 99% Hit, 0% Crit (18 94) Hans deals 10 damage! (2/30 HP remaining) Hans and Lars gain 10 XP! Hans and Lars gain 3 Axe WEXP! Serge attacks Peasant Man #8 with his boot! 11 Atk, 66% Hit, 11% Crit, 12% Adept, Charge Possible (76 75) Serge misses! (26) Peasant Man #8 counters with his Pointy Stick! 8 Atk, 86% Hit, 1% Crit (4 56) He pokes Serge for 8 damage! (32/40 HP remaining) Serge tries again! (75 56) Poor Serge! (57) Serge charges! (3 39) Serge bonks him on the head for 11 damage! (19/30 HP remaining) (72) Peasant Man strikes back! (86 77) Serge dodges by a hair's breadth! Serge attack yet again! (96 77) Sucks to be Serge! (14) Yeah, it really sucks! Serge gains 8 XP! Serge gains 4 Sword WEXP!
  5. It's probably worth checking out the tutorials and resources in the hacking section. It's not difficult once you get the hang of it, but you need to understand how the tools work or you may run into trouble. I'd recommend playing around with Nightmare and making simple tweaks, it never hurts to learn the basics first!
  6. I think it's worth trying again, but I would strongly recommend being open to all sorts of criticism. In the past, you haven't been exactly receptive, and at times almost hostile, towards feedback. A lot of people struggle to differentiate a lack of praise towards artwork from disdain to the person making it. I think as long as you're willing to produce content, people will be able to evaluate it. Just keep in mind that there might be quite a lot to work on!
  7. FE7's generally fairly gentle, especially on the easier difficulties. Just don't be cause out by rescue, it's not pair up! Your lords are all fairly passable units, and their personal weapons do pretty well against cavalry and armours - which much of the early game enemies consist of. Feel free to use them, by the time they break, you'll be facing other enemy types and you'll have better weapons to use. You don't actually have to use the other two lords for too many chapters, in theory you could bench them entirely! The game pretty much throws magic users at you, so even if you don't raise any of them, you'll have at least two decent ones for endgame. Father Christmas can pretty much handle the final boss by himself! Most units are pretty genuine in FE7, if they come with good stats, they're probably good! On the other hand, if their stats are lacklustre and the prospects of above average growths don't tempt you, they can be safely benched. Hector's Mode is essentially a slightly tweaked version of Eliwood's Mode. It's a little harder in places and everyone has reavers for some reason, but it's not too bad. There's also the prospect of two characters that you'll probably never use! In summary, FE7's generally a fairly pleasant experience. If all goes wrong, Marcus and friends can usually bail you out!
  8. Hans and Lars nodded in unison, looking around for some sort of makeshift weapons. Quickly realising that their options were limited, they both yanked at the other's tie, each brother tearing from the other's neck. "Never used a necktie to fight before... but then again, we've never really had to fend off peasants at a gay wedding either." Lars commented, Hans in full agreement with him. Larissa nodded her head, ducking underneath one of the benches the peasants had emerged from. Sebastian had decided to brandish a collection of flowers, although it was likely he still had a great number of weapons on his person. "May I advise caution, Lady Adeltrudis? It's likely any combat with be in your favour, but corpses are somewhat of a chore to clear from a church aisle." he remarked, not visibly disturbed by his master's choice of weaponry. Esclabor looked from side to side, and then to the child standing next to him. "You know what, I'm actually above punching children, unless they were a Kearney. Peasants like you really ought to know your place, even if you don't like something that nobles do, it's your job to go along with it. If you don't, well... maybe you'll learn that the alternative isn't better." The child looked at the Baron, confused by his lecturing. "Mister... I'm only seven, I don't got no clue what you're talking about." they replied, still ready to attack the man with his trusty turd on a stick. Chapter 8 - Turn 1 SPREADSHEET
  9. I've got a handful of peeps that I like, probably not in any particular order. Geoffrey - His dynamics with both his own sister and Elincia shed a lot of light about his moral values and his dedication to duty. He really could have done with a bigger support pool, but I really like how being caught in his own duty gets some rather humorous remarks from his allies. I don't normally care too much about pairings but I've got a soft spot for him and Elincia. Makalov - He's a drunkard gambler who gets into trouble for his debts. That's a nice step up from say Joshua in FE8 who seemed to get away with everything. There are too many morally upstanding characters in FE, it's nice to know that they sometimes recruit someone who's not exactly a paragon of virtue! Shinon - Again, not the nicest character in the cast, but it's cool to see someone actually oppose Ike and not consider him the greatest thing since sliced bread. He's racist and pretty self-centred, I like characters with flaws because it gives them a whole different approach to interacting with their allies. Bonus points for being a fellow SHIN.
