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  1. There were a lot of responses to Talia's reveal, although Tarquin appeared to draw more fire from it than she did. His existence was out open for all the crew to see, and he hadn't even been the one that had said it. It was a numbing experience, it felt like it didn't matter any more and that it was more describing a distant character than himself. Nikolai, Hannah and Cheryl offered a comforting reassurance that he'd never had before. Was this why it didn't feel as bad as he'd worried? Maybe he had been expecting a worse response, what had he expected people to say? Talia's emotional rollercoaster was sent spiralling down by Nikolai. Didn't he understand how she felt at all? Who was he, this little gremlin, to dismiss all her hardships? He hadn't been through any of them, how would he know? Of course, he was friends with T-4... no wonder he was backing him up. The little turd had everything, including friends, it just didn't seem fair. She smiled weakly, slipping back into the crowd of people, she didn't have the nerve to fight against this smelly little man. Elaine and Astin were the kinds of responses that he'd been expecting - especially Elaine's. To her, his background must have justified her hatred of him. He'd had some time to think about the Professor's motivation, but it didn't quite fit. Why did he need the base destroyed, all his colleagues killed and his creations in harm's way? Was it really an attempt to ensure the ANF was left with none of his work? The more disturbing questions were what he'd do where he'd have to choose between the crew and the Professor, those were not pleasant to think about at all. Clearing his throat, he knew he needed to try and answer - this time he'd speak for himself. "That would have been a difficult concept to consider." Tarquin replied, he knew that his loyalties had been conflicted during his departure. He'd thought he was taking control of his own destiny in choosing to leave, but he was just choosing to obey someone else. "I was conflicted when the Professor asked me to return to Corona Ten urgently. I don't know what the Professor's motivation was, but I would not want to join Apotheosis. It's clear that he was not calling me to a situation I would want to be in... this ship has been more a home to me than Corona Ten, and more familiar than any researchers that had watched over me." He didn't have a biological family or a home to call his own, but he had found comfort on the Heion Riese. It wasn't quite the home one would expect, but one day he'd be able to have one for himself. This was the freedom that Cheryl and Thorvald had told him about, this was the first real decision he could make for himself. "I am no longer a research subject, I am a member of the ANF aboard the Heion Riese." Tarquin affirmed. "I'm here because I want to be, my life is now my own."
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Surrounded by Darkness Oshea squirmed as Alain lifted him up, the man's attempts to escape completely frozen after Alain's hand spawned the dark energy. All five of the Justice Friends glared at the act of evil, horrified at the open display. "You're... you're actually evil..." Oshea stammered, his own eyes fixed on the swirling darkness. "Friends with the devil..." Jonathan was ready to make another proclamation, but Owen's appearance changed the playing field entirely. "Prince Owen, I am Jonathan the Justice of the Justice Friends." he declared, casting an open palm out at Owen. "I had heard that you were a reasonable young man, but you have sided yourself with the forces of Queen Ethel and Belial. She will bring darkness to the continent, a rule of terror that must be prevented. Your allies threaten defeated foes with the power of evil... can you truly side yourself with such a terror?" As her leader spoke, Elaine dealt with Freya, stepping out of formation to speak with the guard. "You need to understand, we don't want war to rage on." she urged, clasping her hands together. "Raewald is doing the same to villages, we came to bring peace... this man... he has done horrible things and he will face justice for it, but eternal damnation is not the answer!" Keep or Share The girl nodded her head slowly, still hesitant about Sidney's motives. "I'm not sure how much they took, it's hard to know ." she replied, still taking refuge behind the tree. The chest clicked open, Sidney's skills had completely dismantled the lock mechanism. Chest contains 500G, History of Turnips, Misfortune and Brandistock! Choose which to leave to the villagers and which to take!
