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  1. I'm the weirdo who weakens that one jerk boss with Wil then gambles the entire freaking chapter to have Florina defeat him weapon triangle be damned.
  2. cant answer the first question but as for the second. It depends honestly in gaiden definitely promote as early as possible as growths are terrible in that game and the promotion gains are the difference between the base stat for that class and your current total in that stat. So if the base speed for a class is 10 and you have 4 speed you will gain 6 speed but if you have 11 speed when you class change then you will not gain anything in that stat. However growths have been buffed so you might want to take advantage of extra levels. Considering how early you can premote though and the fact that you get more than one promotion on most characters (and more if you get the class dlc) you will likely want to promote as soon as possible to start using the superior class.
  3. So... what about Atlas?

    Though to be fair the defense isn't wasted as archers do have up to 1-5 range in this game.
  4. So... what about Atlas?

    true enough though he is in the semi unique position of being able to do so without dlc.
  5. So... what about Atlas?

    what about fixing his speed as merc then eventually making him a cav/archer after going through the dreadfighter villager loop once?
  6. My worst luck was Raven missing a 90 something hit then getting killed by a 1% hit 10% crit! He was using a sword enemy had an axe... sheer willpower was the only reason I switched my game off and set it down rather than throwing the sp across the room. Edit: I have had Finn dodge a 100% chance hit once though due to prayer activating might be remember wrong but I was super impressed by it at the time.
  7. Faye's canon class vs best class

    Oh guess I never really noticed the Clair thing XD I've beaten gaiden twice how did I miss this?
  8. Faye's canon class vs best class

    Which games does this happen with? I mean I know Catria and Cordelia but other than that I am not sure. The pegknights with crushes in the gba games could always support and marry said crush if the player so chose.
  9. dont know if review copies have been sent out yet but some people were invited to play the game by nintendo for an hour and there is some footage from that.
  10. Considering Ephraim and Eirika are supposed to promote when they use their bracelets to reclaim the sacred stones of their home it is entirely possible that they already had mounts that belonged to them in the stables and just reclaimed them, You don't HAVE to promote them there but thats more the game being nice and not forcing you to rush to level them to 20 before the chapter they promote.
  11. considering they gave Alm a new unit maybe they will let us recruit both to keep the armies even? Though now I'm not sure if they were ever even in the first place...
  12. Should there be an Avatar?

    Honestly the only way I would be okay for a fire emblem remake to have an avatar character is if it were Mark in fe7 the character already exists so it would be interesting to actually see them in action for once.
  13. I am now actually a huge fan of preordering games for getting new ones now as paying a little bit each week before the game comes out is much easier than dropping a full 40+ when it does come out.
  14. beaten it at least twice, wondering if I should make it a third while I wait for echoes or not... either way love the heck out of it XD