  10. It;s unfortunate that there wasn't a huge amount to do in Lavender Town, this song really provided good ambience.
  11. Subject for Pupil "If there is any way we can assist you, Claire... just let us know." Jannes replied, eager both to get his hands on a victim of the vial as well as further Claire's own research. "If it is funds or reading material or resources, feel free to ask and we shall deliver. I'm sure you'll be the first in a long line of highly respected spellcasters, all you need to do is find a suitable partner for yourself." Jannes laughed, smiling as he looked at the deadpan Arachne. "I jest of course, but it would be a shame to see your bloodline disappear. However, I would very much be interested in teaching a Valter... the previous generation was relatively bare, there were two sons but neither showed an inclination to spell casting, a real shame too." History of Legwear "It's hard to tell what are just stories and what has actually occured, but King Oswald has far more stories than any other swordsman." Turstam commented, gripping the handle of his sword. "I'm not certain if these stories are common in your home country, but there tales of him slaying dark sorcerers and fending off armies with but a handful of men. Most of these sound like they're scuffles with Magonsaete, and we don't really get any details about them over here. You didn't hear this from me, but our higher ups say that trying to get information from your Duke Herman is like trying to get blood from a stone." Naughty Boy The library owner had remained oblivious to Alain's self-induced discount. The book was safely his for the time being, although any fallout that occured from the theft would be very much his problem alone. The tome gave off a warmth within Alain's robes, an approving glow that could well have been a message from Belial himself. Either that or someone had finally cracked the secret behind self-warming literature. 23rd April 812 The day had finally come, through the trials and persecution they'd endured, Cass and Adele had finally made it to their wedding day. Queen Ethel had managed to acquire Tytila Cathedral for the occasion, and had even provided a priest to conduct the ceremony. Unfortunately, trying to procure one for such a controversial wedding had left the options rather limited - meaning that Ezekiel had been "liberated" from the asylum for it. With Morta manning the pipe organ and Cass' own collection of flower girls, it was as if the thing had been planned for months. All of Cass' friends, and Esclabor, had done their best to be presentable for the occasion, even Serge's men looked less dishevelled than usual. Unfortunately Graham and Emily were absent for the start of the ceremony, "Shame Emily's not well enough to come, boss." Lars commented, trying to adjust the scarf he'd fashioned into a tie. "I bet she'd be scrambling to catch them flowers when they get thrown, maybe yer should catch them for her and bring them back?" The music had started to play, Cass and Owen were now at the door. The long red carpet in front of them was their path to Adele, and Cass' life as a married woman. The Cathedral was huge, the stone walls and stained glass windows giving off a sense of power, but also a gentle acceptance, even for the unusual marriage it was housing. Sebastian stood next to Adele, watching patiently as his master's bride approached. "I'll be sure to make a... report for your father." he chuckled, appearing genuinely pleased with Adele's arrangements. Something was amiss though, there appeared to be far more guests than the small ceremony had intended to house. Slinking out of the shadows, entering through the side doors, stepping out from behind statues... and even from under the benches... They were peasants, and they were certainly revolting. "There they are! The two women getting married! Let's show them that Tytila don't appreciate them gaying up our cathedral! Run'em out of town, men! And women... and even you kids too, I bet you don't like them neither!" Chapter 8: Til Death do us apart Objective - Get Cass to the Altar and have Ezekiel wed her to Adele! Bonus Objective - Revealed on Turn 2 Deploy in the red area! Obviously not on top of a peasant! Players may choose between using their current weapons or a non-lethal novelty weapon with 0 mt and 80 hit! Remember, using your actual weapons will kill people! Armour is not available this map! Whilst NPC's are present, only 3 may be deployed! If Sebastian is chosen, he may start next to Adele! SPREADSHEET
  12. Tarquin was relieved to see that Avery had some sort of plan, he might even be able to overlook her involvement in his near death experience if she could pull Hannah through whatever problems she was having. Was the problem really something that could be solved with a hardware upgrade? It wasn't really his position to protest, but he needed to ask, if only for his own peace of mind. What he'd seen appeared so natural, so organic. How could a software malfuction be responsible for something so genuine? "Miss Wright? What was happening with Hannah?" Tarquin asked, watching as Hannah rose to her feet. There was a strange feeling in his middle. It wasn't painful or being hungry, it reminded him of how he felt when he'd first met Nikolai. There were things he wanted to know, leaving this to Avery and going off to mind his own business wouldn't quite cut it. He looked over at Bill cautiously, the janitor giving him a nod in response. "I want to come as well, just to make sure she's OK." Tarquin requested, adamant that he wanted to see things through. It was hard to think that only a few days before he'd shown no interest in the wellbeing of anyone other than himself. So far his journey aboard the Riese had taught him a lot, things that he'd considered pointless before. Bill gave a chuckle, picking up the mop he'd leant against the wall. "Figure having the anklebiter along wouldn't be too much trouble. I'm about an hour ahead of schedule, not as much as a stain on a single dunny from here to the bridge. Probably ought to give my list a good eyeballing, need to shave a minute or two here and there to keep things ship-shape." Bill replied, his answer not even remotely concise. "We can make a whole picnic of it, might have to hold back with the durries, our friend here's a little too young."