  3. The meeting wasn't something that Tarquin was looking forward to. He'd had only but a short time to prepare what he wanted to say, and even then it hadn't been along. He was only half paying attention during the technical briefing about Apotheosis' warping ships and advanced gear. Jess' words washed over his ears, every sentence led him closer to his inevitable spotlight. Firmia's interruptions were only trying to drag the topic towards his explanation. Most of the meeting had him trying to avoid eye contact with anyone, but his drifted towards Cheryl. He wasn't even sure why, perhaps it was a desperate attempt to get help from her. He was alone again, this was one situation where he couldn't rely on anyone else. The only other person who understood his situation was T-2. Doctor Icks? He was still alive? Tarquin's heart sank, if he'd said anything to Elaine then it was all over. She hadn't mentioned anything directly, and she was the kind of person who would blurt it out if she did know. She had mentioned a mobile unit. If T-2 had launched in the Umbra, it only left one alternative. "The unit in question may be the Aria." Tarquin interjected, he would need to provide at least some information to avoid the rest of the crew swarming him like an angry mob. "It is an experimental unit designed for long range combat, and was constructed for use alongside the Umbra. My training program was designed as such that I would be to operate it effectively." He hadn't actually said anything, but string of explanations were simply delaying the inevitable reveal. There was no avoiding it. He gave Cheryl another nervous glance before gathering his bearings to make the point he needed to. "I apologise for my actions, but I was instructed to return to Corona Ten by Professor Liebenwalde, the head scientist in the research division. Before my deployment, he had instructed me that his orders supersede that of anyone else." Tarquin admitted, pausing briefly as eyes would inevitable focus on him. "Both Miss Haley and I... we-..." Talia had remained silent the entire time, the satisfaction of watching her dear younger brother squirm was almost enough to offset the crippling anxiety from being surrounded by so many people. His hesitation was the time for her to jump in. She needed to prove herself useful, and giving the explanation that T-4 couldn't would do it. "We're not normal people... we weren't born." Talia butted in, stunning Tarquin into a horrified silence. Her own hands were shaking, this was the first time she'd told anyone. Usually it was a massive breach of protocol to reveal such classified information, but when the man who'd created her had abandoned her like that... she didn't care about it in the slightest. It was almost liberating, nearly two decades of a secret existence, but her chest grew tight as it all came flowing back into her mind. "There were four of us originally... children genetically engineered by Liebenwalde to be the next generation of ace pilots... we learn much faster than normal people. Instead of two parents, we have twelve genetic donors. It was meant to be a... secret, but secrets don't matter now. The Professor wasn't kidnapped by Apotheosis, he voluntarily left with them... and left me.. behind." Talia buried her face in her hands, tears pouring from her eyes. Why did he leave her? She'd been so harshly rejected by the only person who had cared about her. She'd always tried her best, she didn't ask to be an attempt at perfection. Her existence was a wretched one, it wasn't fair at all. Was she ever going to find peace?
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Justice Beyond Borders Jonathan raised an eyebrow at Constance's complaints, his companions all giving her sceptical glares. "One could ask Raewald the same question. Invading Myrcia to pass through and challenge Deira is a heinous act. We know of Ethel's villanous plot to claim the land for herself, and you are but furthering her injustice." he declared, flexing his bicep. Pointing at Constance, there was a visible fury in his eyes. "Using such evil magic to taunt a fallen enemy is unforgiveable. Your age does not give you the right to curse a fallen foe with foul magic from the netherworld. An individual casting such spells cannot even claim they are on the side of right." He pounded against his chest firmly with his fist, keeping it close to his body. "We are not five soldiers, but five champions of justice. We have come to urge you to stop aiding Ethel's evil scheme in order to return the continent to peace. This man, despite his cowardice, is an individual need of help. Such mockery and torture..." he began, clenching his fist in front of him. Elaine stepped forward, clasping her hands together earnestly. "Jonathan... we must return to our own armies, the war for peace is not won with a single battle, it is an effort that requires us all to unite." she urged, tugging on his arm cautiously. She looked at Suleiman, smiling calmly. "Your captive can do no harm, nor does he have any value to you. I implore you to find it in your hearts to accept your victory here. If you truly believe that you are on the side of right, you will have to face us eventually."
  5. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Some like it Hot Angus' treck over to the remains of the scorched house revealed simply how little of the house was left. The meteors had razed the building, only leaving fragments of the walls standing. It was hard to distinguish what the ash had been originally been made from, although the scent of roasted flesh tainted the air. If there had been people inside, there wasn't very much left of them now. The ash left a grey layer over the ground, the magical flames far more potent than any natural fire. "The smell's the worst part, they must have burned so quick they didn't know what was happening." Esclabor complained, holding his nose as he approached the ruined house. He kicked a clot of ash on the ground in front of him, the grey dust dispersing into a cloud. Esclabor crossed his arms, purposefully avoiding looking at Angus. "You couldn't have saved them even if you tried, you'll burn out that tiny brain of yours if you think too hard about it." Gift and Prize The small leg jumped, hiding away behind the tree, at the sound of Sidney's voice. It took a moment or two for them to find the courage to respond to Sidney, but a young girl's head peeked out from behind the tree. She probably wasn't much older than ten, her brown hair tied messily behind her head. "Some of it's ours, miss. They took the rest from other places." she replied timidly, ready to retreat behind her trusted tree. "They just started taking everything they wanted, they said they'd hurt us if we tried to stop them."