  13. This may be a sign for the new applicants that this RP is kinda dead!
  14. Tarquin wasn't exactly sure how to explain what had happened, had he really managed to break her? It was almost saddening to cause such an event, especially considering how difficult it was for him to connect with people. He needed time to process things for himself, let alone put them into words for Avery. However, Bill seemed to have him covered, although Tarquin wasn't entirely sure if he could rely on a man who seemed to take joy from the obsessive eradication of dirt. "I was just using the old domestos to get some gunk out from the elevator button, then the first thing I saw was this little tyke trying to help out the sheila, poor little battler, he was. Thought she'd had a little too much amber fluid, but it was too early for that. Not even the swaggies drink until the arvo. Figured something had to be wrong." Bill began, only for Tarquin to speak up. As insane as his ramblings were, it had given him enough time to focus, or at least force him to think fast enough to get him to stop. "Yes, that's what happened when the elevator door opened... I think." Tarquin replied, hoping that Bill's story actually correlated to the truth - he didn't have a clue what a swaggie was at all. "Beforehand she had been asking questions about her own hypothetical demise, and whether there was value to her existence beyond her functionality. She appeared to be emulating... or even experiencing sadness. I knew she was artificial, but it seemed to genuinely upset her to consider her end. Her eyes began leaking water and her voice changed too, I'm not sure if robots are meant to do that." Bill looked at Hannah, almost shocked by the revelation. "You mean our spiffy little friend here's ticking and tocking? No wonder she was such a hassle to up and over. Makes you wonder who else'd rust in the rain..." he remarked, not having taken much more away from the explanation.
  15. Visions of the World "Fascinating, the link between Malaphar's magic and illusions is perhaps rather vague... but it is an interesting approach. One could argue that forming the vision of an absent object is merely the first step before creating a new object, and such forth a new location entirely." Jannes pondered, almost as if he had forgotten the company he had in the room. "And beyond that, controlling said location... I do wonder how long it had taken him to develop his abilities. Does a concept such as time even exist in a realm like that?" Arachne gave a cough, in an attempt to bring the pondering sage back to reality. "Hypotheticals aside, even beginning to tap into such magic is not without risk. Although I admit that the concept is rather exciting." she added, almost admiring Claire as she sat in her chair. "Would it even be possible to use such magic against him? Surely with his mastery, he would have the considerable advantage. There's also no telling what would happen if two individuals were to use it at the same time." Almost ignoring Arachne, Jannes nearly jumped at Claire's offer to bring Emily to him. "There's no rush, but as soon as is convenient for you." he replied eagerly, his hands trembling with excitement. "Claire, you truly are an impressive young woman. Do you come from a line of spellcasters? Are you from the house of Ashwell? No, perhaps Edion or Enidraine? Or maybe even a revival of the Valter line... oh, the curiosity of it all." Men "Men and boys aren't that different at times." Elvira replied, fully appreciating the time to aid her daughter. "Your Owen sounds like a man in some regards, but like a boy in others... he needs his time to find himself." she replied, imparting the wisdom she'd held on to for so long. "Ferdinand sounds like he's very much a boy still, playing petty games to get revenge after all these years. If only we had some way of investigating him, I can't imagine Queen Ethel would want to lend us any her spies would she? Unless Prince Owen is going to be able to sweet-talk a few out of her." The Greatest Ant "You might be just a grunt, but I think you've done alright enough to get a little praise." Esclabor replied, almost thrown off by Freya's uninspired response. "Frolicking around Magonsaete and stopping the Prince from getting his face eaten by a savage's got to be worth something. Duke Herman's one of my gambling buddies, he's won enough money from me to owe me a favour or two. I could put in a good word for you. I figure you'd be a pretty fine guard captain." Esclabor let out a laugh, followed by another shush from the library, "Royalty does as royalty wants, it's a crazy world they live in. I don't pretend to understand international politics either, I just do what I'm told by the big cheeses." he remarked, his frustration somewhat apparent. "There's some little turd who's probably done incredibly well out of all this. If I ever find out who it is, there won't be any vials strong enough to fix what I leave behind." Royal Pants Turstam and Sally stared at Owen with wide eyes, turning to each other for a good ten seconds. "Wait, that would make him King Oswald's son. The King Oswald." Turstam gasped, bringing his hands to his face. "Rumours are that he was unbeatable at his prime. Wyke never lost a single battle they were in under him... it would make sense his son knows how to handle a blade." Sally nudged Turstam, gesturing back to Owen. "Oh, of course. My apologies, Prince Owen. It's an honour to have been of service." Turstam added quickly, bowing his head. "I always pictured that a prince would stick out like a sore thumb, but you're actually really easy to talk to. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything like this with Queen Ethel. I really hope that the technique serves you well, it's certainly helped me out a few times.