  6. Tarquin could see the cogs spinning in Nikolai's mind through his eyes. The goblin boy's harsh expression softened as he appeared to contemplate his next response. He had never found it easy to read people, the closest he'd come to it was learning the typical behaviours of teenagers, but Nikolai's thoughts were an enigma. The freedom of emotion, as well as its range, were vastly different to his own limited repoitre. Not that he would want to trade places, coping with that much emotional turmoil was not something he could even consider himself capable of dealing with. The apology was but another surprise for him, it was perhaps the most genuine regret that he'd seen Nikolai display - he didn't seem even half as sorry when he'd goaded Elaine into punching him. It only added to his own guilt, did he really need to hide things when the world was in complete chaos? "I want to tell you one day... but I don't know how." Tarquin replied, his focus shifting as Jess appeared from seemingly nowhere. It was the critical assault he'd been anticipating, although she appeared to read Nikolai's expression as more hostile than he had himself. Tarquin lowered his gaze, he'd have to choose his explanation carefully, omitting it would result in a complete lack of trust. "I understand, Captain. I will attend the debrief and attempt to explain my course of action. I can appreciate your comments and I will not refute their validity." He'd have to try at least, but there would only be so much he could say without giving the game away. - Talia smirked, it looked like Tarquin was being told off by someone else too. "Serves you right, I don't know what you did but I hope more people didn't like it..." she muttered under her breath, her grin almost sadistic in nature. It was only for a few seconds, but she lost herself in relishing the sight. Elaine's reply made her jump, the girl quickly returning her focus to the task at hand. Elaine's own response was less than cheerful, did she not like him either? Perhaps he wasn't as beloved as she thought? It was nice to know his genetic superiority didn't make him popular too. "Oh... that's a shame, never mind." she replied, probably chirpier about it than she wanted to let on. Conveniently skipping over the topic of the ship therapist, she moved to the next topic. "Corona Ten? It's a major research centre, mostly secret military projects. I think most of the scientists are dead, but there was at least one left... I was hoping to visit my room, it would be so strange to come here without any clothes and a few other things." Bringing as much of her old life with her was Talia's plan to coping with the strange new situation she was in. With everything that had happened, there wasn't much else she could actually take with her.
  7. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Allies of the Truth Oshea let out a pained cry as Constance's shadowy stream yanked him to the ground, his face in the dirt as he winced in pain. The frustration was very much present in his eyes, but he was struggling to raise himself up from the ground. The biggest kick in the teeth was from Eric, the commander recognising his ex-minion within a matter of seconds. He slammed a fist on the ground, knowing how powerless he was so outnumbered. His fine clothes were scuffed and torn, defeat was written all over him. He didn't even dare reach for his blade, knowing too well that he'd be stopped before he could reach it. "Stop laughing at me..." he whimpered, closing his posture as if he were trying to hide himself from the group. "Such cruelty..." There was a loud bang from atop of one of the houses, a bright cloud of smoke billowing out from its rooftop. "Halt, enemies of justice. Your vile torment of this young man has gone far enough!" bellowed out a deep voice from within the cloud. "Justice Friends, assemble!" A quintet of figures leaped down from the building, striking a well choreographed set of poses as they landed. All of them were wearing golden armour of varying degrees, each with their own coloured trim. The largest was the man in the middle. He was easily six feet tall, his shoulders wide and muscular. His hair was swept up in a quif and his chin was easily the size of a fist. Pointing a golden hammer forwards at Claire and the group, he made a declaration. "Brining back light from the depths of despair, fighting the right in the coldest of nights, the Justice Friends shall never let an evil deed go unpunished. Where the weak and needy cry, the Justice Friends shall unite to deliver the truth!" he proclaimed, the other four changing their poses as he spoke. "I am Jonathan the Justice, not a single wrongdoing shall go unpunished under my watch! I shall deliver the truth to the guilty!" The next stepped forward, a petite woman with a golden gown and glowing green eyes. "The sky watches above, the ground holds down from below. I am Elaine the Elemental, servant of Mother Nature and all that is good. Through the powers of the world around us, I bring harmony and smite those who seek to harm it." Another joined the frontline. He was perhaps the oldest of the group, with a large scarred burn across the left side of his face. In his hand was a strange metallic ball, not too dissimilar from the grenade they had taken from Big Stan. "May knowledge bring true understanding, may the marvels of the future bring us closer to peace!" he boasted, gently tossing the ball up and down in his hand. "I am Barnaby the Bomber, my explosions shall eradicate evil!" The other woman shuffled forwards, looking at Claire with a rather disturbing grin. Her hair was long and dark, obscuring most of her face. "I... am Petra the Puppeteer... would you let me pull your strings?" she asked grimly. "Even the nastiest dolls cannot avoid the truth." The last finally made his move, casually swinging a sword in his hand. He was rather unremarkable sans for the golden armour, he had the sort of the face that one could lose in a crowd. "Mihail the Mimic. How do you do? I do the same, but for justice instead of evil." he remarked coolly, lacking the same vigor as his allies. Jonathan pointed to Oshea, putting his hand to his chest. "Agent of Justice, your actions were cowardly but for a noble cause. We have come to liberate you from the clutches of darkness, then you may fight back another day!" he bellowed, Oshea was left completely awe-struck beneath him, although the mention of returning to battle didn't bring a smile to his face. "Evildoers, your dark ways and cruel torture have no place here! I give you the option of turning around, you do not need to face us in battle if you repent!"
  8. Compliments? Talia was pretty sure that the ginger bruiser in front of her was giving her a compliment! Thinking about it, after all Talia had been through, it was pretty impressive to have the guts to go out and try again. She wasn't a hardened veteran or a tool of war, she was an unlucky girl who had decided to act against all odds. Perhaps there was hope for her yet, if she could prove herself useful then she'd be accepted by everyone. Nobody needed to know about all her failed tests and the time she crashed the Umbra into the sea. However, Elaine's suggestion knocked the wind out of her. Containing her surprise, she desperately tried to think of a reason why she'd need to see a therapist. Of course, there were probably a great number of reasons why but she didn't want to face any of them right now, all she wanted was the praise for a job well done. Smiling nervously, she nodded her head in a reluctant agreement. "That would be nice... but maybe I should rest before something like that... I wouldn't want to waste Doctor Hart's time..." she replied timidly, trying to maintain a facade of agreeability. Things were going smoothly so far, she didn't want to throw a spanner in the works. There had to be another path the conversation could follow. "So... T-4... Tarquin, is he a friend of yours?"
  9. Talia froze, her knees wobbling as Elaine barraged her with questions. How was she supposed to answer so many? Was she going to get the answers by force? Talia had always wanted attention from other people, but not like this! It was just in her drama "Don't drop the Soap", Elaine was establishing her authority over her and then... no, it couldn't end that way. Talia covered her face with her hands, was this what she'd escaped to? She could never catch a break, every option she had was torture. Burning to death in her room, running through a base full of dead people, flying a mechanical death trap, and now this? She paused for a moment, Elaine's response creating a good few seconds of awkward silence. "Oh? You mean I can think a... little first?" she answered, genuinely surprised in Elaine's shift in tone. Was she... being nice? It was hard to tell, she was still so scary. Maybe it was one of those things where she looked worse than she really was? It was like the opposite of T-4, he looked normal but he was a little shit on the inside. Talia gave an awkward smile, not too dissimilar to Tarquin's attempts at facial expression. "All I know is that they came to pick up the Professor... I was in my room for most of it." If she could keep on the good side of this Elaine person, she might have a chance of establishing herself as part of their group, right?
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sibling Slacks Nelon nodded his head slowly, Cass' explanation of Dettard explanining the presence of another pink haired fighter. "That would make far more sense. I had not anticipated that he would have made a reappearance so soon." Nelon replied, noting Cass' and Owen's difference in enthusiasm. He removed a sheet of parchment from his belt, unrolling it and holding it in front of him. "The descriptions are a pink haired young man with an emerald sword. His highness' sword technique and tales of yourself in Tytila Cathedral may have spread to enemy forces. These sightings are to our east, and a path through them would not be entirely circumferential to our planned approach." Stolen Goods The chest wasn't particularly well locked, it was old and rather rudimentary. Despite the death of the guard, Sidney wasn't alone, there was a presence behind one of the trees. A short leg with a boot at the end was poking out from behind the trunk, most likely that of a child. Whoever it was clearly didn't want to intervene, more keep a closer eye on the rogue. Even a glance would be enough to cause them to hide themselves more. Fallen Champion Oshea looked up at Claire, his foppish magnificence having faded from the hardships of battle. "The same reason you've come here, my dear. Are you not paid for your services in battle? I simply accept the highest offer I obtain." he replied, his eyes darting between members of the mob around him. Despite the poor situation, he hadn't quite lost all his bravado. However, Alain's taunts visibly bothered him, it he was clear he was gritting his teeth and doing his best not to retort. "Or else? I'm being left with the choice of imprisonment, death or being left to a horde of unwashed peasants. I feel my options are poor regardless." he spat, looking up at Suleiman's bald head. He grinned, the vacancy in his eyes being joined by a foolish grin. "If I fall here, at least I have the knowledge that you'll all fall to the Justice Friends. You'll end up far worse than me."
  11. Reaching the hangar floor, Tarquin was met by Nikolai. However, his pace and expression showed that he meant business. Of all people, Tarquin knew he had the most to explain to Nikolai. He was stunned into silence as the goblin barked at him, the emotional display a stark contrast from his usual behaviour. Nikolai wasn't exactly known for his social grace, in fact, he often intentionally antagonised people,. However, there was a frustration in his words that he'd not quite seen before. At least he wasn't threatening to pee on him. "I..." Tarquin began, trying to figure out what he could and couldn't say. "It's complicated. I want to tell you, but there's so much to it. I used to live at Corona Ten... and the Professor, he's the one who looked after me. He told me to come back and not tell anyone. I thought I could trust him, but I was wrong." There were several reasons that Nikolai could kick his ass for, and his explanation hadn't really saved his buttocks from an incoming boot. His own artificial nature was one thing that he couldn't disclose, even trying to form the words caused his throat to tighten and close. It was the one secret he couldn't share, a vulnerability he had to keep hidden. - The troll boy looked like he was given T-4 a hard time, something that gave Talia a cruel sense of satisfaction. It was good that not everything always went his way. She nearly jumped as Elaine called out to her, her ability to converse incredibly rusty after two years of almost no social interaction. She didn't know what to think of the ginger punk, she looked more like she belonged in a bar fight than in a military uniform. "Oh? Me?" she replied hurriedly, bringing her arms across her chest. Was she going to get beaten up too? The woman was a Sargeant, so she was probably fairly inimportant in the grand scheme of things. "Hello... I'm Talia. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions." What did she want to know? Was she going to be taken to a cell and be beaten until she told them everything? No, this was the ANF, and nobody knew about her here... except him. As long as T-4 didn't squeal, she'd have a chance to explain things to the captain. She needed to find this Thorvald, he was a person that seemed trustworthy just from his voice alone.
  12. Talia froze, the act of kindess Thorvald had stunned her. Was someone willing to accept her after all of this? "Me? I can come... with you?" she marvelled, desperate for any sort of personal connection. She didn't know who he was, but he actively wanted to keep her safe rather than out of obligation. It wasn't just pity, was it? She shuddered at the thought, maybe she was some wretched little girl who was too pathetic to leave by herself? That couldn't be it, right? Regardless of his motives, Thorvald's offer was the best thing she had - living in an empty facility surrounded by dead bodies didn't really appeal to her. "Yes-... yes please!" Talia replied hurriedly, as if any hesitance would render the offer invalid. It had been terrifying, her hands were still shaking, but she'd left not only her room, but Corona Ten for the first time in over two years. The buildings all seemed so small from up in the sky, her chest grew tight just thinking about it all. She hadn't really contributed much to the battle, every moment she'd spent in the Umbra was making her feel sick. It was then she realised one downfall of accepting the offer. Her younger brother, the little gremlin who had stolen everything she had, would be there too. Was this the salvation she wanted? She shook her hand, breathing rapidly as she tried to process the situation, she'd have to suffer no matter where she went. "Would... would it be possible to gather my belongings from the base?" she asked sheepishly. She'd changed her mind entirely from earlier - she needed her toys and games to cope with it all. Tarquin, on the other hand remained silent. The Professor? With Apotheosis? He was starting to piece things together in his head, but the Professor's request for him to go to the base didn't make sense. If he hand't been kidnapped, why did he need Corona Ten to be attacked? He had a few minutes to think things over before they returned to the ship, but it wasn't long enough to come to a sensible conclusion. - Both Tarquin's Velite and Talia's Umbra docked at roughly the same time. Leaving his unit, Tarquin spotted Jess talking to Abby. He knew he'd have to talk with her at some point. Talia was more focused on Tarquin himself. His face was just like from the pictures she seen, just looking at him made her angry. He was tiny, how could he be so much "superior", especially at his age? What did he have that she didn't? She grit her teeth as she descended to the hangar, her legs wobbling with each step.
  13. It was difficult to tell what exactly had happened from the distance he was at, but the retreating enemies were a sign that the battle had ended in their favour. He'd have a lot of explaining to do, but the victory against Apotheosis' forces, including Vera, was a respectable outcome. Corona Ten had been hit, but it wasn't anything close to the damage Great Lake had taken. The Professor hadn't called him at all during the battle, had he been killed or captured? With no means to communicate with him, there was no way to know for sure. However, there was one person he'd be able to ask, but there was something unsettling about talking to her. It almost hurt to think how similar their composition was, and how pathetic she seemed. "T-2, do you have information on the status of the Professor? He had called, but I have not heard from him since." Tarquin asked, half-expecting another emotional outburst. Was this girl really designed to the same specifications he was? Makoto's curiosity was probably not unique to him, there was no chance that he could get away without explaining this one. "Makoto... I..." "He's gone... they took him." Talia muttered darkly, the bitterness in her voice apparant. In her eyes, her rejection was the result of her younger sibling. Why had the Professor called him? Wasn't she enough for him? "T-4... he wanted to go with them, he made friends with the purple haired woman with the sword... He didn't want me to come with him... he left me all alone..." Talia's eyes began to well up with tears, the girl quickly turning off comms so she couldn't be heard sobbing. Everything had been fine until T-4 had come along, why did he continue to ruin her life with his existence? She slammed her fists on the controls, even in the Umbra, she was still so powerless.
  14. The cries and screams from Talia were not exactly what Tarquin had expected, was there something upsetting about the situation? She had just been forced to evacuate Corona Ten, the chances were that the experience was traumatic but the emotionalism behind it baffled him to no end. Nikolai's comments were another thing he'd have to deal with, Tarquin had a lot of explaining to do afterwards. Talia's behaviour seemed erratic, there was no tactical benefit to an attack like that. He probably wouldn't be able to calm her down, he didn't have the social ability for it at all. "Specialist Eriksson, would you be able to talk to Miss Haley? I feel she may need emotional support, which may be your forte rather than my own." Tarquin asked. If Thorvald was nosy enough to track him down in his room, surely he had a few words for the girl?" Tarquin snoops Hype #2 with the held of Thorvald's mighty shoulders
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Sidney moves to 20,7! "Finally someone with dece-... wait." Alain moves to 17,6! Alain attacks Oshea with Balor! Oshea kindly lets Alain attack first! 5 Atk, 39% Hit, 6% Crit (89 66) Alain misses! Oshea strikes back! 22 Atk, 100% Hit, 63% Crit, 31% Astra, 31% Luna, 31% Sol (99 82 99 3 18) Oshea's sword glows some colours probably! He misses though! Alain gains 5 XP! Alain gains 1 Tome WEXP! "May there be an end to this battle, may Engel bring us together in peace." Accolon moves to 19,8! Oshea is trapped! Oshea surrenders! MAP COMPLETE Oshea surrenders Silent Victory With Owen's men surrounding him and no hopes of an exit, Oshea knew he'd met his match. Dropping his sword to the ground, he raised his hands, slowly lowering himself down onto his knees. He didn't say anything, but his sour expression signified that he wasn't pleased with the outcome of the battle. There was an awkward silence, none of the villagers were leaving their houses - there didn't appear to be too many of them left. Silhouettes in the windows were the closest that was seen to ther presence, quickly hiding from view if anyone were to glance at them long enough. Accolon's wyvern landed, the rider putting their hands together in prayer. "My Lord, I am grateful for safe passage through this battle." Accolon proclaimed, Unil looking up at his master with an almost sceptical glance. "Please have mercy upon those souls of the departed, and lead them to your embrace." There was another awkward silence, it was unlikely that anyone, save for Angus perhaps, shared such a sentiment. There was still the matter of their captured enemy commander, there were a multitude of options for dealing with him, but there was no straight forward answer. Oshea's eyes glanced between the members of the group, his shoulders relaxed as he sank into his knees. Escaping didn't seem to be on his agenda for the moment. - Double Pants Nelon approached Owen, the man perhaps a little surprised that the Prince was so far from the front line. "Prince Owen, it appears the battle has ended in our favour." Nelon affirmed, bowing his head from atop of his horse. "I have just received an unusual message from our scouts. Apparently, there have been sightings of yourself doing battle in a village a few miles to our east. I cannot fathom how this could have occured, but I would not wish to question the ability of Raewald's scouts." All players are free to post! Bonus EXP below!